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New Paper, 8 May 1995


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the new paper MONDAY, MAY 8, 1995 MITA (P) 024/04/95 60 CENTS the new paper

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p au*p2! mw Ist Copy 'I was a Man Far East kid' Utd wins sa y s S' pore singer Kit Chan./n** /Pa«*66 I j 1 1 I S'pore couple run |ftf low cash and try to sell valuables im." 1 11 tries buy ■Bk V ■Bl 1,000 sleeping ha


'France will again become a beacon for all the world's peoples' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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'France will again become a beacon for all the world's peoples' CHIRAC WINS PRESIDENTIAL POLLS AND DECLARES Source: Wire services. PARIS mayor Jacques Chirac (right) won the French presidential election today and quickly declared war against unemployment. Official incomplete results showed that Mr Chirac won 51.87 per cent of the


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PROFILE Wire services. MR Jacques Chirac prides himself on being a pragmatist. But critics say he is an opportunist with no fixed views and has a tendency to act before thinking. Although he regards the late president Gen Charles de Gaulle as his mentor, Mr Chirac has softened the fierce

The case of the missing couple [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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The case of the missing couple A Singaporean couple, Harry Tan and his wife Rebecca Kwek Poh Choo, go missing in Phuket soon after Mrs Tan gives birth to twin sons. What went wrong? The New Paper assembles the events that led to their disappearance WHERE ARE YOU, MR MID

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I am not a fashionable man. First picture of "Biscuit Former Malaysian agriculture minister King" Rajan Pillai since he Datuk Seri Sanusi Junid (right). What has that P*«t fled Singapore. I 1 J jM J I jUrB got to do with his reported rejection of a state executive councillor post

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Good news Bad news Co/1 us. Hotline paw 1 "XXXXX55 I Leisure Index Showtime: Pages 24-27 TV: Page 30 Comics: Pages 31 32


CPIB probes car insurance scam [ARTICLE]

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CPIB probes car insurance scam HOT STORY SEVERAL car repair workshops in Sin Ming Road are being investigated by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) for allegedly cheating an insurance company with the help of the company's claims investigators. The CPIB has found evidence that one of the workshops bribed


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PM STRESSES RETRAINING Mr Lim Boon Heng will remain secretary-general of the National Trades Union Congress for at least the next three to five years. There are no immediate plans for him to rejoin the Government. There will be more schemes to raise people's assets. But such schemes CPF top-ups


Teacher punched [ARTICLE]

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Teacher punched A YISHUN secondary school teacher has lodged a report with the Colice after a student punched him, reaking his nose. It is the third assault of a teacher inin three months. The 51-year-old teacher took over a noisy class on April 25 and tried to bring it to

Electricity review [ARTICLE]

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Electricity review Bernama. MALAYSIAN Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said yesterday the Cabinet would review Tenaga National Berhad's decision to raise the electricity tariff from next month. The views and interests of the people would be considered because of the reports of dissatisfaction. He said consumers need not

Drunk drive penalty [ARTICLE]

Page 4

Drunk drive penalty MALAYSIA will fine and jail drunken drivers from July. A study showed alcohol causes 40 per cent of the nation's road accident deaths. A fine of M 52,000 (551,130), or six months in jail, or both, will be imposed on drunken drivers for a first offence. A

Higher COE deposits [ARTICLE]

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Higher COE deposits WOULD-BE car buyers are being asked to place bigger deposits by distributors bidding for Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) on their behalf. The reason: Some customers are cancelling bookings and refusing to pay for COEs bought in their names. The distributors fear being saddled with COEs which are

ATM service kiosks [ARTICLE]

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ATM service kiosks A PRIVATE company, which will launch ATM-like kiosks offering all sorts of services, from payment of bills to the sale of concert tickets, is likely to be set up this month. The plan is to have 300 to 400 kiosks, which operate like automated teller machines, to

Blasphemy law [ARTICLE]

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Blasphemy law PAKISTANI Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's plan to amend the country's blasphemy law has received a setback. Lawmakers in Punjab province have joined religious parties in opposing the move. The law lays down the death penalty for defiling the Prophet Muhammad. Ms Bhutto says she wants to prevent its


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HEADLINERS The Straits Times: No shortage of Jobs for retrained workers Business Times: Several fashion retailers see opportunity in adversity Lianhe Zaobao: Older workers affected by relocation of industries must be retrained Berita Harlan: PM Goh urges citizens to change way of thinking RCS morning news: PM wants change in


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STI INDEX THE Straits Times Industrials Index rose 0.83 points to 2059.63 points at 9.15 this morning from Friday's close of 2058.80.

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BKH IMPACT I Hl] PTE LTD LiJiiiM! *i Ho—W-ff rtxrin A rfoll ott #01-2? Sto* taiaur* OaHary (Mow JacU/fVinc* cintmai) lid: 298 9435 #02-43 C Quwnnwif Shopping Cwtra U: 475 7D76 #03-09 Funon Centra W: 334 5212 #04-68 Shaw* Cantr* SaNnd PQmpo Optical) #04-25 fanpirm Mdl (Op+rrq *oonT

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AWH® 1800—XXXXX07 OearMano 1000-XXXXX04 Shares advice *P^ akUp 1000-XXXXX04 OffigPMnWllay 1000-XXXXX08 M INFlBline

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A twist for some old tales [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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A twist for some old tales American artist Stephen Nicodemus spent five months here last year working on a series of paintings that depict scenes we know well. But, along with a new style, he has also added fresh twists to some old stories. SEOW SU KIAN reports i LOOK


Page 5

CHARITY AUCTION LIMITED editions of the Nicodemus Singapore Landmarks Art Series will be auctioned, with all the proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Disease Association. In all, 88 framed pieces will go under the hammer 11 of each design, autographed by Stephen Nicodemus. Art Base is hoping everyone will participate in

'They looked sad and confused' [ARTICLE]

Page 6

'They looked sad and confused' By Tay Boon Chuan and Yvonne Lim MISSING Singaporean couple Harry Tan and Rebecca Kwek Poh Choo kept very much to themselves while at the Thara Patong Beach Resort. Miss Supannee, a reservations clerk at the hotel, said they often stayed in their room. "They


Page 6

FORGOT Once, Mrs Tan left her credit card on the table at a pharmacy in the hotel. She walked away with some medicine, forgetting to sign the credit card slip.

Dear Mr & Mrs Tan, Malcolm and Terry are looking for you [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Dear Mr Mrs Tan, Malcolm and Terry are looking for you By Pradeep Paul WHERE are you? Why are you staying away from your newborn sons, little Malcolm and Terry? I don't know the circumstances that are keeping you away from your children. What I do know is that this


Page 6

TWINS REGISTERED THE hospital has since registered the twins the first-born as Malcolm Tan and his younger brother, Terry Tan. It used photocopies of the parents' passports and addresses, obtained from their belongings, for the registration. When contacted last night, a nurse said the twins are healthy and they are

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you are a Yf phone before June 8, 1995 and pager, we suggest you get the Hpfcjjjjjj iHL HBMj surprise, Pagerphone for because you months HR#r SI it's a a phone mMmJ W of free local calls. Then you one handset. So it not only Pjjjj^jjtfl get a free carrying


'I know BG Lee's doctor' [ARTICLE]

Page 8

'I know BG Lee's doctor' MAN CONS $35,000 OFF WOMAN WHOSE HUSBAND HAS CANCER For six months, Madam Oh Choo thought Roger Chew Tuck Kong (right) could help her find a cure for her cancer-stricken husband. Instead, she got cheated of her savings and her husband could not be saved


Page 8

Vein hope ROGER Chew told Madam Oh that her husband might walk again, if only she was willing to spend $10,000 on buying the "vein from China". She thought the vein was to be transplanted and gave him the money on Aug 26, 1993. "What's $10,000 as long as my


Page 8

DAUGHTER SAYS "HE was so convincing. So nice to all of us. He visited my father in hospital and even pulled out a card which he signed as a DPP from the High Court. "He offered me and my brothers pocket-money up to $50 but we refused to accept it."


Page 8

ADVICE FROM POLICE CONMEN usually first gain the confidence of their victims. Then they ask for money. Be on your guard. Check out every request for money. Besides befriending a family, like Roger Chew did, conmen cheat in other ways. Do not be taken in by offers of quick money


Go easy on that rod [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Go easy on that rod As a principal, retired Raffles Institution headmaster EUGENE WIJEYSINGHA has publicly caned only two boys. He also once gave a troublesome boy the responsibility of raising the school flag every morning. He recalls the incidents and explains why he acted as he did Not caned:

Were you punished by Mr Wijey? [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Were you punished by Mr Wijey? WERE you one of the pupils mentioned on this page who were disciplined by Mr Wijey? Can you tell us how his actions have changed you? Others will benefit from your experience. We want to hear from you. Please call 1800-XXXXX55, fax 737-5375 or

Why I'm not naming them [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Why I'm not naming them EVEN if I was still in contact with the boys, I would not name them. I am quite sure they benefited, personally, from the experience. They did not come to any adverse notice later and I did not show any discrimination towards them.

I've never expelled a student [ARTICLE]

Page 9

I've never expelled a student AS a principal, I have never expelled a pupil. But there was a very troubled boy who was getting into all kinds of trouble with prefects and teachers. He was also flouting simple school rules, such as a ban on colourful wrist bands. Once, he

Can teacher hit my child? [ARTICLE]

Page 10

Can teacher hit my child? QMY daughter comes home complaining that her teacher calls the pupils names. Recently, the teacher pinched my daughter hard on her cheek. I approached the teacher and she said my daughter didn't do her homework. My son is quite playful and careless. He also does


Page 10

Dear Mr Wijey Do you have any questions regarding education? Write or fax your questions to Dear Mr Wljey, The New Paper, 390 Kim Seng Road, Singapore 0923. Fax: 737-5375 Or call The New Paper Infoline, 1900-XXXXX03. (Calls are charged at 30 cents a minute)

How can I control stress and plan well? [ARTICLE]

Page 10

How can I control stress and plan well? QI AM a Secondary 2 student in the normal academic stream. There are a lot of things that give me stress. Is there a way I can control this stress? How do I plan my time well? MICHELLE A Stress is normal

I want to do engineering at poly [ARTICLE]

Page 10

I want to do engineering at poly QI AM a Secondary 4 student taking my 0 levels this year. I am taking science (chemistry and biology), but am doing well in elementary mathematics. I found out that I need to be doing physics to enter a polytechnic to take up

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IT I) V I. r, A i I presents t jj i .Mfjfc j^ r7 iva Kspana! Join Gipsy live in Singapore as they strum up a musical fiesta with popular hits like "Bamboleo", "Baila Me", "Djoha Djoba" and mure! I his is a distincti\e brand of flamencu guitar-playing and

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Pictures, illustrations and graphics TV New Paper lells you what happened. With mure than words.

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The price of long service [ARTICLE]

Page 12

The price of long service The senior worker should be paid up to twice what the more junior employee is being paid for the same job, says the National Wages Council. The council's new guideline also lets everyone enjoy annual pay rises By Irene Ng SAY you have been in


Page 12

HOW THE NWC RATIO WORKS Ah Teng, 20, has just joined the company as a technician. His pay is $1,000. He gets annual increments. Ah Boon, 35, a technician with the company for 15 years, has reached the top of his scale, which is $2,000. He is frustrated and feels


Page 12

BACKGROUND THE NWC recommendation aims to keep the ratio between the top of the scale and the starting wage realistic, so that the employer feels that those at the top are value for money. In the mid-'Bos, it was not uncommon to find an older employee getting paid three times

On other guidelines [ARTICLE]

Page 12

On other guidelines To link reward with performance, NTUC urges companies which have done exceptionally well to pay a one-off bonus to reward their workers. NTUC strongly supports the NWC recommendation on training and retraining. The NWC wants the Government, employers and unions to reach out especially to the older,

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Own A Priceless Piece of BBSHH Singapore) 150-year History BJIIiiHIIfBB te histor y- 5111 authorised reproduction of the Front Page of its very First edition published in 1845 has been specially commissioned. Handsomely packaged, this collector's item provides a glimpse of The were Priced at just $55.00 per set (excluding

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Maybe because our business is all about sports, we at the Royal Sporting House Group understand better than most the all-importance of winning. From the word GO! our goal has been to make Royal Sporting House the finest sporting goods group in the region. And by 'region', we include Singapore,


Smell, it's The New Paper [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Smell, it's The New Paper TOMORROW, when you carry a copy of The New Paper along Orchard Road, don't be surprised if you're presented with a bottle of "cK one" perfume by fellow strollers. That's the latest fragrance from Calvin Klein, and, like this newspaper, it's new, news and newsy

Boys find body while hunting for spiders [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Boys find body while hunting for spiders By Sherry Giang THREE boys, who were catching spiders in Clementi Woods on Saturday, got the fright of their lives. Hidden in the undergrowth, among a clump of bushes, was the decaying body of a young man. Police said yesterday that the body

Another body found [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Another body found ANOTHER highly decomposed body was found along Jalan Bungar near Choa Chu Kang Road. The dead man, who has not been identified yet, had a wire clothes hanger around his neck. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, black shorts and a blue sarong. The body was discovered


Page 15

Daddy dearest Say what's so endearing about Dad in The New Paper/Marks Spencer's Father's Day contest and win him a new look. Star dad Douglas Oliveiro has had his makeover. He and daughter Nadia tell CAROL LEONG about their special bond HE'S the only dad in her school who wears

Teck 1 ... Teck 2 ... Teck 3 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Teck 1 Teck 2 Teck 3 By T Ranganayaki SO you thought no one could be as funny as Singapore's funniest family? Not so, say the producers of Under One Roof, the sitcom that is shown every Tuesday. In fact, they would have you believe, Tan Ah Teck is for

Moses Lim as Tan Ah Teck [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Moses Lim as Tan Ah Teck THE sitcom revolves around Tan Ah Teck, his wife Dolly, and three children Paul, Ronnie and Denise, in their HDB executive flat in Bishan. Tan Ah Teck loves to eat, is fond of telling stories with morals to teach his children important lessons in


Page 16

WHAT THE LAWYERS SAY UNDER the Law of Defamation, if a person can prove that he or she is the one,being portrayed by a character in the sitcom, then he stands a chance in court, say the lawyers. But he would have to prove that a particular characteristic is exclusively

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VITAGEN SL/RVMXKS;^ /Esn L VITAGEN the winning culture! «*%> ill 3 WAYS TO WIW C rom 15 July 95 you can get a winning r game card with every pack of 5 bottles of VITAGEN™ you buy. For loose bottles, ask your retailer for one game card for every 5

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They thought they'd -found a way to be cool. Now they're hooked for life. CIGARETTES ARE ADDICTIVE. BEFORE YOU KNOW IT. YOU'RE HOOKED. \y

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ITS THE TO PAIR UP FOR 16J. FRBOTS' 2 FOR $36 PROMOTION. n I 1 rt. All I Se^ I The Bistro* i Open for business from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. The Glass House-9 Penang Road-Park Mall-Singapore 0923-TeL 334-7811 H Opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Parking available in Park


No need to fuss over me' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

No need to fuss over me' Former Malaysian agriculture minister Datuk Seri Sanusi Junid raised eyebrows last week when he reportedly turned down a state executive councillor's post, the equivalent of a Cabinet post at state level DATUK Seri Sanusi Junid called the fuss about him not getting any job


Page 17

LANGKAWI LOAD THE controversy aside, the newly-elected Kuah Assemblyman says he is looking forward to new challenges. "I have what others do not Langkawi (a tourist resort). It is my constituency. There is a lot to be done in Langkawi alone," said Dr Sanusi Junid. Would he miss the Agriculture

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Page 17

.JlM>b<. 1 1H ANYBODY can easily take the back seat. Behind every great man is said to be a great woman a statement that is fully justified. Because for generations, women have always played a supportive role. There's no doubt that providing support is important. A role from which you

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"Heart String" $3 88 Tokens of appreciation for ai underpaid job. 9 06 (22k) Gold Bracelet It goes without argument that mothers have the toughest job of all. Toils and worries. Heartaches and pains. Not forgetting the pregnancy and delivery. Yet for most of the time they're taken for granted.


Philippines' risk rating increases [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

Philippines' risk rating increases AFTER falling steadily for eight straight quarters, the Philippines' overall risk rating has risen this quarter, according to the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (Perc). Business Times reported that the country's overall risk grade is now 0.5659 of a point, compared with 0.5476 of a point

Troops sent to 'hot spots' [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Troops sent to 'hot spots' Source: Wire services. THE Philippine authorities were on alert for possible violence and illegal campaigning on the eve of national elections yesterday. Police have put up checkpoints in various places in efforts to head off more election-related violence. More than 30 people have been reported

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fl k B||k i But it takes a SOMEBODY to rise to the challenge. This is your chance to be in the front line. Be an Army Woman Officer. Because you'll get more than a career you'll receive the recognition you deserve. As a member of an elite group, the

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I FXCGTS OF A WOMXN in celebration of Mothers Day at Change Alley Images of mothers in a series of exhibitions and performances at Change Alley from 8-31 May 1995. CH6W LEAN IM mm tm I I Change Alley IV 1 Arcade V l famM! A solo exhibition by artist


Remembering the joyous time of old [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

Remembering the joyous time of old Royal festive touch: The Prince of Wales kisses Princess Diana at the end of the Heads of State ceremony at Hyde Park in London yesterday. Heads of state from nearly 60 countries gathered for festivities on the 50th anniversary of VE Day, recalling the

Haj fire kills two: Report [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Haj fire kills two: Report AT least two people died when a fire broke out at camps erected to house pilgrims at the annual Muslim haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. SBC text reported that the fire set 1,000 tents aflame. It said the fire was caused by gas bottles left

Police escort for Pillai [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Police escort for Pillai AN Indian policeman escorts fugitive Indian tycoon Rajan Pillai (left) as he arrives at a court to get his bail extended in Trivandrum city in the southern Indian state of Kerala on Friday. Pillai is wanted by Interpol after Singapore convicted him of criminal breach of

Anger over land deal by Israelis [ARTICLE]

Page 22

Anger over land deal by Israelis I MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS AP. EGYPTIAN Foreign Minister AMr Moussa warned Israel yesterday that it was jeopardising the Middle East peace process with its decision to confiscate land in Arab east Jerusalem. He made the comment at a tense news conference with visiting

Talks and more talks [ARTICLE]

Page 22

Talks and more talks Mr Moussa's meeting with Mr Peres was followed by talks between Mr Peres and Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath. The Peres-Shaath meeting was to focus on the deadlock in negotiations on expanding Palestinian self-government to the West Bank, but instead it dealt with Jerusalem. Mr Peres told


Page 22

DISPUTE THE future of Jerusalem is at the heart of the IsraeliPalestinian dispute. Arab east Jerusalem was captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war and then declared annexed. Israel insists east Jerusalem remains part of its capital, but the Palestinians want the Arab sector as the capital of

Fake arm that feels like real [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Fake arm that feels like real CHUCK Tiemann reached out and touched his wife's hand, feeling her warmth. Hardly surprising except that his hand and arm are artificial. He is one of several volunteers testing a sensory system unveiled recently that may change many lives. The Daily Mail said scientists

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Page 24

NICE KIT Local singer Kit Chan has struck four platinums in Taiwan and a gold in Singapore with her album, Heartache. YONG SIEW FERN meets her at her Pasir Panjang home to find out what she is like away from the limelight KIT Chan's music career has changed her from

She loves talking of good 'ole times [ARTICLE]

Page 24

She loves talking of good 'ole times KIT and her friends have known each other for 10 years now. They first met in Raffles Girls' Secondary School. Kit said when they get together, they would usually gossip, daydream, recollect old times and catch up with the latest happenings. Her friend,

'I have no regrets' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

'I have no regrets' By Yong Siew Fern KIT CHAN gave up a chance to go to university to pursue her dream of becoming a performing artiste. She was part of the pioneer group of drama students at the then La Salle School of Drama in 1991. "I have had


Page 25

'I WAS A FAR EAST KID' MINI-skirts. That what Kit and her friends sometimes wore when they hung out at Far East Plaza. And on some weekends they would dress according to a theme sometimes demure, sometimes outrageous and walk down Orchard road. Far East Plaza was their home ground.

Foreigner plugs old hits [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Foreigner plugs old hits By Dave Ang IF Foreigner's gig last night at the Hard Rock Cafe was "unplugged", then it was a very loud unplugged concert indeed. The American rock band rocked so obviously loud and hard that it was hard to imagine how the concert could have been

Bon Jovi: Red hot and ready [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

Bon Jovi: Red hot and ready Bon Jovi's concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium tonight promises a rousing, body-swaying time. MICHAEL SOUTHWELL checks out their Bangkok gig IF Bon Jovi's Bangkok concert is anything to go by, their Singaporean fans are in for a hot time. About 12,000 of Bangkok's


Page 28

She's so shy New Face finalist Doreen Tan takes her sweet time to warm up as CAROL LEONG discovers "I SPEAK only when I'm spoken to," said Doreen Tan. It turned out to be true. Throughout the photo shoot, the soft-spoken, part-time model didn't say anything except for clarifying instructions.


Page 27

SHOW INFO WHAT: Bon Jovi Crossroads To The East '95 tour WHEN: Tonight, 8 pm WHERE: Indoor Stadium TICKETS: $40, $55 and $75 available at all Sistic outlets (To make room for dgncing, there will be no seats in front of the stage). Local group Radioactive is expected to be

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12.35 PM Danielle Steel's Message from Nam (Drama): Paxton reports on the tragedies and truths of the war through first-hand experiences. 1.30 The Album Show (Music/stereo) 2.20 Boogie's Diner The One Where They Have a Slogan Contest (Comedy/stereo): Gerald tries to get in shape for his class reunion while Tymph

'I've got an attitude problem' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

'I've got an attitude problem' ET CETERA WITH PRADEEP PAUL WHAT'S this about attitudes? Time was when you had the right attitude. Or the wrong one. The former was appreciated. The latter, dealt with summarily. But now, it appears, you wear your attitude like a badge. It's hip. It's with

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Stay Right In The Heart Of Town, Amidst Tourist Attractions And Shopping Centres, All Within Walking Distance. I RM 140 nett per room Newly refurbished and upgraded rooms. Accomodation on single/twin sharing basis with I breakfast, subject to room availability. Not applicable on eve of holidays, major festive religious occasions

Page 31 Miscellaneous

Page 31 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 31

"I COMICRELIEF The Concrete Jungle/coim Goh S'PORtANFftiRVTRIES S |SoNickitt>kb«ts -A -foWAkl SRSS I*** 1 j ncM r4 I sbft(sua*. j 1 SSS&.;r^' J Tok Guru/Sofian Yahya THE STORY OF THE LEECH IN A WE MUST CONTACT THE BLOOD MODERN TIMES ,4 WE ARE BANK TO DECLARE THIS (FINISHED/ > BUFFALO

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I This Week j HBHMfflKinilMl J Pill M Canon BJ-10SXw/cable S j only $245 B PHMHRHNHMII B«IITi]IM:W.'■ ■■■iMjAaAMMaUIAMMIIkBH JJ Yes, now for every $20 spent at J Challenger-Hitachi Tower, you'll be J entitled to 1 gift coupon. B Accumulate your coupons exchange for I the gift of your choice! B

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< Ja fTaO Only $7.50 per Set Lunch of J (From Bth 26th May!) V Also available Chinese Set Lunch for 4 persons at $28.00** Free ample carpark fame Cafe (Newly Renovated) m i» S ÜBaf KATONG PARK HOTEL WS XXXXX,,

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Page 34

FOOD trail Babataher By Clarinda Lim Unlike most North Indian restaurants which choose to transport diners to the mystical Mogul days with elaborate paintings and artifacts from India, the decor at Babataher only hints at this exotic past. With just a few North Indian paintings on its walls, this North

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HBEBH INDULGE AND ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF IN THE BRANCH OF J THE WORLD'S BEST CURRY HOUSE MOTI MAHAL RESTAURANT AUSTRALIA POST. Fully licensed bar accompanied by AN EXTENSIVE MENU. Reservation Essential Orchard Road ambience at Serangoon rd prices. (Sembawang Park) Seafood Restaurant 117 Beaulieu Road,Sinagpore 2775 Tel: XXXXX34,XXXXX88 Mother's Day Set

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Experience a tradition of good I Indonesian food at I the Kepala Asam f Pedas, Tahu Telur, ~J I i Opening Hoars: Monday to Sunday Public Holidays 11.30am 10.00pm For reservations caO XXXXX19 or Fax XXXXX20 10% Discount for Lunch and Dinner ™totes Dine-in cool air-con comfort Be different, taste

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pSai CAFE RESTAURANT f NORTH INDIAN CUSINE I II LUNCH: Set $5.80 (Non-Veg) I I $5.00 (Veg) and A La Carte g II DINNER: Set and A La Carte. 11 Italian Menu 11 Italian Food with Indian spices 11 for that extra Punch! I 8 (Pasta, Pizza.... Strictly Home Made)

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May's Promotion I GARDEN I kid A-La-Carte Buffet ,1 RBMBtttmui I m Wehaveover2Bdifferentvarietiesofdishestory(XJtochoosefrom. jil mett for 10 pax I imm ml m\L (No QST, SVCE CHARGE, GOVT TAX) H until II 81l I #_ll (COMPLIMENTARY TEA. TOWELS,TIT Kandahar Y1 v (ereiprouision of vip karaoke R»e Indonesian E J Ifoaffilswatow dim-sum

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GARDEN I (w5 Steak House Restaurant I Tel: 283 0833 Fax: XXXXX02| Set Lunch $6.50+ (Sunday at $8.50+) I Set Dinner $15.50+ (Daily) I anavanou^ WKere can yow f-md I delicious kome-cool<cd food la+ an affordsbl« pfie«? CMya>4« A great array of home cooktd dishes await you at the Goldleaf.

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from I CK Cooked any style you wish Bsa —l 4 l- Try our Live Sri Lanka meat crab I Private Functions Or our H Karaoke VIP room rl Lanka Live King Crab aft Jl.6s++ (per lOOgm) I (No extra charge) A wlde Mlcctl Q" of other live seafood at

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SPECIALH SET MENU LUNCH Hi I 6 (Persons) $88 gj® 10 (Persons) $188 8 0 < Persons S 9B I Baked Prawns with Butter wjp;l Black Pepper Crab I NO SERVICE CHARGE I Business Hours Lunch: 11.30am-2.Bopny Dinner. 6pro-10.30pm H 593. (Old) Hawlocfc Road 101-01/02 hetan Office BuMng, rpore 0316

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f|lil* lißpH TTTOi |y f 42 Veerasamy Road S(0820) (Junction of Veerasamy Road Rowell Rd) South North Indian Cuisine jgydolUina iij Brit gBMi Catering Services Available I Contact V.T. Raj an TEL: XXXXX21/XXXXX50 Between mm| 3.00pm to Wfl/WMi I BEER: JWGJSI2 ONLY M "SSSaBBii Htei****** Fop Real EAO I 61

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Savour the endless variety of over 40 mouth-watering favourites. A truly lip-smacking DDI SUM IXJHTCM selection not to be missed. I Mondays to Saturdays, Jh«|m I l.itOam to g.3Qp«u For Reservation Call 787 Bill <w <5 v? H y EoSjlj us Pcnang Road, Singapore 0923. QlockjlH $otrl XXXXXXXXXX1E1813E1381E181E11 1 ll

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m L REE 2191 Personal 2191 Personal Services/ Service*/ Products Products i- Ideal for Home, IPHI Pffice and Travel 21st Century water filter jug removes sediment, contaminants and odours C Enjoy clean water for good health and fresh taste. for.Traveilmg/Camping fcw Babyfood Cooking Military exercise Water related allergies etc Available

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2670 Education/ Instruction rUton Standard Advanced Day Class -17/05/95 Eve Class-12/05/95 Student Pass Arrangeabto Mm. *0' Level lATA-UFTAA Authored Training Centre ENGLISH HOIIOAY PROGRAMME Call ut now lor mon Malii OR t— th* imt tow of Tht Htu Piper

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2626 Ttaval Qatda 2126 Travl Quid* pnpp FLAM I JID KUKUP TOUfl $59 I jSKjES, i 1 2D KUKUP GOLF I resoflT i7ft A/SIMiWI Fany Tick* tlao availobte lor 0L USiUfflHli KATAM TGPINANG TGIALAI TGBATU^B S3S 524 $60 $45 $45 —me 2670 Education/ 2670 Education/ lßa6aMatflAM |M«aaM«a|AM iMxrucxiovi instruction i

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2730 IwntirW 2730 SecietarieV 2730 IttradftaV Clerical Positions Clerical Positions Clortcsl Positions Singapore I I Technologies I I Automotive I We have immediate vacancies for: rpMKHTTTTfTTTVTTTrfTTTT'T" I Requirements: I S GCE 'O' level/CBS (Secretarial) Hj Conversant with computer software like WordPerfect and Excel WM B •At least 2 years' relevant

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Page 39

2710 Secretarial/ 2730 Secretarial/ CMul Positions Clerical Fo»Moai A. Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited The Ariaa Beak whh Iateraatloeal Expertfac invites applications for the position of: ClerkS You should hove or leosr 5 GCE 'N' levels or 3 GCE 'O' levels Including English ond Morhemorics. You must be oble ro

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2710 Secretarial/ 2730 Secretariai/ Clerical Positions Clerical Positions ——i^—== Established Shipping Company invites applications to fill following appointment: CLERICAL ASSISTANT (FEMALE) Min. 3 '0' level passes Preferable at least 2 years experience PC literate Willing to work overtime Interested pis. write or fax with full details of personal data, qualifications,

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Page 40

2730 Secretarial/ Clerical Positions KENSO LEASING PTE LTD ■B Si Si An Established Leasing Si a Car Loan Co. Requiree jib *>b >i< Si Diploma/ Degree holder Si Possesses good commuSi nication skills s< Si* Bilingual Si Si* Female preferred Si J' Those interested 'J' please write to: J S<

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2730 Secretarial/ Clerical Positions i SSS=SSSSS=SSSS I j^FHC^Sr 1 X wanted ii IJ l Invoicing &PC wort Ij I <1 Ij I Prepare order* I( I ■i I,l* Able to speak simple i, l ii l,i English i, I I! 11 'Opportunity To 'I! i fcwpiuse English' I it I!

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2730 SacratartaV Clerical Positions FHWALK SIBPPWO ASSISTANT I Relevant experience required I Able to proceea full aet of import/ export documents snd Tradenet knowledge Able to start wort immediately l Come personally to: I Blk. B4S Sims Ave. *01-728 MapW 1440 (Oppoette Eunoe MRT) I Tel: XXXXX11 I I Law

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1 2740 Salas Positions 2740 talos Positions I Singapore Frees Holdings We are the region's leading publisher/printer of newspapers, magazines and periodicals and we Invite suitably qualified candidates to )oin us as: The Job: To promote the sales of Company's newspapers and periodicals Liaison with organisations for bulk purchase Customer

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2740 Solos Positions 2740 Solos Positions 2740 Solos Positions I We are an established beverage manufacturer in H M Singapore and have immediate vacancies for: 9 Promoters I. (Supermarkets) i School leavers and students on vacation Pleasant and outgoing personality B Ability to speak English On the job training and

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Page 41

2740 Saloa Positions 2740 Selee IHwMoiw 2740 Silii PosWona Q $$$^DREAM /ff\ You can: Earn $10,000 p.m. Be your own s l2fc> i boss Be promoted to Agency Management J T7 l "Travel to oversea conventions SAMUEL ONG pop at factehnuff (M»°-S'O 1 &21 year.) Tel: 334 2696 Pg: 708

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2748 Taohnisal Positions SB3BBBSB ASST. Q.S. Diploma in Q.S. Fresh grsdustes may apply Bilingual In English ft Chineee Who can work on site SITE SUPERVISORS 3-5 yrs. working experience Bilingual Eng, a Mandarin Knowledge of Level Setting a Structural works Salary commensurate with experience LORRY DRIVER Chinese or Malay can

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2749 Tschnlosl 2746 Technical Positions Positions I SAftYO I Sanyo Airconditloners (S) Pte Ltd has immediate vacancies for: MALE SITE SUPERVISORS! Between 20 to 40 years GCE 'N' level or ITE Certificate in airconditioning refrigeration Completed NS or exempted Preferably those with related experience STORE ASSISTANT ~~W Physically fit With

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Page 42

2768 SCorW Inventory 2788 fttorW Invontory Positions Positions STORE ASSISTANT I Male, age 25 years and above GCE'O* level Good physical build Must be able to operate foddift PC knowledge and experience in store work will be an advantage Bilingual in English Mandarin Suitable candidates, please WRITE IN with ful

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Page 42

D—patch Positions IMPORT FIRM urgently requirea (1) VAN DRIVER muat pcuiii valid driving licence dutiM include helping to carry goods, load and unload vana. ate. (2) DC LIVERY ASSISTANTS I dutiea include helping van driver aaaiating in the warehouae to load/ unload end stecfc gooda Pleaae apply in person or

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2700 HotelI Restaurant/ 2760 Hotel/ Rosteurant/ 2700 Hotel/ RosteuranV Loony Position Loonps Positions Loungs Positions .iJLJLLJLmL .UJLII For a career that's CHALLENGING AND REWARDING ACCOUNTS SUPERVISOR Minimum 3 years' experience in income audit and credit 5 r administration in hospitality industry Must be mature and able to work independently SECRETARIAL

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2760 Hot*!/ Itostaurant/ 2760 Hot*!/ lUstaurant/ 2760 Hot*!/ Rsstaurant/ Loung* Positions Lounge Positions Loung* Positions H There's a place where |3 I the good things are. M Where people are like family. At Hyatt, people come first. This means giving you the best training, and a ML2 chance to succeed.

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Page 43

l.T&i 1 wh-fi PART-TIME ASSISTANT 1 NEEDED! M ate /Female Age 18 years old and above No experience required Free training provided Working Time: 1st 9.00pm-11.00pm 2nd: 11.30pm--2.00am EARN UPTO $280 DAILY Retirees, Houseirires, OKI) personnel tire welcome Call Ms Karen Tay at 323 1804 from (9am--11pm) ■BBBSin BaKQ|^y^fl ■KtSliskiß

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Page 43

2796 Othsr Positions Rhonus Transport (8) Pts Ltd. An International Airfreight Forwarder (German-baaed) urgently require*: 1. WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR It IHnht Skiltl irtnnsnsni mpn •mii; GC£ N' Of '0' Level Ito 2 years relevant experience in Airfreight environment Abie to operate forklift To take charge of clearance/ traffic operations Abie to

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1796 othf PoeW— 2796 Ot»r PoeWooe 2796 Otftr Eo»Mo— 2796 OtW PoeHions 2796 Otl»c Poehkwe 2796 Otter PoeMona 2796 Otfcr P—Wo— 1. House Detectives 1. Dishwasher 2. Sales Assistants 3. Check-Out Supervisor 2. Sales Assistants 4. Store Keeper For position 2, part-time applicants are welcome. For P osrt,on part-time applicants

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2796 Othf Potltiom 2796 Other PoeftloM 2796 Other Pot Mow 2796 Other Position* 2796 Qthor PotMoiw jJT_ I From diploma, 'A' level, 'O' level to NTC holders, we have just the right career for you Find out more Come to our Walk-In Interview H Monday, 8 May 1995 from 9am

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Page 45

>{i Cabling Company require* *1) ADMIN. ASSISTANT PC knowledge GCE '0' Level Pleasant personality ableg, to work independently >£ |2) WIREMEN ►i*- Experience in telephone/ >K computer cable installation lfit®f®st#d pis. contact m XXXXX06

Page 45 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 45

2796 Other Poattkuis 2796 Other PoeMona v Sentosa Golf Club j S{! requires: l| GCE'N*or*o* level 1 11 •No experience is required as training will 111 Ji| be provided i[k Ji Able to work on weekends Public Holidays [j t\ WALK-IN INTERVIEW ![b S Monday 8-5-95 to Friday 12-5-95 I

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Page 46

g i 27— Othf MtfoM 27— Othf htWwt 2796 Othf PoeWona 2795 Other Position* «J J VI J L J I iA H J| k I I k I J J| J I k I 1.1 J1 1 i ISIA Enginaaring Company, a wholly-owned subaidiary of Singapore Airlines, ia engaged

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Page 46

HNJ|||J||W pmSHm luJUfijH WV9|r|fK The Employment Classified Section

Page 46 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 46

Iffli Insert! I 4 B Checkout where to go After 5, gj every Friday in

Page 46 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 46

2796 Other Position* 2796 Other PoiWom 2796 OHmt PosMom fmsBBEEBSSMn invites Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents to II apply for appointment to the following grades:- I (A) EDUCATION CLERICAL OFFICER, GRADE B II (S6BS XXXXX pm) I f—f—. ft.. I JM|,|i^l. lMt I^H tnuy %fU€umcauons. i) At least 3

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Page 47

WHY DO YOU BLAME ME IF YOUR I COMPUTER IS SUDDENLY SPOILT? "No I just accidentally pressed a button and it conked off. I didn't do anything else", replied one of the user's friend. "What has tjvy happened? We need the computer badly. Otherwise this work cannot be submitted in

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Page 47

FROM -American Breakfast -Dinner M -High Tea I I I Rate Quoted Is I I I I Per Person I I I I (TWin Sharing Basis) I 111 -Valid From I 111 13/5-15/5 M m Additional Nite Is Ss9o Per Person DESARU VIEW HOTEL TEL: XXXXX57 #0207 IBM TOWERS 80



Page 48

JAZZ UTAH STOP Karl Malone from scoring. Stop John Stockton from handing out his trademark assists. That's the only way to beat this team. Both players have paced themselves through the season too. No wonder the rest of the players are pumped full of adrenalin. m** |-j iM I I,


Page 48

SUPERSONICS SEATTLE LAST year, the Supersonics topped the league with 63 wins. This year, they haven't been so dominant. As Shawn Kemp says: "Last year we were cruising throughout the season. This year we will have to come out and play in the first round." Obviously the Supersonics are looking


Page 48

ROCKETS HOUSTON AS defending champions, the Rockets have performed below par. Anaemia problems for star centre Hakeem Olajuwon and guard Vernon Maxwell haven't helped. Neither has Maxwell's volatile temper. But any team that has been all the way just last year has class. And that class will eventually tell. *wnwy


Page 48

LAKERS LOS ANGELES THE team with the past: 11 NBA titles. They are also hoping for Magic Johnson to resurrect himself. Wrong move. Today's Lakers may not be the force they were in the '80s. But players like Cedric Ceballos and Nick Van Exel have the potential to guide this


Page 49

Tough going Stories/. Brian Miller THEY called it the Gatorade Target Challenge and what a challenge it was. The six finalists, all winners of weekly preliminaries held over the last two months, fired a total of 180 balls at the three targets. But, at the end of it all, only

No windfall [ARTICLE]

Page 49

No windfall IT was tough going at the Safra Golf and Country Club on Saturday evening. And it wasn't only tough for the six golfers involved in the Gatorade Target Challenge shootout. It was also tough going for the Alzheimer's Disease Association. You see, Gatorade had promised the Association, which


Page 49

SCORELINE Wire services. Results of yesterday's international sports: SOCCER Div One Belgium: Ekeren 3 FC Liege 1, Molenbeek 0 Anderlecht 2. England: Bolton 1 Burnley 1, Luton 2 Stoke 3, Millwall 1 Bristol C 1, Port Vale 1 Notts C 1, Portsmouth 1 Oldham 1, Reading 2 Charlton 1, Southend

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i i i i C C J^ > j___ The success of a team t r often depends on f who's on the bench, Nothing qucnchcs healthy bodies like Gatorade. Gatorade Hotline: 463 3333 "f

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THE NEW PAPER MARKS S SPENCER FATHER'S DAY PROMOTION WIL2M *sws» ■lu^mui For once, put dad in the spotlight Send him for a makeover. YouH flip over your 'new look' dad! What's more, both of you will take home great prizes and wonderful memories of the best Father's day! Make

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TO SIGN UP FOR BK WALK '951 /T* "jf* v i Nss mam L I CI 3RD PRIZE: Sony MDP-ABooKMulti Disc Player 2ND 34* ICT DDI7C Sony MDP-A6OOK Multi Due Player and Sony SA-VAI AV PLUS: Kodak hampers! ASICS ihoes! Sony Walkmans! 191 l KILC! Active Speaker System Timex watches


Battle of the Schools [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 51

Battle of the Schools The Singapore Schools sports Programme is currently underway with the finals of six sports already concluded, here are the appears that as far as school sports goes, old battle-hardened school traditions still hold sway. CALVIN LOW reports MONTFORT Secondary School's upset win over Anglo-Chinese School

Not Hussaini's night [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Not Hussaini's night BALESTIER 0 DARWIN 4 Stories/ Bernard Pereira Ex-international Hussaini Manaf was a mental wreck after the Tiger Beer Premier League match at Jalan Besar. Not only because his team, Balestier United, crumbled to a 4-0 defeat against Darwin Cubs. More because he had twice tried to clear

An incident the referee missed [ARTICLE]

Page 52

An incident the referee missed FOR nearly one minute, Balestier United goalkeeper M Glangovan lay injured and unattended on the pitch last night. It came after a clash with team-mate Robin Pradhan Chitrakar. And yet, no effort was made from the linesmen to alert the referee, Ismail Surdi, to stop

Crips is Under-17 champion [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Crips is Under-17 champion IN last Saturday's Too Tuff To Puff Puma Street Soccer Cup, the matches on the four-a-side court kept the crowd on their feet. Twenty seven enthusiastic teams took part in this fourth leg of the tournament held at Changkat Changi Community Centre. The matches were played

Over to you, Blackburn [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Over to you, Blackburn Today Blackburn v Newcastle Wednesday Man U v Southampton West Ham v Liverpool Saturday Wimbledon v Forest Sunday Chelsea v Arsenal Coventry v Everton Liverpool v Blackburn Man C v QPR Newcastle v Palace Norwich v Villa Sheff W v Ipswich Saints v Leicester Tottenham v


Page 53

THE CHAMPIONSHIP CHASE BUCKBURN Played: 40 Won: 26 Goal difference: 41 Points: 86 REMAINING MATCHES (2 to play) Today: Newcastle (H) Sunday: Liverpool (A) MAN UTD Played: 40 Won: 25 Goal difference: 48 Points: 84 REMAINING MATCHES (2 to play) Wednesday: Southampton (H) Sunday: West Ham (A)

Malaysia vs Flamengo [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Malaysia vs Flamengo The Malaysian national team plays Flamengo All-Stars at Shah Alam Stadium tonight. How strong is the new-look Malaysian team under new coach Claude Le Roy? JEFFREY LOW and MOHD ISHAK will provide you the answers in The New Paper tomorrow Superheroes: Flamengo's Junior (left) and Zico Picture/

Rangers almost there for Gazza [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Rangers almost there for Gazza Wire services. GLASGOW Rangers manager Walter Smith said yesterday he had agreed a fee with Lazio for Paul Gascoicne. But tSie England midfielder had still to decide which club he wanted to join. Smith said more talks were scheduled to persuade the 27-year-old injury-prone star

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WHO'S DOING WELL, 1W NOT... I SHOW YOUR MUM HOW MUCH YOU CARE BY I GIVING HER THE GIFT OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS. I Daughter and mother after Expressions program. "Mum and I have always liked doing things together. So, when someone told us about Expressions I^. Guaranteed Weight Inch-Loss