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FRIENDLY BANDS Packed Hal! At \nni\ir^r\ Meetinrs The aixteenUi and sary meetings or tiu v Girls' Friendly Ban-1-Y.M.C.A. Hall, v.h programme con and a comic sket Mr. J. McNeish I those present were ray. M.A. iPatroi: Kon*bleDi Han Hoe and Mrs Lim. Mr Seow Siew Jin. Mr. and Mm C

CONCERT AT THEATHE. In Aid of St. Andrews Mission Hospital.' The concert and variety entertainment.' very thoughtfully organised by the Chines, sub-committee cf th" St. Andrew's Mission Hospital Fund on Saturday evening, Chinese New Year's Day, wa.s quite a success. The attendance was encourag- l ing, and though empty

LAWN TENNIS. Tanglin Club The Dyne Cup. In the Dyne Cup competition the following ties are arranged for Thursday Miss L. Hutchison and Muphy owe 4 v. Mrs. Hickey and Wild 1. Miss Fawcett and Holyoak owe 5 v. Mr. and Mrs. Ewing 2. Mrs. SaunHci's and Wishart owe 1

MADAM KWOK KIM NEO. Funeral at Bukit Brown Cemetery. The funeral of Madam Kwok Kim Neo, the wife of Mr. Tan Boo Ukt (Phra Anukul Syamkitch), took p'ice at Bukit Brown Cemetery, and was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. Among those present were Messrs. Ang Eng

LOCAL SCHOLASTIC SUCCESS. Raffles Girls', Chelvan, E., Ess, I. L. M.*, Milne, L. A.*, Mowe, S. E.* r, Nicholas, V. A. M. f Tessensohn, M. A., The Convent, Tan Chee Chee Methodist Girls', Clough, L. R. Anglo-Chinese. Students not under 18 who satisfied examiners. Chamarette, M. L., Van Wickers, C.

RAFFLES INSTITUTION. CENTENARY ATHLETIC SPORTS. The Centenary Athletic Sports of Raffles Institution were held before an exceptionally large gathering of spectators on the School Ground yesterday afternoon. There were many ladies and gentlemen present, including Mrs Lee Choon Guan, M. B. E., who, at the conclusion of the afternoon's proceedings,

A Woman Peeps At Singapore. By Our Woman Correspondent IyHEN the week's work is done, it is pleasant to be able to loiter over a few pre-tillin pahits to music that is pretty when one is not too busy chattering to and greeting one's friends to listen. That Raffles is

A Woman Peeps At Singapore. it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 by 1 f our woman I j correspondent i fHRISTMAS this year .seems to have v been more than usually gay, and that for