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National Computer Board is formed 1st Sep 1981

The National Computer Board (NCB) was established on 1September 1981 as a new public body under the National Computer Board Act No. 14 of 1981.[1] The board was formed as a result of a study conducted in 1980 by the Committee on National Computerisation. The committee, headed by then Senior Minister for Education Dr Tony Tan, looked at ways to develop Singapore as a regional centre for computer software development and services.[2]

The NCB was tasked with three major statutory functions. First, it had to implement the computerisation of the Civil Service. Second, it had to coordinate computer education and training. Third, it had to develop and promote the computer services industry.[3] Philip Yeo, who was then the second permanent secretary in the defence ministry, was appointed the founding chairman of the NCB.[4]

The Civil Service Computerisation Programme was launched soon after the board was set up and 10 government ministries were the first to implement computerisation. The NCB was also successful in developing Singapore’s IT industry. By 1998, the number of IT professionals working in the IT sector had increased to more than 33,000 from only 800 in 1980. The IT industry also enjoyed an increase in revenue, from S$69 million in 1980 to more than S$37 billion in 2006.[5]

The NCB merged with the Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) to form the Infocommunications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in 1999.[6]

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