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Mind-Blowing Paper Puzzles Ebook

By Haruki Nakamura

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Channel your inner M.C. Escher with these brain teaser puzzles!

These easily assembled 3D puzzles are each composed of many identical pieces that cleverly fit together to become a larger geometric form. Noted Japanese papercraft designer Haruki Nakamura created this wonderful collection of interlocking puzzles to intrigue and delight papercraft, puzzle and geometry enthusiasts alike.

These endlessly entertaining paper puzzles are impossible to put down. They include the following models:Dodecahedron Bears and Frogs—cute animal "couples" that form a 12-faced geodesic sphere when fitted together.Bird and Fish modules that dovetail together to create a seamless 3D form in a nod to Escher's Sky and Water woodcut.With the addition of some small craft magnets to its joined irregular octahedrons, a Reversible Dodecahedron that dramatically inverts itself when tossed into the air!An intricate Pyramid Box that conceals a secret inner chamber that is perfect for presenting a small gift to that special someone.The challenging 4-Piece Tetrahedron and 12-Lizard Cube provide a tremendous feeling of satisfaction once all of the pieces finally align into place.Plus many more!

The step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow and show you how to assemble the individual paper components, then how to put them together to create the larger interlocking models.

The template of each piece is available to print, so get out some cardstock and your X-Acto knife and start cutting! Then simply bend or fold where indicated, and bind together with a little glue. Each project is a new challenge, and the finished objects are great conversation pieces that look fantastic on your desk or shelf!