Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association

The Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association was founded in 1946 after World War II. Formerly known as the Singapore Chinese Medical Society, it is one of the largest traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) organisations in Singapore. It was established to provide TCM medical services, education and research. Today, the association manages a number of subsidiaries such as the Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chung Hwa Medical and Drugs Research Institute, and Chung Hwa Acupuncture Research Institution.1

Early beginnings
The association’s roots can be traced back to 18 August 1946 when a group of Chinese physicians in Singapore held a forum at the Singapore Shang Hang Clan Association (星洲上杭同乡会) to discuss establishing an organisation dedicated to TCM. The forum was led by Yew Hen Nam (游杏南), Chan Chi Yen (曾志远) and Wu Rui Fu (吴瑞甫), a famous physician from Xiamen, China, who had been residing in Singapore then. They sought to establish an academic group in Singapore to unify TCM practitioners and collectively engage in the promotion, study and reform of TCM. The forum resulted in the establishment of the Singapore Chinese Medical Society (新加坡中国医学会), and Wu was elected as the chairman.2

After two months of preparation by the founding committee, the Singapore Chinese Medical Society was officially founded on 27 October 1946 at its inaugural general meeting. The objectives of the society were to teach and propagate TCM principles, research the expertise of TCM worldwide and seek best practices. The society also aimed to provide a community of support and academic network to encourage joint research and improve TCM treatment techniques.3

In 1947, the society was renamed Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association (新加坡中医师公会; SCPA) at its second general meeting.4 It was located at 130 Cecil Street until its move to Telok Ayer Street in 1956.5 The association contributed to the development of TCM in Singapore through the active public promotion of TCM, such as having practitioners to share TCM knowledge in newspaper columns.6

Chung Hwa Free Clinic
In the 1950s, SCPA sought to establish a charity clinic to help the sick and the poor. The clinic could also serve as a place for clinical studies and research.7 The Chung Hwa Free Clinic (中华施诊所) was officially opened on 17 March 1952, operating temporarily at the premises of Chung Shan Wui Koon (中山会馆).8

New premises and renaming
After much preparation and fundraising activities, the association moved to new premises of its own at a three-storey shophouse at 202 Telok Ayer Street in 1956 on 24 November 1956.  At the same time, Chung Hwa Free Clinic was officially renamed Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution (中华医院).9

First and second branches of Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution
To improve public access to TCM consultation, a new branch of the medical institution was conceived. In 1961, philanthropist Lan Jin Qiang (蓝晋强) donated two shophouses at 233–235 Serangoon Road to SCPA, and Chung Hwa Medical Institution – First Branch (中华医院第一分院) was established there.10 In 1967, the government announced a symbolic sum of $5,000 to be given to the medical institution yearly as an appreciation for their charity work. This gesture greatly encouraged the public to provide more support and donations, and a second branch in Geylang (中华医院第二分院) was opened on 27 October 1967 on the occasion of SCPA’s 21st anniversary celebrations.11

In 1970, the government acquired the land occupied by the second branch.12 However, the branch remained opened until June 1994 when it made way for development projects.13

Toa Payoh Chung Hwa Medical Institution
In 1971, a plot of land spanning 19,500 sq ft between the intersection of Toa Payoh Lorongs 4 and 6 was granted to SCPA for a new building.14 Fundraising activities were held for more than three years, with more than S$4.89 million raised, to build the medical facility.15 On 28 October 1978, the three-storey Chung Hwa Medical Institution building in Toa Payoh was opened.16 The building consisted of outpatient clinics, laboratories, meeting facilities, auditorium, a library and basement carpark. The SCPA headquarters and their subsidiaries – Singapore Chinese Physician Training School, Chung Hwa Medical and Drugs Research Institute (中华医药研究院) and Chung Hwa Acupuncture Research Institute (中华针灸研究院) – were also housed in the same building.17

The economic downturn, coupled with the government’s acquisition of the land for redevelopment, led to the closure of the first branch of Chung Hwa Medical Institution on Serangoon Road on 31 October 1986.18

The Telok Ayer Chung Hwa Medical Institution building underwent renovation and services resumed on 18 July 1994, with an expansion of new services in rehabilitation, smoking cessation and specialised services in knee joints.19 The next few decades saw an expansion of community services and opening of new branches: Yishun Chung Hwa Medical Institution on 25 August 1996,20 Woodlands Chung Hwa Medical Institution on 11 April 2000,21 the Novena branch in Ren Ci Community Hospital on 20 March 201022 and the Bukit Panjang Branch on July 2012.23 In 2005, a new milestone was reached when the first TCM specialist clinic was set up within Changi General Hospital.24 Although the Novena branch had ceased operations on 25 October 2011,25 a new Joo Chiat branch was set up in 2013.26

On 20 April 2011, Chung Hwa Medical Institution was registered as a public company with limited liability, and approved as a charity on 23 May 2011.27

Nurturing a new generation of TCM practitioners
SCPA established the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in January 1953 to nurture a new generation of TCM practitioners for continuity in Singapore and Malaysia.  Formerly known as the Singapore Chinese Physician Training school (中医专门学校), it was renamed in 1976 as Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (新加坡中医学院).28  The college partners overseas institutions such as Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine to train and nurture TCM practitioners in Singapore.29

Seow Peck Ngiam

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