Agnes Joaquim

Agnes Joaquim (Ashkhen Hovakimian) (b. 7 April 1854, Singapore–d. 2 July 1899, Singapore), a second-generation Singapore resident of Persian Armenian descent,1 is best known for successfully cross-breeding Vanda teres with Vanda hookeriana to create a new orchid known as Vanda Miss Joaquim (Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim).2 The orchid hybrid was named Singapore’s national flower in 1981. In 2015, the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations inducted into its Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.3 The award cited her as the first woman in the world to breed a hybrid orchid.4

Horticultural legacy – Vanda Miss Joaquim
Like her mother, Urelia Zachariah, Joaquim was an avid gardener and horticulturalist who won numerous prizes at flower shows for cultivating various flowers, ferns, spices, fruits and vegetables. She successfully bred an orchid in the gardens of her family home around 1890. The record of the orchid, later named Vanda Miss Joaquim after its breeder, was first published in June 1893 in the horticultural journal, The Gardeners’ Chronicle.5 Vanda Miss Joaquim made its maiden public appearance in Singapore at the annual Flower Show in April 1899, and won Joaquim the first prize for rarest orchid.

Spearheading the development of Singapore’s cut-flower industry, Vanda Miss Joaquim became a major commercial success.7 The orchid was designated Singapore’s national flower in 1981.8

There was a controversy about whether the Vanda Miss Joaquim was a product of nature or an artificial hybrid bred by Joaquim. In September 2016, the National Parks Board and the National Heritage Board amended their accounts of the discovery of the flower to credit Joaquim as the breeder of the national flower.9

Other interests
Besides her horticultural skills and interests, Joaquim was also an active member of the Armenian Church and a skilled embroiderer.10

Joaquim died of cancer on 2 July 1899, at the age of 45, about three months after she received the prize for Vanda Miss Joaquim at the Flower Show. Her tombstone can be found within the grounds of the Armenian Church on Hill Street. It was originally located at the Bukit Timah cemetery.11 Her headstone bears the inscription, “Let her own works praise her”.12

Joaquim was the eldest daughter and second child out of 11 children of Parsick Joaquim, an Armenian merchant and commercial agent. The family used to live at 30 Hill Street, but by 1861 had moved to Mount Narcis, the name of the family mansion that sat on Parsick Hill off Tanjong Pagar.13

Basil (Barsigh or Parsick) Joaquim (d. 17 May 1872, Singapore) was a merchant and commercial agent in the 1840s. He married Urelia on 17 February 1852. Believed to have originated from Madras, Parsick’s work as a commercial agent often took him to Calcutta, Batavia and Penang. A notable philanthropist, he acquired considerable property and investments, which enabled his family to tide over after his sudden death in 1872.14

Urelia (Urughlu) Zachariah (b. 1828, Singapore–d. 29 April 1905) was a gardening enthusiast who won awards at annual flower shows during the 1880s and 1890s.15

Variant names
Armenian names are anglicised in various ways. The name Joaquim is sometimes spelt Hovakimian or Joakim,16 while Agnes might be spelt Ashkhen17 or Ashghen.18

The Anglicised surname Joaquim is pronounced with a “j” sound, as in “jo”.19

List of horticultural awards won at the annual Flower Show

First prize for begonia (specimen)
Second prize for two verbenas20


Second prize for mosses21


First prize for the best six ferns
First prize for selaginellas
Second prize for the best six coleus
Second prize for the best six caladiums22


First prize for selaginellas
First prize for roses (cut flowers)
Second prize for best collection of begonias
Second prize for coleus
Second prize for dahlias (cut flowers)23


Second prize for selaginellas24


First prize for roses (specimen)
First prize for bridal bouquet (white flowers)
First prize for hand bouquet
First prize for cucumbers
First prize for radishes
First prize for mangosteens
Second prize for six selaginellas
Second prize for french beans
Second prize for custard apples
Second prize for chikus25


First prize for cucumbers
First prize for radishes
First prize for chillies
First prize for melons
First prize for pineapples
First prize for mangosteens
Second prize for French beans
Second prize for selaginellas
Second prize for hand bouquet26


First prize for chrysanthemums (cut flowers)
First prize for bridal (white flowers)
First prize for cucumbers
First prize for brinjal
First prize for French beans
First prize for melons
First prize for mangosteens
First prize for soursops
First prize for ginger roots
Second prize for durians
Second prize for ixoras (cut flowers)
Second prize for collection of flowers arranged for effect
Second prize for hand bouquet
Second prize for custard apples27


First prize for selaginellas
First prize for lilies
First prize for stephanotis
First prize for bridal wild flowers
First prize for limes
First prize for pomelow
First prize for pineapples
First prize for soursop 
Second prize for crotoas
Second prize for horas
Second prize for bouquet
Second prize for cucumber
Second prize for radishes
Second prize for melons
Second prize for oranges28


First prize for six selaginellas
First prize for phlox
First prize for pumelows29


First prize for orchids (cut flowers)
Second prize for three ixoras30


First prize for the rarest orchid, Vanda Miss Joaquim
First special prize for hibiscus31


Michael Mukunthan & Akshata Patkar

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