Ling Kai's one dream

Ng, Lingkai

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Digitised from the original CD. Recorded by Mandric Tan, ReubenRaman & Goh Si Kai. Mixed by Glow. Mastered by Trevor Sadler Mastermind Productions, NC, US. All songs recorded and mixed atSoundFarm Production Studios, Singapore. "Ling Kai's One Dream" is a charity CD entirely funded by the "The One Dream Initiative". Song lyrics available.

Year Released :

Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Ng, Lingkai ; Hiong, Beverly ; Bang, Wenfu, 1974- ; 黄铃凯 ; Ng, Ling Kai

Composer(s) : Ng, Lingkai ; Bang, Wenfu, 1974- ; 黄铃凯 ; Ng, Ling Kai

Keywords : Popular music--Singapore, Songs, English--Singapore

Contents : 1. Prologue -- 2. One dream -- 3. Larkin step -- 4. Getting drunk -- 5. Forgetting -- 6. Places -- 7. 不是梦 (One dream Chinese acoustic) -- Bonus track. 8. One dream (English acoustic).

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