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TRESPASSERS FOR pound of Admiralty Hou a protected p'are— three Intiterday fine each in the Singapore Seventh Magistrate's Court.

ZEPPELIN TRESPASSERS. Hagup, Sept. 26. The Netherlands has made another serious protest to Germany regarding Zeppelins violating Dutch neutrality.

RED TRESPASSERS Six Communist youths, hauled off from Heligoland on Sunday, were remanded for trial yesterday for tresrwssing on the island. A.P.

THE PORTUGUESE AT KOMATIPOORT. Watching for Boer Trespassers. Portuguese are guarding the frontier at Komatipoort to prevent the retreating Boers from crossing.

TWO TRESPASSERS SEGAMAT, Sat— Two tappers, 17-year-old Yap Tham Hee and Khoo Tian Lai, aged 20, were fined $10 each for trespassing on Chuo Estate

TRESPASSERS For wilfully trespassing into grounds belonging to the Singapore Improvement Trust at Havelock Road, three Chinese were fined $10 each in the Singapore Third Police Court yesterday.

Trespassers fined JOHORE BAHRU, Tues Woo Ah Lak and Woo Hal Lee, vegetable gardeners, were fined $15 each for trespassing Into the Majedee Barracks compound.

Trespassers SINOAPORE. Tues. Kee Lek Hee. 31. and Chew Chng Miuw, 30, were each fined $25 for trespassing In the National Theatre In Clemenceau Avenue on Sunday.

Trespassers fined SINGAPORE. Wed. Mohammed Ibrahim. 40. and Leone Chye. 41. were each fined $25 today for trespassing Into Keppel Shipyard Ptc. Ltd.. yesterday.

Trespassers PBtANO, i if > i i) Ji«eph. 18. an: Q 26 were fined *25 or lour day*' jail, for bring in the I' :iout a permit.

TRESPASSERS INTO LABOUR QUARTERS Mr. Soh Ghee Soon complained in the City Council yesterday that outsiders, par. ticularly squatters, were trespassing into latrines and bathrooms intended for City Council labourers residing in Havelock Road Quarters. He also alleged in some cases labourers have been assaulted by trespassers.

27 killed in railway accidents last year Trenty-s«ven people were killed as a result of railway accidents during last year, states the annual report of the Malayan Railway Administration. Of this number, 14 were trespassers, two of the trespassers committed suicide, while the remaining vere struck accidentally by trains.

"TRESPASSERS" SELECTIONS TRESPASSERS SELECTIONS Race I— Night shade. Black Beauty. Race 2. Selangor 11, New Zealand. Race 3.— Sky Raider, Captain Ball. Uace L Qulsana (Nap) Lady Luck. Race SL— Flying Star, Fighting Finish. Race 8. Fair King, Salmon Par. Race 7. Toyman, Celtic Bard. Race 8. Bilsdcan, Empire Flower.

27 killed on railroads KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. TWENTY -SEVEN people were killed as a result of railway accidents last year, I states the annual report of the Malayan Railway Administration. Fourteen were trespassers. Two of the trespassers committed suicide, while the remaining were struck accidentally by trains. Only two passengers,

Scary notice Visitors to the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research could not help wondering whether BISIR really means what It says In a prominently displayed notice which read: 'Trespassers will be eaten up."

Trespassers Fined MUAR, Sat. Ahmad Mustapha and Hassan bin Mansor were each fined $10 by Inche Rauf for trespass. The two Mah entered the house of a Chiu. Kah Wee Hoe at Jalan Arab, Muar town.

TRESPASSERS TWENTY-SEVEN persons who were found m the Singapore Turf Club premises on Wednesday without membership badges were fined $5 each m a Singapore Court on a charge of trespass.

Czech trespassers Bonn protests The U.S. embassy in Prague yesterday handed a West German note to Czechoslovakia protesting against the violation of West German territory by Czech armed patrols on Aug. 1. il was announced in Reuter Bonn last nij<lit

Best bets for today ALLAN LEWIS'S best bets today are MERRY-GO-ROUND, RIGOLETTO and OREGON. TRESPASSERS best bets are OREGON and MELNIK. MACLEOD'S Picture Tip m Page 7. The going is expected to he soft.

21 trespassers SINGAPORE, Wed.—Twen-ty-one people were fined $10 i each m the Magistrate's j Court here yesterday when tney pleaded guilty to trespass into the Singapore Turf Club's compound during a 1 race meeting.

[TRESPASSERS! I BEST BETS Trespasser's best bets for j j the first day of the Kuala E Lumpur race meeting E today are: j Enola Gay (Race 3) Ten Dollars (Race 4) and j j Sudden Choice (Race 6).

TRESPASSERS BEST BETS rESPASSER'S best bets for Kuala Lumpur to- I day are Rippling River I j (Race 5), Wide Screen I (Rate 6) and Kempton I (lirt I), I

None welcome SEEN on the door of a nunnery in Italy: "No entrance. Trespassers will he prosecuted. Entrance by appointment only." Go further down to another door and a sign says: "No appointments."

Trespassers BEIJING, Wed. One Hongkong boat sank and another fled to the Taiwan-held Baiquan Islands after a Chinese patrol craft caught them m a restricted area, Xinhua said today. The boat picked up four survivors before it fled.

Probe into hardliners POLICE are investigating a hardline group known as Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia for sedition over its provocative statements on minorities. In its latest racial attack, the group calls the Chinese in Malaysia trespassers. PAGE A17

Trespassers prosecuted Pulau Merambong's beacon light is checked once a month by Malaysian marine officers and Johor residents want foreigners visiting the island illegally to face criminal action. NEW STRAITS TIMES RAYMOND LEE

TRESPASSERS From Our Own Correspondent JOHORE BAHRU. MonKong Hian. Chi Su Leng and Mah Shin Yin. three women, were each fined $2 here today for wilfully trespassing on REM Estate, Kota Tinggi road.

TRESPASSERS JOHORE BAHRU, Tues.- Lee Keng Kiat, Lee See i Chong and Wong Chai Llm. were each fined $10 in the Johore Bahru Police Oourt for trespassing on the railway line near the Johore Bahru railway station.