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Before you start

If you are new to ebooks, we suggest you do a few things before using your PC or mobile device to access eReads:

  1. Create an Adobe ID. You need this to access ebooks that you have downloaded for offline reading. This is because many ebooks are protected by DRM.

  2. Install OverDrive Media Console. Some of our titles are supplied by OverDrive, a provider of ebooks and audiobooks. You need OverDrive Media Console to access these titles.

  3. Update your browser. If you are using a PC to access eReads, please note that many of our ebook vendors recommend a modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

How to find an eBook or audiobook

Type a title, author name or other keywords into the "Search eBooks" box at the top of the homepage.

How to read and download

After you've found the title you want, press the button. You may be asked to log in using your NLB Online ID.

If the title is available: You can read the title directly from your web browser. If a downloadable version is available, you can also save on your PC or mobile device to read while you're on the move or offline.

If you're downloading an eBook on your mobile device or PC for the first time, you may be asked to install Adobe Digital Editions and/or enter your Adobe ID.

If the title is unavailable: You can reserve the book by pressing the button. You'll be asked to enter your library ID, password and email address.

You'll be notified by email once the book is available. But don't dally--you can only hold the title for two days before it expires and someone else gets to borrow it.

Returning your ebooks

Downloaded ebooks are automatically returned/deleted when it expires. This way, you'll never need to pay overdue fines on your ebook loans.

To return your ebooks early, simply return/delete your ebook from your computer or device.

Some browser-viewing only titles do not need to be returned—please follow the instructions onscreen.

Need more assistance?

If you have trouble logging into eReads or accessing a title, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all printed books in the public libraries also available in eReads?

    Some titles are only available only in print and not as an eBook or audio book, and vice versa.

  2. How many ebooks/audiobooks/newspapers /magazines can I borrow?

    As a library member, you can borrow up to 16 digital titles from Overdrive, Apabi ebooks, HyRead and iRead respectively. This is in addition to your borrowing privileges.

  3. What kind of eBook reader applications do I need to have to use?

    Some of the eBook reader applications that you need include