Broken earth

Low, Ian

Album Info

Digitised from original CD. Broken Earth, Ian's fifth album is also his first album with vocals. The vocals were recorded with only the aid of the iPhone 5's earphones and the album is a collection of pop, rock, R&B and soul genres. All other instrumentation were again recorded using only the iPad and the GarageBand app. It is a album that features topics on social, political and even a journey back to Ian's dialect roots. It is also his most distinctive sound so far, with a mix of current and classic pop and rock styles that has a special appeal that cuts through both western and Asian pop.

Year Released :

Recording Company : Ian Low

Performer(s) : Low, Ian

Composer(s) : Low, Ian

Keywords : , Songs, English--Singapore, Popular music--Singapore--2011-2020

Contents : 1. Disbeliever -- 2. The heart of life -- 3. Children of men -- 4. White lies -- 5. Hokkien -- 6. Broken earth -- 7. Truth of blue -- 8. Sweeter one.

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