About NORA

NORA (National Online Repository of the Arts), previously known as the “NLB Online Repository of Artistic Works”, was conceptualised in 2003 by a group of 3 writers, who worked with NLB to build and develop the online platform to showcase literary works by prominent Singapore writers. It was first launched on 27 January 2005 with over 150 digitised literary art works in English by close to 30 Singapore writers.

NORA is currently a database of digitised works in the literary, performing and visual art works by prominent Singapore artists. These works were previously unpublished, out-of-print or inaccessible to the masses. As part of Singapore’s digital heritage collection, NORA serves as a source of reference for people interested in Singapore arts, with the resources made available for the first time, through an online platform. It also digitally preserves Singapore’s arts heritage and creates awareness among Singaporeans and researchers overseas about Singapore’s arts and culture.

In May 2006, NLB collaborated with the National Arts Council (NAC) to actively collect representative works of the Cultural Medallion Award recipients. This move allowed NORA to also include performing and visual art works into its digitised collection. The research work also entailed documenting the life and works of the Cultural Medallion Award recipients.

With the dual-agency collaboration, NORA was amended to represent the “National Online Repository of the Arts”. A revamp of the website then came underway.

In 2008, NORA was soft-launched with a new look and new resources, which includes digitised works in the various art forms, resource guides and interviews with some of the artists. The official launch was held in early 2009.


Sep 2003 Conceptualization of NORA
Dec 2003 Funds approved by MICA for the development of NORA
Jan 2005 Launch of NORA online platform with over 150 works in English
Aug 2005 Mini-launch of Malay works in NORA at the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2005
May 2006 Collaboration forged with National Arts Council (NAC) to collect representative works by Cultural Medallion Recipients. NORA amended to represent the “National Online Repository of the Arts”.
Feb 2009 Launch of new NORA website

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