Gwee Li Sui

by Chua, Alvin

Gwee Li Sui (b. 22 August 1970, Singapore–) is a poet, graphic artist and literary critic. Formerly an academic at the National University of Singapore (NUS), he has lectured as well as published verses and books on a range of cultural subjects. His works include the graphic novel Myth of the Stone (1993) and the collection of poems Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems? (1998).1 

Gwee holds a doctorate from Queen Mary, University of London, and specialises in 18th-century English literature, philosophy and science.2

Academic career

Gwee was formerly an assistant professor at the Department of English Language and Literature at NUS. He taught various courses on introductory world literature, 18th-century fiction, poetry, literary criticism and film criticism.

Apart from English literature, philosophy and science, Gwee’s other research interests include British and German romanticism, modern German literature, Singapore literature as well as Reformation and modern theology.4

Literary career 
Gwee’s poems, fiction, academic writing and graphic art have been published in various media. He has also reviewed literature for The Straits Times, the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore and various journals.5

Gwee’s poems have been anthologised in collections such as Rhythms: A Singapore Millennial Anthology of PoetryNo Other City: The Ethos Anthology of Urban Poetry; and Love Gathers All: The Philippines-Singapore Anthology of Love Poetry.6 His poetry has also been published on a number of websites, including Mascara Literary Review and online poetry journal Softblow.7

Gwee’s first published work, the graphic novel Myth of the Stone, was released in 1993. He issued his first collection of poems, Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems?, in 1998. Themes in this volume, which references notable Singapore poets, include reflections on Singaporean culture and identity.8

He also contributed chapters to Postcolonial Cultures and Literatures: Modernity and the (Un)Commonwealth and Alchemization of the Mind: Literature and Dissociation, as well as an entry in Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760–1850.9

Gwee cites the book Shui Hu Zhuan (Outlaws of the Marsh) and John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost as being very important to him.10 He was on the 2008 panel of judges for the Singapore Literature Prize for English, and was also an adviser to the Literary Society at NUS.11

AWARE controversy
In 2009, Gwee wrote “Christians Against AWARE Takeover”, a commentary that highlighted the controversial attempt by a group of Christians to take over the leadership of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE). Widely circulated on the Internet, the article articulated his opinion as a Christian that religion should not have a role in secular organisations.12

1993: Myth of the Stone13
1998: Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems?14


Alvin Chua & Joanna HS Tan

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