Koh Mun Hong

Koh Mun Hong (许梦丰) (b. 1952, Singapore–) is a self-taught artist and poet, adept in Chinese ink painting, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese classical poetry. He has been exhibiting his works both in Singapore and overseas since the 1970s and is active in several art societies.1 In 2016, Koh received the Cultural Medallion for his contribution to local arts.2

Early life and influence
Koh’s love for art and nature began when he was five years old. To keep him occupied, his mother would give him some blank paper to draw on and books on nature.3 He was first introduced to ink and brush in 1966 by his secondary school Chinese teacher, Chen Xing.4 These experiences laid his foundation for self-learning.5

When Koh enrolled in Dunman Government Chinese Middle School in 1969, his art teacher in school, Liu Kang, introduced him to Chen Jen Hao, the school principal and a pioneer artist. Chen became one of Koh’s influences, showing him paintings and calligraphic works by past masters and advising him on his calligraphy and technique.6

In 1975, Koh met another pioneer artist, Pan Shou, through mutual contacts.7 Koh considers Pan his mentor and learned from Pan Shou by watching him write calligraphy and discussing poetry with him.8

Upon completing National Service, Koh worked as an administrative executive at a bank, while learning calligraphy through books in his free time. He considered but decided not to enrol in an art school, preferring to learn on his own as opposed to following a structured curriculum.9 Koh resigned from his job at the bank to become a full-time artist around 1990.10

Artistic career
Since 1973, Koh has participated in numerous group exhibitions held in Singapore and overseas, including the fund-raising exhibition for Sian Chay Medical Institution in 2018.11 He has also given public lectures or demonstrations on Chinese painting, calligraphy and classical Chinese poetry at different institutions.

Koh has held positions in many art and poetry societies in Singapore. He has served as the vice president of Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society; Senior Councillor of Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore; and Honorary President of Xin Sheng Poets Society.12

In 1998, at the age of 46, Koh held his first solo exhibition with more than 80 paintings and calligraphic works.13 As painting in the gongbi (工笔, detailed painting) style is time-consuming, Koh usually completes four or five large paintings a year.14 He has held solo exhibitions almost once every decade, except for his third solo exhibition in 2016, which was held two years earlier than originally planned.15

It was reported in 2016 that Koh hopes to complete a painting of the Thaipusam procession. In 2020, he wrote a poem in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.16

Stylistic conventions
Koh specialises in the gongbi Chinese ink painting.17 He prefers painting flowers, birds, insects, fishes, humans and animals to landscapes, as he observes the former subjects daily and they come naturally to him when he is painting.18 He is also adept in freehand paintings that “sketch the idea” (写意, xieyi) and often combines both the skills of gongbi and xieyi in his works.19 Koh’s style is greatly influenced by historical Chinese paintings. He is fond of how paintings from the Song dynasty capture the essence of their subjects, how Chen Hongshou from the late Ming dynasty painted the lines in his works, and how Ren Bonian from the late Qing dynasty composed his paintings.20

Koh developed his style of calligraphy for the running script (行书), by studying the works of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi from the Eastern Jin dynasty, Chu Suiliang from the Tang dynasty, Mi Fu from the Song dynasty, Zhao Mengfu from the Yuan dynasty and Shen Yinmo (1883–1971).21 His poetry is inspired by the poems of Li Shangyin from the Tang dynasty and Su Shi from the Song dynasty, as well as Pan Shou.22

1978: National Day Art Exhibition Merit Award23
1987: Tan Tsze Chor Art Award (Chinese Ink Painting)24
1993: Tan Tsze Chor Art Award25
2005: Art Achievement Award (Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society)
2007: Siaw-Tao Annual Distinguished Art Award26
2016: Cultural Medallion27

Solo exhibitions
1998: Exhibition of calligraphy and paintings by Koh Mun Hong, Orchard Point, Singapore28
2008: Exhibition of calligraphy and paintings by Koh Mun Hong, Teochew Building, Singapore29
2016: A Romance of Flowers on Paper, Gallery NaWei, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore30

Selected group exhibitions
Since 1973: Annual exhibition of works by members of Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society31
1975–83: National Day Art Exhibition, Singapore32
1976: Calligraphy exhibition of local calligraphers, organised by Society of Chinese Artists, Singapore33
1978: National Day Art Exhibition, Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore34
1978: Exhibition of art by local artists, Havelock Community Centre, Singapore35
1978: Exhibition of works by 21 artists, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore36
1979: 10th anniversary exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore37
1979: Exhibition of Chinese painting, seal carving and calligraphy, organised by Ministry of Culture, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore38
1980–83: 1st–4th International Calligraphy Exhibition, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia39
1982: Singapore Contemporary Art, National Museum, Singapore40
1982: Exhibition of Japan-Singapore calligraphy exchange, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore41
1982: Exhibition of works by Singapore calligraphers, Japan42
1983: Third ASEAN prominent contemporary calligrapher exhibition, Sejong Centre, Korea
1983: International calligraphy exhibition, Shinjuku Centre Building, Japan43
1984: Singapore Art: A Decade 1974 – 1983, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore44
1984: Exhibition at Singapore-Korea calligraphy exchange, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore45
1984: National Day Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore46
1986: Calligraphy exhibition, Sentosa Art Centre, Singapore47
1986: China-Singapore calligraphy exchange exhibition, National Art Museum of China, China48
1993: Mo-Tao, Journey of Ink, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
1997: Singapore Art 97, Singapore
1999: The Exhibition of 10 Artists from Singapore and New York49
2001: Chinese Art Exhibition of Teochews Worldwide, China
2003: Disclosure on the Love for Lotus
2008: Singapore and Malaysia Seal-Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Exhibition50
2010: 12th Annual National Teochew Artists Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Singapore51
2015: 22th International Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy, Beijing, China
2015: Busan International Calligraphy Biennale 2015, Busan, Korea52
2016: National Day Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition 2016, Ngee Ann Exhibition Hall, Singapore53
2017: Teochew pride art exhibition, Gallery Nawei, Singapore54

1998: 《许梦丰书画集》 (The art of Koh Mun Hong)
1998: 《梦轩笔荟》 (Collection of writings from the Dwelling of Dreams)
2008: 《梦轩艺荟:许梦丰书画诗文辑》 (Collection of art from the Dwelling of Dreams: Calligraphy, painting and writings by Koh Mun Hong)
2016: 《圆现初心: 许梦丰书画集》 (Fulfilling an early wish: Calligraphy and paintings by Koh Mun Hong)

Goh Yu Mei

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