A comparative vocabulary of the Barma, Malayu and Thai languages

The book is a comparative vocabulary of the Burmese, Malay (Jawi) and Thai languages. The words are listed according to subjects, along with the English translations. The book also includes a section giving examples of how the words are used in a sentence.


A comparative vocabulary of the Barma, Malayu and Thai languages
Leyden, John, 1775-1811
Burmese language--Vocabulary
Malay language--Vocabulary
Thai language--Vocabulary
Language and literature>>Languages>>East and Southeast Asian languages
Malay languages and dialects
Printed at the Mission Press, 1810
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Table of Contents
Of god, nature, elements, &c.
Of man, sex, kindred, affinity, &c.
Of the human body and its parts, &c.
Of diseases, remedies, &c.
Of animals and their parts
Of minerals, &c.
Of victuals, utensils, &c.
Of a house, furniture, &c.
Of a garden, plants, &c.
Of husbandry, trades, commerce, &c.
Of a ship, &c.
Of an army, warfare, &c.
Of the mind, its operations, virtues, and vices, &c.
Of justice, legal terms, &c.
Of government
Of religion, &c.
Of weights and measures
Of musical terms, instruments, &c.
Of games, &c.
Of school, terms of learning art, science, &c.
Of time and its divisions
The cycle of twelve years
The names of the months, &c.
The days of the week
Miscellaneous terms
Burman and Siamese names of sweetmeats
Malay and Siamese names of victuals
Malay and Thai sweetmeats
Pronouns and pronominals
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