Khoo Seok Wan

Khoo Seok Wan (1874-1941) was one of Singapore's early poets. He was a prolific writer who penned over 1,000 poems in his lifetime. He started writing from an early age and continued till his demise at age 67. Khoo's last poem was said to have been written three days before his death in 1941. His literary works were published widely in books and in various Chinese-language newspapers in Singapore and overseas.

A selection of publications by Khoo from the National Library collection have been digitized, which readers can access below. These will enable readers to appreciate the poetry and literary works of Khoo Seok Wan, and to understand why he was such a well-known literary figure in Nanyang (Southeast Asia) at the time.

Khoo Seok Wan's works were featured in the exhibition titled Khoo Seok Wan: Poet and Reformist that was held at the National Library Building from 22 November 2013 to 18 May 2014.



邱菽园(1874年 - 1941年)是新加坡的文艺先驱之一。他是一名创作量丰富的诗人,在他六十七年的人生中写了超过一千首旧体诗。他从小接受传统教育,博于诗书,一生笔耕不缀,直至辞世前三天还提笔作诗。他的作品除了结集出版外,还散见于新加坡及海外的中文报章上。