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New Paper, 9 May 1997


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the new paper FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1997 I MfTA(P) 064/P4*7 60 CENTS A

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0 Tenants yak, but landlord claims prize worth at least $20,000 OptJ) Actress Vivian Wu: "I did it because nudity was my biggest fear as an actress, and I had to challenge it" on her role in the Pillow Book (above). Singapore Press Ho/dings


Give me a break [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Give me a break After 16years, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would be taking a two-month holiday beginning May 19. This has led to speculation that Dr Mahathir, 71, is either sick or is planning to retire. But judgingfrom his remarks it looks like he


Page 2

FIRST TIME DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim, 50, will act as Prime Minister for the first time. Analysts note Dr Mahathir did not allow former deputies, Datuk Musa Hitam and Tun Ghafar Baba, to act as prime minister when he took short leave then. Some press reports said Dr Mahathir's move

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No one wants to hang out with me [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

No one wants to hang out with me B > -Q T3 Q) L. O M C O CL </> </> 0> o> a a. 4> -a ■4J -M a a> -p I'M a 13-year-old who has some problems. First, I don't feel accepted at school. Everyone I know hangs

jUsT Be your self [ARTICLE]

Page 3

jUsT Be your self CHARLENE: Don't try to be accepted by that group of people. If they don't accept you for what you are, they aren't good friends. Always be yourself, and let people admire you for that. Try to socialise more, and expand your circle of friends. About your

I fear I am about to fail [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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I fear I am about to fail I have big trouble! I'm in Secondary one and my mid-year exams are coming up. This is the first time I'm sitting for eight subjects. I'm so afraid I'm going to fail. Stella Ng, 13. VENGA: Having so many subjects is one of

my attitude on teen love [ARTICLE]

Page 3

my attitude on teen love Hi, I'm 17 and I believe in having my own style and my own attitude. But when I was younger, I was really quiet, unlike my bubbly self now. It was because of a silly relationship I had. I had no freedom and often cried

Write write write! [ARTICLE]

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Write write write! Jaslina Yassin wins a $50 Levi's voucher this week. So, how do you fee about young love? Or anything else? You too could win a $50 voucher or a Levi's sling pouch if we publish your letter. So, write to: The Attitude Page The New Paper 390


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fEED bACK We asked you to tell us what you thought of a curfew for teens. Here 3 some of your letters: I'm totally against it! I'm usually veiy supportive of the Government's laws —but not this one. Perhaps they could try some other ideas? RmMLM The right people to

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LIFE WM&iiiii 1* n ••>•••• -I


When’s a gift a bribe? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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When’s a gift a bribe? LANDMARK RULING ON CORRUPTION k hot J Hone owner Chan Wing Seng, 62, was lined $60,000 in October last year for bribing two jot Keys wtth $3,000 each. The Jockeys bad ridden Ms horse to victory in r>r 1 M IAQJ races ww in iw


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DOW JONES The Dow Jones industrial average was up 50.97 points, closing at 7.136.62 yesterday. Volume on the New York Stock Exchange was about 537 million.


Children’s A and E [ARTICLE]

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Children’s A and E AN accident and emergency department for children opens tomorrow morning. The 24-hour clinic at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital will also cater to teenagers up to the age of 16. It can handle about 150 cases a day. About 10 to 15 per cent of

Oil running out [ARTICLE]

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Oil running out THE world will begin to run out of oil in 20 years and governments must start planning for this now, a geologist has warned in the New Scientist magazine. The geologist said predictions that oil reserves might last another 60 years were unrealistic. Some reported reserves might

Employers banned [ARTICLE]

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Employers banned ABOUT 100 people will not be able to hire foreign maids again. They were caught and fined for making their maids work outside their homes, mainly in hawker stalls and cofifeeshops or as maids for other people. The ban also applied to the spouses of those blacklisted. The

Ministers resign [ARTICLE]

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Ministers resign THREE Taiwanese Cabinet members resigned yesterday amidst rising public anger over worsening social and economic conditions. Mr Ma Ying-jeou, Minister of State and a popular politician, Interior Minister Lin Feng-cheng and Mr Tjiu Mau-ying, chairman of Taiwan's Council of Agriculture, all tendered their resignations to Premier Lien Chan.

Hit-and-run arrest [ARTICLE]

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Hit-and-run arrest POLICE have arrested the driver who allegedly hit 16-year-old foreign student Ken Bogaert in January and sped off without stopping. The 60-year-old American man, believed to be an engineer and Singapore permanent resident, was arrested on Wednesday evening and released on $10,000 police bail. The student suffered leg


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HEADLINERS Tlm Urate Times: CJ'S corruption ruling The Business Times: Strong liquidity will boost region's bourses Uanhe Zaobao: Easing controls over dialect TV programmes BeritaHartan: Kids' emergency unit opens RCS morning news: PAP lawyers complete submissions BBC news: Boost from Zaire President Mobutu.

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Lef’s hear it from Tony's girls [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 5

Lef’s hear it from Tony's girls THENEWSTODAY Source: USA Today, wire services. NEVER before has the mother of all parliaments has had to play host to so many "daughters" 120 of them to be exact. And 101 of these MPs are from the party of Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair,



Page 6

LANDLORD takes the prize They yakked, yakked, yakked and paid phone bill but... BY Bernard Pereira THEY had a warm relationship with their landlord. So the three Filipino flatmates shrieked with delight and hugged Francis Joseph B'Rose when they got the news from him that the number had won the


Page 6

WHAT TENANT SAYS The landlord is very unfair and selfish. He thinks only about himself. He offered to buy us roast chicken as a treat! Why couldn't he give us something more, especially since he said he's selling the air tickets. Staff nurse Marites Dumlao


Page 6

WHAT LANDLORD SAYS They used the convenience of my phone to make those calls. It was my phone and my number. lam not greedy. This was a lucky draw. And I was lucky. Retired civil servant Francis Joseph D'Rose, 73, who said he owed his tenants nothing.


Page 6

SINGTEL It was clearly stated in the rules and regulations... that 'prizes would only be given to the registered subscribers as reflected in SingTel's records at the time of the draw'. We had therefore awarded all the prizes accordingly.. A Sing Tel spokesman

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4 •Do you think the f Jt landlord is right? Or should he share the prize? Or should he give it all to the Filipino nurses? Call Hotline Plus at with your views j

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Help your child to talk [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Help your child to talk SINGAPORETODAY DO you have children with speech problems? If so, make a date tomorrow with the Down Syndrome Association. It will be holding a two-hour session on Enhancing Speech and Language Development for children with special needs at the Sennett Club House, 175 MacPherson Road,

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If he had got it two years ago, He would have been dead today [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

If he had got it two years ago, He would have been dead today Bone marrow transplants for leukaemia patients can sometimes turn deadly, if the donor marrow attacks the patient's organs. But doctors treated three such cases successfully this year with a new cure. NG WAN CHING speaks to


Page 10

WHY DIP IN DEATHS THE new treatment is working wonders. Fewer than 5 per cent of Dr Tan's patients have died from donor bone marrow attacks on their organs since he and his team startecl using the new treatment in 1992. Earlier, 10 to 15 per cent of patients who


Page 10

WHAT’S WHAT AML: It presents with fever, bleeding of the skin, gums and sometimes from the gastro-intestinal tract, loss of weight and appetite. CGL: It is a slow but vicious disease. Sometimes presents with an enlarged spleen, the patient may feel a draggy feeling over the abdomen. It becomes acute

Leukaemia cure rates shoot up [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Leukaemia cure rates shoot up FROM PREVIOUS PAGE EARLY bone marrow transplants now offer over 80 per cent cure rates for leukaemia patients. Those who fear transplants and opt for chemotherapy should re-think their options, said Dr Patrick Tan, senior consultant and head, Haematology Department, Singapore General Hospital. More transplant

He kicked it, thanks to them [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

He kicked it, thanks to them This year's National Smoking Control Campaign will not be nagging at smokers or scaring them with pictures of blackened lungs. The pressure now is on their family and friends to get them to showing they care. JILL LlMspeaks to one hardened smoker for


Page 12

THE BEST PRESENT FOR YOUR MUM GIVE your mum something precious for Mother's Day this Sunday. No, not chocs or flowers. Give up smoking. Cut out the coupon in The New Paper tomorrow and take it, and your mum, to a Ministry of Health booth, either at Clarke Quay (The

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Teacher hit by truck in Vietnam [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Teacher hit by truck in Vietnam BY Augustine Pang SHE went to teach in Vietnam but came back a few weeks before she planned. Miss Lily Lee, 40, was hit by a military truck from behind at a busy roundabout in Hanoi about two weeks ago. She flew oflf her

I plead guilty, now can I have the money? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

I plead guilty, now can I have the money? By Chan Seet Fun HE stole. He got caught. He confessed. Then he asked: "Can I keep the money?" Peruvian Walter Orlando Manrique Torreblanca, 37, probably thought: If I'm paying for my crime, why shouldn't my crime pay for me? Speaking

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‘That’s hypocrisy ...’ [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

‘That’s hypocrisy SINGAPORETODAY Yesterday, the lawyers for the PAP men presented the last of their closing statements in the suits against Tang Liang Hong. They include Mr KShanmugam, representing PM Goh Chok Tong, who says Mr Tang's words were different from his actions. Or to use Mr Shanmugam's words: Hypocrisy.

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Legal info [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Legal info SINGAPORETODAY OUR Legal Library offers quick access to topics you are interested in. You can also get a quick estimate of your legal fees in a property transaction. Just enter the price of the property sold. Call 1900-XXXXX14 and enter the six-digit topic codes below. In our Legal

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Page 23

SLAP! THEN PARANG ATTACK Schoolboys fight but someone else gets involved SINGAPORETODAY JAILED Those convicted of shoplifting can be jailed up to seven years and also fined. Those convicted of rioting can be jailed up to five years and also caned. By Chan Seet Fun A BOY slapped a classmate

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32 killed in south China plane crash [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

32 killed in south China plane crash Source: Wire services. A SOUTHERN China Airlines Boeing 737 crashed in Shenzhen, just across from Hongkong, last night. It was carrying 65 passengers and nine crew from Chongqing, Sichuan province. At least 32 people were killed and 29 injured in the crash. The


Page 25

FIRST CRASH IN THREE YEARS CHINA has not had a serious accident for nearly three years. This was a record credited to improved precautions. They were taken after a Russian-made Tu-polev-154 exploded in June 1994, killing 160 people. It was the worst reported accident in China's aviation history. The crash

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Mastermind jailed [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Mastermind jailed BCCI CRASH: BIGGEST BANKING FRAUD IN HISTORY Reuter. FORMER shipping tycoon Abbas Gokal has been jailed for his part in the biggest banking fraud ever. A British court in London yesterday sentenced the Pakistani businessman, 61, to a total of 14 years in jail, in connection with the


Page 27

FIVE-MONTH TRIAL GOKAL was found guilty last month, after a five-month trial. BCCI and the Gulf Group had always been deeply involved, with Gokal enjoying close personal ties with bank founder Agha Hasan Abedi.

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Don't lecture us, we won't bully you [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Don't lecture us, we won't bully you AUSTRALIAN PM TELLS ASIA... Reuter. Australia win not be a "human rights bully". Prime Minister John Howard assured Asian nations of this in a speech at the AustralAsia Centre of the United States Asia Society. The centre is a non-govern-ment institution in Sydney.


Page 29

ABOUT-TURN MR Howard announced yesterday that Chinese Vice Premier Zhu Rongji would visit Australia later this month. Last month, Australia's year-old conservative government agreed to hold formal human rights talks with China. It reversed Australia's long-standing support for a United Nations motion censuring Bering for human rights abuses.

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Page 29

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Page 31

Enter Mrs Shy Source: Wire services. AFTER years of shying away from power, India's most famous widow has finally said "yes". Mrs Sonia Gandhi, 50, the widow of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and standard bearer of the Gandhi surname, joined her late husband's Congress Party yesterday. The Italian-born widow


Page 31

STATE OF THE CONGRESS PARTY MRS Gandhi's entry will lift the fortunes of the Congress Party. It would "electrify" the Congress weakened by in-fighting and corruption scandals. Congress suffered its worst electoral defeat last year. It is also unpopular for throwing India into political turmoil last month. It withdrew support

‘Mum is a mum, at any age’ [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

‘Mum is a mum, at any age’ V When is a woman too old to be a mother? That debate has been revived fallowing news thata63*yearold woman in Los Angeles has given birth to a baby girl recently. Previous record holder Italian Rosanna Delia Corte speaks of her experience THE

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A pack of lies, says ship's captain [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

A pack of lies, says ship's captain STOWAWAY TWINS STORY WORLDTODAY THEY'RE liars." That's what the captain of the Malaysian ship on which twin sisters stowed away in February claims. The New Zealand women told police they jumped ship north of Brisbane, Australia, on April 20 with Malaysian crewman Ja'afar

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May, 1997 I FOR MUM! V&uffet lunch, 11 May (12pm-3pm) I NTUC Club Member $12 I Non-member $15 H below I Thriir mum with a savoury Nonya Spread! H What's more... It's Karaoke tool I CURRY FISH HEAD! I a< P°P ular demand! I $15 only and it's available I

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Page 34

A kilc < >1 l< c niul iknth, ;i \\eliding ;itul ;i luncntl. < )l in;ii>ic iiiul divnnis, ;i l< >v c-strucl\ l;iir\ ;iiul ;i w itch's iv\ cni»c. Hviiin k 1 f I lie ;icclaiincd l>;illct I)u Kliin, sv mulcr the jiiikl-.incc <»l dircctor Jciin-I'mil ir;i\ w ill present

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*->> yi- ft i i y»"*., x r v' y* < l Restaurant cLfe Contemporary Indonesian ixper/enCe V Fridays, Saturdays Eve of Public Holidays Bumbu, the trendiest late night cafe with an outdoor terrace on Orchard Road Ayam Goreng 558.90 Mie Kangkung 556.90 Bubur Ayam 556.90 Bubur Kacang Hijau 553.90


Balloon loans may burst your budget [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Balloon loans may burst your budget Banks are wooing car buyers with balloon and easy-to-pay step-up schemes with low initial payments. But is there a catch? Life Planning Associates' Benny Ong shares some pointers about both schemes with RACHEL TAN i YOU pay low fixed rates for all the instalments


Page 36

TRADITIONAL LOANS FLAT RATE: Interest is charged on the whole term of the loan. This plus the principal is then divided into equal monthly instalments so you pay a fixed rate each month. For example, if a flat interest of 3 per cent is charged for a seven year loan


Page 36

MONTHLY REST INTEREST is charged based on the amount still owed each month. Each instalment is calculated in such a way that you pay off the loan by the end of the term. For a $100,000 loan, with an interest charged at 3 per cent restjrhe monthly instalment would be


Page 36

COSTS OF A CAR THE price of a car is Hot its only cost. There are other costs. Depreciating cost: Buy the car today and sell it a week later and the price could fall by $10,000. A car depreciates fast after its fifth year. Operating cost: This is not


Page 36

MORE VARIATIONS? WITH the race to attract car-buyers, more variations of the loan schemes are being seen. Now you can buy your car for seven years and return it debt-free with no hefty final lump-sum payment. Car distributor Motor Ultima modified the "balloon payment" loan scheme'for its Audi A 41.6

Nice to be Not Nice sometimes [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Nice to be Not Nice sometimes Etcetera WITH CAROL LEONG AND the meek shall inherit the earth, is the saying. Hah. Sometimes, there is a pounding, teeth-baring need to be evangelical about Not Being Nice. Danger: Nice Person At Work! Recently, I heard through the New Agey grapevine how two

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Page 37 Miscellaneous

Page 37 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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Stay At The Concorde KL *>;: For A Rock Solid Good Time. if r JP®R Deluxe Room 178++ Deluxe Premier: RMl9B++ Check now the *u following I Rock One free I T-tbirt (Valid only mgt minimum stay of 2 One complimentary drink on Not applicable to grolip, convention seminar participants

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Page 38

I l&lTliiiSiiihnfii&l i I Crack your brain for a good "cause"! Be part of the 10 puzzle-sotving team and aim to be I ona of tha top 2% wfth the highatt IQ. All puzzles ara provided by Menu Singapore, i the society for that top 2%. If you can't eotve

Page 38 Miscellaneous

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

COMICRELIEF The Concrete Jungle/Colin Goh L!?£\sLtP TSK* HOW CM iDU JUD6E f\ ...WRt &OOMbTO BE ...'STILL, \6l WE VjjClPl' 5W IWW&'BEi s1 >km,R! Wr X\IC«N... I j Y N —VI < WS ISA WTPII thought hc rr-r y f npitiful Big Nate/Lincoln Peirce WE SHOULD KEEP OUR YOU MEAN &EYON

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H Hong Leong Corporation Ltd YAMAHA*^ YAMAHA SHOWROOM: 152 Paya Lebar Road #01-02. Citipont Industrial Complex. Singapore XXXXX0 Tel: 746 0415 HIGH FASHION JaCk AT LVW) HIGH TEA gif®? Join us every Saturday at the Y/ IfjA c EL PATIO for that old-time tradition lIT of afternoon high tea accompanied

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Re-model your Bathroom and Kitchen without replacing It beautifies and increases the value of your home instantly. We provide innovative solution to the following Broken, cracked chipped bathtubs sinks jfl Difficult ti) dean surfaces Faded colour shine i HH Outdated colours patterns K ~~9HH Add your choice 12 J Prevents


85 years of gambling now ends [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

85 years of gambling now ends IRTHE^^ACA^ASINQ^IE^I By Rachel Tan MACAU'S gambling king, Mr Yip Hon, died of a heart attack on Wednesday. The gambling tycoon, who is estimated to be worth $540 million, co-founded the casino business in the Portuguese colony of Macau. He started gambling at seven and


Page 40

WON BIG IN LAS VEGAS MR Yip visited Las Vegas twice a year to have a go at the tables. His visits there are legendary. In 1988, he sat at the baccarat table at Caesar's Palace for 32 hours straight. He lost US$2 million, rested for four days and won

Sorry girls, Mulder is married [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Sorry girls, Mulder is married ITS the naked truth X Files star David Duchovny has married. Agent Fox Mulder's alter-ego Duchovny, 39, wed actress Tea Leoni, 24, on Tuesday. Leoni is the star of the comedy series The Naked Truth, which screened in Singapore recently. The couple tied the knot


Page 41

SHORT ROMANCE THE TV stars met at the Golden Globe. Awards in January. They have been inseparable since. Previously, Duchoyny, who once said he was a playboy and addicted to sex, had dated model Suzanna Lanza and actresses Perry Reeves and Winona Ryder. But since having time only for Leoni,

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V;T*V>.sr^ j^rf, t I r i^v aGnt v. V 1 WrWB-' v ■kt' j v 1 Mk J v jMHMfffWW *>> \cv" M: EB-977 THE STRAITS TIMES CLASSIFIED YOUR GUIDE TO MORE PRODUCTS SERVICES [JgJ I. MENTHOLATUM "M GET SOOTHING .1 muscles 1 With Mentholntum De-ep Heating Pub Its

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Deserve The Best On Soother's 2suy! 1 V >iph A\ n ki •9 J J( </ Wjj if »pff <aIL Promotion ALa Carte: iW? l) (broiled $$>mfret "(Indonesia 2) grilled (§fea (Mass "StKalaysia (grabSfteat "sfivang ($o" 4) (§fea (§/callops "(fflaliana 5) cSfabster (s&a J&urnedos ismania" I jKi 1 All Mums

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Enlist the help of FASTads for your recruitment needs.

Page 42 Miscellaneous

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Page 42

Wol »T«1 W I I I K Nmni sum Stars: Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis Teenage girls yearning for freedom fall victim to mass hysteria. Based on the classic play. Bishan: Fri 1.35pm, 4.10, 6.45, 9.20, Sat 11.25am, 2pm, 6.45, 9.20, Sun 2pm, 6.45, 9.20; Boon Lay: Fri. Sat Sun

Page 42 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 42

-JiHp x* i kt Kli i 1K l i ■r m A I JMiJp M mm k V L_ 11 Eastshore: 12.45pm. 3, 7.15, 9.30; Empress: Fri Always time for Sat 10.45am, lpm, 3.10, 7.25,9.35; romance:Simon I c U1( 4U Hougang: Fri lpm.,9, Fri Sat Templar (Vol t Stars:

Page 42 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 42

Cathay: Fri Sat only 6.45pm, midnight; Riverside: Fri, Sat Sun I.30pm, 6.30 Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin, John Cleese and Kevin Kline Eastpoint Fri, Sat Sun 4.45pm, 7 Stars: Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg and James Woods A young lawyer reopens a notorious case considered -impossible to win with the

Page 42 Miscellaneous Column 4 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 42

Mr Nice Guy. But his new attitude does not cut it in the business. Bishan: Fri, Sat Sun 11am. 4.10pm, 6.50. Fri Sat only 11.55pm: Eastpoint Fri, Sat Sun 11.15am, 4.15pm; Tampines: Fri, Sat Sun 12.45pm, 9 I Udo: Fri 10.45am, lpm. 3.15; I Yangtze: Fri 1.30pm; 3.30, 7.30, 9.30

Page 42 Miscellaneous Column 5 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 42

4.30,6.45,9.1b, Fri bat only 11.30pm; Century: Fri 11am. 12.45pm,,6. 9.30; Choa Chu Kang: Fri 1pm, 5.15,9.15; Eastpoint Fri, Sat Sun 11.30am, 4.15pm, 8.45, Fri Sat only 11.30pm; Empress: Fri Sat 2.30pm, 7.50; GV Marina: Fri. Sat Sun 11am, 1pm, 3, 5, 7,9, Fri Sat only 11.10pm; Hougang: Fri 3pm.

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J&EL lowpwl j C /J/wmi/i s~)Suw£i Jtlomenfj yj/wUhMunt Q May 11, let Furama Hotel r help you fill this day with i wonderful memories for Tiffany Coffee House Alternatively, make it a family Tiffany Coffee House affair at the Furama Palace <a2™siS 50... (Child) and enjoy authentic International Buffet: Cantonese

Page 43 Miscellaneous

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Page 43

n wm W in nnm 1 GV Marina: Fri 11.40pm, Sat 4.40pm, 11.40; Udo: Fri Sat midnight Stars: Laura Dern and Kelly Preston Lido: Fri Sat midnight; Oriental: Sat midnight Stars: Michael Chow, Paulyn Sun and Ye sun: Anne Meara. Liev Schreiber and S?u|! w 11.40pm. Sat 5.10pm. 11.40, Parker

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JMI 4 Wm w m m f: s w JH j|fl i jfliK, Sk Ik V *6|e| -*Z"^ Hk. j "i^kr |H^ tt >**■ 1 ■>*® Hl Bkar J BBr q| ~^H

Page 44 Miscellaneous

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Page 44

Hh I I u I R I w i. i. i K i. i Nurvpy H mmm ium ia -""].^@>_-"")'_]^;{,$<[!\)*;<?( Stare: Andy Lau and Michelle Reis Empress: Fri Sat 5.20pm; JehMoec Fri Sat 5pm; White Sends: Fri Sat 5.30pm Yishun: Fri 12.45pm, 8.45, midnight, Sat 2.20pm, 8,11.15, Sun lpm, 9

Page 44 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 44

Stars: Simon Yam Boon Lay: Fri 1.15pm, 3.15,5.15, 7.15,9.15, Sat 11.05am, 1.05pm, 3.05, 7.15,9.15, Sun 1.05pm, 3.05, 7.15,9.15; Center Fri 11am, lpm, 3,5.15, 7.15,9.15, Fri Sat 11.45; Chen* Fri 1.30pm, 3.30, 7.30,9.30; rneieiieimMiClieneU. Fri lpm, 3, 7,9; Golden: Fri 1.30pm, 3.30, 7.30,9.30; Fri 12.45pm, 3,6.45,9; Jureng: Fri lpm, 3.5.15,7.15,9.30; No*

Page 44 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 44

L All together now: Love and friendship are the themes of Sweet Love 100%. 1 i w 11 ii—^g»ggrg^^— 1,1 1 m. ''"T^mmmmm^mm"


Right mix of elements [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Right mix of elements Title: The Fifth Element $ars: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich Scenario: In the year 2259, a great force of evil threatens to consume the Earth and a former soldier sets out to find the five elements that can stop it. Screening: Opening next Thursday Rfltinjp

I will never do another nude film again! [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

I will never do another nude film again! By. Jessica Leow HERE'S something for those who watched the movie, The Pillow Book, to think about. It's the only time you'd ever get to see actress Vivian Wu in the nude. "I will never do another nude film again!" declared the

Which witch is which one? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Which witch is which one? THte: The Crucible Start: Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder Scenario: Set in the Salem witch-hunt trials in 1692, a group of teenage girls fake demonic possession and gets rid of their enemies by accusing them of being witches Screening: Now showing Rating: By Edwin Yeo THE

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k th for an evening y of good food and show your tf* m appreciation for all that Mom has jjfc~J done. A delightful juicy Pyj awaits the whole family. Available for dinner on 11 May P/ a' at Green Bamboo Village. Price: $22.00** for Adult and feMf For reservations,

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MHHj|jH| wotherXDay To celebrate this special we invite you to bring your mother and family to 2+B Family Mm Food court As the name suggests, it is a family V" u affair. Your mother has worked hard and deserves m°~\ nothing but the best. F We have created a special

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•A#■ iy;;: ■'.'.-.,'2a#.>"vM'>3*v,' 'j f 'fr» MTPMMWWi— BHBIH (0^ r-«MiJHHHHH!^I M Complete this fonn and icnd it in together with a face shoe and a full length photo (non-returnable) of yourself before 21 Hay 19f 7 I Nunc: I L ICN. Ap: Birth dale: I J Add, I II TO:

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—'~|3 (No J in Per/eas^^^^ HTTjlml Bodyshakin' I*97•THI MOT CINTINART yjfi n hi" rwm ''ifeltiii 'i ifl»>«' i I fii'Vffi (L Available on Cassette &CD J r,2 •<*» *c .v ~■»f *■■>■ *.e L J 1

Not 100% original [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Not 100% original SHOWTIME TWe: Sweet Love 100% Stars: Julian Cheung, Eric Kot, Amanda Lee, Andy Hui and Shu Qi Scenario: A group of young adults discover the meaning of friendship and love in Hongkong Screening: Now showing Rating i By Hazel Tan SWEET Love 100%. Feel 100%. 100 per

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-V dhblo. presents Free/one 3 Various Artistes I I A (Mirjfty McUwd (Mou( option v ***»rnt. druif n JO.I tf*) holt JT V jjnf mckrfrs JJ fKHMlr«» «ro™ to%» i ***W- iflKa ►*>«» «•«•<" 0or1m*«t« I v •<"""" 'o" 11 K'-W J i NHKIHIRN I M'OMIIU A Ffesh Vacous Artistes

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Page 51

THIS SUNDAY, MEET YOUR GUARDIAN OF THE SEA When you meet the men and women who fight the ship* for the Republic of Singapore Navy. When you aee the Ife range of vessels that makes the fleet When you wttnesa the cutting-edge technology and the world-class training. JL Youli realise

Page 51 Miscellaneous

Page 51 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 51

Sommersby CHANMEI Q (Channel 5.11 pm) kr A man returns to his hometown NOON News SToday NOON Fan Discovery (Variety) and helps build a better life for his 12.10 PM Home Shopping 1.00 PM MW Day News/Ad about Chinese I family and townsfolk who later 1.10 The Golden Girts Mother's

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Page 52

I YOUR WEEKLY G U ÜBS AND LOUNGES IhSM, *7«<b6<searn* W* InotUauM, Oietid jgsUZ'i& IFjS5r zwsA-r at PAtrm qg£?^ ns BB3fB!BIffi!BHSBK!ffH7WB3ICTMWW Come relax youreetf In one of our 20 luxuriou# t| j\ 3 £££> 22. t S£«7" g» SSSL. Klv mr S.'.T CjWiS g»k(Ac from Rock 'NT Roll to Medium

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Page 53

YOUR W Karaoke Tea House gi jpE r- by Sarah Jane '■feflH Cuppa kung-fu tea, anyone? The Chinese Goddess of Mercy'. Packaged snacks are Ml Town Karaoke Tea House, at 43 45A Kreta priced at $1. Food can be ordered from the Ayer Road in Chinatown, offers such restaurant downstairs

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Page 54

YOUR "Crazy, Sexy, Cool 7 Piece Dream Team... ...All Girls Show Band" v 7PM TILL 11PM, EVERY NIGHT! (EXCEPT THURSDAYS) |MAKTBIxI 1 "4" 1 DRINKS FROM 6.30PM TILL 8.30PM. Clubbers must be 18 above ID required CT^Ty Exclusively at Music World. Where we'll welcome you with a smile. s«ng»por«s safest

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Page 54

r«SI ■nunpnmvfflrvimwwiffinnvaiiem \uthrnlii mouth \\.ilirlne \orth ln<li,in X \lushhii I'.oMnrs /wr/wrrr/ In our Master t '.hrl Him Lit Kuiput "\W\KIH D BIST MSTU RUTS It%/m7 j In Titter W VMM I) HIST HISTU K WTS l\ SIM.\PORI IWWIMT h\ II Inr A Ihnr Italh I .he Music Knlcrl.ilnmcnt (Hindi X

Page 54 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 54

I j \ot*T English Karaoke Pub Oeli 4 Come and enjoy the music ambience. singalong u-itb our new KJ and sueet companies 4 New Karaoke sound system <325 Wide range of Q drinks and snacks &A 4 S~~\ (S Ha PP>' Hours. JU I 4 Business Hours: < r\\s#m Imm

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Page 55

A i 2001 Food 2001 Food Entertainment Entertainment XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000 5 LIVE FREW SEAFOOD RESTAURANT S XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000 MOTHER'S PAY SPECIAL I 14 Persons Set Meal 16 Persons Set Meal I $68 Nett $88 Nett I Pui Fried Scallop* with Teochew Steam Gareuper A*paragui Caly-pot Crab with VennicelU Fre*h Boiled Caly Fuh

Page 55 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 55

2050 Parsons! Services/ Products I MOTHER'S DAY Hand-Bouquet ill i i i 12 stalk* Carnation Phoei i nix/ Forget mi nol SSS Delivery inclusive ii i 1 J All design walcoma J Call Now: XXXXX68 Pg: XXXXX223 Bauhinia •UV-IN: China Lunar Silver Coin* (15gms, 2/3oi, loi. soz, 12oi, Ikg), Sun-Yat-Sen,

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Page 56

T =====5= 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personsl Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ Products Products Products Products Products S GOOD TERM CONTRACTOR kw 810, Geylang Road #02-67 City Plaza, Singapore XXXXX6 WL- Tel: 842 4636 (3 lines) Fax: 842 4639 ACCREDITED I RENOVATOR For item 1-24(24

Page 56 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 56

k U»ing the advance** "technology. Fast ..effective way of solving;. .acne skin problem scar*. ..problem, pitted holes '►chicken pox scars at $10.<• "►Usual price $120 onwards, j J l VISIBLE EFFECT I 733-8577/ 733-9917

Page 56 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 56

Yi 1!% Ikirtifß /iWtfA if tf specialise in: ;-JMI Interior Design #_>*; Custom-Made [W Furniture Residential/ Commercial General i .mm Mi ..k« n M.irli 3 Rooms $2000 $2600 4 Rooms $3600 $3800 sRooms $4400 $4600 Executive Masionettc $5400 $5700 Renovation Over $8,000 Free Colour T.V. Tel: 345-9409/345-9760 Fax: XXXXX12 Pager:

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Page 56

2090 Personal Service*/ 2050 Personal Services/ Products Products No GST! Cash Carry. (Only Cash NETS) Available exclusively Give Youreelf A Treat With Our Award Winnings 1) Denon THX/ AC 3 Sy« AVP-Al. AVC-Al, AVC 3800 AVR 3600 2) Marantz SR 96 THX DP 870 3) Marantz SR 870 DP 870

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Page 57

2090 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ Products Products Products ARISTON GEC ITITTI RHEEM Water IiUI a. ■2 GEC Heater HIH TWmax HB UP $208 wkilxvox Now I2J w»rn ■Tim TcmiD lLlu CTEED UK CEILING FAN H» NATIONAL'SANYO Over 30 New Model eMM 'PAIKIN v JuP [lL? 1-

Page 57 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 57

TELOK AYER ST neer Leu Pa Set Can tall Chinese/ Malay Dessert* all type* of Kueh Plmm call Mr Gan XXXXX80/ Pg. 9308 1883 r 150 MHZ CPU mainboard cooler Pentium 166 MHZ 2! mainboard $390 2! 4 x CDROM/ 850/ 1.2 ►f, Hard disk available if Upgrading are welcome.

Page 57 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 57

2570 Travel VA4II(II LeLiiW Awwr N^htt \Horsblg $600»iongiok $220 v Penong $195 Virtnam $390 1 %tynSQ $700' Manilo $440 \BdiGA $445 > CALL MITRO TOURS T«ll 737-0877 7 Fax: 737*0166 a N X V 2606 Professional/ Executive Positions I* Min 1-2 yrs exp in I handling full set of I

Page 57 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 57

2300 Vehicles 2300 Vehicles 2300 Vehidee 2300 Vehiclee Monthly Final Down V k.A^t Mod Instalment Psymsnt Hexagon 150 $185 $3,100 $1,490 Vespa ETB $165 2,000 $1,388 of not paying Typhoon $150 $1,550 688 flnfll paV ll rro Cosa 150 $175 2,380 888 M J 'a L X ETB Skipper 125

Page 58 Advertisements

Page 58 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 58

2624 Art/Creative Positions I ARM BV (SI Pt* Ltd A colour separation co requires: 2to 3 y««rs related experience Conversant in English Salary negotiable Interested candidates pIMM call 295 9312 foe an appointment or fax resume to: Fax: 295 93 14 Interior Co. urgently requires BEb3EESS Min. 1 year working

Page 58 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 58

2630 Salss Positions 2630 Salas Positions 2630 Salss Positions An established Social Networking Group company situated at Beach Road invites Highly Ambitious Outgoing Individual who aspire to be Top Achievers for the position of Personal Network Agent You will be responsible for building up the Organisation Network Membership Accounts that

Page 58 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 58

Eblished freight arding company requires EXPERIENCED SALES EXECUTIVE Besic salary high commission Contact Mr Lm 284 1600 j T Wanted for Electrical shop. Call personally at: Blk. 633 #01-128 Vseraumy Road Tel: 294 8931 r |A prepresshouseco rtquirM: 1 to 2 yrs. experience Age 26 to 40 yr* Conversant in

Page 58 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 58

2630 Sales Positions 2630 Sales Positions IVAN GOH Dip Sll.mmis ■ZKTFrSFfZ*! MCIM(UK) maMHSZMBLIMBj 2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ Lounge Positions K tonal English Pub at ■ton Hill requires Attractive benefits salary Local English are welcome to apply Contact Daniel Yep at 9-617-8220 for interview. I I WAITRESS and KITCHEN HELPER required for

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Page 59 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 59

2636 Customer Service 2636 Customer Service 2636 Customer Service 2636 Customer Service 2636 Customer Service Positions Positions Positions Positions Positions 3 TET v d v% Sing Tel Paging has a passion CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER for a rare breed of individuals (1620 Hotline) Permanent Full-time who can shine in their service

Page 59 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 59

2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ Lounge Position* ■PIiRPJWTfHB

Page 59 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 59

2642 Hotel/ Resteurant/ Lounge Positions :;d experienced:: PASTRY HELP < t|) CAKE COUNTER::! <: SALES STAFF 1; I needed J t JJ* Near Kembangan MRT J J 10 a.m. 6 p.m. 4 J Pg. 9310-2259 4

Page 59 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 59

2645 Beeuticien/Heir Cere Positions HAIRSTYLIST I I ASSISTANT I HAIRSTYLING U required. I Orchard mi. I Pit. call I XXXXX 9 0 P

Page 59 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 59

i 2642 HoteV Restaurant/ 2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ Lounge Positions Lounge Positions TAMBUAH Indonesian Restaurant requires: Full-Timei Rmrt-tlmmrm mrm weteoms. Dally walk-In interview From 11 am to 7pm Shaw Centre Level 5 or Tenglln Shopping Centre Level 4 QUE PAM a very successful bar in Orchard Road invites you to apply.

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Page 60 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 60

2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ 2642 HoteV Restaurant/ 2642 Hotal/ Restaurant/ Lounge Positions Lounge Positions Lounge Positions Kong and Kuala Lumpur, The Jump' s a 250 cover American style Bar >f Chijmes and featuring performance f our exciting start-up, by joining our roles. Both full-time and part-time Performance Waiters/Waitresses Bartenders Cashiers Hosts

Page 60 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 60

2648 Administrative/ 2648 Administrative/ Clerical Position. Clerical Positions —wm^^l-B|—mmmm Singapore Citizens are invited to apply for the post of: CORPORATE SUPPORT OFFICER GRADE V Eusmin (i) 5 GCE '0' Level Passes including either English Language or Mathematics; or (ii) 3 GCE '0' Level Passes including either English Language or Mathematics;

Page 60 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 60

P" I An established company I urgently requires a GENERAL CLERK No experience is needed, but knowledge of computer is preferably Pis. call or come personelly for interview et 782 North Bridge Rd 8(XXXXX0) T?y£^4_J| CLERK required Salary $1200 above Experience preferred Interested pis call 293 0996 509 Sarangoon Rd.

Page 60 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 60

2648 Adminiitrative/ Clerical Positions Immediate vacancy for: Salary $1.5K Able to handle full sets of account* Knowledge of ACCPAC Lotus Alternate Sat. off Walk-in or call 453-S7OS Ms Lim 7 Old Toll Tuck Road I Urgently required I Singaporean or PR Able to type with Com- puter knowledge Salary $1000

Page 60 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 60

2648 Administrative Clerical Positions Property AOMIN. ASSISTANT Basic 13th month variable bonus other benefits. GCE "N*/ *0' Level Computer literate. Independent initiative. 4 mins from Kallang MRT. Intfrvtttd pltii# call XXXXX66 or pg. XXXXX786 Shipping company g, requires SHIPPING CLERK I *4 Chinese, Female preferred Able to type Experience not

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Page 61

2654 Technical Positions 2654 Technical Positions An established construction/ shipping co. requires: Civil Engineer Mm. 3-4 yrs. relevant experience in Civil Engineering Works v Degree in Civil Engineering PC literate Quantity Surveyor Diploma in Building Science or Equivalent Min. 2-3 yrs. relevant experience in Civil Engineering Works Ship Repair Superintendent

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Page 61

2654 Technical Positions 7 ributtng industrial Auiomatod F I^^TC/OiplomatrniteSv^^^P 1 Mechantronic J J Ito 2 years experience in L I Industrial Automation J Eleota EJedoncs CortolsL ■<*1 to 2 years experiences m Industrial Automaton 1*» PLC programmng kno*tedge\ I u NTC 2 3m Metal Macfmng I J«*l to 2 years

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2654 Technical Positions lAn Engineering Company located at Ang Mo Kio requires: Must have tom«V knowledge of written and 1 1 spoken English 1 1 Possess Class 3 driving V licence I j Must have knowledge of olectrlcal control panel Salary around $1300 neg 1 1 Interested, call 458-5008 V

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2654 Technical Positions Feering company at ampines requires Min. Sec. 4 Class 3 driving licence Field work required On-the-job training provided llUJiluM Full-time basis GCE 'N7 '0' level Basic PC knowledge Pleasant personality Interested epplicente please contact VerorV Jenny et I 787 Q468 I Aircon Compeny urgently requires With driving

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2654 Technical Positions needed urgently Experience in concreting ft re ber for construction S'porean ft PR holder only Interested please call XXXXX27. 2657 Production Positions An Injection Moulding Co. in Hillview requires: 1) PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR j Min. 3 yrs experience. 2) OPERATORS Male/ Female (Full time). Pis. fax your resume

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2663 Warehousing/ Inventory Posts xnu a unique furniture and lightings company has immediate vacancy for: 1. WAREHOUSE ASSISTANT 2. DEUVERYMAN/ DRIVER Singaporean, age 20-35 Physically flt hardworking Salary including allowance above $1,000 For position 1: Preferably staying in Jurong Interested applicants please call: 336-4664 (Lynn) Copter/to CO. requires t Chinese

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2666 Security Position* wanted Please call 467-0526/ 9310-5664 between 9am-Ipm. 2669 Cloanor Positions URGENTLY REQUIRED 1) MALE FULL-TIME CLEANERS 2) FEMALE PART-TIME CLEANERS (work in Bedok area) Call 339-2329/ Pg: 9707-5486 Cleaning Company Urgently Require* 1. MALE FLOAT TEAM CLEANERS. (With or without driving 1 licence) 2. MALE/ FEMALE CLEANERS.

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2675 Driver/Transport Positions l| DRIVER I REQUIRED I Must have class 3 lie. with I experience 8 Tel. XXXXX07/ Pg. XXXXX462 I Class 4 Driving Licence Interested please coll Desmond at Td: 553 3669 a* 14 or wolk-irvinlerview at IBS' 1 Require WBMSBi Class 5 driving licsncs Contact Ms. HnV

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2683 Part-Tima/ Temp. Positions CONTRACT STAFF required 1 year contract. Able to speak English Mandarin Valid class 3 driving licence. $1200 p/mth Fringe benefits bonus. Please call XXXXX18/ XXXXX17 for mora details. FLEXIBLE HRSM! I Part-time/ Temp. I Any age. I SUCCESS IDEAS, I 390 Victoria St. I #02-14 Golden

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2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions k MERSTAR, a leading Singapore Air Sea Freight forwarder with a world-wide network, invites applications for the following positions:1) MANAGER OCEAN DIVISION 2) SALES EXECUTIVES TRAINEES 3) SALES CO-ORDINATORS 4) AIR CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER 5) AIR EXPORT CLERK 6) AIR IMPORT

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SECURITY OFFICERS CARPARK ATTENDANTS Knowledge of security or cashier duties Salary $900 above per mth. 7 day* annual leave 12 hrs. shift per day 20 working day* 10 off days Medical benefits provided Meal* laundry allowance provided Incentive awarded to staff with full attendance 1 mth. AWS 1 mth. merit

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2689 Other Positions MNC in J'jrong is urgently looking «or QUALITY ASSURANCE ASSISTANTS (Salary $822 $967 p/rr-^ Mm 3 GCE 0/ 5 SPM Able to work in English Computer know* s a* advantage Tracing will be prov We offer 5 days work week,' mea' Subtly transport O'OV'Crf ••rested aoo 'can's,

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2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions Walk-In Interview Friday, 9 May 1997, 9.00 am 5.00 pm 82 Genting Lane News Centre Level 6 Human Resources Here's an opportunity for you to join Singapore Press Holdings, one of the leading publisher of

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VAN DRIVER^^I STORE I ASSISTANTS I Call for an interview at: I Uk. S3l Upp. Ctom St. •03-as Howy Um Cofnptoi I ttagapow 0(0631 I TIL: Ul 0393 P

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WELDER I Required in Pandan I $1200- SlBOO per month I All racea I Call 368-3967/ I Pg: 9709-3389 f

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I MOTOR-CAR SPRAY PAINTER with nptmtc* needed Only S'ponana Call 287 9388/ Pg. 9406 0089

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2689 Other Positions J 2689 Other Positions I nri P Language Centre Bg HI"I I 30, Orange Grove Road, I H IILLU Singapore XXXXX2 M B —(Next to Shangri-La Hotel) GCE 'O' or 'A' level I Proficient in computer software I Good typing skills flj Age below 30 preferred Completed

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—ass— 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions 2689 Other Positions SSS==S GIVE YOUR CAREER A SOLID FOUNDATION AT ESMACO One of Singapore's Leading Property Management Groups Established in 1989, Esmaco Pte Ltd is now one of the largest property management companies in Singapore. Prom

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r -BB jS I I r 1 r >»> *vg 1 To book your ads for J Learning I For Success and I Postgraduate I Programmes I call Leon Wong I at 740-6109 I (pager: 9210-0335). Take Time With After 5, every Friday in The New Paper Fastads. «Y I


‘Better than gold’ [ARTICLE]

Page 65

‘Better than gold’ When the Singapore National Olympic Council's annual sports awards were announced last night, the top woman's prize went to table-tennis, while the nation's bowlers hit three strikes, taking the Sportsman, Coach and Team of the Year awards. GERARD WONG reports SHE was Singapore's most successful player at

Double joy for shy Sam [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Double joy for shy Sam OTHER WINNERS Best Team: Men's bowling team (Jack Wong, Tan Yong Seng, Adam Chew, Ricky Ng, Sam Goh and Tommy Ong) Best Coach: William Woo (bowling) Merit Awards: Tommy Ong (bowling), Roger Koa (water-skiing), Picasso Tan (wushu), Thum PingTjin (swimming), Gerald Koh (swimming), Tan Paey

Sharpshooters take aim [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

Sharpshooters take aim SUNDAY'S BjG MATCH MAN UNITED WEST HAM INFOLINE Forthe results call 1900-912-0013 after 6.30 am on Monday. Calls cost 30 cents per minute. LIVE ON TV The Leeds v Boro match on Premiere 12 at' 11pm. Sunday By Lan Brown REPORTING FROM ENGLAND THREE unlikely striking heroes


Page 66

REST OF SUNDAY’S ACTION ASTON VILLA 1 SOUTHAMPTON 1 A point will probably be good enough to keep Saints alive and kicking in the Premiership. Leading player Egil Ostenstad, claims: "There's no reason we won't avoid relegation and then do better next season." The unsung hero has been at the

Collymore’s farewell? [ARTICLE]

Page 66

Collymore’s farewell? SHEFFIELD WED 0 LIVERPOOL 1 If only Liverpool had tried its new 4-4-2 formation a few months ago. Stan Collymore's boots shirt went into the Kop last week, a gesture (he denies) of significance? No one would have profited more from swifter despatch of the ball to utilise


Page 66

SOCCERLINE STUART PEARCE: The England international has pledged his playing future to Nottingham Forest after stepping down as caretaker-manager of the relegated Premier League club. "Playing for Forest and England still means everything to me," said the 35-year-old international who failed to prevent Forest from going down during his five



Page 67

EAGLES v RAMS TIGER BEER MATCH OF THE PAY VENUE: Bedok Stadium DATE: Tomorrow■ HME:7.3OpmB TICKETS: Adults $6, cnildren $2; Stadium office— Today (10am-6.30pm); Tom (lOam-match time) CONTEST Keep track of the Match of the Day in the Tiger Beer S-League and you could w:n a handphone. Details below. REPORT

Committed to the cause [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

Committed to the cause Stories/ Ernest Li us 0 THERE are now four of them. And the Iranians are really starting to make waves. So what makes them tick? After six weeks of the Tiger Beer S-League, they seem to improve with every match, unlike some other foreign players. At


Page 68

NO HOLIDAY NIGHTLIFE, smoking and drinking are not considered important to the Iranian imports. Said Abol: "They're not here for a holiday. They're here to do a job. "Some might think they're boring but they have to be more dedicated here. "They are so far away from home. That's why...over

Abol sparks Iranian revolution [ARTICLE]

Page 68

Abol sparks Iranian revolution SO how did the S-League's Iranian connection come about? When the S-League started last year, 38-year-old businessman Abol Fazl decided to get involved. He has been living here for the last 13 years and is married to a local with three children. Said the former Iranian


Page 68

SCORELINE Wire services. Results of yesterday's international sports: SOCCER Italian Cup final: Napoli 1 Vicenza 0. Dutch Cup final: Roda JC Kerkrade 4 Heerenveen 2. World Cup qualifier Asian zone (group seven): Kuwait 2 Lebanon 0 (Kuwait leads the group with six points. Sinagpore is second with one point and

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t Km TRACK THE BIG matches and win the smallest handphones Three Ericsson GF 788 handphones can be won! CalM 900-XXXXX12! The Tiger Beer S-League Match of the Day contest will run through all the Fridays this month. Jm To take part, call 1900-XXXXX12 and guess the total number of

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V fm91.3 The New Paper Sportsfile on NTUC Radio Heart 91.3. From Monday to Friday at 8.15am. Check it out.


Robson left to rue gamble [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

Robson left to rue gamble BLACKBURN 0 BORO 0 Crowd: 27.411 By Lan Brown REPORTING FROM ENGLAND THIS fixture has proved to be a double-whammy for Middlesborugh. Failure to fulfil the fixture in December resulted in a three-point penalty. Failure to take a positive approach last night meant Boro had


Page 69

RELEGATION BATTLE THE fight to stay in the Premier League has become a little clearer after last night's 0-0 draw between Blackburn and Middlesbrough. The draw means Blackburn has secured its place. And, with Boro only earning one point, it now means that West Ham and Everton are also safe.

Evans: We'll be back [ARTICLE]

Page 69

Evans: We'll be back ROY Evans has vowed to redouble Liverpool's efforts to win the Premiership next season. "You only get so many goes at it," Evans said. 'That's why next season becomes important to me. "Realistically, we didn't think we could win it for a couple of seasons before,

What the devil, it's partytime [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

What the devil, it's partytime MAN UNITED 0 NEWCASTLE 0 Crowd: 55,236 I'M a true-blue Newcastle United fan. I've been one for the last 24 years. I've never liked Manchester United. Not one bit. But I almost became one last night. No, it wasn't United's performance against Newcastle which nearly

‘We shall not be moved’ [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

‘We shall not be moved’ FANS IN FULL VOICE AFP. MANCHESTER United fans were in jubilant mood at Old Trafford as they celebrated the club's fourth title in five years. The crown had already been clinched on Tuesday when Liverpool lost at Wimbledon and Newcastle drew with West Ham. "We

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your complimentary $10.00 Gift Voucher* with every order of Mother's Day Special menu. Redeemable on next visit. \j0enu/ fU of garnished with mango cocktail sauce (jrob (bisque f Choice of Main Course aked t^^Ajrau in champagne sauce enriched with butter topped with leek, served with pasta OR i0rillecL/ ibeyet J

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®>A>Y I Hey Mums! Sick of looking after the kids? 4 I Tired cleaning up after his mess? why not let ISruiMiMiflSiniiimiMtake care of you 4 this Mother's Day, Sunday May the 11 th. 4 No cooking, no fuss, no bother. Give your mother < a treat. A great lady

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4> i# v J^^r m t j* £r V .mJF ir *b 4> /jg jfi&aK'Pjßfyljjffiffi vt. v, y-vjjjyjM^ lll^v s^i^^iiE^"4. JWr j«r jtF f9r ufc w jMßaffl^ij3^«BiHHßlßBiffi?*^-)for9Biraß!B»ißMlflßifißSlßfiE