W.R.D., Singapore (1995-1998)

Bound together into this volume are the proceedings of the World Religion Day in Singapore, from the first inaugural observance to the fourth observance, held on the third Sunday of each year from 1995 to 1998. Organised by the Baha'i community in Singapore, it was held with the aim to foster the establishment of inter-faith understanding and harmony by emphasizing the common denominators in all religions. For each conference, representatives of the major religious faiths in Singapore are invited to present their views and thoughts on conference themes such as religious harmony, social unity, family well-being and community prosperity. Media coverage of each conference by the English and vernacular press, news reports and photographs are included in the bound work together with brochures of the charity dinners held in 1999 and 2000. Some newsclippings in Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.


W.R.D., Singapore (1995-1998)
Bahai Faith--Singapore--Anniversaries, etc.
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Jamshed & Parvati Fozdar
Jamshed & Parvati Fozdar
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Table of Contents
Partial contents: World Religion Day inaugural observance in Singapore. Theme: "Religion should be the cause of unity"
World Religion Day 2nd observance in Singapore. Theme: "Religion for the well-being of family and society"
World Religion Day. Theme: "Towards a caring and prosperous community"
World Religion Day 4th observance. Theme: "Religious agenda for the 21st century"
[Addendum]. Inter-faith prayer for the millenium & charity dinner, 1st Jan. 2000 [brochure]
Charity dinner in 1999 [brochure].
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