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Sound Blaster is launched 16th Nov 1989

On 16 November 1989, home-grown technology company Creative Technology launched a sound card for personal computers (PCs) known as Sound Blaster at Comdex ’89, a leading international computer trade show held annually in Las Vegas. The company occupied a booth in the pavilion set up by the Singapore Trade Development Board and, over the five days of the trade show, sold 600 units of the sound card – one order every four minutes.[1]

Sound Blaster was a computer chip board for IBM compatible PCs that enabled users to play and record speech and music.[2] The product was considered a breakthrough at that time because it made music widely available through consumer PCs.[3] It was an improvement over an earlier low-cost version called the Creative Music System (CMS), or Game Blaster, that was introduced in 1987.[4] The sound card became a bestseller and more than 100 million units were sold over the next 10 years.[5]

Backed by strong sales of its flagship product, Creative Technology established itself as the de facto audio standard for IBM compatible PCs during the 1990s.[6] It was also the first Singapore company to be listed on the US NASDAQ stock exchange on 10 August 1992.[7] To date, more than 400 million Sound Blaster products have been sold worldwide.[8]

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