Title: Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF : your heart, we care
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The Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), formerly known as Singapore National Heart Association, was formed in 1970 by a group of medical professionals and lay persons. Since its foundation, the organisation has grown into a well-established and well-organised body with local, regional and international links. The SHF dedicates itself towards dissemination of knowledge about the causes and prevention of heart diseases. It conducts regular public and professional education programmes on heart health, to inform and educate the public of the high risk of developing heart disease in an affluent society and to encourage and motivate everyone, to undertake preventive healthy lifestyle measures. The National Heart Week / World Heart Day is one of the major annual events during which public talks, seminars, exhibitions and health screening are organised. The SHF also supports patient self-help groups including the Singapore Coronary Club. It is working with the National Heart Centre and the cardiac divisions of the local hospitals to initiate a post-rehabilitation and counselling movement to meet the needs of heart health care among heart patients. Its official website provides news highlights of its activities and programmes, as well as health information relating to the heart and cardiovascular system. Includes useful links to cardiac care and general health sites. In English and Chinese.
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