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Chew Kok Chang 周国灿 (b. 1934, Guangdong, China–), otherwise known as Zhou Can (周粲), or other pen names such as Qiu Ling 丘陵, Yu Yin 郁因, Lin Zhong Yue 林中月, Zhou Zhi Xian 周志翔, and Ai Jia 艾佳, is a well-known Chinese author in Singapore. He is a versatile writer, whose writings consist of poems, prose, short stories and critical essays.

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1 收藏
Zhou, Can
Manuscript , 01/01/1958
2 梯子
Zhou, Can
Manuscript , 01/01/2006
3 [吴秉诚先生嵌名联]
Zhou, Can
Manuscript , 08/12/2002
4 [邱少华先生嵌名联]
Zhou, Can
Manuscript , 01/01/2000