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Far East to get 193m from Eastpoint sale Property giant denies selling mall to ease cashflow and says there is nothing unusual about deal PROPERTY giant Far East Organization will reap a huge return of nearly 90 per cent on its $193 million sale of Eastpoint mall in Simei to

Ng Teng Fong firms reap $300m profits from two sales HE'S Olympian Centre, S'pore's Eastpoint Mall sold From< Quak Hiang Whai, Diana Oon PROPERTY companies linked to tycoon Ng Teng Fong have sold two major properties worth over Ssl billion in Hongkong and Singapore in the last two days, reaping

514 HOB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) HDB Listed Housing Agency Fasti Easy! yg. Ready setters/ Buyers B^B^B^B^BWpj^p^p^B^p^B^B^Bßßß^B^Bßßß^B^B^Bl BOD I b^mbUbLi^b^L^bl BUY/SELL 09*. 3 A' 847 W 4NG' 246/ SOLD Vk -X 4 'A' 861A Q-f 5 T 298 \£A 5 A 922 Eiec Mais 428 OmA JM NEW LISTING!!!

rHDBAPTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/S.*.) 4 'A' TAMPINES blk. 341. New. 5 yrs. High fir. Designer decor. Tampines Mart. Pg.: XXXXX326 RE/MAX 4 'A' TAMPINES Blk. 418. 898. Unblocked. Well kept. Near central/ mkt. Can contra. 9590-1009 4 'A7 4 'S' Blk. 146. 225, 123. 160, 162/ 133, 148, 150. Many

5 Far East projects among last year's best sellers Kalpana Rashiwala By btl AnrTOPPCnS Top selling private housing projects lEastpoint Green Simei Ave/St 3 Far East Organization (90%) Nissho Iwai (10%) 99-year leasehold Total units: 646 Unsold units as at Dec 31 '97:45 Launched: December 1996 #Average price: Around $650

China Everbright 'may buy back stake' KALPANA RASHIWALA SAVING EMPORIUM HOLDINGS Group is believed to be one of three interested parties Bu CHINA Ever/bright is considering buying back a chunk of the majority stake in Emporium Holdings it sold last year and rescuing the ailing group, which is now in

914 HDBAPTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) 4 'A' BLK 251 Tampines. Mid fir. Central/ MRT/ sch/ mkt. Valued. Can contra. Pg. 9515-3712 4 'A' CORNER New listing Tampines Blk. 465. High floor. Renovated. Valued. No contra. XXXXX122 agt 4 'A' CORNER Blk. 280. High fir. Well kept. Marble floor. Cash

514 HOB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/SIMEI) 5 T BIX 374 Tampines. 5 yrs. High fir. F/renovated., circular balcony. View to offer. Pg. XXXXX261 C&H 3 T BELOW valuation S2OK. Tampines Blk. 440. Renovated. Chinese Indian eligible. 9401-4374 3 T TAMPINES Blk. 387. New listing. High fir. Well renovated. Tampines Mart.

914 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/SIMEI) 4 TAMPINES St. 83. Blk. 839. High fir. Privacy. Move m. Near amenities. Pg. 9605-1959 SP 4/ 5-RM. CORNER. Blk. 862 A/ 489A Tampines. Well kept. Move m. Low cash. Mark 9409-1355 ERA 495 EXEC. APT. Spacious. Few units. 1750 sq.ft. Govt. subsidised. Call

914 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) 5 'A' MX. 912 Tampines Low fir. F/renovated. Aircon. Very well kept. MRT/ schs./ amenities. Malay owner. Syed XXXXX496 CMR 5 'I' CORNCR Blk. 4908 Tampines W2. Nicely renovated. 128 sq.rr,. 4 rms. Open view Lift level. Just 5 yrs. Valued 5366 K.

514 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) Til I I Fkj A Vi EY LIM (CEHA) HBOURHOOO SPECIALIST »4 1 1 22 S3 1 1 22 LL NOW! lITS IN 1997 lITS IN JAN JULY 98 !LOW VALUEI 5 T corner Tamnes Blk. 440 mid fir. Move in. Unxked, windy.

512 HDB APTS FOR SALE (PASIRRIS/CHANGI) 5 T ABOVE valuation secures! Blk. 180 Pasir Ris. F/renovated (like new). 6 yrs. 9604-2832 ERA 5 'I' CORNER Blk. 514. Unblocked. River view. 128 sq.m. Renovated. MRT. Pg. XXXXX175 ET Co. 5 'I 1 BLK. 273 Pasir Ris. Corner. Lift i level. 4

4 'A 1 TAMPINES Blk. 249, near MRT. mid fir., lift landing. N.S. facing, windy, no blockage GIC XXXXX567 4 'A' SIMEI Blk. 130. New listing! Near MRT, East Pt. Unblocked. High fir. Lift level. 9211-9226 PP. 4 -A'/ A' Corner. 437/ 412 Tampines. Mid/ high fir. Well kept. MRT/

314 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/SIMEI) 5 'I' CORNER Simei Blk. 158. S2OK below value. Renovated. F/aircon. Open view. Albert XXXXX700 ERA 5 'I' BLK. 412. High fir. Renovated. Aircon. Unblocked. Valued 5345 K. Central/ MRT. Page: 9215-9518. 5 'I' BELOW value SBKM Tampines Blk. 488A. Mid-fir. Low deposit. Simple.

514 HDB Apts For Sale (Tampines/ Simei) 4 'A' CONRER Tampines Blk. 437. Well kept. Near amenities. Low cash. Pg. XXXXX175 B Knight 4 'A' CORNER 110. Good facing. Unblocked. Amenities. Renovated. Low cash. XXXXX767 Malpore 4 'A' CORNER BLK. 847 Tampines. High flr. Well kept. Sch/ amenities. Valued. XXXXX119


914 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) EXEC. MAISV 3 A' blk. 942/ 925. Amenities. Good location. Valued. View to offer. Linda XXXXX313 ERA EXEC MAIS. BLK. 429. Low fir. Un 1 blocked. Near sch./ shop. Only i S46OK yet neg. 9300 2971 DEANS EXEC. MAIS. BLK. 429 Tampines. High

314 HRgArTSFOftSALfc (TAMPINES/SIMEI) ILtf, e Apt/ Exec Mais Blt< 448/ 141/ 283/ 489A/ 861/ 307/ 8638/ ,27/268/394/315 336/ 863. 9494-9191 JOT. T AM «NES St. 83. Blk 882. High fir. Renovated. Unblocked Windy. Lift landing. Sch./ amenities. Annie XXXXX322 RE/MAX. 4 'A' CORNER. High fir. Tampines 884. Renovated. 100% move-in

1501 Apt HDB Untuk Dijual (CNfflMMrtVW.frNMrt) IV L on s vI t a nt s NOORIS .AMREA. NOOffiS CONSULTANTS PTE LTD BERITA BAIK Anda ingin membeli flat bermutu M B pada 'harga taksiran/ bawah taksiran', tanpa wang tunai dengan cengkeram serendahny a %?*^J di kawasan pilihan? Memanfaatkan geran $50/ $40/

i 514 HDB Apts For Sala (Tampines/ Simei) I URGENT 3 'NG' Blk. 825 Tarnj pines, near sch./ mkt. Renovated, i Can contra XXXXX699 Agent. URGENT! 3 'A' Tampines, high 1 fir., windy, well kept. Can contra. MRT/ amenities. 9317 9189 agt. i S2OK BELOW VALUATION Blk 428 exec. mais.

Sl2 HDB APTS FOR SALE (PASIRRIS/CHANGI) 5 'I' CORNER Blk. 272 Pasir Ris. 100% move in cond. Split aircon. Loyang Pt 5 yrs. only. XXXXX191 S 'I' BLK. 143. Pasir Ris. High fir. Lift level. Renovated. Unblocked. Price neg. 9520 6010 5 T NEAR MRT/ White Sands. Well renovated. 3

312 HDB APTS FOR SALE (PASIR RIS/CHANGI) S T CORNER Pasir Ris. Blk. 472/ 406. Below value S2OK. Valued S3SOK/ $353 K. DP 9708-7972 5 T BLK. 415. Bright windy. F/ renovated/ aircon (only 2'i yrs.). Near amenities. 9-XXXXX98 YSP S 'I' CORNER Blk. 230 Pasir Ris. High fir. Unblock.

514 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) EXEC. APT. SIMEI Blk. 226/ Tampines Blk. 230G. Mid flr. Can contra. View to offer. 9677-3227 EXEC. MAIS. TAMPINES Blk. 147. Renovated. Near MRT/ shpg. ctr. Convenient. Emily 9315-3508 Aim. EXEC. APT./ MAIS. 8568 (3 units sold)/ 856F/ 856D/ 889/ 896A. All high

514 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) 4 'A* TAMPtNES 935. mid fir Move in. renovated, aircon. Unblocked Valued S26OK OKL 9-XXXXX68. 4 'A 1 TAMPINES Bid 145 Near amenities. Renovated. Mid fir. Can con tra. Donacrest XXXXX493 4 'A' TAMPINES (9 yrs. old) Newlyrenovated. 100% move-in. Big hall. Valued

314 HDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/ SIMEI) SIMEI BLK 126. 5 T Renovated High fir. Low cash. MRT/ Eastpoint. Move-in. XXXXX245 sole agt. TAMPINES BLK 838. St. 82 4 S Blk 638. High fir. Valued. S2I7K. Amenities. No contra. 9515-7642 CR SSK CASHI 4 A' Tampines blk. 928. Nicely renovated.

GIVE EVERY KID A PAGER, BY RICHARD LIM page a tie l^* sAi^ \IL llti V?"^ %j_ I*^*6 a^s^sHtlßL G^ M Ik m fe V^^"v BIOLOGY: Men, don't watch World (]up so you'll live longer OuON(;S()KFKRN PAGE 12 |^|H^^^Hs^liHHHlsVLlHHl||^|^Bil <>n iflf^S^L seem to be hit IHbw s^s^s^s^L^s^B i Itl^l a*l'lai,lll

4 'A' BLK. 945. Tampines Mall/ MRT/ school/ swimming pool/ sta- dium. Hurry! 9210-7942 sole agt. 1 4 'A' CORNER Tampines blk. 107 low fir. Well kept. Near shops/ mkt. I Valued, can contra. 956-XXXXX 4 'A' MX 862. Tampines. Don't 1 miss! Don't miss! High fir. S/pool. Marble fir.

MHDB APTS FOR SALE (TAMPINES/SIMEI) I g We will ntsrfcet \WEFFECTIVELY!! ■TJT|VICTORLEE Jj\ 1 1 r*M m > V* J m 1 1 USTED HOUSING AGENCY^^^ with food M results W CHRISTINA 1 Assoc. Mar 3-rm./ 4-rm7s-rm^^ Extc. Apt./ Mais. Sold 14 houses In 1998 Bobby Tay, Assoc. Manager Million

Shower Foam 650 ml x 2 Ro Y al Jelly 500mg LINZIR 60's x 3 120's PRO-VITAMIN Jl K^-"" ORAL-B iPP^ C()") 1 ■•■■"l-- ct' r~ 7 n <; ■fe»J^ Tooth and Gum Paste f~\ l*. FRF- 1 Mouthrinse B tjPJ^^t^r ii "ffeiii,, CHAMPS 500 ml (worth $7.11) !ggo^Et C

465 D l 7- 18 Changi/ Pasir Ris HOUSES Sale l jnOT~ B 3-SPM 507A/ B ELIAS Rd. new temi-d. 2300/ 3000 sq.ft. 8t 2400/ 2100 sq.ft. s+l +1. Unique design. Must sell! Patrick 9808-8899 DW lr\__mP__ -Elj D.17 MARIAM CLOSE. New 3/storey semi-d. F'hold. 4+2. 3100/ 3800 sq ft.