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New Paper, 1 November 2001


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL23296


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the new paper THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2001

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11 Man after lawyer tells him Jsj* has to wait EJF, ,ip*-^ I for divorce ff *4r^ 1 PM SWITCHES TAC11CS TO WIN BACK POTONG PASIR, HOUGANG 11 pgrading 11 -turn n|i^ V~ r •^."-■'•'"ri^rT 5 Bus driver Her parents dozed off, and IIIP FADPI1/C IIIM ran over girl, If


Anthrax scare at Israel PM's office [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 2

Anthrax scare at Israel PM's office Wire services. THE anthrax scare struck Israel yesterday this time at its highest-level. It came after letters containing suspicious white powder were found at the prime minister's office and the president's residence. For several weeks, suspicious envelopes have been delivered at Prime Minister Ariel

Did Osama meet CIA man in Dubai clinic? [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Did Osama meet CIA man in Dubai clinic? YES, said French daily Le Figaro and Radio France International. Quoting "a professional partner of the administrative management of the hospital", the reports said Osama bin Laden, main suspect in the Sept 11 terrorist attacks, had arrived in Dubai on July 4

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FACT AND FANFARE Highlights of election rallies every midnight NEWS What's on TV? Pages 38 39 IrTFT higher m NATIONAL DIPLOMA An award from BTEC. Business and Tech.Education Council. (UK), is globally recognised as an excellent academic achievement. Presently. BTEC has over 400.000 students around the world. HIGHER HIGHER Mnw

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Sorry So bad, so fast but do all on board have bird's-eye view? (TUP on Sunday, Oct 28): SIA pilots earn about $5,000-20.000 a month including allowances, not $15,XXXXX,000 as reported. The Air Line Pilots AssociationSingapore clarified that SIA has asked captains to take a 7 percent and co-pilots a

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r I BOTYUN^IL^f^L^^ IN 3 WEEKS TO GET READY FOR THIS PICTURE." Christy had to gain a lot of weight for her role in the widely-acclaimed Thai movie "Jan Dara." W ,Three weeks after filming, she had to lose all that extra V weight for the photography of her stunning


Heartbroken parents. But they still have heart to forgive... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

Heartbroken parents. But they still have heart to forgive... A bus driver yesterday pleaded guilty to dangerous driving which caused the death of two schoolgirls on Henderson Road two months ago. FRAEMONE WEE speaks to one victim's parents WEEKS after her 12-year-old daughter's death, Mrs Alice Teo is constantly in

Driver dozed off at the wheel [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 5

Driver dozed off at the wheel HE fell asleep at the wheel and woke up with the lead role in a living nightmare. Yesterday morning, bus driver Wong Gion Chin, 34, (left) pleaded guilty to causing the death of two schoolgirls by driving dangerously. He also pleaded guilty to failing


Page 5

PENALTY For causing death by driving dangerously, Wong can be jailed for up to five years. For not having proper control of his vehicle, Wong can be fined up to $1,000 and jailed for up to six months, or both.

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EH I s Prize: 1 I $1,500 wortiot I X o loth I,^^EjtmfnMßF™ Submission date for »H entries is on 31 December 2001 (noon) For morr information. please call (65) 340 5300 345 1555 or download a copy Brought to you by: nf the mmtv form from our wchaic wvi~*.l\feskills-l\fest\le

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Foreigners helped to fuel the economy [ARTICLE]

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Foreigners helped to fuel the economy ATTRACTING foreign workers is "a matter of life and death" for Singapore. The influx of foreigners working here has been the lifeblood of the economy over the past decade, according to a study by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). Foreign talent contributed

Just for die hell of it... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Just for die hell of it... ##PICTURE THIS this little horror was haunting Hongkong last night. It was Halloween, the fright night celebrated by dressing up in ghoulish costumes and playing pranks all over the world. Picture' Reuters

UOB to retrench [ARTICLE]

Page 6

UOB to retrench SINGAPORE'S biggest bank, United Overseas Bank (UOB), is going to retrench up to 2,000 employees by year's end in order to save as much as $250 million and reduce duplication of work. UOB had 13,000 employees after it acquired Overseas Union Bank (OUB) in September. Most of

Laos PM on visit [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Laos PM on visit The Prime Minister of Laos, Mr BounNhang Vorachith, is in Singapore on a four-day visit to attract investors to his landlocked country. Addressing a seminar, he said: "We are looking towards an exchange of views to promote our development and improve bilateral relations." Singapore is the

Memorial service [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Memorial service Singapore International Airlines (SIA) arranged for 160 relatives of the victims, who died when SQ 006 crashed in Taipei exactly a year ago, to attend a memorial service in the city. Relatives from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa and the US were flown to Taipei for the

Reverse brain drain [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Reverse brain drain THEY came when times were better. But now that the US economy is doing badly, thousands of high-tech Indian and Pakistani professionals are leaving Silicon Valley and heading home. As a result, business is also down in a range of establishments such as grocery shops that sprang

India-Pakistan war? [ARTICLE]

Page 6

India-Pakistan war? INDIA is close to going to war with Pakistan over Kashmir, says the head of the Indian army's Northern Command. In the most aggressive war signal in years by a military commander, Lt General RK Nanavatty warns that New Delhi, if pushed to the edge, could choose military

Malaysia is safe [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Malaysia is safe THE US does not consider Malaysia a high-risk country for terrorist attacks on its interests. Clarifying this, the US ambassador to Malaysia, Ms Marie Huhtala said that US citizens were very happy with the working environment in the country. Referring to the US warning of a second


Page 7

QUOTEWORTHY The better idea actually came from (Workers* Party chief) Low Thia Khiang to aOow the controlled use of CPF savings during the recession. It's not a new idea. We have aiready been looking at that idea, but it's something we hold back in reserve. If the recession is long

Stock watch [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Stock watch TECHNOLOGY stocks rose yesterday after US growth data showed the economy had shrunk less than expected, easing investors' worries about recession. The Chicago Purchasing Manager's report was also better than anticipated. However, most significantly, the US Treasury department said it would stop issuing 30-year bonds. This lowered long-term

Japan PM takes on bureaucrats [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

Japan PM takes on bureaucrats OH THE RACK QUITE a few of Japan's prime ministers in recent times have tried to curb bureaucratic power. None have succeeded, but current prime minister Junichiro Koizumi is aiming to prove different, reported The Economist magazine. His targets are the government's 163 "special corporations"


Page 7

LOCAL HEADLINERS The Straits Times: Chee retreats The Business Times: UOB to press ahead with 2000job cuts Lianhe Zaobao: SM Lee: Chee Soon Juan's defamatory remarks were instigated; his apology must fulfil legal requirements Berita Harian: SM Lee serves legal notice to Chee NewsRadio 93.8FM: Chee Soon Juan apologises publicly


Page 7

WORLD HEADLINERS International Herald Tribune: US economy shrinks 0.4 per cent Asian Wall Street Journal: Bailout is set for Hynix, fuelling doubts on reform New Straits Times: RM40m study loans BBC news: Tony Blair meets Syrian and Saudi Arabian leaders during a tour of the Middle-East

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SM Lee: This was a bit of showmanship, right? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

SM Lee: This was a bit of showmanship, right? By Gloria Chandy OPPOSITION candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan is playing a game. And it's a game that he shouldn't be allowed to get away with, said Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew last night. Said SM Lee: "Dr Chee Soon Juan

PAP: Why Dr Chee's actions fell short... [ARTICLE]

Page 8

PAP: Why Dr Chee's actions fell short... SINGAPORE Democratic Party (SDP) chief, Dr Chee Soon Juan, has said sorry more than once. But is he saying it right? No, according to the law. The SDP leader's efforts are still wanting in that he has not fully retracted the allegations. Nor


Page 9

THE SIMPLE ANSWER... You know, he says 'I've got a two-year-old baby, I've got a wife, I've got an ailing mother, so please be kind to me. What happens when you call me a liar and a cheat?' I would have thought the simple answer is: Don't lie and don't

One Chee apologises, the other is defiant... [ARTICLE]

Page 9

One Chee apologises, the other is defiant... SDP RALLY By 1 Yong Siew Fern IT was time to be fiery again for Chee. No, not Dr Chee Soon Juan, now faying to stave off legal action from Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew over his


Page 10

UPGRADING WILL DEPEND ON PRECINCT VOTES in opposition wards PM Goh's 'grand departure' from earlier tactics to put heat 0n... Opposition wards used to be placed at end of upgrading queue because upgrading isa PAP initiative. Now y Potong Pasir, Hougang precincts can get early upgrading even iff they fall


Page 10

Worried, Mr Chiam? POTONG PASIR By Azhar Ghani HE was gunning for a minister with a GRC (Group Represention Constituency) win for his party. i Then, he aimed for a perfect record all 29 opposition candidates to be voted in. But now, the hunter has become the hunted. Singapore Democratic


Page 11

So how, Mr Low? HOUGANG By Eugene Wee EVEN if the PAP fails to retake Hougang, some residents there may still be able to enjoy flat-upgrading. Even ahead of PAP-held wards. As with Potong Pasir, however, there are strings attached as Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong explained during a visit


S'poreans stay despite this [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

S'poreans stay despite this All 130 Public Service Commission scholars studying in the US are staying put despite the terrorist attacks and anthrax scares. Butfor three of them, the timing of their arrival could not have been worse. LEE TEE JONG reports HE WAS looking forward to studying in the

Studying in US still an option for scholars [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Studying in US still an option for scholars NONE of the Singaporean scholars in the United States have asked to be transferred to another university or to be brought back to Singapore, according to PSC spokesman Mas Shaireen. The PSC gives out the largest number of government scholarships, about 250

Are you one of the winners? [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Are you one of the winners? IN our Oct 29 Female Rockers contest, readers had to answer two questions to win prizes. Question 1: What is the title of Garbage's latest single?. The answer: Androgyny. Five callers who answered correctly win a set of Garbage's new album, Beautiful Garbage, a

He stepped in to stop the bullying... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

He stepped in to stop the bullying... But he got beaten until he was in a coma By Andre Yeo IT was a great time of his life. At 55, he could finally withdraw his CPF savings. Mr Chan Yow Chong, a storekeeper, used the money to visit his mother


Page 15

HORRIFIC ASSAULT ASSISTANT public prosecutor Ho Jean Nie yesterday pressed for a deterrent sentence as she described the attack on Mr Chan in court. She said Mr Chan might never work again. He has lost his job as a storekeeper. Pomenathan, who has a record of violent offences, pleaded guilty

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They keep stealing her bike — part by part [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

They keep stealing her bike part by part W Picture and report Suzanne Ong THE bicycle thieves struck again and again. And all the while, Madam Wendy Kok's bicycle would remain locked where she had left it. You see, they didn't steal the whole bike, they stole parts of it.

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7 I Friday 2 november Saturday 3 flavember zouk 20uk HBrendon P y^jpp 24 No &mb&r > 2W1 Courtney Jamie Anderson (UK) Daren velvet underground velvet underground Tony Tay funk soui Andrew Chow downtempo GiHes Peterson Norman/Joev Jay zouk/pbutura admission on 2 Nov tor nort-mambar? zouk/ phukjra admaaaon on 3


Girls claim brother's head slammed against wall so hard the tiles cracked [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Girls claim brother's head slammed against wall so hard the tiles cracked By Seto Nu-wen IN the teenage sisters' house in Seremban, there are tiny cracks on a tiled wall. For Gayathiri and Shalini, it is a chilling reminder of what happened to their younger brother. Seven-year-old Veilinthiran died in


Page 19

WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK LAST week when Veilinthiran made his stepmother angry, she is alleged to have slammed his head against the wall of their house. On the morning of Oct 23, their father tried to wake Veilinthiran up for school but he would not wake up. The boy died

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Page 18

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I gave $7.3m to Islamic foundation: Akbar [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

I gave $7.3m to Islamic foundation: Akbar INDONESIA'S Parliament Speaker, who has been accused of pocketing 40 billion rupiah ($7.3 million), says he passed on the money to a charity to buy food for the poor. Mr Akbar Tandjung also denied the money had been diverted to his own party.

'Self-made devices' spread sect messages [ARTICLE]

Page 20

'Self-made devices' spread sect messages Before Falungong was outlawed in China as an "evil cult", independent estimates put the number of followers of the group, led by US-based guru figure Li Hongzhi, in tens of millions. After the ban,the group's members repeatedly carried out protests in Tiananmen Square. But protests

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Could you be a top scientist in China? [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Could you be a top scientist in China? WORLD Is the earth's centre red hoi or stone cold? What gas do plants produce? Does the sun revolve around the earth or vice versa? Answer these three questions to find out ANSWER them correctly, and you'd be at the top of

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Page 25

FREE MARKET US does a U-turn after Sept 11 attacks THE Europeans are shocked. For years they have heard the US preaching: Leave it to the market. The US had been saying that governments should not give subsidies to businesses and that trade should be free. The terror attacks of

US economy shrinks by 0.4% [ARTICLE]

Page 25

US economy shrinks by 0.4% THE US economy has slowed at an annual rate of 0.4 per cent in the third quarter of the year, which ended in September. This decline in the US' economic activity is the first such decline in more than eight years. And, it could get

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Page 27

DIVORCE TRAGEDY MALAYSIA Man gets upset he couldn't divorce wife. He stops car and allegedly slashes wife and three children THE family of five was on its way back from the divorce lawyers' office. The father, a welder based in Singapore, was driving the Proton Saga. He had just found

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Page 27

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Comedian on drug charges [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Comedian on drug charges MALAYSIA HE'S known for bringing in the laughs. But Malaysian funnyman Yassin Yahya found himself in a not-so-funny situation recently. Yassin, 23, (right) was in the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate's Court on two charges of having: About 2g of ganja (marijuana) 34 bottles of black liquid, believed

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Page 29

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Second Thai blast leaves 12 dead [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Second Thai blast leaves 12 dead WORLD AP. JUST last week, 20 people died after a Thai army ammunitions dump exploded. There was another blast yesterday, this time at a paint factory in eastern Thailand, 70km southeast of Bangkok. POWERFUL BLAST About 100 workers were working at the ST Thailand

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Caught in dialect syndrome [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

Caught in dialect syndrome EHScM COMMENT THE tiny howler stomped about wildly, wailing: "I want. I want. You promised." He locked eyes with his baffled grandmother, who, wagging a stern finger, blasted in Cantonese: "Lei yiu mat ye? Haang le." (What do you want? Let's go.) Like chicken and duck,

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B^l Q 1 F J2$lmSIE so doki k kxxhk r*ti.nwvy &'l From Screen] xWxlog.*®A**wlio»i insr m*r i?.A toAlofclle am**nJm •ssrnssmm rm» <«'» HttMI I,UM »3Ri© •mtflWHiioooo 111*3 fxy.:iPHi mbibi ■HBf ,nw nBl]O mw /S >t»u«« #XXXXX5 tt'JMU XXXXX8 MM&&WIIJ ni6nfc ,o lo6 IIMT4 HS^qPtIOMO— 1113W 10 11 WUAWWiIw-n iJsaaSSKLtujw WiALlitiw


weak, tease and pluck, all on the go [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

weak, tease and pluck, all on the go By Tan Dawn Wei ITS a hot afternoon. The smooth operator sidles up to unsuspecting shoppers and delivers his well-worn spiel. "Hi, I'm Steven. I'm a professional eyebrow trimmer." He persuades you to move into the shade. Then, whipping out his tweezers,

Win buffet vouchers [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Win buffet vouchers DANIEL Wu indulged his beloved with food. You can eat all you want too for free! Just call 1900-914-0801 and win yourself a pair of vouchers for Phoenix Hotel's buffet dinner, which normally costs from $28 per person. We have 10 pairs to give away. The contest

Who's the lady in Daniel's life? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

Who's the lady in Daniel's life? 'It was sort of a double celebration. her birthday is three days before mine. She lores those big crabs, but 1 don 7 really know how to cook them so I asked my friends to help. BY Wendy Teo SHE'S a very special lady.

Prowling with Hunter [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

Prowling with Hunter SHOT: Rachel Hunter (left) IN: Los Angeles THE ACT: TO Sync heartthrob Joey Fatone is having a steamy affair with Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter! She was spotted sliding out of a Hollywood hotel room at 5am after two nights of passion with Fatone. Pals admit the

From babyface to truck driver [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

From babyface to truck driver SHOT: Justin Timberlake (above) IN: British magazine Arena* THE ACT: 'N Sync-er Justin Timberlake showed a totally different side from his pristine image in this fashion magazine. Bloodied face, gold tooth, even a closeup of him blowing smoke into the camera this babyface has morphed

Not so angelic anymore [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

Not so angelic anymore SHOT: Charlotte Church (left) IN: Charity concert in Cardiff THE ACT: Church clearly has a bad case of amnesia. Just a few weeks ago, the former choir girl said she would never go down the "Britney Spears" route by trading in her angelic looks for a

Huh... he's a star? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Huh... he's a star? By Chang May Choon FOR over two years, Taiwanese singer-composer Emil Chau Wakin (right) lived like a normal salaryman, working regular hours and spending time with his wife and kids on weekends. His life was so ordinary that six-year-old daughter Anya had no idea he sang

Jay wants freedom [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Jay wants freedom Is that why he doesn't wear any underwear? By Chang May Choon NOTHING separates Taiwanese R&B prince Jay Chou (left) and his jeans. No briefs, no boxers, no G-strings. This hotshot songwriter-singer apparently doesn't like to be restrained. And he was caught in the "act" by wacky

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Bff rd 1 w M fi K^r^y"-' >r*«- i. 'i c r.<n* J »M»nin cOytll'iuH «< Mm Bh|| wWSM H^hhhhki II Tom Hanks lies Ryan I Specialists Shopping Centre #01-18 Tel: 235 2011 Raffles Place MRT #81-18 Tel: 538 4828

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Page 33

iEgtteeeiSelBitir •1 |i 5366 Buffet l unch (etctpl »tfk(*ds A public holidays) IB^ 1 .f" 11 Viam to 2J6pa W $18.00 (Adult) L $13.50 (Child) Bufk't Dinner (d«il>) J 4 kJOpm to lOJOpm r'J»k' vlRBinr $21.00 (Adult) $14.50 (C hild) Shredded Duck with Avocado Iand Walnut Light Cream of Salmon

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Page 34

Queenstown Market (Commonwealth Avenue) I (opposite Blk 39A) Tel: 9672 7638 Famous trotters $3.50*5.00 Big intestines $3.50*5.00 Bak KutTeh $3.50/$5.001 Liver Kidney Mee Swa $3.50 Tsu Pok Mui Ctiye *Tau Kua 1006 Vetnkodi kattu 1063 Enafcoru smegitf* 1146 Poovuku Poranthanaal I 1009 Aiyo patttikichu 1064 Ttieeye Alagiya Theeye 1147 Thendrai

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The Sunshine is on us... The Ultimate Challenge! Take a holiday at idyllic Holiday Villa Cherating with a special Sunshine Package from RM65.00 nett per person per night on twin sharing. One welcome drink Free one night s accommodation if you do not enjoy at least 4 Daily Malaysian breakfast

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Page 36

I V I f— x w I \&ml\ r <* <"> *N /> rNrt *>*»<* <V v Novotel Apollo Singapore Salutes The Senior Citizens In appreciation to their contributions, all senior citizens 55 years and above pay only 55% of their bill at Luna Coffee House for the month of

Nothing but talk [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Nothing but talk PRIME-TIME TV WITH the increasing popularity of Taiwanese talk shows in Singapore, the two TV stations here have decided to jump on the bandwagon. The latest addition is Straight Talk, a half-hour programme that explores issues of the day, like toilet culture, single-parent families and young multimillionaires.

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Now you can play sms games while on the move. Suitable for all SMS enabled phones Press 1: SMS Link-An interactive SMS chat to become SMS hero or heroine Press 2: SMS Pet->bu can grow a virtual SMS pet in your mobile phones. v Press 3: SMS Detective-Solve crime cases

Page 37 Miscellaneous

Page 37 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 37

Highlights Autumn in My Heart Channel U, 10.40pm Youmei attempts suicide over junxi and Enxi's relationship, so the two of them decide to part ways. Then Enxi learns that she is suffering from leukaemia. Spin City Channel 5,12mn Mike discusses his sex life with Caidin with his new therapist Nikki's

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Spot anything unusual around you? Call The New Paper HOTLINE at 1800 I 3 3 4 5 5

Page 38 Miscellaneous

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

THE MEW PAPER/ nursday. November 01. 2001 PRIME' TIME TV 6 6.30: The Dating 6.00: Hollywood 6.30: News 6.30: Singapore 6.00: Dual! 6.00: Aroma 6.02: Asian 6.00: News at 6 6.00: Musical Game (Game Squares (Variety) Today (News) (School kids) (lnfo-«a»cation) Perspective/ 6.32:Galeri— Hot Hits nm show) 6.30: Wheel of

wet is part of the job [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

wet is part of the job CAREER CHOICE/ whafs my line? Mr Peter Tay is an unconventional teacher. He conducts lessons under the hot sun and tells his students to move around. He has to sweat it out under the sun. He works every day. He carries heavy equipment while

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Page 39

Knowledge of pumps or rotating eguipments lJ Familiar with Process General Industries Qualification: Preferably Diploma Salary: Sslsoo to XXXXX0 Candidates must speak write good English Owned Vehicle (Transport Allowance Ss7so per mth) We require 1 Male &1 Female 5 days week 13th month Interested applicants, please write in to: FLUID

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Page 39

An established ISO certified company has immediate vacancy for the following ACCA or Diploma in Accounting Must be able to keep full sets of accounts Familiar with Mangement Accounting Fax:74B-6349 Email: Or contact: 846-4036

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Page 39

We pay salary, allowance bonus to what you are worth. If you have the desire to make we have the formula. Call now for Mr Ben Soo at 235-4110 for a personal Interview Able to work in Orchard Rd Good communication and interpersonal skills Positive attitude Fun-loving humourous English Mandarin-speaking

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International Established Freight Forwarder has immediate vacancies for Min 'O' level Able to work independently 3-5 yrs related experience in Seafreight Procedures Residents staying in the East zone preferred Min '0' level Able to work independently 2-3 yrs related experience in Import Procedures Residents staying in the East zone preferred

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KIT r fIL 'if V J 1| 1 1 t 7 *+r 1 j ill mj j[^^in 111 jI in At Quantiq we ve made it our mission to hire the most outstanding graduates every year Our world class represented proaucts ana solution have positioned Quantiq International as the preterrec

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Page 40

Product Specialist Job description Demonstrate ownership of assigned territory (i.e., current business climate, list of major corporations and decision makers), prioritize can times and activity levels to best penetrate territory with respective assigned product line. Exceed territory activity levels (i.e.. call rates, phone times, etc.). Support channel manager and major

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Page 40

ASSISTANT SITE ENGINEER/ SITE FOREMEN Diploma in Mechanical/ Civil Structural Engineering 1 2 years working experience in construction site Able to read drawings Possess class 3 licence Fresh graduates welcomed Supervise co-ordinate all site works Those residing in Sembawang, Woodlands, Marsiling, Yishun, Bukit Panjang preferred Interested applicants are invited to

'Training students who fear water is tough' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

'Training students who fear water is tough' FROM PAGE 40 CAREER CHOICE/ what's my line? Mr Peter Tay, 28, is a diving instructor and owner of Innerspace Adventures, a diving school Why did you choose this job? I enjoy teaching people how to dive and I like having close encounters

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LLUMAR WINDOW FILMS PTE LTD^ Llumar Window Films Pte Ltd is the subsidiary of Haeuei Enterprise. We are one of the most established companies in Singapore with over 20 years of experience in the supply installation of automotive window films. I Sales Marketing Executive DSBKEBSE^I Requirement: Degree/ Diploma in Business,

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Page 41

I Min 'N' level, bilingual PC literate, pleasant personality 6 days week, from 10am-7pm Min '0' level, bilingual PC literate, pleasant personality Possess Knowledge in general book-keepjng Relevant admin experience required 5 days week, from 9am-6pm Min '0' level, bilingual PC literate, pleasant personality able to interact at all level

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Page 41

LET YOUR CAREER EXPLODE International company offers O A new career O Solid remuneration (expect $2000 $4000 per month) O Opportunity for foreign travel O Enjoyable working environment Job involves servicing existing client base converting them to our latest products. Knowledge of sales not necessary. Ideal candidate should have a

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Page 41

ST-Si: :a._jr..a_*...*r.*_jL...a.j..jrrs Lunch Guide I Your weekly guide to good food, )i u The I New Paper I y Fastads, jj every I Monday. J \l W

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Page 42

t TTjT'jT^ Established Holistic Skin Care Distributors/ Retailers urgently requires ESTHETICIANS/ BEAUTY THERAPISTS (Full/ Part Time) 0 Attractive Pay commission scheme GCE N7 '0' level Retail working hours Versatile, highly self-motivated Aromatherapy certificate preferred Please call Ronald Wee at «XXXXX00» for interview appointment at Blk 205 Henderson Road 802-02 Henderson

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Page 42

Qualifications Required: ITE Holders, 'N' Level or Min Sec 3 with 1 to 2 years experience All Singaporean or PR are welcome Preferably living in Jurong vicinity Transport provided at pickup point Age above 20 years old Interested parties, please contact Ms Erene at Tel: XXXXX89 for an interview E

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Page 42

GCE 'A' level with MS Office knowledge Willing to work during weekends Bilingual in Mandarin/ English GCE '0' level with or without working experience Candidate with customer service/ sale, exposure will be given preference Bilingual in Mandarin/ English Willing to work during weekends Lunch transport provided. Pick-up point from Kranji

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Page 42

An Internationally Established Japanese Company urgently requires Able to speak fluent Japanese. (JLPTI) Preferably with working experience in the Moving logistics industry Salary $3K per/ mth Send resume in English Japanese to: The Manager Fax: 234 6314 Email: Gloria (ean's Coffees, the largest matt-based gourmet coffee chain in the

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l 9 I Carry &OND with i m k'■ j® all baby wherever you 90 in the without I -Mp; W W .jS r!a breaking your arms! suitable for I a|H^M*** l fl fl I 1 I jjß M J ~»S newborns to toddlers in various 1 II S 1

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Page 44

> w -f 1 J* Min _Mac anana Leaf i Singapore XXXXX9 llj Ifj JLII ~W J jli fo X Nasi Lemak "llfcl 0% Vadai W W ect.. —J j outdoor LADIES NIGHT Every Tuesday <WfMI Continuous Free Flow of PIPER HEIDSIECK Champagne |(]H JUHBL G1A w l C a

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Page 45

Page 46 TafljOflQ Pagar TIE KWMPBI/Thursday, Novßmber 1, 2001 Ms Elaine Toh is art ex-air stewardess and is now a young motfierof two. BiOSKin solved her acne sears problems and keeps her looking youthful yet radiant. ~*Jk u found it stressful to juggle between famil y ancl th s lec

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Page 46

fastads jm Feod/Etartatanert V*S J tl^^T^Tji^MF^L' > .i i v •."J'-i.\-Hptoi^li Channel are available. Yfappy hours: 6pm-«pm daily Opening hours: 6pm-1 am (Mon-Thur A Sun); 6pm-3am (Fri, Sat A eve of Public Holidays) I^Hs® r Buy 10 Bottles, get I FREE Bottle OR Ml pJtod Buy 5 Bottles, get IFREE

Page 46 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 46

sss=— Fast, Faster... FASTads. jttfi tut Wm P««-Ca» 3E Before Prog. 33 kg Alter 3 wthi Prog. 53 lq BdoreProg.^lqi Oir itnwdir ta|M(Hr Mtfi a anUt ««lw ftumfcnwghtbfttit ttwunndi to pi heck that radant kx* o( hta»i Oir te pin «tadi orif coMto oflNrte cai kt «Md bf m* ft

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Page 46

flB 2122 Fodol Therapy $50 Eyebrow Shaping $15 Eyelash terming $35 Monkure $22 Pedkurt S 2ft Miff Now at only $98 Hm m tutmt Lucky Drew Beauty Choice m *"i Co* How. 7444 731 n "d£Z£T i a, Serviced by Alex/ Sam < lft*A*fou

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Page 47

m N Home Needs HUP ENG CONTRACTOR CO. •w- jT* Showroom: Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Central Ave 6 #01-2833 Singapore XXXXX2 Tel: 454 2833 Fax: 455 0081 HOB Licence: OS-XXXXX 1) Heavy duty ceramic floor tile with storting 21) WC design angles for alumnum gnles i^_| 2) Sink support

Page 47 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 47

ma HP BODY WORKSHOP World of Aroma Ros Lyn Beauty Salon 150 Orchard Road. Orchard Ptaza #03-50 Tot: 735-4923 H/p: 9365-3222 CONFINEMENT CARE Experienced confinement Nanny for before after birth For Mothers only Contact 587 3071/ 9487 1085 MANISHA FULL BODY SCRUB FULL BODY MASSAGE HEAD MASSAGE ***$58 Balinese Spa

Page 47 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 47

C Eg smi Other Proiacts/Sarvteas WHY TRAM HN WHEN W£ CAN PAY HIGH PRICE CASH FOR YOUR MOBILE P76a9/ V 3688/ C 35/ 6210. Wanted All GSM/ Dseftesd. Low/ One avaU. No WKchartf* TAJ ELECTRONICS •02-34 PM*M«U ShpQ. (Next to Worldwide Sporting Hs«, (acifxj in Meter) Tet XXXXX96/ Fax: XXXXX55

Page 47 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 47

C Pradacts/Sareices moo* nil. ssio-sisa. hio-sho 1750-s4o# SO-SIM BHHGoa Ti O-Siaa, ns-siso ■OTOtOU 3MO-SISO. HH-SW) MMSOMK MR-SI SI OrigM VCD. CD. DVD. CM««JMMCMHETC SB c HsaMi Centres

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Page 48

NnM Centra* C TJUCE ggg* II I U4i«l v jPw~T tearn Bath Sauna JF *^7' I Mini TV Lounge 1 Relax yoitrself^w^^^^ J||BJflß& 66 East Coast Rd. *024)0 ,^*lWf. GRTHBUg. (above DBS Bank) g ®4P HEALTH CENTRE f» v 0 Sauna, Steambath, Massage •MMMmwtt flUlMk tttxhti badma tr I I,

Page 48 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 48

SB gm HmM Cwtm Health Spa Swedish Thai Massage 165 Kitchener BcL *03-00 (OesMSe New pjtV MERLIN HEALTH CENTRE ££7~CW/e£XPttYfAfCf& JfASSfUSfS £XSf</Z>a#7T/VSfO, VAWAV A '"^USS^««" Atf)?—m lt/,Ci S'itm*.- AtttekU rv/Cfa 7500-E BEACH ROAD «01 -202/207 I PLAZA HOTEL MULTI STOREY CARPARK BASEMENT (BEHIND UOB BANK) Golden Landmark Hotel Level S

Page 48 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 48

mm E3=- Food Court Store for Rent Chinese Halal Noodles M AVA TWR, ST FRANCIS Ouaitty deluxe aircon rm. F/furn. Pod. Cosy decor. Convenient. 9008-7848 KARAOKE WITH 9 KTV ROOMS 9 Kovan For Takeover 9 $28K (including $17K deposit) Interested, pis Pg 9605-7878

Page 48 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 48

PMMom required urgently With or without relevant experience Interested call Us Anq at XXXXX89/XXXXX92 urgently reqoTes* FREELANCE INTERIOR DESIGNERS Relevant experience Able to 4c prospective Interested please cat J t U: 123 7421 or 323 37M S MC«MOikwMMIT J Mirror mirror on the wall. who's the luckiest of them all

Page 48 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 48

S C J Note book computer system knowledge ft MJ Mm ITE or Optoma quakficabon (Computer Engineering) m Some sales wortung experience v. Good rterpersonal sfctfs and f*gWy motivated ff J Binguai n Enghsh and Chvwse J Salary commensurate with expenence ff Interested appfecants. ptease tax m resume to 334

Page 48 Advertisements Column 6 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 48

S Full-time/ Part-time INSURANCE AGENTS required Attractive income Min. 4 '0' level Call XXXXX688 Fast Ads A faster way to buy or sell.

Page 48 Advertisements Column 7 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 48

Srin PMMom tS 7 fII!ESIEXE£SI 7 Want«d •$l5Kp/ntfwaxmwsion 1 •5-daywMk I «Sdi emerVie6eesw<lV I *#xtfe**rionce welcome# m WW V«OM7HoMM X A Sol# AfMt Company F9QnirQ4 OUTDOOR SALES REPRESENTATIVE Self-motivated High earning through efforts Call XXXXX795 Due to expansion, we are seeking 5 SALES REPS 2 MGMT TRAINEES Min 0' Levels

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Page 49 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

EARN From $2000 above Online interview at experience SALES ASSISTANT. required for Able to work independently. High salary commission. Waft-in interview: #02-86 Lucky Plaza Orchard Rd 'iyyjijHiiyyi FREELANCE OUTDOOR SALES PERSONNEL Fair commission Potential long-term Income 945^10^^ I lore's something to brighten your day and the lushness of a

Page 49 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

SatoPosMora Honsln Building Material Pte Ltd Tet 392-2080 2 KalUaoq Ave 801-01 Kailang Bahrti Compici Singapore XXXXX7 requires 1. INDOOR SALES 2. ACCOUNTS CLERK WALK-IN interview on Thai Frl between I-6pm required Doing machine tools/tool die •k With class 3 driving licence ROAD SHOW PROMOTERS wanted 00 Attrscthrt cotntnisstoo 00

Page 49 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

SALES ASSTS. wanted by Ladies Boutique. •/With experience. Ma tured. Workinq hr: 10 9 30pm Students need not apply. Waft In Interview SO3-068 J U r ong Potnt Tat: 790-0929 MM Far Cast Ptaza. Tel: 732-4332 SALES EXECS Flexi workinq hrs Min 'A' level age 21 yrs above Attractive commission

Page 49 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

mamm Sales Positions $1500 Able to work outdoor Students are welcome All areas are welcome Able to start work immed. Tel: XXXXX68 1002 Tai Set* Ave *02-2540 (Near P«*i Lafear MffT) jjE9 2M2 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions XUAN ENTERTAINMENT requires 1) BARTENDER 2) FLOOR STAFF 3) CASHIERS 4) COOKS 5) KITCHEN

Page 49 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

R HotalAoMV* insomnia Chijmes 2001 recruits Kitchen StaFF Ref: 1716/KS) I Min 1 year oF Food preparation experience in a bar restaurant or Fast Food outlet Alert, active and vibrant Energetic and hardworking Able to work in a Fast-paced environment Able to work on rotational shiFts Please call Katharine at

Page 49 Advertisements Column 6 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

R Restaurant Aranda Aranda Country Club Requires Urgently Preferably bilingual in English Mandarin Residing in Pasir Ris Tampines area Good working environment Competitive remuneration incentives will be offered Please call David Tan for more Info t appointment A restaurant at 14/16 Sixth Avenue is looking for Working hrs: 3 -11

Page 49 Advertisements Column 7 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 49

IMIHtW/IMHfI Amancan TiunJaw Sno Ki Ll LJ LLi LJ fc-Ll oowng tor r mprfc panon to worV in a rww trench cycHnfcoui*. Esther XXXXX01 V 9819 3223 A Vegetarian Restaurant b mkinf an anargotk < a wnjfll u liMttiilAi «i .afc n oyiwiniv iinitiuusi >nu otV result service oriented to

Page 50 Advertisements

Page 50 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

JSttHoM/louNfa G-R-O- (EXPERIENCED) (local S'pore PR) Attractive salary Transport provided Cat(after 4pm (or an appointment at REQUIRES Walk in after 3pm Plaza Sinqapura #06, Stall 28 THE CAFE CARTEL at Mohd Sultan requires (1) COOK (2) SUPERVISORS (3) CREW Full/ part-time Afternoon shift Ham- 7pm Night shift 7pm- 3am Call

Page 50 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

L /CMcatPoaNkm EXPERIENCED RECEPTIONIST/ CUSTOMER SVC REQUIRED. Fluent In Eaf/ Mandarin. Must be fleilMo job function C PC »Ufc reared for fast growing Co. Located 105 Boon Rang M •07-04 to •07-08. Salary SU*. 291-1615 Position* Offshore HVAC firm reqlres 1) DESIGN ASSISTANT Dip/ ITC in mechanical engineering Shall have

Page 50 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

MS7 Production k3Ee PooMona I Omni Plastics have vacancies for Responsible for allocating and organising production operators to the machines Provide training to new production operators Secondary education with at least 3-4 years' injection molding experience Responsible for performing in-process, incoming outgoing inspection Record maintain documentation of inspection data Secondary

Page 50 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

558 7pw ,cttßß Poußkma Ml Netie— DESPATCH RIDERS NEEDED. Possess own bike. Walk-in interview--328 Kinq Georqe's Ave. XXXXX55

Page 50 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

35^5 amMMr DRIVERS/ MOTORCYCLISTS LocJttoiE AWiMiri Physically (it well versed with S pore road map Valid class 3/ 2 licences. Vehicles provided •Mm Sec. 4 education, completed NS Able to communicate well in both English Mandarin •Be prepared to work weekends public holidays Basic salary incentives CPF leave/ medical insurance

Page 50 Advertisements Column 6 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

STUDENTS required for HOLIDAY JOB $250-$6OO VJ Times Jurong East St 13, Mk 131 *03-251 XXXXX16 required The Job On-the-job training to assist in topographical hydrographic surveying R fmf nt 5 GCE '0' or 'N' level OR relevant experience Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident If interested, please write or walk-in

Page 50 Advertisements Column 7 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

E Learn to Build, !*|V |D Maintain, Set up, J Upgrade Trouble Shoot Your Own PC PC HARDWARE U SOFTWARE SUPPORT COURSE lutono Fast 1 565 5655 Peace Centre uv* I N N Sh.iriri.. 1 338 TauftHt enc ed Bukit Merah ded.cated IT I XXXXX1 1"j Instructors nFuj^Partjtime^ass^jnl imp] DIPLOMA

Page 50 Advertisements Column 8 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 50

E FfPflff CWBICW- fCHOffIT XXXXX31 Bedok XXXXX65 IMne Parade Blc—tali In OMi i —i HCBS Accounting CBS Secretarial pro on aM—in* <m HO n^io»n«i En SDFlMpmlKHmmt^ LOOKING FOR HOME TUITION? We provide patient qualified tutors •k All levels Kat XXXXX406/ XXXXX345 6 mths IPMA (UK) DIPLOMA Courses In BUSINESS MARKETING


Four foreign Gold Cup raiders [ARTICLE]

Page 51

Four foreign Gold Cup raiders Kutub, winner of three recent Group 1 races, looks hard to beat Broche, modest record with three wins With The Flow, gallant third in the SIA International Cup King Of Tara, winner in Group 2 and second in Group 1 By Danny Khoo LOCAL connections


Page 51

THE FULL CUP LIST IKUTUB (England) 58.0 2 WITH THE FLOW (France) 58.0 3 OUZO 57.5 4BOCELLI 56.5 5 BROCHE (England) 55.5 6 OUR ARISTOTLE 55.0 7 KING OF TARA (France) 54.5 8 PACIFIC PRINCE 54.0 9 SADDLE UP 53.5 10 SHE'S A DIAMOND 53 5 11 SMART BET 53.5


Page 51

FOCUS ON THE KRANJI NEWCOMERS FOR SATURDAY'S MEETING By Lionel Lee SOUTH AFRICAN trainer Patrick Shaw (right) will be unveiling a classy import from his native land at Kranji this Saturday. Wine Merchant, one of eight South African-based gallopers to join Shaw's yard following the lifting of the South African

Afternoon racing on weekends next year [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Afternoon racing on weekends next year By Danny Khoo ITS official. Racing at Kranji on weekends will revert to the afternoon from next year. Instead of the usual 4.30pm start, Singapore race meetings will start at 2.30pm. Also from next season, the Singapore Turf Club (SNTC) will kick off its

Newcomer First Secretary ready [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Newcomer First Secretary ready DANNY KHOO'S GUIDE TO KRANJi TRACKWORK (GOING: GOOD) FORMER Victorian campaigner First Secretary, who makes his Kranji debut in the Novice 1,400 m event, looks set to make a bright start to his local career. At Kranji yesterday morning, the well-bred four-year-old by Fairy King underlined


Page 52

GUIDE TO KL TRACKWORK (GOING: SOFT) NST GAYA BERGAYA, who found one to beat in his last two outings, looks ready to re-enter the winning list in the Class 3 event over I,Boom on Sunday with an eye-catching workout in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Takan out by jockey Sofhan Latif, the

Page 52 Miscellaneous

Page 52 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 52

FIRST 9904 SECOND 5793 M THIRD 7784 1142 7575 0531 0177 1165 3239 9729 1714 4908 8773 CONSOLATION 1123 4188 7322 1834 6819 4515 6240 6359 2970 0755 TRACK TALK: Which horses should you keep an eye on at Kranji on Saturday? To find out, tune in to Track Talk


'Forget the global gloom, enjoy the soccer boom' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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'Forget the global gloom, enjoy the soccer boom' j NTUC INCOME SINGAPORE CUP FINAL: HOME PROTECTORS v GEYLANG EAGLES A WORD FROM THE SPONSORS: This Sunday's Singapore Cup final is sponsored byNTUC Income, which took over the title sponsorship of the S-League from Tiger Beer this year. ERNEST LUIS talks


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WHAT THE CUP FINALISTS' SPONSORS SAY Geylang has been working at this for the longest time and after their well-deserved victory in winning the S-League title, I don't think they'll let the Singapore Cup title slip away. After all, they are the champions and we believe that they'll remain the


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S-LEAGUE 2002: WHAT NTUC HAS IN STORE FOR FANS TRANSFERABLE SEASON PASSES No more complimentary 500 tickets per game for NTUC Income policy-holders. Free ticket system converted to season pass system at a subsidised rate. II How passes work: Season passes for the top five clubs based on this year's

New rules of the game [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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New rules of the game S-LEAGUE 2002: WHAT'S IN STORE FOR TEAMS By Ernest Luis FROM next year S-League players sacked by their clubs can join another club during the same season. However, they can only play for their new club after sitting out for two months. The current rule


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PROPOSED RULE CHANGES The 33-game S-League season will begin on February 20 and last through to November. This is because there will be a one-and-a-half month break so the national team can be formed for the Tiger Cup (Aug 31 to Sep 14) and also, if they are sent to

Sorry buddy, you're out too [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Sorry buddy, you're out too WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS RO MARIO again is making news on Brazil's national team this time by his absence. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari frustrated expectations that the veteran striker would return for Brazil's upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Venezuela. Brazil, which is currently on

Get Real, rest Carlos [ARTICLE]

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Get Real, rest Carlos Reuters REAL Madrid has written to the Brazilian soccer federation to warn it that its defender Roberto Carlos needs a rest of between 10 and 15 days. The club says Carlos should be left out of at least one of Brazil's final two World Cup qualifiers.


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IRAN 3 UAE 0 AP Iran faces Ireland IRAN beat the United Arab Emirates 3-0 in the second-leg of an Asian Zone World Cup playoff yesterday. The Iranians advanced on a 4-0 aggregate score following their 1-0 win in the first-leg in Tehran. They will face Ireland in Dublin on


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THE BIG KICK I TEAMS UPDATE CSKA SOFIA v AC MILAN In Italy, AC Milan will be without star defender Paolo Maldini, who is sidelined for a month with a thigh strain sustained in the weekend's scoreless draw against Bologna. Andriy Shevchenko, who broke his nose in the Bologna match,


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THE FORM GUIDE UEFA CUP Home Team CSKA Sofia Away Team AC Milan Last time toy met 0-2 Comments With Milan already 20 up from the first leg, the onus in on Sofia to attack and this will open up the back for Andrei Shevchenko to take advantage. Which is


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SUNDAY SHOWPIECE: LIVERPOOL v MAN UNITED By Edwin Yeo YOU know how Liverpool wins games these days? Simple: Pressure. Attack. Score one goal. Defend. Counter-attack. This strategy is especially effective with Michael Owen back, as his pace is exactly what a counter-attacking team needs. We've seen it over the last

Reds must attack [ARTICLE]

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Reds must attack Wright popped up to score a second from a set piece after helping Liverpool withstand incessant pressure. And note that this tactic worked twice when Owen was playing, but not otherwise. No doubt, this Sunday, it is how Liverpool will play against Manchester United. And I will

Crisis? Who says so? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Crisis? Who says so? Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs has called criticism of his club's shaky start to the new season "irrelevant". And he asked: "Let's be honest about it, when have we not been criticised?" The Old Trafford giant has come under fire for a defence which has kept


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Veron out MAN United will be without Juan Sebastian Veron (left) for its match against Liverpool. United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had originally agreed with Argentina that the midfielder would fly out on Sunday afternoon after the game at Anfield for his country's final World Cup Qualifier against Peru. But

I can be the link-up man, if Only... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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I can be the link-up man, if Only... OUT -of-fa vour Dwight Yorke feels Manchester United's new system is perfect for him. Yorke claims he is ideally suited for the deep-lying role which Paul Scholes is struggling to fill. Scholes is ill at ease with the advanced role and Yorke


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SOLSAVER HAMPIONS LEAGUE (GROUP G): LILLE 1 MANCHESTER UNITED 1 Bruno Cheyrou (65th min) Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (6) Crowd: 35,000 AUDIO/VIDEO MAN UNITED^ PHIL NEVILLE: It's a fair result Dial for clip to your personal web folder. Pl» 88*XXXXX5 NOT for the first time this season, Man U was undone


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Pena the hero f HAMPIONS LEAGUE: REST OF THE ACTION PORTO 1 ROSENBORG 0 AFP. FC Porto booked its place in the last 16 of the Champions League after dominating Rosenborg this morning. But it had to struggle for a crucial 1-0 win. As news that Group E rival Celtic

Rivaldo saves the day for Barca [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Rivaldo saves the day for Barca BARCELONA 1 FENERBAHCEO AP. A FIERCE last-minute free-kick from Rivaldo (right) gave a below-par Barcelona a 1-0 win over Fenerbahce in the final-rotation match of Champions League Group F this morning. The Catalan club wins the group with 15 points, three points ahead of


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SPARTA PRAGUE 0 BAYERN MUNICH 1 AN own goal by Jiri Novotny was enough to give defending champion Bayern Munich a 1-0 win over Sparta Prague. It also ensured Bayern the top spot in Group H. Separated only by goal difference and with both assured of a place in the


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OLYMPIAKOS 1 DEPORTIVO 1 DEPORTIVO La Coruna snatched a late equaliser through Joan Capdevila to seal top spot in Group G. The result also threw Olympiakos out of Europe after a 1-1 draw although the Greek side dominated much of the game, but failed due to poor crossing and a


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LEVERKUSEN2 LYON 4 ERIC Carriere had two goals and an assist and Frederic Nee added one goal and three assists as Lyon beat Bayer Leverkusen 4-2. The result brought no change to the standings in Group F. Lyon finished third and will now join the Uefa Cup action. Lyon looked

Celtic sparkles but still goes out [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Celtic sparkles but still goes out f HAMPIONS LEAGUE (GROUP E): CELTIC 4 JUVENTUS 3 Wire services. Celtic surged to a thrilling 4-3 victory over Group E winner Juventus this morning. But the result was not enough to prolong its participation in this year's Champions League. Porto's 1-0 win over


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HOW THEY FARED GROUP E PORTO 1 Jesus Pena 36 ROSENBORG 0 61 a CELTIC 4 /00s Valgaeren 24, Chris Sutton 45,64, Henrik Larsson 57pen JUVENTUS3 Alessandro Del Piero 19, n David Trezeguet 51, 77 f)/ GROUPF fl BAYER LEVERKUSEN2 Zoltan Sebescen 45, Dimitar Berbatov 52 OLYMPIQUE LYON 4 £fic

Bring on the giants [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Bring on the giants SUNDAY SHOWPIECE: LIVERPOOL v MAN UNITED By! Scott Wilson MAN United this morning became the greatest rotation act since the invention of the helicopter. It drew 1-1 with Lille in its Champions League match with yet another new line-up as Sir Alex presented the Fabulous Ferguson

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SUNDAY: 10p Italian Serie A highlights: Atalantav WOTKS Roma (DELAYED) WEDNESDAY: lOfMi: EPL highlights llp«: Serie A highlights SATURDAY, Nov 10: 9pon Soccer Legend: Michael Owen WEDNESDAY, Nov 14: 11pm: Man U The Counterfeit Game

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UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY Established 1857. USA Singapore Extension An American University fully accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ✓Access to all US other UK/Australian universities with our internationally recognised Diploma Associate Degree ✓City campus with well facilitated classrooms learning facilities ✓A

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CALL INFOUNE Call 1900-XXXXX13 after 6.30 am tomorrow for the results. Calls cost 30 cents a minute.

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ON TV CSKA Sofia v AC Milan LIVE, SupefSports Plus (Ch 20), 12.40 am, tomorrow Chelsea v Hapoel Tel Aviv LIVE, Super Sports (Ch 22), 3.55 am, tomorrow

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M IJi';iiiii!l;?i'IM!I %}ff u, T/% GROUP A: GROUP E: UEFA CUP QUALIFIERS: 1 1% Real Madrid JuventllS Third plarrd teams play in tlwl'cfa Cup 3rd round M m Group A: Group E: .JW F LjJ GROUP B: GROUP F: Lokomotiv Moscow Celtic f I J cpf f/\K ■Liverpool Barcelona Group

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Brazil's World Cup Qualifiers: fe Romarioout 56 To beat Man U, Reds must attack 58 Reds B 'Crisis' in Man U? Giggs doesn't care 59 i VaV pF^^B H ,J3 K&" a