Kouo Shang Wei

Kouo Shang-Wei (b. 1924, Vietnam–d. 22 December 1988, Singapore) was a pioneer photographer of Singapore.1 He is known for his shots of Singapore as a newly developing city from the 1950s to the 1980s.His subject matter include the Singapore River and samsui women.In 2007, Kouo’s family donated a number of his works and his Zeiss Ikon camera to the National Library Board, and these are currently exhibited at the Donors Gallery in the National Library Building.The donation grants the library access to about 7,000 items from Kouo’s collection of photographs, slides and artefacts.5

Kouo is most noted for his portrayal of samsui women.He had a keen interest in capturing their actions in everyday life, but their refusal to be photographed made them a particularly challenging subject. According to him, samsui women believed that the camera could capture their souls. In order to get around this problem, Kouo hid behind strategically placed objects on construction sites and photographed them using a telephoto lens to avoid being seen. Eventually, 40 of his photographs of these women, out of over a hundred, were exhibited in conjunction with the launch of Singapore Broadcasting Corporation’s 1986 drama serial, 《红头巾》 (Samsui Women).7

Kouo’s ability to capture unique details often resulted in an exquisite portrayal of his subjects. He has inspired younger generations of photographers with his creative techniques.8 An exhibition in honour of his works, along with those of his contemporaries Yip Cheong Fun and Lee Lim, was held at the Empress Place Museum in April 1992.9

In 1984, Kouo’s photograph “Pigeons by the Singapore River” won him first prize in the Singapore Cityscape Today photo competition, organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.10

In commemoration of Kouo, the ASEAN Salon of Photography introduced the Kouo Shang Wei Memorial Award in 1992 for the best submission in the colour slide category.11


Nurhaizatul Jamila Jamil 

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