Society of Chinese Artists

The Society of Chinese Artists (SOCA) was established in 1935. It is one of the earliest art associations in Singapore, alongside the Singapore Art Club (新加坡美术俱乐部, established in around 1882) and Commercial Art Institute (新加坡美术广告研究会, established in 1937).1 SOCA’s main objectives are to promote and cultivate art, and to nurture young artists. It holds art exhibitions by both local and overseas artists regularly.2 Among its members were notable pioneer artists such as Chen Chong Swee, Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng, Liu Kang, as well as Cultural Medallion recipients including Wee Beng Chong, Ong Kim Seng, Tan Kian Por and Lim Tze Peng.3

Establishment and early years
On 15 April 1935, graduates from three art schools in China, namely Shanghai Fine Arts College, Sin Wah Fine Arts Academy and Shanghai University of Fine Arts, who were living in Singapore had a meeting to discuss the setting up of an art society, named “Salon Art Society”.4 The first attempt failed as just over 10 people signed up as members since membership was only open to the graduates of the three art schools. To expand the reach of the proposed society, membership was opened up to other artists and a second meeting was held on 17 November 1935. The society, renamed “Society of Chinese Artists”, attracted more than 40 members from Malaya, Indonesia and Hong Kong.5

On 20 January 1936, the Society of Chinese Artists (SOCA) was formally registered with the government and joined the exhibition organised by Ying Ying Art Society in Penang on 1 June 1936. It also organised its first art exhibition that opened on 25 June 1936 at the Young Women’s Christian Association. The well-received exhibition prompted SOCA to hold annual art exhibitions. However, the onset of World War II disrupted the sixth annual art exhibition in 1941. During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, the Society’s chairman Tchang Ju Chi, vice-chairman Ho Kwang Yew, and several other members lost their lives in Operation Sook Ching, while the other members of SOCA were dispersed to different areas.6 This caused SOCA to cease all functions abruptly.7

After the war ended in 1945, the surviving members in Singapore started preparations to resume the Society’s activities. On 29 September 1946, SOCA held a general meeting and Liu Kang was elected its first post-war president. SOCA also rewrote its charter to adapt to new circumstances in the post-war era. On 20 December 1946, SOCA held its sixth annual art exhibition. There were two special sections in this art exhibition: one displayed the artworks of members who had lost their lives during the war, while the other presented famous artworks in history and in modern times.8

Exhibitions and other activities
As part of their efforts to promote and cultivate art, SOCA has been organising or co-organising annual art exhibitions and exhibitions of works by local and overseas artists.9 Since the setting up of the Society, exhibitions that featured the works of established artists such as Xu Beihong, Huang Binhong, Zhang Daqian, Liu Kang, Cheong Soo Pieng, Sun Yee, Lee Man Fong and others have been organised.10 Visits were also organised to view the collections of local art collectors Wong Man See, Tan Tsze Chor and Yeo Khee Lim.11 SOCA also organised overseas trips for its members, such as sketching trips to northern parts of the Malay Peninsula.12

In recent years, SOCA continues to organise overseas sketching trips and art exhibitions featuring local and overseas artists. For example, in 2011, 24 members joined a sketching trip to Bali arranged by SOCA. In 2014, SOCA co-organised an exhibition of works by Taiwanese artist, Calvin Teng, with The Black Earth Art Gallery. SOCA also held an exhibition of the members’ works in Zhongshan city, Guangzhou, China, under the invitation of the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication in Zhongshan city. In conjunction with the 80th anniversary of the society, an art catalogue was published, and an art exhibition showcasing the members’ works was held from 5 to 9 December 2015.13

SOCA had also periodically expressed its opinions on various aspects of the development of arts and arts education in Singapore. In January 1957, it published an open letter to urge the government to put more emphasis on arts education in Singapore, to educate future artists and art teachers, and to set up art museums and art schools.14 In 1958, SOCA provided the Art and Cultural Advisory Committee (文化艺术咨询委员会) with suggestions on how local arts standards could be improved. These included hosting international arts exhibitions locally, holding art exhibitions by local artists overseas, allocating funds to support work by local artists and organising overseas learning trips.15

SOCA has contributed greatly to the establishment of federations which promote art and culture in Singapore. It was one of the founding members of the Singapore Arts Council, a federation which was established in 1955 and which comprises arts societies that focus on various art forms.16 SOCA was also one of the four arts societies which initiated the establishment of the Federation of Arts Societies in the early 1990s, so as to pull different arts societies in Singapore together to promote art and culture.17

1935: The Society of Chinese Artists (SOCA) is established.
1936: SOCA is formally registered and holds its first annual art exhibition.18
19421945: SOCA ceases its activities due to World War II.19
1946: SOCA resumes its activities and holds its first general meeting and annual art exhibition after the war.20
1970: The government offers to lease the fourth level of a block of public flats in Outram Park to SOCA. SOCA takes up the offer the following year and starts preparations to move into the unit.21
1986: Due to the increasing rent, SOCA moves out of its premises in Outram Park. It later moves into the San San Campus of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts at 107A Sophia Road.22
1990: SOCA initiates the establishment of the Federation of Arts Societies with three other local art societies.23 The Federation is registered on 24 January 1992.24 SOCA shifts again from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts at 107A Sophia Road to the Federation of Art Societies at Church Street.25

Goh Yu Mei

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Further resources
Lee Chor Lin, “The Prewar and Postwar Art Scene in Singapore: Modernist Artists and Art Spaces,” in Chapters on Asia: Selected Papers from the Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowship (2020) (Singapore: National Library Board, 2021). 

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