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“Singapore 21: Together, We Make the Difference” is launched Apr 1999

Unveiled in April 1999, the report by the Singapore 21 Committee, titled Singapore 21: Together, We Make the Difference, proposed a new national vision to strengthen the “heartware” of Singapore in the 21st century.[1] The Singapore 21 vision envisaged a three-way partnership between the people, the public sector and the private sector to build greater social cohesion, sense of community and national belonging among Singaporeans.[2] The Singapore 21 vision was first outlined by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong who, in a parliamentary address in June 1997, emphasised the need for Singapore “to move beyond material progress, to a society which places people at its very centre”.[3]

In October 1997, then Minister for Education Teo Chee Hean was appointed chairman of a 10-member panel tasked to "identify new ideas to make Singapore the place of choice to live a fulfilling life, make a good living and raise a happy family".[4] The main Singapore 21 Committee and its five sub-committees totalled 83 members, which included Members of Parliament, volunteers in welfare and community organisations, lawyers, unionists, businessmen and teachers.[5] Each sub-committee focused on one of the following five dilemmas faced by Singaporeans: less stressful life versus retaining drive; needs of senior citizens versus aspirations of the young; attracting foreign talents versus looking after Singaporeans; internationalisation/regionalisation versus Singapore as home; and consultation and consensus versus decisiveness and quick action.[6]

The Singapore 21 report was the result of extensive consultation sessions with some 6,000 Singaporeans from all walks of life.[7] The report put forth five ideals that together formed the new national vision: every Singaporean matters; strong families; opportunities for all; the Singapore heartbeat; and active citizenship.[8]

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