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Formation of the Straits Settlements 1826

In 1826, the East India Company united the settlements of Singapore, Malacca and Penang to form the Presidency of the Straits Settlements.[1] This presidency was abolished in 1830 and the Straits Settlements became a residency[2] that was dependent on the Presidency of Bengal, under the governor-general of India in Calcutta.[3] In 1851, the Straits Settlements was removed from the Bengal presidency and brought directly under the governor-general.[4] When the East India Company was abolished in 1858, the administration of India was transferred to the British Crown and the Straits Settlements continued to be ruled from Calcutta.[5] However, the colonial administration in Calcutta was too far away from and unfamiliar with conditions in the settlements. It failed to understand and respond quickly to the needs of the local population. The Straits Settlements agitated for a transfer to the Colonial Office and came under direct British control as a crown colony on 1 April 1867.[6]

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