The venom in my veins

Conscripts (Musical group) , My Precious (Musical group)

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Digitised from the original CD. Tracks 1-3 by Steve Towson and The Conscripts recorded by Bryce Moorhead at Zero Interference, Brisbane, except didgeridoo recorded by Mark Outteridge at Nasty Studios, Brisbane. Tracks 4-6 by My Precious recorded and mixed 2005 at TNT Studios by Ah Boy. Track 4,5, & 6 the copyright date is 2005.

Year Released :

Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Conscripts (Musical group) , My Precious (Musical group)

Composer(s) : -

Keywords : Songs, English , Rock music--Singapore--2001-2010

Contents : Steve Towson and the Conscripts: Beautiful Murri girl ; Long drive through Ipswich ; Tonight we storm the Bastille -- My Precious: Stars ; Middle finger jeopardy ; KeiGo!

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