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The Everything Guide to Gut Health

By Lindsay Boyers

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Protect your gut and improve your life!If you're struggling with digestive disorders, relief is in sight! Scientists have discovered that many common ailments can be linked to an unhealthy gut. And poor gut health causes more problems than IBS and heartburn alone—it's also responsible for weight gain, skin conditions, and depression, too. But you can take simple steps to restore healthy gut flora, which can reduce or eliminate symptoms of a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.This all-inclusive and natural guide to gut health also features 150 nutritious recipes to promote healthy gut flora, including:Fluffy Coconut PancakesGarlicky Veggie-Packed OmeletOld-Fashioned Sweet Potato Hash BrownsRomaine and Avocado SaladRoast Lemon ChickenButternut Squash ChowderPork Loin with Baked ApplesScallops with ChivesThai Vegetable CurryApple Pie SmoothieWalnut Pecan Brownies with Raspberry SauceBanana-Coconut BreadThe Everything Guide to Gut Health gives you the tools you need to heal intestinal problems and lead a healthier, happier life!