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Alexander S. Abisheganaden (b. 31 January 1926, Singapore–) is among the most prominent guitarists in Singapore. A recipient of the Cultural Medallion for music in 1988, Abisheganaden has dedicated much of his life to teaching and popularising guitar playing. Although his fulltime career was in education, he developed a reputation as a highly versatile musician who is equally adept in classical, popular and traditional genres. Besides the classical guitar, Abisheganaden also plays the double bass, bass and piano accordion, among others, as well as sings, composes and acts. He is the father of Jacintha Abisheganadan, an accomplished actress, entertainer and jazz singer.

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Flamenco rhapsody : [audio recording]
Abisheganaden, Alex
Sound Recording (Musical) , 01/01/2000

Gela nexus
Abisheganaden, Alex
Music Score , 

Huan yin - Vanakam
Abisheganaden, Alex
Music Score , 03/10/1995

Huan yin - vanakam : [video recording]
Abisheganaden, Alex
Video Recording , 27/03/2007

Katong blues : [audio recording]
Abisheganaden, Alex
Sound Recording (Musical) , 14/08/2000

Katong blues : [music score]
Abisheganaden, Alex
Music Score , 01/01/1971

Three Elizabethan songs : [audio recording]
Abisheganaden, Alex
Sound Recording (Musical) , 01/01/1971