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New Paper, 27 July 2001


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL23178


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the new Paper FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2001

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Page 1

Teacher tells 3 S 'pore primary schoolgirls to strip for nude drawing Police probe /Page 2 Z V' JHp .jgBBBBp c vMPIMSVW Picture/MOHDISH\k Becks makes surprise Orchard stop Why?/Page 83


Pri 5 girl: Teacher asked me to take off my clothes [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Pri 5 girl: Teacher asked me to take off my clothes SHE'S only 11, and just a Primary 5 schoolgirl. Yet, she said she was asked to pose for nude drawings by a male teacher from her primary school. Now, that teacher, who is in his 30s, is being investigated

Flexi-U for adults? [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Flexi-U for adults? By Santokh Singh THE fourth university may just turn out to be a flexi-U. Here's why: A polytechnic diploma holder may be given exemption for relevant courses. A student who can cope with a faster pace of study will be able to complete their degree within a

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I What's on TV? TV Comics on Pages 46 47


Dangling from the 22nd storey [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

Dangling from the 22nd storey Two frightened workers dangled outside a 4 building yesterday, almost 90m off the ground. But they were saved thanks to two brave men from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). ANDRE YEO and FABIAN CHAN retrace the daring rescue 3pm: The SCDF receives a call


Page 4

ABANDONED TEENS For more than a year, two teenage brothers struggled to survive on their own in a one-room flat. Abandoned by their parents without a cent or word. Help never came... until one of them got into trouble with the law. They tell IRENE KEW about the darkest days

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-jar-: ft «-L. 1h -■■•**<% Iss&b**~ <-] !.?.;> *a? t ~-.s a^jir|--^p, pPg|| y ••••s# ft~W& fig I Hw &h ■■•wsssf lyyOßraß < I .Mjs "'%Sf ./> w.'" -j sag# i ISBSMKb i- r y" =*£> 5 ,J I HHU A jBK 3*fc »r«> I 1 f f m.J' 'W^-


EYE read well see poorly [ARTICLE]

Page 6

EYE read well see poorly IT is a long view on a short-sighted issue. Very young children who read more than two books a week are three times more likely to become short-sighted. Those with short-sighted parents face a similar risk. That means a child who has short-sighted parents, and

CPF cuts 'help save jobs' [ARTICLE]

Page 6

CPF cuts 'help save jobs' IN FOCUS KEEPING the CPF cut means more people will keep their jobs. So said labour chief Lim Boon Heng yesterday. He was talking about the cut in the employees Central Provident Fund contributions. The rate is now 16 per cent, 4 percentage points below

Good condo buys [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Good condo buys HDB upgraders are better able to buy suburban private condos as affordability return to 1997 levels. The picture is rosier from six months ago, thanks to better credit conditions and lower property prices, The Business Times reports, quoting a paper by property consultancy DTZ Debenham Tie Leung.

Recycle phones [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Recycle phones YOU can now recycle handphones of any brand, thanks to Nokia. Members of the public can put their phones and accessories in special boxes at Nokia care centres at Wheelock Place and Orchard Cineleisure for a homegrown Citiraya Industries to recycle. The deal was signed during the opening

Tussle for $388m [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Tussle for $388m THE telecoms-industry regulator is suing Sing Tel for $388 million of 1.5b it paid for earlier-than-planned loss of SingTel's monopoly status. Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) says the $388 m was the tax component "mistakenly included" in the $1.5b paid Sing Tel in March 1997. The taxman ruled

'Unsafe' slimming [ARTICLE]

Page 6

'Unsafe' slimming COMMISSIONED by the Consumers Association of Singapore, a study found that most slimming centres here attempt to promote weight loss with "questionable methods". Wraps, herbs, drugs, laxatives and muscle-stimulating devices should only be prescribed by a medical practitioner. But all of the 11 out of 39 slimming centres

SNF won't join SDA [ARTICLE]

Page 6

SNF won't join SDA THE Malay-based political party, the Singapore National Front (SNF) will not be joining the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), to be officially launched tomorrow. The differences arise because the SDA champions multi-racialism. But SNF secretary Mansor Rahman said: "Our party philosophy says we must fight for and

Love, love me do [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Love, love me do PAUL McCartney has finally popped the question to his girlfriend Heather Mills. Last Monday, the ex-Beatle got down on one knee to propose to Ms Mills, a 33-year-old model and charity worker who lost part of her left leg in a road accident. McCartney, 59, also

Bright balloons [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

Bright balloons PICTURETHIS Picture/ Afp Hot-air balloons light up the shores of Silbersee lake in eastern Germany. Eighty balloon teams are taking part in the Saxonia International Balloon Fiesta.


Page 7

GLOBAL? NO! QUOTE WORTHY Banking is a very competitive business today. In the Singapore context, even if all the four banks merge into one, I don't think we could be considered as a global bank. United Overseas Bank chairman Wee Cho Yaw at the bank's extraordinary general meeting yesterday

Stock watch [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Stock watch STOCKS in the US ended higher yesterday, as investors hunted for bargains after a blue-chip sell-off. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 49.96 points, or to end at 10,455.b0. The Nasdaq composite index rose 38.64 points, ar 1.95 per cent, to close at 2,022.96. About 1.2 billion shares

Men, the weaker sex? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

Men, the weaker sex? ON THE RACK BOYS are boys. You expect them to be rough and tough as they grow up to become men. Girls, on the other hand, have all along been labelled the weaker sex. How wrong, says the US News and World Report quoting experts. It


Page 7

LOCAL HEADLINERS The Straits Times: Hamzah Haz is V-P, Gus Dur leaves for US The Business Times: UOB-OUB merger could lead to 2,000j0b cuts Lianhe Zaobao: Government extends rental rebates to factories, shops and hawker stal s Berita Hanan: New vice-president calls on Indonesians to stay united Newsßadio 93.8FM: Indonesia's


Page 7

WORLD HEADLINERS International Herald Tribune: Beijing sets free convicted scholars Asian Wall Street Journal: Hynix seeks to reschedule nearly $1 billion of debt New Straits Times: Muhyiddin tg death threat news. Senior western env °y s h e met both sides in the a x? h man C n ,Ct

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Page 6


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She has a degree but can't teach. Why? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

She has a degree but can't teach. Why? SINGAPORE By Gloria Chandy SHE returned to Singapore last month with a Bachelor of Education degree and hoped to put it to good use. But when Mrs Josephine Jesudhass (above), 46, applied to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for a post as

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The maid and the strange man in the kitchen [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

The maid and the strange man in the kitchen By Arul John CAUGHT with another man in his flat, the maid allegedly walked out on her wheelchair-bound employer. Mr PF Shim, 66, felt so helpless. He had lost both his legs to diabetes. They had to be amputated. He was

If your maid disappears... [ARTICLE]

Page 11

If your maid disappears... File a police report immediately. Contact the Singapore Immigration and Registration and cancel her work permit. Otherwise, you have to keep paying the monthly foreign worker levy. Contact the maid agency to find out if it knows where she is. Get in touch with her embassy.


Page 11

HARD TO FIND RUNAWAY MAIDS OUT of 208 maids who went missing last year, fewer than half were found and repatriated. This means that 125 of the employers involved forfeited the $5,000 security bond that must be posted for each domestic worker. That's because they failed to find the maids

Slapped, punched, kicked repeatedly [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Slapped, punched, kicked repeatedly BY Amrit Kaur HOW could girls be so vicious? .Two secondary school students' parents are shocked. Shocked that their daughters were beaten up by three older girls. The two 15-year-olds said they were slapped, punched and kicked without mercy. The reason? The older girls wanted to

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They drive him mad [ARTICLE]

Page 15

They drive him mad SPEAKUP SPEAK UP YOUR FORUM Edwin Quek {e-mail) I HAVE been driving along the expressways every day for the past year and I am thoroughly frustrated with the way Singaporeans drive. Often, when there is an accident in one of the lanes, you will see cars

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'Exclusive rights' to sell flat: Five more agents lent him money [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

'Exclusive rights' to sell flat: Five more agents lent him money By Ben Nadarajan THE plot thickens. Last Friday, The New Paper reported that two real estate agents had lent money to a man who promised them exclusive rights to sell his flat. The two agents had lent Mr Vincent

Another boo-boo on Millionaire [ARTICLE]

Page 17

Another boo-boo on Millionaire BY Amrit Kaur FIRST, the boo-boo over whether papyrus or bamboo is the world's oldest writing material. One disqualified <r Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" participant got invited back. Then just yesterday, The New Paper reported that confusion over Fann Wong's surname saw eight participants

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Swatch those balloons fly! [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

Swatch those balloons fly! THE NEW PAPER TURNS 13 By Lim Lee Ching Thirteen was decidedly lucky for us. On The New Paper's 13th birthday yesterday, though it rained in some places, we were blessed with perfect weather for our mission. The New Paper editor Ivan Fernandez released 13 clusters

Girls sell their toys for a sick baby [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Girls sell their toys for a sick baby By Sheela Narayanan WHEN Natalie and Samantha Chia heard about their family friend's sick baby boy three months ago, they felt they had to do something. According to their mum, Madam Chen Lee Lee, 39, a programme manager with Nurture Craft a

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Mum watches in horror as fan blade flies [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Mum watches in horror as fan blade flies SINGAPORE By. Azhar Ghani THE object "flew" from above, hitting the wall and causing a distinct dent. Imagine what would have happened if it had hit someone! Like the two boys who were playing right underneath. The object was part off a

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Nothing like the rain to bring out character [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Nothing like the rain to bring out character slice of life COMMENT WOON WUI TEK WE all know rather shady characters that we'd like to really "suss out". Let me suggest you scrutinise that person during a downpour. If it's at all practical, you might even "arrange matters" so that

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Good news: Specialist nurses soon [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Good news: Specialist nurses soon SINGAPORE WANT to be looked after by a specialist? A doctor or a nurse? You may be asked that question soon with a new scheme to promote nurses. They can now become nurse clinicians, trained to provide specialised care for cancer patients, nerve patients, mental

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Don't name buildings after me while I'm still alive: Dr M [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Don't name buildings after me while I'm still alive: Dr M WHAT'S in a name? Plenty. Just ask Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Or Che Det! Dr Mahathir is not too thrilled at the renaming of a traditional Malay bazaar after him particularly in his lifetime. The Pekan Rabu bazaar's

50 cents for a start and home is yours [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

50 cents for a start and home is yours Bernama. GOOD news for low income earners in Selangor they can own a house for the initial cost of just RMI (50 cents). That initial sum buys them the Sale and Purchase Agreement. The cost of the house is between RM35,000

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81 arrested in Thai 'stock scam' sting [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

81 arrested in Thai 'stock scam' sting WORLD THEY were caught by surprise yesterday when Thai police raided their Bangkok offices. The 81 people arrested are alleged to have cheated investors in a £100 million ($257 m) global stock scam. The arrests came after two years of investigation, requested by

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His parents did this to boy, 9 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

His parents did this to boy, 9 MALAYSIA FOR alleged naughtiness. But was he so bad that he had to be whipped like this? With a cane wrapped in rubber? There are welts all across his back and buttocks, scars of beatings that he has been getting since last year.

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Page 30

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Minister gets death threat [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

Minister gets death threat MALAYSIA THE threat came in the form of a note and a knife. It was received by Malaysia's Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. The former menteri besar of Johor said he lodged a police report on Tuesday. The threat came as

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The heat is on... and it's All Eels' Day! [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

The heat is on... and it's All Eels' Day! WORLD AHHH, just the thing a cool, slimy eel to keep the heat down! In some parts of Japan where temperature can be 40 deg C, people are turning to an unusual but traditional method of cooling down eating eels. Broiled

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ii 1111 i w" B 1 l"i m 1 M 1 UPDATES! 'Naughty' Logos-XXXXX99 Fun Logo»-XXXXX53 Pokemon Logos-XXXXX54 Cartoon Logot-XXXXX5S ilFinf mwm rjsn mm ebb xasesi qs*3^" WWWLWW XXXXX46 XXXXX51 XXXXX65 XXXXX37 XXXXX52 XXXXX22 V<Xkrfon« V&u C\ Si I XXXXX90 XXXXX17 XXXXX20 XXXXX42 XXXXX93 XXXXX20 XXXXX04 ~WS7JW~ SRF?? &WW Gs***«Q

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/til &CU* Sat /4far(2<vtte Suffice Lunch |^QSH| $16.80* ETQ23 $13.80* -Child Suckling pig Shark's fin Topshell abalone Smoked duck Soon Hock fish Scallop Lamb steak Deer meat Prawns Sea cucumber and many more Tel: 744 2717 Lion City Hotel 15 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore XXXXX0 Subject to service charge, govt

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■-PMiMii. grfigMlWi m m mm AtMMMMMMMMW*"^^<fc»WO»W.V.i ...rt*»/ _i_ KM t BIWWy m/M j v. C. j J f J I L Celebrating Singapore's 36th National Day. Nordic Track EXP2OOOI XT6BOO Steel Hex The latest innovation in interactive Z .SHP Continuous Duty High Efficiency Motor I m Smart Matrix HRC 8<


Stuff that drives one crazy sometimes... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Stuff that drives one crazy sometimes... WAH, traffic cop! Better slow down. That's how we react in Singapore... and also people in a sleepy town in the UK. Residents of Abbotsley dressed up a scarecrow to look like a traffic cop, complete with a fluorescent police jacket and wooden speed

'Show me your bra or lose your job' [ARTICLE]

Page 37

'Show me your bra or lose your job' TV host charged with sex assault THE TV sports compere allegedly had a nightly ritual before his show. He would force the makeup artist to show him her bra, a court in Sydney heard yesterday. The court heard Fox presenter Cameron Williams,


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Miracle baby Mum carries baby to full term despite being in a coma just two weeks after getting pregnant The birth of a baby is always a miracle of life. But Alexis Michelle Cooper's arrival into this world on Monday is more than that. Doctors at Cincinnati's University Hospital in

Indonesia's new VP a modest man [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Indonesia's new VP a modest man HIS house has seen many changes over the years. But the new Indonesian vice-president's neighbours hope he will not change his modest ways. Mr Hamzah Haz (right) may be an unlikely choice. But the leader of the Muslim-oriented United Development Party (PPP) was yesterday

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-\t T:,. vfl* <v ft'-x'i^'" ->.., <5 t^^||''|j^^^JßHHß Ill Jj l wMi* lllll i I lln i BP tf :< mmm«M 1 ,;:;'^v.' :v. fr^-:.' <fm&£B v a'/.;: j\ \f<'l ;t,-:" '<•; 7;JIF .v jpF iw "'> >r '""< ■•< ■A ••:•:■:>••:•;•..■:•.■ >•. ••.>:•:•:• i si®p ■•...■i; •>•:/./••••• im sp-

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Hotspeed Internet Crazy Hosting Plans Web Hosting Free 10 Pages of Web Design for SG$25 per month eßiz Server Co-Location for as low as SG$lOO per month Our Web Hosting Packages Come with: 100 MB of storage space 50 POP 3 E-Mail Accounts (No Disc Quota) MS Frontpage Support; Perl/PHP4

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I I H 0 net 2 phone" H Gear Is A Whale New Way I To Make Phone Calls! I Y©P gear is distributed by: Powermatic Distribution Pte Ltd M*!m« 135 Joo Seng Rd, #08-01 IvM Singapore XXXXX3 ill'll l-UyvMl EtH5 Tel: 381 0125 Fax 382 3373 Quality differs

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Come face to face o r\/\ u r «r* s i_i lease 736 6077 or Fax h A/ t ami 1 murasu w: I. Jr m r, <•- :^.;:::>o;~:::j:„lt;5?gg!IB88S!!SSS^.^-~-.~s^., > I 5 Wjlm B IPSP :r nn has years of experience in teaching and I I| II £<"l. writing teaching

Hey! Showtime&Lifestyle

Gorgeous guys fuel manga craze [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

Gorgeous guys fuel manga craze The Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, has stirred up a storm here as comic book, cartoon series and drama serial. From teenaged schoolgirls to career women in their 30s, they are all swooning over the pretty-boy characters in the romantic comedy. CHANGMAYCHOON gets starry-eyed as

Things get really hot... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Things get really hot... METEOR Garden, which attracts about 1.4 million viewers in Taiwan every week, has catapulted its hunks Jerry, Vic, Ken and Vanness to superstardom. More than 10,000 fans turned up in Taipei to attend their first autograph session earlier this month. Some 20 fans even fainted because


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WIN METEOR GARDEN CDS AND POSTERS THE New Paper and EMI Singapore are giving away 10 Meteor Garden soundtrack CDs (left) and autographed posters. The CD features hit songs by Harlem Yu and Penny Tai and, comes with a pictorial booklet. Just call 1900-914-0801 before midnight tomorrow and answer the

Lights, camera...too much action [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Lights, camera...too much action Yum cha SERENE FOO The latest news m Hongkong showbiz LOOKS like heart-throbs NICHOLAS TSE and STEPHEN FUNG are getting a little more action than they'd like, on screen that is. When the Hongkong actors read the script of their new movie, Ye Man Tong Xue

Come on, let's give Ziyi a break [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Come on, let's give Ziyi a break SIZZLING-HOT ZHANG ZIYI (above) is under fire again. A Guangzhou reporter claimed the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star's brother asked for a fee of US$l.2 million ($2.17 m) when a film distributor approached Ziyi about a role during a recent promotional trip to

Top of the crops [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Top of the crops THINK of shampoo ads and you imagine women floating around with long, silky tresses. But not FAYEWONG (right). Recently, she turned up at a press conference to promote Head and Shoulders shampoo in a short, chic bob. Faye said: "I kept my hair long for a

Eric gets wiggy with it [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Eric gets wiggy with it A LITTLE creativity goes a long way. During a rehearsal for his upcoming stage performance, veteran host ERIC TSANG (above) was trying on some costumes. But, the scar on his forehead, from a recent brutal attack by three men that left him with 20 stitches,

Sweet and funny but where's the real Bridget? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Sweet and funny but where's the real Bridget? BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY By Denise Chong RATING: note to self: w cheery STARS: Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant (both pictured above), Colin Firth STORY: Bridget (Zellweger) is 32, smokes too much, drinks too much, and blurts out whatever comes into her mind. She's

Flogging a dead dino [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Flogging a dead dino JURASSIC PARK 111 By Denise Chong RATING:///- A case of prehistory repeating itself STARS: Sam Neill, Tea Leoni, William H Macy, Alessandro Nivola STORY: Lured by money for his research, Dr Grant (Neill) acts as a fly-by-plane-only guide for Paul (Macy) and Amanda (Leoni). But against

Creepy, not *kawaii "Japanese for cute [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

Creepy, not *kawaii "Japanese for cute 'RIME-TIME TV *46 PRIME-TIME TV PAPBvrnday,July27,: Creepy, not *kawaii A View to a Kill for cute tvworks, 7.30 pm James Bond must stop a mad HWHEN I Tokiwa) disrupts his tranquillity. queen with to-die-for scientist from trying to caught the She begs Dr Misaki

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A j mm*►... .odtMWk. mrX -liilr3 r.WiP Play games. Earn tokens. Use tokens to bid for these 1 SONY PS2 Ijl J 3COM Palm Fujifilm Instax MIOO FREE!! :>x -V': v:-:7 o~ <$& ino op\^<J> Insist on SONGSHAN brand Available at P e< Nature's Farm 6 sa cXx and 3s*

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Junont #0 V. BEST OFFER lA/' TOWN 1 Ceramic Floor For Living, Dining A Rooms A 2. Washing Maehino Base M mm m Fridge Base 4. Cabinet Base 6. L-Box Cornice For Living ft Dining Cooker Hob Hood 7. Design Window Grilles m M muUto rt Chofc CoW tTy A'

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2nd Level Experienced, pretty masseuses Different types of massage services 1 niw —■sm I Cosy rooms with attached shower 1 1- a a 4 St 63 &S3U3 jjjl I Tol 46 XXXXX (Next to

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u .v';Vlv 'x'.V\ •>. 7' 53s v -ir.';. 4 :X >2.- v'x V.v '7>'\ i' .'y' l 'V'* /\7 7. .':-.7. -7 7 s^l M theilnVisibue band new album features hit singles "Sing" "Side" y :7\7/;• .-v.-.v -.v. Exclusively available now at CJp'RfIMH Rinnnns fr rim V musl c.

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m h H m iHHH| gßW^g »^Wk B '.vi^TOKJUUHWiKH^ I' ft 9 H V M jH 9 MgBBKBWBSBjjK tllHfir Multi-Purpose Solution. So, go on, get SUREVUE j^lß :v r v ®5 ®R8?£& 7 v v-

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Wt mWmWWM 111 *XXXXX320© COMXEjCQ §\\arnunp f fapatowd Jtyfil n^o^ 1 J MfSn^SSSSSSSSfSSSSSSSnSSSSvmnSSSm^ HI fr ll f f II f iMrl 1 Hot Cold Pool, Gym fl Mo V i e Restroom Cafe Individual room with Bathroom^ Business Hrl Oam 11 pm 24i 5197 S<sr unsnujnTiL.n— 1 1 ;\> y

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TIE NEW PAPER/Friday, July 27,2001 HEY' Charlie's Angels, Hollow XXXXX -n KISS OF THE DRAGON |S Stoiy: A Chinese agent goes to Paris on an assignment and gets embroiled in a jteGV?® cc, ST, TP, WM, JB, SP, EM, OPENING THIS WEEK Stars: Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh mm Story:

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2001 Ali Setan 2112 Search: Gadisku 2002 Alley Cats: Sekuntum Mawar Merah 2113 Siti Nurhaliza Balqis 2004 Anita Sarawak: Lodeh Mak Lodeh 2116 Salim&Siti Nurhaliza: Jeling Pandang 2006 Bumiputra Rockers Dari Sinar Mata 2122 Alißaba:HoiHo mari kita keGua 2010 Def Gab C: Cinta Sakti 2123 AlißabaßujangLapok:AyyaCikSiti 2012 Exist: Janji Padamu

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Highlights AViewtoaKill TV Works, 7.30pm James Bond must stop a mad scientist from trying to destroy California's Silicon Valley in order to gain control of the world computer market Stars Roger Moore, Grace Jones. Roots of My Origin Channel U, 8.30pm Focusing on the Shanghainese heritage tonight, this programme shows

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I TNF HOTLINE 111 l 1111 l II 111 l I II Help us scan for news! Call us. inr m 1800-XXXXX55 J|

Page 47 Miscellaneous

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THE NEW PAPER/Friday, July 27,2001 PRIME- TIME TV Page 47 6 6.30: Here's A 6.00: The Price 6.30: News 6.30: Singapore 6.00: Totally 6.3o:Piramid 6.00: Headlines 6.00: News at 6 6.oo:Unggul Million is Right (Variety) Today (News) Toonedln (Game show) 6.02: This Week 6.32:Galeri— Games Show Qgwi (Local game show)

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m ut h j*| Sincerely Cantonese V C^ upon a time, "fusion" was Coating deep fried prawns with w| the buzzword in the culinary shredded potato is not a usual practice in '*-4 scene. Then it became a cliche, and now a Chinese cooking, and neither is serving passing fad.

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Q LI th fastm,— And Many Afan awK TiasCraaoert g J TuasWestDr JM Lunch: $16.80+++ (Adult) Dinner: $19.80+++ (Adult) Pronoofßoad ?1 1 *>***** jBMS^ $10.80+++ (Child) $12.80+++ (Child) —e ft< sSr w cST 7 m, j• jflBP( Free MM Crab and Steamed Buns for every table of 6 person buffet

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Fo pi Yum Cha with Tim Sun Kia Hiang Gourmet iu/j Plaza if iMiw^tatsw 30 Sembawang Drive #02-21 Sun Plaza Singapore XXXXX3. Tel: XXXXX29/30 Fax: 555 1027 An Rnnjglf MnmjllH? (ft+oc/foot/ tJ a /rw/f/fo/t JJ I your selection I i JkmttaMafnm Ism{smHUystfhMeHolidays) IS I Mm- Sat: from 11am 1 I

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—O U f H test*** Fp 6 i Come and experience our Newly Established Restaurant For "Fine Cuisine" H K Aj I Discover our wide range of culinary delights. Inexpensive 5-Course set lunch Sl fiAUD v gT" Weekday* #>.4W/- *f§| Weekendb $5.90/- PARKING EVERYDAY inCantonete Kill <?&r word of honour,

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jf|iP j F Qj>jß| iifflJkjffTJ I YOURBEST CHOICE FOR SUPPER 63-65 Serangoon Garden Way 5(XXXXX1) B i Ititifiin'tiifTyff'lß Tel: XXXXX72 XXXXX13 Fax: XXXXX16 If T Oiinnrn nrOTlllDlilT BiMrffmnMß one* IV Li SUPPER RESTAURANT m the BEST NONYA FOOD ■■*•■■■■■■■■hhbhmmbbmsmmi o Add'2ll-213 I FOSTERS CAFE restaurant At Value-For Money Prices!

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KTV 0 Boisterous siiiging greets you, full brought in a new snooker table and spot, at a low fee of just 12. The top blast, when you open the door to the computer games for added variety. three winners will receive a trophy KTV lounge. Right before the entrance and

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n cvv pppmnmm il m JBLa i#i 1111 Hi mW^^^^^MKwßßßß!^^-,-iSjnir ttßtf

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.-A-". jL'i::!::, !h! ,H™WWiW^^Km' S y •*«»«♦<*:» -v/:^ :.^^Ki?fli^Hfe'•• v x^iJ^B KCI k inUAMTBA! f n ft A_ ft m or Standard Housepour Jj 11/\i\j I_T K j jr Dally Uve Band MM (9pm-12am) |j j mm j I Performance By J Saturday U a sth august 2001 A Vbio

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ass I i-_ SrfP*^——- 11-tfUsßS^^M■ra&s&% »»wwc r.gj-i v >r-x'-Ji^ :4^H ■KPv Membership j6O I 144 Upper Bukit Tbitah Road #04-06 I*F oZtoM a P\ Beauty World Centra Tel: 4622j85 A website: ::A: W^y; mi SWWBBHBBBBBBkS^ Pj 1 Jfl ■B w BH Jr Jm Every last Friday of the month,

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Retro I B^4 SCV Sports Channel -WP^^M >-Dart s Corner J fl|^ (10% on I JJa^BBB Thursdays Yard Nite V r JfkX I *Mf l| Al%! lIAII^VMBAnI I M A WIVI O W|\p^BAKj I (All premium housepour bottles at 10% off) I j| P— jrL I jjj^MiW^^ Sundays Happy Hour

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\-grrS.-s ipr~ m *s-«.k2s •ii«nn ■••••y- *b«««w >)^H .W~~ :-^jji^ si t oar on Beers and House Mamboßillards J I BllWilliißiilljUiWillißlltifiMfillifiH >. «n B» II fIgHBIMMMr feature 24 pool tables inclusive of world 1 [ill Mil °™g wide range of pool cues, case and I fgfe MIpMBIBHMMBBHBBBW LIVE here!!! »JM

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Over the has countless cases acne The our success we do advocate Squeezing invariably hurts and infects the skin, causing scarring and enlarging of pores. The well-known effectiveness of Bio Skin's acne scar programme is a main attraction Wfff* man y fl'9 ht stewardesses and male clients. There has been

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.•.Ji iiiiiiiiiiißNiiiis?. 1 L llllllllllllllllllll^^ J I T Model trains are perfect for spending quality g enhancing store layout, acting as crowd P u er ce decor etc 11 It steams t lights t hisses t s weather smokes! shines! whistles! proof T 2^BttBB^^SSHSBIHPISWBRFi2y* ,N iffft""fflit" rfaiS I MWWiWiMliiW!f P%H

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MfluM *KingSra||^m Set @$399 *Queen Size Divan Set @$299 Headboard excluded Other leading brands available, King Koil, Stylemaster, Wonderland, Dreammakers, Slumberland, Dunlopillo, Sealy, Serta, Myer's, Princebed, Romance, etc. Visit us at: Block 1, Pasir Panjang Rd, #05-22/23, Alexandra Distripark (Behind PSA NOL BUILDING) Tel: XXXXX66 (10am 6pm daily) m J

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Specialise i Elect., Tel, Network, SCV.ELV Cabling, Light Installation %C/w i/c remote control switch 1) $35+56 Powerpoint Rote (Lie EMA7-XXXXX9 (1/02) atom. fill'S J^ 9 'Vfsr up to 50% OFF! Spent above $so.oo on the same day and get a FREE Membership for 1 year to en}oy MORE special (fiscounts!

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SUSiUiABXKSAiifiM ssg»« 3SS 2Mtt (111 Food/Entertainment Food/Entertainment POPIAH <f HAND-MADE POPIAH SKINS SpeciallnteiMts SpacUMenati Iff SRI LANKA GEM-PROMOTION (26th to 31st July from 11am onwards) Blue Sapphires, Rubies, Alexandrites, Cat's Eyes Star-Sapphires, Star-Rubies, Pathparadscha etc Genuine Gems to suit your Birthday Rare Gems for Collectors (Free Certificate for gems over

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ym ilninii ftfftnrifr EEEEH3HSH3 fitam r4tt»tiutUa, jl |j 1 Galvanised BHP TF" Steel with MDF J- fUIJ Board shelves N "IrFH heavy load up to J- '■Ui 1 250kgs. Any 2 units >J; can be joint to 'L' shape 1800Hx900Lx400Dmm (4 Shelves) $115 1800Hxl 140Lx400Dmm (4 Shelves) $160 Other SIZE

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m 2088 MM MM USA j£||Home Needs wßk HomeNefldB wßk Ho,neKMde |HH Home Needs IHOE AIK RENOVATION CONSTRUCTION] 1 Since 1982 USTBSMSSBTM HDB License No. HB-04-0304C J > FANTASTIC "31 i??tn usatrni Living/dining 600 x 600 China granite 11; Italy cooker hob 21. Plasterceil false ceiling at living/dining B nn

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For All Types CALL 267-9439 (24 Hours) Free 14" TV CATS. Buy It. Sell It. Find It.

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m Home Needs I /s S. K*,a ÜBI II T" WPt S vct/A I ar> <,<\>. Clearance Sale Not Poor Qiality Bit Bread New Braided Goods!! 3# HAGEMEYER 1 branded water W|| iL heater Buy 1 get 1 free 1 1 I 5 yrs warranty < r* $199 brand new

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(SB 2112 Wi» Personal Care CONFINEMENT CARE Experienced confinement Nanny for before after birth For Mothers only Contact 587 3071/ 9487 1085 MANISHA for stress backache Aromatherapy avail. (10 Anson Rd #15-14) By appointment only 9489-4963 FULL BODY MASSAGE FULL BODY SCRUB ★★★$58★★★ Balinese Spa #01-14 Bt Timah Shpg Ctr

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Page 62

S5 Personal Care Relaxing Therapy to soothe tired muscles tensions away by UK certified (ITEC) Therapist Call: Peter 9009-7889 The Esperanza BodyWorks 10 Anson Road #05-16 Int'l Plaza (5.XXXXX3) Aromatherapy 396-3474 Appointments 10 Anson Rd #27-18 Singapore XXXXX3 SPECIALISED IN: Swedish and Shiatsu Massage JAZREEL XXXXX188 By appt: 11am 10pm

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Egg 2143 Other 831 2143 Other IBS 2143 Other Products/Services Products/Services FOR YOUR HOLIDAY/ BUSINESS IN 1 I/* l 1 < 7tofe/ 1 (65)737 9111/731 7640 345 Wickham Terrace, BRISBANE QLD 4000 f ONE STOP SHOPPING Shanghai Tailor with 100 colours of Thai, Indian, Chinese silk European linen for your

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Why trade-in? We pay high cash New/ used 8088/ V 3688/ 8210/ 8250/ 8850/ 3210/ 3310/ 6210/ TlO/ 18/ 28/ 20/ 380/ 600/ 800/ 2400/ NlOO/ MlOO/ 8810/ M 35/ 535/ S4O/ 545/ 5110/ 6110/ R3lO/ 15/ GD92. Hi-card/ Singtel/ Ml/ Starhub/ Topcard TAJ ELECTRONICS #02-34 Peninsula Shpg. Ctr. (Next

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Page 62

NEW OR USED Any Condition wmmim ««gßBr ffiSj 2166 iU Health Centres FRESH NEW LOOK! gfaf QRoMoooogi Full Body Therapy Lotion Therapy Foot Reflexology REASONABLE PRICE All Are Welcome I Tel: XXXXX82 I l|s Kbak Road Cuppage PbBM 106-0611 91 2200 Business gy Services/Products DISTRIBUTORS WANTED All countries. 1) ILLUSTRATED

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Page 62

Health Centres wtSk SERVICE TEL XXXXX0? BUSINESS HOURS: 10.30 am to 12.15 am KAJ Skin Management Centre Introducing... 'Body Scrub using Salt Crystals from the 'Dead Sea' Known for its healing powers... like alleviating aches and pains, treating Eczema*, Psoriasis* and Rheumatism*. Freguent treatment also encourages detoxification and emulsification of

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BW PBS nu Mian ■w-jiAa BBH am ~j *m MM mm MB mm lH neaifflceißres mumm vMUtt *f| gm Mwwicestw Heaitn centres gm| Heaitr* gm| Heath centres CHANCERY HEALTH CENTRE ROBINSON INTERNATIONAL HOTEL No 201 Balestier Rd #03-01 TEL: 354 HH Charming, Experienced Skilful fCjO J Masseuses to ease your

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Page 63

wszl uk£ ■Hp wtKKKm j>mr>4 yoi/r tension away with M 1 our charming, experienced m fl ft I ~r& skillful masseuses ■"/yTo'lb dz£ Im/ r o V*LJ 22 Cavenagh Road #02-06 Singapore XXXXX7 Bumeoo Hour* From Mam Oaty Tel: XXXXX48 XXXXX49 Legends Health Fitness Centre 2nd Level ANA Hotel Opposite

Page 63 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 63

I Charming Multiracial 2ND i Masseuses VISIT K i 1 Newton Rd. #03-09 i Goldhill Plaza i (Next to Novena MRT) \T M y k health'^Pntre f Former Dai-lchi-Health Centre) Skillful Masseuses TV I Coffee Lounge Mm T 222 9588 222 9566 Biisinpss Hours 10am lam Harbour View Hotel 6j/r

Page 63 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 63

j Princess Health Centre j #04-00 Alison Hotel, Queen Wing, 1 01 Victoria St Singapore 1 8801 8 J BMH Bring along this coupon n JKjjK, to enjoy $3 discount j 1 New Management. j\ 111 I lam-12am. I j Charming Multi-racial Masseuses. KjS 2615 Lecturing/ Teaching Positions PLAYGROUP TEACHERS

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5Q5 tea? Marketing/ Scfi 2627 Marketing Comms Positions Comms Positions Would you like to work in a fun relaxed environment making a generous basic salary plus daily and weekly m jf cash incentive scheme. Average monthly earnings over Ss3oooplus no ceiling limit as to the amount you can earn. Strictly

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fIMMB S9SS flat a 111 SsSSS CaSaa f%a aHf bates rOMBon mm rosrooro GCE A and above or with relevant experience Sales experience in multimedia/video software/hardware Able to conduct demonstration Knowledge of video and 2D/3D software an added advantage Preferably with own transport Willing to travel if needed Please mail,

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KS 2M2 Hotel/lounge SJ9 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions Restaurant Positions Momiji Japanese Restaurant requires: Relevant experience required Able to speak and write simple English Those with Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations (NTC-2) preferred Pay will commensurate with experience Singaporeans or PR are welcome Interested parties, please call XXXXX70 (10am

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855 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions Japanese Pianist Lounge requires: Walk-in for interview: 2nd level Copthorne Kings Hotel Havelock Road Tel: 733-0285 Mon. to Sat. 7pm.-lam. WESTERN CUISINE RESTAURANT requires Salary $900 $2000 Tips. Call 336 8082 betweeen 10am-12pm/ 2pm-spm at »03-004 Suntec City Mall. Sky Garden. PR/ Singaporeans need to

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jßj amHetet/tamge M Restaurant Positions I QUARTER YARD nl I requires •Charming service orientated •Well verse with English Mandarin songs Good singer with a strong voice for announcement Min. 1 yr experience •Attractive salsry incentives vlo. 68 Serangoon Garden Way 3.30pm-7PM Tel 382 4087 Nice Cosy KTV Disco PUB in

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358 2648 Administrative /Clerical Positions A leading Japanese Travel Agency reguires: Min. GCE 'O' level Able to speak English Mandarin Basic Computer skills Good communication skills Duties includes Operations Reservations Experience not essential Interested applicants please write-in or fax to: 7 Temasek Boulevard 822-01 Suntec Tower 1 Singapore XXXXX7 Fax:

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55S 2654 Technical Positions TECHNICIANS Maintenance Servicing of M&E Systems Singaporeans only Driving licence (class 2 3) Own motorcycle Walk-in interview at Blk. 531 Upper Cross St. 804-03 Hong Urn Complex (above POSBank) Strictly: Fri. (27/7) 10 to 4pm Sat. (28/7) 10 to 2pm. AIRCON TECHNICIANS Needed With/ without experience

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Kg 2666 Kg 2666 Security Positions j Security Positions I 12 hours shift g:- Read write English fttaMmmmtr we^yon 0 Weekly Pay ■jnH 0 Sec education USilf $1300-$l9OO locations WALK-IN INTERVIEW Orchard, Mon Fri: 10am 4pm I Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, 99BTanjong Pagar Road Eunos, Or Call: XXXXX15 Bukit Merah,

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558 Other Positions I Female working environment I Vibrant pleasant looking f I* Malaysians I PRs are I welcome I MODELS ACTRESSES MEM/ OTP^FACES Adult/ teen/ children/ baby (No fees required) XXXXX08nc Caltex Petrol Station requires: FULL/ PART TIME CASHIERS Shift work: 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am. Walk in interview: 355 East Coast

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fIBS 2700 SSB 2700 Education Education Quiv^rt4jffleCiasMslM DIPLOMA IN MARKETING(Ft/Pt) HSDF Subsidy can be arranged No Entry Qualifications for those who are 18 above CERTIFICATE IN LOGISTICS SHIPPING BRADFORD REX GROUP OF SCHOOLS M5O, Ophir Road, Singapore XXXXX0A\ Tel: 299 1829 Fax: 299 1902 I Email: Other Positions MODELS/

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'LEARN A TRADE, AVOID JOB THREAT' NTC 3/2 HAIRSTYLING COURSES by H Approved Training Provider Instrtut* of Technical Education 6 months duration $500 per month Foreign students welcome (must meet SIR criteria) Accommodation arrangeable Job Opportunities given SIGN UP NOW First Impression School (Selegie Centre Bus-stop) Call XXXXX788 for more



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TODAY'S KRANJI (FIBRESAND TRACK) RACE CARD Going forecast: Good CB3 Marc Tan Danny Khoo Lionel Lee Tan Thean Loon Michael Lee 4 Brilliant Polo 3 Seventh Heaven 3 Seventh Heaven 6 El Qi 2 Giulia Di Francia |jj Si 3 Seventh Heaven 2 Giulia Di Francia 4 Brilliant Polo 3

All Saints (Race 5 No. 1) [ARTICLE]

Page 66

All Saints (Race 5 No. 1) PICK OF THE NIGHT Has come right and should make his presence felt tonight. Has shown his distinct liking for the fibresand track. Apart from his eye-catching last-start second to Millennium Magic early this month, his only other outing on the fibresand saw him

Tapildo on the go again [ARTICLE]

Page 67

Tapildo on the go again On The Kranji Track With DANNY KHOO RAFFLES International Cup winner Tapildo must have lit up the morning for trainer Laurie Laxon at Kranji yesterday. For the Kiwi trainer could not have asked for more from his three-year-old filly who wrapped up her preparation for


Page 67

WORKOUTS BY HORSES ENGAGED TOMORROW RACE 1: Double Tap canter/43.2, fluently. Clear Vision canter/39.8, kept pace with Jet Star (KB Soo, Race 5). Both are in good shape. Slow work: After Dark, in top shape, Maumill's Magic, Beat Em 9 All, Our Sandman. RACE 2: Star Sapphire (S Scriven) canter/40,

Field size increased [ARTICLE]

Page 67

Field size increased STARTING next Friday, the maximum field size for most turf races at Kranji will be increased. Races run at 1,400 m and beyond, over both the long and short courses, will have the field size capped at 16, instead of the present 14. The number of runners


Page 68

TOMORROW'S KRANJI (SHORT COURSE, C) RACE GUIDE n AFTER DARK 59<6i) G Cooksley (5) (3nzg Busuttin-AES) By Stark South-Lady Jane; brown; late 11.04.00; lOr 2-3-0 (KRsl600g 1:42.757. KRal600g 1:37.2 56.5). 23.06.01 C4 Cooksley 56.5 (55) (9) 10 9 1/12 ($47) Nk Kazam KRa1600g 1:37.2 (465) 29.06.01 C4 Cooksley 59 (60)


Page 68

FOCUS ON PENANG NEWCOMERS FOR SUNDAY NST STERLING JET looks the pick of the five Class 3 newcomers entered for the Penang Turf Club's one-day July Meeting on Sunday. The three-year-old bay New Zealand-bred did not run at two. The Jetball-Sterling Gift gelding went out four times at three for


Page 68

GUIDE TO PENANG TRACKWORK NST. NEWCOMER Welcome Back wrapped up his preparations for a strong claim in the Restricted Maiden Stakes race for two-year-olds over 1,200 m on Sunday with a good workout in Penang yesterday. Taken out by a track rider, the Australian-bred was kept on the bit to


Page 72

THE NEW PAPER'S RACE CARD LEGEND n STAR GENERAL 57(48) Wilkinson (4) (4nzg Baertschiger-Star General) By Waikiki Star-Maazel; bay; landed 6.1.98; 8r 1-04 (KRsl700f1:49.153.5) 12.12.99 C5 Soo 55 (42) (5) 9 9 4/11 ($23) 1 ParisAmour KRt)1800g 1:52.1 (415) 05.01.00 C5 Wilkinson 53.5 (40) (1) 5 3 1/8 ($11) Shd



Back to Earth but loving it [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 73

Back to Earth but loving it By Brian Miller THE warning should have been printed on the back of the tickets much like those ominous words you see printed on a packet of cigarettes. It could have read: "Don't expect to see a match like the one you saw two


Page 73

MATCH POINTS THE FIRST GOAL! Bth minute: From way out, Clementi's Abdul Wafi Othman floats a free kick into no-man's lancUand the ball is in the back of the net. INDRASAHDAN MISSES... 12th minute: Indra lifts the ball over the post. THE SECOND GOAL! 15th minute: Clementi's Japanese connection, Michiaki


Page 73

WANNA BET? WOODLANDS v SEMBAWANG 11x2: (1) Woodlands: $2.90 (x) Draw: $3.15 (2) Sembawang: $2.10 1/2 GOAL Woodlands:(+l 1/2):51.27 Sembawang: (-11/2): $3.2< TOTAL GOALS: OGoal: $8.70 IGoal: $4.70 2 Goals: $3.80 3 Goals: $3.90 4 Goals: $4.90 5 Goals: $8.00 6 Goals: $14.00 7 Goals: $28.00 8 Goals: $60.00 9+


Litmanen's triumphant return [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

Litmanen's triumphant return LIVERPOOL 1 (Litmanen 84) VALENCIA 0 AJAX AMSTERDAM 0 AC MILAN 1 (Rui Costa 13) REPORTS ...IAN BROWN IT WAS a hollow victory for Liverpool over Valencia, thanks to Jari Litmanen's late bouncing volley. Pool boss Gerard Houllier would have slept much better after a sound performance

Boost for Barca as Rivaldo makes peace [ARTICLE]

Page 74

Boost for Barca as Rivaldo makes peace CLUBCALL: BARCELONA Reuters. AFP. RIVALDO has confirmed that his contract dispute with Barcelona is over. He said he has withdrawn his threat not to turn up at pre-season training. The Brazilian international says he has received an assurance from club president Joan Gaspart

Youthful Ajax not good enough [ARTICLE]

Page 74

Youthful Ajax not good enough EVEN with only 10 days' training under its belts AC Milan's experience and class proved too much for Ajax's youthful ranks. The Ajax defence was repeatedly stretched in the first half by Milan's pacy counter-attacks with Pippo Inzaghi and Andriy Shevchenko creating a host of

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WFNES KMUMTH) II lyiATCSA vs vs CLEMENT1 STADIUM twrnes BISHAN Mil 26/7/2001 26/7/2001 TlAToiK 2-1 2-3 WBMte I *"Full-Time" includes injury time but not extra time or penalty shoot-outs. TAMPICS CLEMENTI 1/2 GOAL W W TOTAL a u K Tomards Community Purpose and Benefit Website:

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What Drives You ~~> t JPBS»>S <LjJs iC'tr yi 'j j iT* PP v >/ '^2f -5- \f —r -s—JT- Tf 1 1 »_Aw* "T >* >"* -**-4. o«»4r m X A'--W "»c«r *caita» %i ~i T& ""«*<► Winning a Jaguar* with Havoline Havoline has got even better N for

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i exclusive television premiere august 2001 [ome Home To The Stars STAR.WARS SPECIAL EDITIONS cl i cj t a |j| y r e m a s t o i e ci o n n a n c e"cJ s o u n ci r a c k a r i


How Becks left a lasting impression at VJC [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 77

How Becks left a lasting impression at VJC AN AFTERNOON WITH DAVID BECKHAM by HUP I know he's famous and all but for a soccer clinic, his arrival was bizarre! His soccer skills were flawless, further enhanced by the fact that he played against kids. After the clinic, the imprints

An afternoon with David Beckham

Victoria & Beckham [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 78

Victoria Beckham All those who say the English have a stiff upper lip, should have been at the Victoria Junior College yesterday where David Beckham conducted a coaching clinic. The midfield masestro was all smiles as he saw the kids fling themselves at the ball in order to try and

Becks leaves his mark at VJC [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 79

Becks leaves his mark at VJC IT was short but the memories are sweet. David Beckham's whistle-stop visit to Victoria Junior College (VJC) was over in a flash but the Man U superstar left an indelible impression on the 1,400 students who stayed behind to see him in the flesh.

No slosh of his finger [ARTICLE]

Page 79

No slosh of his finger WHILE obliging The New Paper team for autographs after an interview, the marker pen that Beckham was wielding ran out of ink. Quietly, he put down that marker and walked away. Depressing, isn't it? But Becks surprised all when he returned from his brief absence


Page 79

BECKS' CORNER Lucky Siva Kumar! BECKS' shirt is hot property. Everywhere he plays, his jersey is one of the most sought-after souvenirs at the final whistle. Against Team Singapore on Tuesday, it was no different. At the end of the 90 minutes, many players wanted it. Said a national player:

From 11-year-old boy wonder... wonderful 26-year-old [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 80

From 11-year-old boy wonder... wonderful 26-year-old WANG MENG MENG SPRINGS A PAGE FROM THE PAST ON BECKHAM IN A ONE-ON-ONE MEETING Some months ago, while I was spring cleaning my room, I chanced upon a bundle of old football magazines left neglected in my cupboard. Rummaging through those yellowed

Red-carpet welcome awaits Red Devils [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 76

Red-carpet welcome awaits Red Devils RED DEVILS' NEXT STOP: BANGKOK Delayed telecast, sunday, 10.30pm FOOTBALL fever is high in Bangkok as thousands of fans flocked to grab the final batch of tickets for Thailand's big game against Man U on Sunday. At the World Trade Centre yesterday, the 2,000 tickets

New contract [ARTICLE]

Page 76

New contract RESERVE goalkeeper Raimond van der Gouw has signed a new one-year contract with Man U. The 38-year-old Dutchman, who has made only 26 starts for the Red Devils, now faces further competition with the imminent arrival of Roy Carroll from Wigan.

'Man U midfield greatest' [ARTICLE]

Page 76

'Man U midfield greatest' The Mirror. THE smile says it all. Ruud van Nistelrooy is about to enter footballing heaven and he can barely contain his excitement. Just 16 days and three goals into his Manchester United career, the Dutch striker already knows he has hit the jackpot. Backed by,

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AfiixkrinißSAißy fln €xclusive f pe, pa > F ODcS&Dte33 «^r^c®tper dtsh P B person

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If Caesar Palace Thai Traditional Massage Foot Reflexology fflksagelFoot Reflexology iJk WHerbal Massage by our flr I lively Skilful '~'«r=: Steam SaM/^Reat 1174. Sims Ave (Beside Lor. 21) U Tel: 741 5562 XXXXX05

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imasaxiLj^mammam nsTumsE am TBSu run ram aura aaa urn miliums! < \f an mnmw« ram MEDTV Now compatible wWti Motorola^ JEW tPBMTM UCmS Mm CMIB I mtm KmailmtS /IP mttmr tib», p73»». vioo end vaomJ BMP CUFtKB XXXXX XXXXX &tr tggg'-ffSlS* XXXXX SUZUKIIOIO6 XXXXX XXXXX Candy Kisses RSIWRBCIHC XXXXX Ai7£M£/XXXXX

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mam in fwu Come and do the Hula with us. get autographs, pose for pictures with the stars. 8 enjoy a beachwear fashion show, play games and dance the night away amidst plus! a chance to win a set of Canon S6OO Bubble Jet printer and Canoscan D646U scanner, latest


An afternoon with David Beckham


Page 82

Becks and me Catching a glimpse of David Beckham is divine for many. Hearing him speak itself is equivalent to a dose of Viagra for them. The New Papers WANG MENG MENGgot to achieve what every Beckham fan pines for: He got up-close to the Man U icon. Not only

The boot that launched Beckham's precision kicks [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 82

The boot that launched Beckham's precision kicks HOW come Becks finds such precision with his free-kicks? The German sportswear giant adidas has equipped the dead-ball expert with a deadly weapon the Predator Precision boot. Becks said: 'The most important thing to me is comfort and this is definitely the most

Now, there's a way to catch a ride with Becks: Get your zipper stuck... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 83

Now, there's a way to catch a ride with Becks: Get your zipper stuck... BY Wang Meng Meng GETTING close to David Beckham. It's every footballl fan's dream. I did it yesterday. And, let me tell you, it was a pleasure. I made it, thanks to adidas (Singapore). At its


Page 1

BOY,9, WHIPPED 200 TIMES Malaysian horror: He is abused including paren /Page 30 Picture/ CHINA PRESS

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cfrSr"/ m Jgmm |jj M d 4 fl Everywhere under the sun. 1 H for more groove Sign up for 6 months now and the next 6 will be free! Another great offer for you: J F 1 if r >«m Jk. S |mmmmm|[MhS t QOK 9 i< bd