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Mr. M. P. Anderson is on a visit to North Borneo. We hear that he finds life m Singapore attractive but that will not prevent him visiting his old haunts m North Borneo 8.N.8. Herald.

Mr. A. R. Rivett passed through m the Marudu 01 the 20th. Mr. Rivett is proceeding to England on leave prior to retirement, says the North Borneo Herald.

On Thursday the 6th of December, at Penampang, the celebration 6f the Silrer Jubilee of Mfrr. A. Wachter, Prefect Apostolic of North Borneo, took place.- 8.N.8. Herald.

NORTH BORNEO OFFICER ENGAGED The engagement is announced of Mr. Gerald Summerfleld. of British i North Borneo, to Miss Betty Pearson, oi Wilmington. Devonshire. Mr. Summerfleld. the British North Borneo Herald says. Joined the 8.N.8. Servlc? I in 1919 and was. a year later, appointed M private secretary to the

Man-Power In British North Borneo A Government communique m the British North Berneo Herald says an emergency man-power register; on the same lines as of that recently formed m Singapore, is being compiled m British North Borneo. It is said that In an emergency, volunteers would be required for A.R.P.

Mr. A N Campbell, Cadet, has retired from the British North Borneo Government Service Repatriates stream through Tawau at ar. appalling rate but from the number that elect to stay behind it seems a most popular place B.NB. Herald.

Mr. Ho Eng Seng, cashier of the North Borneo Government in Sandakan Treasury, with his four children, passed through by Darvel on sth July en route for Singapore and Hong Kong on wJell-earned leave.—B.N.B. Herald.

The Kudat correspondent of the British North Borneo Herald states that pearl producing oysters have visited the Bay after an absence of about thirteen year*. Many samples have been collected but fishing has not yet begun in real earnest.

The construction of the wireless station at Sandakan is proceeding rapidly, says tbe British North Borneo Herald. The site has been prepared and an operator's office built Tbe Chinese who formerly occupied the land have been compensated by the Government

In connection with the murders of Mr. Pauw and Mr. Leggatt in British North Borneo lately, the 8.N.8. Herald states that twelve coolies were committed for trial ami f those ton have been found ttuilty and sentenced to death.

Lady Rycroft's health was the cause of considerable anxiety last week when she was laid up with a high temperature. W<> are glad that the latest reports are more encouraging, says the British North Borneo Herald of August 16.

In congrutu'atlmr the Ice Company authorities on the resumption of supplies, the editor cf th? British North Borneo Herald says a hot stengah is possibly better than none at all but hot l*er is ;:tij>thema."

We are still having extraoHinarily wet weather here, says the British North Borneo Herald of March 16. Some rain has fallen every day since February 19, mostly m the afternoon and early evening, and outdoor games can rarely be played.

Melalap Estate has had the misfortune to lose three of its smoke houses by fire, the fourth being saved with difficulty. It was apparently a pure accident, or spontaneous combustion, says the North Borneo Herald.

The British North Borneo Herald, publish ed at Ji melton, is becoming „ui»e an interest ing and entertaining foitmgbtly record ot news, several paragraphs from whiob we reproduoe in our columns

Sekong Estate, is the only estate which is at present producing rubber in British North Borneo, says the local Herald. Several expect to commence tapping next year or in

A shipment of 106 lbs. of rubber realised from the Tenom experimental gardens, sold at Bs. BJ. per Ib. This was obtained during the first tapping, says the British North Borneo Herald.

A European's house boy who took his master's gun for a little illegal deer sh'wrting shot himself in the leg and died of his injuries, says the Lahad Datu correspondent of the British North Borneo Herald.

Thk JirUuh North Borneo Herald of the Ist of April criticises, at length, 0.-rtaiu statement* made by our Borneo corrtspoiiden'. By the same uuil, our Borte; corn spoudeut scuds an au«wcr to thsj JiiilitU Surtk Borneo Mtr^tt iritil t—|| That rejoiudvr uud oouulvr r -joinder uin-[ h'.ukl over for a

H.E. Sir Laurence Guillemard, Governo; of the Straits Settlements and British Agent for North Borneo and Sarawak, has kindly consented to the suggestion lhat one of the ronds m Sandakan be ■asied after him, m commemoration of his visit here m 1924, says the British North Borneo Herald. The road

The White Star liner Arabic has been chartered for two 'round the world' cruises, and will call at Labuan.and possibly a North Borneo port, iv December, 1909. She will carry about 7UO passengers, and is a 16,000 ton ship. Her arrival, says the lii itish North Borneo Herald, will cause

A copy of the Commissioner of Customs report on the trade of North Borneo shows, says the North Borneo Herald, that duririg 1917 the volume of trade is greater than that of 1918 in spit* of adverse conditions. Actual trade imports are valued at 15,220,689 and exports at $9,198,831 being

FOR SINGAPORE. Rearing Poultry in British North Borneo. Mr. J. A. Tayler, of Papar, has, in a most enterprising way, turned his efforts to the rearing of poultry, making a special line in ducks, peese and turkeys for the Singapore market, says the British North Borneo Herald.

The B. N. Borneo Herald announces:— Tbe Conrt of Directors in a despatch dated September 29 last has been requested by His Excellency tbe Governor to pay to 11. 1!. II. the Prince of Wales's Relief Fund tbe sum of one thousand pounds as a first instalment from British North

Borneo Awkward Pauses. The one that occurs at the end of dinner when ycu have carefully ascertained what liqueurs your guests will take— and then discover that the gin pahit glasses have not been washed up yet. British North Borneo Herald.

The 8.N.8. Herald hears that the Opium, Spirit, Pawnbroking and Gambling Farms for the whole State of British North Borneo for the year 1909 have been re-let to Messrs. Cheeand Lim S wee Cheng for their syndicate, namely The Labuan and Borneo I'nited Opium Farms.

Mi. J. Scott Mason, the newly .appointed Governor of British North Borneo, is dm berr, according to the B. N. B. Herald, in about a week's time, and is expected to hrst visit Kelantan and then go down to Sandakan, arriving at liis new charge about November 1. He will

The British North Borneo Herald understands tbat the Government has been informed by the Straits Steamship Co. tbat it will be necessary to raise the freight rates on all Borneo cargo towards tbe end of this month. It is probable that the rates will be increased by 25 per oent.

Tbe British Ncrth Borneo Herald is in formed tbat Brigadier General A. E Btrtoo, D.5.0., A.F.C., has betn instructed by tte A'tt Offioe to proceed to Jesselton to investi g*te the possibilities of North Borneo in ounmotion with the air route to Australia.

BRITISH NORTH BORNEO. (Herald, Sept. i6th.j Ihe Herald endorses the view of the Tropical Agriculturist that a school for planters would be a distinct advantage. A North Borneo training should be a passport to regard among the planters of the world." Mr. Wise having resigned the service. Mr. Hewett is