Extrapolations in a sea of tones

Tan, Kelvin, 1964-, Wang, Jian Bin

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Digitised from the original CD. All music written and performed by Kelvin Tan (guitar, spoken words) and Wang Jian Bin (sound sampler). Recorded at TNT. Mixed and mastered by Wong Keng Kok.

Year Released :

Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Tan, Kelvin, 1964- ; Wang, Jian Bin

Composer(s) : Tan, Kelvin, 1964- ; Wang, Jian Bin

Keywords : Songs, English--Singapore, Popular instrumental music--Singapore--2001-2010, Popular music--2001-2010

Contents : 1. Mars fight back! -- 2. The curse -- 3. Earth shudders -- 4. But there was no reply -- 5. Bleeding stars -- 6. The unclothing -- 7. Last chance for a meltdown.

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