Nan Hwa Girls


Nan Hwa Girls' High School at Adis Road, circa 1966
This is a view of Nan Hwa Girls' High School (南华女子中学校) at 2, Adis Road. Nan Hwa Girls' School was established at Coleman Street in June 1917 by a group of overseas Chinese businessmen led by Mr. Xiong Shangfu (熊尚父). In 1918, it moved to bigger premises at Bencoolen Street. The school moved to Adis Road in 1941, and the Bencoolen Street premises became a branch school for primary classes. In 1956, the main school became "Nan Hwa Girls' High School". In December 1982, it was relocated to 330, Clementi Avenue 1. When boys were admitted in 1984, it was renamed "Nan Hua Secondary School" (南华中学). The school moved to 41, Clementi Avenue 1, on 20 December 2003 and the premises was declared open by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, on 17 July 2005. In January 2006, it became "Nan Hua High School" (南华中学) and was granted autonomous status by Ministry of Education. Past principals of Nan Hwa Girls' High School include Madam Yang Shui Chor (杨瑞初, Oct 1945-Dec 1971); and Madam Tsao Yu Hang (曹玉航, 1974-1978). Past principals of Nan Hua Secondary School include (1984); Mrs. Leong Kum Hoong (1992-1993); Mr. Loh Leong Beng (Dec 1998-Dec 2003). Past principals of Nan Hua High School include Dr. Foo Suan Fong (符传丰, Dec 2003-Dec 2009); and Mrs. Tan Jong Lek (洪葆, Dec 2009-to date). Title devised by Library staff.
Taken from book 新加坡华文中学史略, page [73]