1. Singapore, International and Overseas Standards System

This is a platform for accessing full content of Standards information.

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2. Singapore, International and Overseas Standards Collection

Print and electronic copies of the Standards are available at the National Library Singapore, Level 7.

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3. Search in the Singapore, International and Overseas Standards System

This platform allows you to search for Singapore Standards, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

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  2. Basic Search

    Results returned from your keyword search are not limited to the Standards number or title.

    The keyword[s] used are not case-sensitive. i.e. a search on "Water" will yield the same results as "water" or "WATER".

    Enter any of the following keywords to search. For example:

    • Standard number (including spacing)
      Singapore Standard SS 146
      ISO ISO 19148
      IEC IEC 60601

    • ICS (International Classification of Standards)
      The International Classification for Standards (ICS) scheme is used by all standards bodies to classify their standards (and standards projects) into specific subject categories.

      The numeric codes are in the hierarchical format NN.NNN.NN, e.g., 91.140.65.

      For more information, please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Classification_for_Standards

      To search, use a complete ICS code and enter the code in the form NN.NNN.NN.

    • Keywords found in Standard title, abstract and pdf file, if available, will be shown as part of the search results.

    • Search options for "alloy":
      Contains (default) *alloy*
      Exact "alloy"

    • Search options for "resistance alloy":
      Contains (default) *resistance* or *alloy*
      Exact "resistance alloy"

  3. Filter

    This function allows you to narrow the search results set. If you wish to search a specific record, such as a Standard Number for instance, please uncheck the "Standard Title" and "Abstract" checkbox. If you know the year that the standard was published, please select the "Year" range.

4. ASTM International Standards

5. How often are Singapore, International and Overseas Standards updated

Standards are regularly brought up to date as and when we receive updates from sources.

6. Status of Standards

  1. Singapore and Overseas standards
    • Current
      • The standard is still in active status for use
    • Withdrawn
      • The standard is obsolete and maybe replaced by another current standard if applicable
  2. ISO
    • Published
      • This is an active and current standard
  3. IEC
    • Publications
      • These are current active standards with a given content stability due date. This means that the standards content will remain unchanged up to the stability due date

7. Can I download a file from the Singapore, International and Overseas Standards System

The Standards content from our website is copyright protected. As such, no downloading or copying is allowed.

8. Why are some Singapore Standards available as previews only

The Singapore Standards are copyright protected. The full standards content is only available for viewing from dedicated terminals at the National Library Singapore, Level 7 and at SPRING Singapore located at Fusionopolis Walk.

Any available preview of a Standard usually consists of about 10% of a full standards content.

9. How to find out more about the Standards Regulatory Authorities in Singapore

Please see Related Links

10. Why is there a link to the SPRING Singapore Standards eShop

This is a quick reference for users to purchase standards.

11. Any feedback or question

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National Library reference enquiry service
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