Marketplace in Queenstown New Town, before 1960


Marketplace in Queenstown New Town, before 1960
This picture depicts residents at a marketplace in Queenstown New Town housing estate. In the foreground is a row of general merchandise stores. It the far background is a multi-storey block of Singapore Improvement Trust flats. Development of Queenstown commenced in 1952, and by 1968, it had 19,372 dwelling units. Queenstown is named after Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain who is also Head of the Commonwealth. She was the head of state of Singapore until the country gained independence. Queenstown is also known as "Princess Estate"; most of the streets in Queenstown are connected to the British Royal Family. Before the war in 1942, Queenstown was an agricultural area inhabited by hundreds of people living in attap huts. Their livelihood depended on the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, and the rearing of pigs and poultry. A British military camp, Buller Camp, was situated there. In 1953, the area was cleared for the development of Queenstown housing estate. Title devised by Library staff.
Taken from book Introducing Queenstown, Singapore, page [7]