Winter story

Album Info

This album is a collection of instrumental works.Piano performed by Eric Chiryoku. Flute performed by Terry Ameoloko. Violin solo (tracks 2,5,6,7,8,9 and 10) performed by K.Itotake. Violin solo (track 3 and 4) performed by Dong Dainichi. Recorded by Jacque Johnalon. Mixed by Chris Gaspard. Recorded and mixed at Sonic Studio.

Year Released :

Recording Company : Creatune Productions

Performer(s) : -

Composer(s) : Chiryoku, Eric

Keywords : , Instrumental music--Singapore

Contents : Winter story -- Season romance -- Life journey -- Cherish -- Meadow whisper -- Remembrance -- Morning breeze -- Embracing moment -- Sweet memories -- The song of nature.

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