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The Age GRACEfully Cookbook

By Grace O.

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FoodTrients, originated by Grace O, is a unique program supported by current research that positions food as an anti-aging strategy for achieving sustainable health. A FoodTrient is her name for the natural anti-aging properties of food. Delicious foods and rejuvenating nutrients combine to create Aging GRACEfully Cookbook, a collection of enticing and nourishing recipes that promote health and well-being for a joyful and sustainable life. The recipes are built on the foundations of modern scientific research and ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs and natural ingredients from cultures all around the world.There are many books about super foods and supplements, but few provide at-a-glance guides in each recipe detailing key ingredients and how they increase health and longevity. Grace O's cookbook focuses on five categories of FoodTrient that are essential to healthful living:Antioxidant: Prevents and repairs oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicalsAnti-inflammatory: Reduce inflammatory process in cells, tissues, and blood vessels, helping to slow aging and reduce risk of long-term diseaseImmunity Boosters: Support the body's resistance to infection and strengthen immune vigilance and responseMind and Beauty: Enhancers that encourage vibrant skin and hair and improve mood and mental agilityDisease-Preventing: Reduces risk factors for common degenerative and age-related diseasesThese sixty-six beautifully illustrated recipes incorporate all the ingredients you need to look and feel younger, not only on the inside but also on the outside.