Singapore soundscape : musical renaissance of a global city

"Singapore Soundscape: Musical Renaissance of a Global City is a comprehensive cultural history of traditional and popular music in the cosmopolitan city-state. Musical activities in Singapore have been part of everyday life since the middle of the 19th century. Immigrant labour through the decades has brought along with it a potpourri of new cultures and customs, transforming the island’s musical arts into a vibrant soundscape. From high-browed Western classical symphony to the raucous street opera of Chinese wayang, Singapore gradually became filled with the exotic sounds from myriad lands. The nation’s musical cultures evolved alongside larger political and economic change and became more diverse after its independence in 1965. Written by a team of 19 writers, all experts in their fields, Singapore Soundscape tells the remarkable story of Singapore music and all its genres in broad brushstrokes. Interspersed with anecdotes and recollections, this book is a significant and welcome contribution to the history of music in Singapore"--Backcover.


Singapore soundscape : musical renaissance of a global city
Music-Singapore-20th century
Music history
National Library Board Singapore, 2014
Zubillaga-Pow, Jun
Ho, Chee-Kong, 1963-
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application/pdf, 7306 KB, 306 p. : ill. (some col.)
Table of Contents
Foreword by Professor Bernard Tan
Preface by Jun Zubillaga-Pow
About the Contributors
Introduction: the changing soundscape of a global city / Jun Zubillaga-Pow
Pt. I. The traditional. ch. 1. From a ‘Pioneer Town’ to a ‘Cosmopolitan City’: music from 1866 to 1899 / Phan Ming Yen.
ch. 2. Western classical music: a metahistory / Jun Zubillaga-Pow
ch. 3. The story of Choirs: 1933 to 1993 / Tan Shzr Ee
ch. 4. Chinese choral activities / Chia Wei Khuan
ch. 5. Hua Yue – The Chinese orchestra / Samuel Wong Shengmiao
ch. 6. Sejarah Muzik Singapura: a short story on Malay Nostalgia / Jun Zubillaga-Pow
ch. 7. Classical Indian music / Eugene Dairianathan
Pt. II. The popular. ch. 8. A history of English-language popular music / Joseph Tham
ch. 9. Chinese songs of the past / Jiu Jian
ch. 10. Traditionalising music : the place of Mat Rock / Liew Kai Khiun and Kelly Fu
ch. 11. South Indian pop music and musicians / Eugene Dairianathan
ch. 12. Musical theatre / Kenneth Lyen
ch. 13. Jazz from the 1920s to the present: the musicians, the spaces and the music / Zheng Yuepeng
Pt. III. The institutional. ch. 14. Government policies on music / Jun Zubillaga-Pow
ch. 15. Festivals and youth / Duana Chan
ch. 16. The development of the general music : programme in primary and secondary schools / Eric Peter Stead and Lum Chee Hoo
ch.17. The revolution of wind bands from pre-1965 to 1995 / Penny Tan
ch. 18. The history of music on radio and television / Mark Emmanuel and Joanna Tan
ch. 19. New media music-scapes / Tan Shzr Ee
ch. 20. Globalising the Renaissance city: music in the 21st century / Jun Zubillaga-Pow
Appendix. 岁月之歌 / 玖健
All rights reserved. National Library Board 2014.


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