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TODAY, 1 March 2005


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TODAY /AeljjaCorp mica (P) 103/07/2004 incorporating Tuesday March 1,2005 TODAY /AE£jJj-\CORP mica (P) 103/07/2004 incorporating utF6£ltS Tuesday March 1,2005

Boon Hwee comes to Citiraya's rescue [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Boon Hwee comes to Citiraya's rescue Val Chua SIA chairman leads consortium to save troubled firm VETERAN investor Koh Boon Hwee is giving scandalhit Citiraya Industries a new lease of life by leading a consortium that will inject at least $50 million into the company in return for a

Lebanon govt quits [ARTICLE]

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Lebanon govt quits AFP BEIRUT Lebanon's pro-Syrian Prime Minister Omar Karameh tendered his Cabinet's resignation late yesterday during a parliamentary debate on charges the government had a hand in the murder of his predecessor, Mr Rafiq Hariri. The announcement was greeted with laud applause in the National Assembly, where the

Fatal wait for Iraqi job hunters [ARTICLE]

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Fatal wait for Iraqi job hunters Agencies HILLA (Iraq) Job hunters were the main victims of a suicide bomb blast yesterday that killed over 100 people in the deadliest attack in Iraq in over a year in the mainly Shia Muslim town of Hilla. Another 130 people were injured as

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NEWSX\YIEWS Ryan Chong Jawi raid no reason to fret/3 CPIB probe Investigators look into Sesdaq-listed Linair/18 Healthtoday PAGES 36 TO 39

hot news

Get the latest news at TODAYonline [ARTICLE]

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Get the latest news at TODAYonline REALTIME news is now available at TODAYonline, the web edition of this newspaper. Readers can get the latest general, business, infotech, health and sports news from around the world at TODAYonline around the clock. The website also offers advertising space so advertisers can reach

HK's Tung nominated for top advisory post in China [ARTICLE]

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HK's Tung nominated for top advisory post in China AFP HONG KONG In a move seen as a bid by Beijing to shore up the flagging fortunes of a gaffe-prone leader, Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa has been nominated for one of the top political posts in China, reports

Going a round again [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Going a round again Jose Raymond Additional reports from agencies Visiting Clinton meets SM Goh for night game of golf LIKE two long-lost friends, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and former United States President Bill Clinton reunited for a golf game at the Orchid Country Club last night It

NEWS comment

Jawi raid no reason to fret [ARTICLE]

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Jawi raid no reason to fret Ryan Chong With its spirit of moderation, there's no danger of M'sia emulating M-East's Islamic extremism KUALA LUMPUR Every now and then, one reads a sensational news report about religious authorities raiding some night club or storming a house, catching Muslims in the act

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SM Goh, Abdullah to resume talks in XL: Page 6

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Singapore news

Easing medical burden tops Khaw's list [ARTICLE]

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Easing medical burden tops Khaw's list Jasmine Yin REDUCING the burden of costly medical bills on Singaporeans through the July 1 reform of the MediShield system tops the "to-do" list of Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan this year. Fielding questions during yesterday's Parliament session, Mr Khaw underscored the importance of

Silver lining to Budget debates [ARTICLE]

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Silver lining to Budget debates Tor Ching Li MPs urge emphasis on old folk, unemployed and local enterprises OLD folk and the "sandwich generation" were the main concerns for most MPs during yesterday's Budget debate in Parliament compared to last year's "babycentric" focus. Still, commented NMP Ong Soh Kirn:

SM Goh, Abdullah to resume talks in KL [ARTICLE]

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SM Goh, Abdullah to resume talks in KL Sharon Vasoo SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong and Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will meet today in Kuala Lumpur to resume top-level talks on long-standing bilateral issues. Mr Goh will be accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Professor S Jayakumar and officials

Second round for casino operators? [ARTICLE]

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Second round for casino operators? Ansley Ng Govt to study proposals before deciding: Source TIME may be up for casino operators to submit plans to build Singapore's proposed casino but the multi-sided dice has only just begun rolling. The Government will now study proposals and could invite detailed proposals

Pregnant teens turn to Babes hotline [ARTICLE]

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Pregnant teens turn to Babes hotline Channel News Asia SINCE the Babes programme was launched a week ago to help young women with unwanted pregnancies, some 214 teenage mothers-to-be have SMSed its hotline at 8111-3535 for help. "Fourteen teenage mums-to-be have been in contact with us and we have been

The $20,000 question: Is UNSW worth it? [ARTICLE]

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The $20,000 question: Is UNSW worth it? Sheralyn Tay MARKETING efforts are underway to convince students that a $20,000 a year degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Asia campus will be worth every penny. Ms Jennie Lang, executive director of UNSW International, told Today that the results

Pupil's promise fulfilled [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Pupil's promise fulfilled Lee U-Wen Bukit Panjang produces country's top Malay O-level student IT WAS a promise Azhar B Athly made to his form teacher exactly a year ago, when they both watched the principal call on stage the school's top GCE O-level performers. His teacher, Mr Paul Osgodby,

Dragon babies shine in exams [ARTICLE]

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Dragon babies shine in exams A RECORD 21 students obtained 10 Al s in the O levels, up from 1 1 the previous year. Twelve were from Raffles Girls, eignt from Raffles Institution and one from Dunman High. Of the cohort of candidates born in the year of the dragon,

Picture this – 73rd NTUC Fair Price store opens [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Picture this 73rd NTUC Fair Price store opens Mr Lim Boon Heng (top left), secretary-gen-eral of NTUC and Minister, Prime Minister's Office, and Mrs Lim Hwee Hwa (top right), Minister of State for Finance and Transport and chairman of the PAP Women's Wing, at a story-telling session during the opening

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Pros and cons of a 'baby drop' centre: Pg 14

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world news

Illegals seek UN support to stay on [ARTICLE]

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Illegals seek UN support to stay on AFP KUALA LUMPUR -Hundreds of migrants gathered outside the United Nations office in Malaysia yesterday hoping to win temporary refugee status ahead of a crackdown on illegal immigrants, officials said. Thousands have gone into hiding, they added. The operation, which starts today, will

Tel Aviv blast deals blow to peace hopes [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Tel Aviv blast deals blow to peace hopes Shibu Itty Kuttickal Israel PM threatens a freeze on nascent efforts JERUSALEM In the Middle East, a season of peace and goodwill is apparently going up in flames as positions harden in the wake of a Tel Aviv suicide bombing that

HIV breakthrough in Australia [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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HIV breakthrough in Australia AFP I SYDNEY Australian researchers have discovered a way to significantly boost the body's immune system to fight HIV and other deadly viruses, scientists said yesterday. Researchers at two Australian universities made the discovery while developing a test to see how well certain animals' immune systems

GLOBAL roundup

Charles "terribly upset" by tsunami devastation [ARTICLE]

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Charles "terribly upset" by tsunami devastation -AP Britain's Prince Charles sought to console Sri Lankan tsunami survivors yesterday during a brief tour of the island's devastated eastern coast by telling them he was "terribly upset" by the devastation. Prince Charles also learned that the survivors had yet to receive aid.

Wealthy Chinese may soon zoom into space [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Wealthy Chinese may soon zoom into space Wealthy Chinese citizens may soon embark on private space flights with the first group of adventurous millionaires starting astronaut training as early as May. Following the feat of Yang Liwei, who became China's first man in space in 2003, US tour operator Space

Cheating students hid handphones in shoes [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Cheating students hid handphones in shoes Forty-six Thai students have been banned from the military for life after they tried to cheat in an army entrance examination by hiding mobile phones in their shoes. They were caught by examiners using metal detectors before the multiple-choice test.

New concerns over Iran's nuclear efforts [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

New concerns over Iran's nuclear efforts -AP lAEA chief calls on Tehran to fully assist its facility inspections VIENNA The International Atomic Energy Agency's (lAEA) meeting yesterday was overshadowed by contentious issues such as Iran's efforts to acquire technologies central to making nuclear arms and the fact that it hid

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Focus On The Family [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Focus On The Family Dr James Dobson TbiM^'s by. WHAT'S A GRANDMOTHER? Some years ago a nine year old girl wrote a wonderful essay called "What is a Grandmother?" and whenever I read it, it reminds me all over again just how perceptive children can be. This is what the

Pros and cons of a 'baby drop' centre [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

Pros and cons of a 'baby drop' centre CHONG YEOK LIN KALA ANANDARAJA NELSON QUAH SINGAPORE needs a law that will let desperate mothers anonymously surrender their unwanted babies, argued commentator Prem Singh yesterday one day after another dead infant was found in a rubbish dump. A dozen readers responded.

Restore rehabilitation scheme for stray cats [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

Restore rehabilitation scheme for stray cats DRTANCHEKWEE Letter from IT WAS with much joy that I read of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's Budget, which recognised the role of animal welfare societies in a caring and inclusive society. I appeal to the authorities to extend this recognition to individuals who

Safety violators undeterred [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Safety violators undeterred LIM BOON KHOON Penalties not harsh enough to decrease number of industrial accidents Letter from THE NTUC has called for a thorough review of workplace safety laws following the death of two employees at a Tuas factory on Feb 23. Judging by the statistics six workers have


Mohamad Noor Abdullah: Police practice endangers drivers [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Mohamad Noor Abdullah: Police practice endangers drivers It is the job of the Traffic Police to catch speeders, by any means possible. But they should not do so at the expense of safety. On Feb 23 at 7.50pm, I was driving along the service road of the AYE towards the

Nelson Quah: Give season coupon holders unlimited parking [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Nelson Quah: Give season coupon holders unlimited parking Many vehicle owners cannot fathom why they have to pay multiple parking fees when they have already paid for an HDB season parking coupon. Shouldn't this allow them to park in any public car park? Perhaps the HDB, the URA and theJTC

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Linair in CPIB investigation [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Linair in CPIB investigation Channel News Asia CEO is assisting in the probe SESDAQ-listed Linair Technologies has become the latest company to be hit by suspected corporate fraud. In a statement released late on Sunday night, the company said that its chief executive officer Tommy Oh had been asked to


Page 18

CORPORATE briefs Bloomberg Accord Customer Care Solutions, or ACCS, which is being investigated by the Commercial Affairs Department, or CAD, has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers as its independent investigator. Hongkong Land Holdings' profit for the year ended Dec 31, rose 1 3 per cent to US$ 197 million ($321 million), or 8.86

Market WATCH

Singapore [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Singapore Dow Jones SHARE prices closed lower after two companies Linair Technologies and Greatronic disclosed accounting irregularities or investigations by authorities, further hurting market sentiment. The ST Index ended 15.68 points, or 0.73 per cent, lower at 2,1 1 9.4. Losers led gainers 31 8 to 149 while 891.3 million

World markets [ARTICLE]

Page 18

World markets Index Nikkei 225 Value XXXXX.60 C Pis +82.35 Change +0.71 Hang Seng Ml Ordinaries faiwan Wtd XXXXX.35 4172.80 +38.26 +42.30 +0.27 +1.02 Korea Comp 1011.36 +14.41 +1.45 KLCI 907.38 +3.87 +0.43 SET Index 741.55 +1.51 +0.20 Jakarta Comp 1073.82 -9.54 -0.88 Phils Comp Shenzhen B 2079.99 259.42 +6.80

Commodities [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Commodities SGX, Bloomberg Gold uss/oz 437.60 Silver uss/oi 7.36 Platinum uss/oi 873.50 Rubber cents/kg 213.00 Palm Oil RM/tonne 1374.00 Brent crude uss/barrel 49.60 Information provided by

Your S$1 buys [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Your S$1 buys US$ 0.6131 UK£ 0.3194 Yen 64.517 HK$ 4.782 RM 2.33 Euro 0.4629 Rupiah 5679.8 Baht 23.519 Peso 33.524 A$ 0.7795 Indian Rs 26-793 Won 618.02 C$ 0.7593 Yuan 5.0743 NZ$ 0.8488 NTS 19.107

SGX most active [ARTICLE]

Page 18

SGX most active Jy volume Close \CCS 0.270 (afflesH 0.645 iuntecReit 1.290 MalVoice 0.085 JniFiber 0.325 iingTel 2.620 JTAC 0.625 .&M 0.005 )BSMBLeCWXXXXX8 0.100 loble GrpDBeCWXXXXX2 0.355 Change -0.035 -0.030 +0.010 +0.010 -0.010 -0.060 -0.025 -0.010 +0.015 -11.5 -4.4 +0.8 +13.3 -3.0 -2.2 -3.8 -9.1 +4.4 '000 106,025 83,323 37,415

SGX top rises [ARTICLE]

Page 18

SGX top rises By$ Shang Asia 2kHKS Close Changi 11.800 +0.501 lardine C&C 11.700 +0.201 >|) Land :iTYDEV 5.700 +0.201 6.750 +0.101 Creative 50 19.100 +0.101 SIA200 12.100 +0.101 /enture 14.400 +0.101 tondasreil 1.980 +0.081 HSCEI4800SGAeCWXXXXX 0.400 +0.081 ip Land WXXXXX3 3.380 +0.081 By percentage Close Inlegr WXXXXX7 0.045 Change

SGX top falls [ARTICLE]

Page 18

SGX top falls By Close F&N 15.800 Changi -0.301 JMH 400USS 17.900 -0.301 Iselan(S) 2.820 -0.121 BukilSem 13.200 -0.101 DBS 14.900 -0.101 KepCorp 9.450 OCBC 13.600 -0.101 -0.101 OCBC4.55SNCPS100 102.000 -0.101 SlTrdg 2.400 -0.101 UOB 13.600 -0.101 )y percentage Close (LWWXXXXX6 0.005 Change -75.0 :apilalandDBePWXXXXX 0.005 -50.0 :hina Dairy WXXXXX4

business news

Sias to look into grading listed firms [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Sias to look into grading listed firms THE recent spate of corporate irregularities has prompted the Securities Investors Association (Singapore), or Sias, to consider a grading system for companies. "I am proposing to appoint a steering committee to study the feasibility of grading companies according to their risk management, corporate

CDL earns $203 million in 2004 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

CDL earns $203 million in 2004 Bloomberg The 33% year-on-year rise in profit in part due to property market recovery CITY Developments (CDL) said that profit for last year rose 33 per cent, boosted by a property market recovery and its share from the sale of the Plaza Hotel in

Jurong Shipyard wins $50m gas-processing platform order [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Jurong Shipyard wins $50m gas-processing platform order SEMBCORP Marine subsidiary, Jurong Shipyard, won a US$5O-million ($B2-mil-lion) order from Atlantia Offshore of the United States to build a semi-submersible hull for a gas-processing platform. Jurong Shipyard will build the hull which will be delivered to the Gulf of Mexico early next

PSA buy in HK port completed [ARTICLE]

Page 20

PSA buy in HK port completed Bloomberg PSA International has completed the purchase of container terminal assets from NWS Holdings for HK$3 billion ($627 million) its first investment into the world's busiest port The Singapore-based port operator purchased NWS Holdings' stake in Hong Kong's Container Terminal No 3 and Container

Good start to 2005 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

Good start to 2005 AFP Spore factory output rises almost 10% in January SINGAPORE'S manufacturing sector began the year on a positive note, with output up 9.9 per cent last month from a year ago thanks to a strong electronics sector, the Government said yesterday. Excluding the biomedical industry, manufacturing

the business of marketing

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Infotech solutions for business

Next killer application? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Next killer application? Seah Siew Hua It's video over IP, says wireless networking company's Victor Tsao NOW that you are enjoying the cost I savings and convenience offered by voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, it is time to get video over IP, says Mr Victor Tsao, senior vice-president

More big guns likely in telco space [ARTICLE]

Page 26

More big guns likely in telco space Seah Slew Hua TECHNOLOGY bigwigs Apple, I Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! may enter the competitive telecommunications space this year, according to research company, Frost Sullivan. Speaking at the recent American Chamber of Commerce analyst series discussing information and communication technology (ICT) in Asia,

A tool to add turbo to your Web search [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

A tool to add turbo to your Web search It gives results from 90+ search engines on one page Seah Siew Hua I IF YOU want something I done right, sometimes you have got to do it yourself. That is what Mr William Chee, a 21-year old National Service

SHORT cuts

Informatics launches diplomas in Networks & Cybersecurity [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Informatics launches diplomas in Networks Cybersecurity Informatics, in collaboration with the International Council of E-Com-merce Consultants, has launched the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Networks and Cybersecurity. Courses will focus on network management, wireless communications technology, computer hacking and forensic concepts. Upon completion of the courses, students will not only

NEC to invest $5m in RFID centre at Republic Poly [ARTICLE]

Page 27

NEC to invest $5m in RFID centre at Republic Poly NEC Solutions Asia-Pacific is investing $5 million in an RFID centre at Republic Polytechnic (RP) over the next two years. Known as RFID@NEC, the one-stop facility will offer solutions and services to NEC's regional customers and partners through its latest

Better email security policies [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Better email security policies Organisations can enforce email security policies and manage electronic communications effectively with Message Labs' Content Control 2.0. This solution offers textual scanning, lexical analysis and attachment controls. It complements Message Labs' Image Control service, which detects inappropriate images in attachments.

Mannequin that moves – and spies [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

Mannequin that moves and spies AFP TOKYO A Japanese firm has 1 developed a mannequin robot that can strike a pose for customers and spy on who they are and what they are buying. "Mannequins have been static, but this will pose for the nearest person by sensing his or


Page 28

HELP DESK SET UP MAILING LIST AND UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENTS LIST Q: I'd like to include members of my church and friends in a mailing list where everyone in the list can exchange emails without the individual emails being exposed to everyone. I also want individuals to be able to subscribe


Page 28

He got game Trevor Tan Halo evangelist on worldwide tourney and Xbox Live I IMAGINE being an evangelist for I your favourite game and getting paid for it Well, 30-year-old Brian Jarrard, community development manager and lead for Bungie Studios, the company behind the hugely successful Xbox first-person

Macintosh creator Raskin dies at 61 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Macintosh creator Raskin dies at 61 AP SAN JOSE (California) Mr Jef I Raskin (picture), a computer interface expert who conceived Apple Computer's groundbreaking Macintosh computer but left the company before it came to market, has died at 61. Mr Raskin died on Saturday at his home. In December, he

infotech focus: managed services

Four pillars to build framework on [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Four pillars to build framework on Charles Fan Setting up a governance team helps create a winning outsourcing vendor-customer relationship I NO MAN is an island. I This adage also holds true in the business world no single company can do everything by itself. This is where outsourcing plays

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I as?o\e nXd NT^rrjdSi (cc SN Ai) si 9™P f°r an ISA or ISE training package ph °nei£ 9"2f J w Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) today and enjoy the following privileges: Fax: 6337-2283 Trr— 331 North Bridge Rd ISA Training Package $1 53.67 'HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6^ 5 at

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PowerSure® ProActive Off-Line J» 500VA/650VA/1000VA Voltage buck boost system Telephone Data line surge protection Battery self-test UPS monitoring OS shutdown software 3 UPS protected output sockets 1 surge protected output socket lECIOOO-4-5 LEVEL 3 lightning surge protection Overload protection PowerSure® PSI Line-Interactive IkVAto3kVA Design with Sinewave Output 2U Rack or

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Page 27

AFFORDABLE RELIABLE Liebert's latest UPS range packed with state-of-the-art features to protect your mission critical systems is brought to you by Emerson Network Power, a world leader in power systems with a global track record spanning over 100 years. a^mWemm^. m Call us today for solutions that are both cutting-edge

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I Diploma In Digital Media Is for students who possess strong PASSION INTEREST in Creative Media, Animation and Game Design.This diploma covers 8 knowledge areas such as color concept, typography design, web design, digital video audio, 2D/3D animation, interactive game design and game programming development. This diploma will be awarded

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Page 29

Macromedia® MAX 2005 Singapore The Premier Macromedia Conference Have access to sessions that cover everything from basic web development to the most when: March 9 &10 advanced techniques for building Rich Internet Where: Hotel Inter-Continental Singapore Applications. Fee: Ss2Bo What's new this year? Who should attend: Designers, Developers, Web Architects,



Page 30

BORING AS HELL! Jeanine Tan Why did everyone have to play it safe this year? Where were the memorable red carpet moments the yearly fashion faux pas? j sg AS IF the Academy Awards aren't boring enough already there weren't even any truly memorable moments at this year's three-hour


Page 30

Boring? HELL NO! David Ngiau Finally, 01' Oscar gets his priorities right and puts films before glamour IT WAS classic, or it was boring, depending entirely on where you stand, i For the naysayers, it was about as fun as watching moss grow or sitting through a threehour IPO


Page 32

THE OSCAR WINNERS BEST PICTURE Million Dollar Baby DIRECTOR Clint Eastwood, Million Dollar Baby ACTOR Jamie Foxx, Ray ACTRESS Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby SUPPORTING ACTOR Morgan Freeman, Million Dollar Baby SUPPORTING ACTRESS Cate Blanchett, The Aviator ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Charlie Kaufman, Michel Oondry, and Pierre Bismuth, Eternal Sunshine of the

Page 30 Miscellaneous

Page 30 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 30

More fashion hot from the red carpet on Page 34

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Page 31

aaMia^***^aaam I S^'- afla^a. .j^P a^aW i (*ttm aaah a^^^^t maW^ t, S^~ -a^HH^a^HHa^Ha^a^^H.^.^.^ I aW\ T < m I I aaa a\ ■■■bq JBSiii?>H aaa\ I^l K~M mm V Jw-JJ Pil i^K' j|^^p v .^^aa\ a^B^afl a^B^afl a^B^H^afl a^B^afl a^B^afl a^B^a^V^afl Ifl^afl l(^jjjj|jj^flp<^| Based on our popular Hair Quotient

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AN G J^^^H G E COl^W ORANGE COUNTY §M| T* ril cl'l w'% A New Season #!w i A 31 Mar T TIIU, 10.30pm (Right after American Idol) Vf /^H Career Management Take ownership of your career! 9:30 am -12:30 pm H^CS?E^!IH At only $21! "JH clilsitV-taVS V£l:\\& REGISTER Online


Page 33

For a HEARTY diet perfectly Naturel Here's a recipe for gourmets who love vegetables and the fresh taste of nature in extra virgin olive oil. By Pauline D Loh ( THERE is more stress on our hearts now than ever before. An intensive urban living environment, diets that are too

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JlflrEr^™A^^rm^FJpr I ©1900 XXXXX34 H i_^ljl!mMi^^lliiLl^^^ I Q <£££S WHITE NOISP 10.00 am, WHITE NOISP 10.00 am, WHITE NOISE* 10.30 am, WHITE NOISE* 10.00 am, WHITE NOISP 10.25 am, 12.20,2.40,5.00,7.20, 12.10,2.35,4.55,7.15, 12.45,3.00,5.15,7.30, 12.20,2.40,5.00,7.20, 12.40,2.55,5.10,7.25, 9.40pm 9.40pm 9.50pm 9.40pm 9.40pm CLOSER*'II.SSam, 2.20, SIDEWAYS*'IO.OSam, CLOSER" 1130 am, 1.50, gWMMNGIMIF'IG) CLOSER" 10^112.25,

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Page 34

inicMnc.LivitsgtHinisi I'lrl'^-iMiYv^^Br^^al^ Jnfl j mm BaHMLSjaMaB I Wi;,!«*ll|,,:w,mi< WHITE NOISE Milium* IWt i' '^MK"3fTTTI ,'l ff U Mjß 3ESEP HwHITENOISEro^^^^ 6:45,7:45,8:45,9:45pm aMMiFsiiEiraDsiifflipiKA) I shiw idwer, too beach km ri^nf?«7KvK aosnmewmw white noise(»/»«)* white noise™. ,Z'^,'.»..« 30' 9:30p I 'a» ™t 11:30,4:30,7:00,9:30 CLOSER waumm-w* BPlffi/B) 10:45 am, 1:00,3:00,5:00,7:15pm TEAMAMERICAWORLD 11:15 am,

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We're so confident of our effectiveness, you only pay when you see the results! y»L^- "Z^^nW^K C* \J| d- v l\ I /"""Nl Improved Skin Surface After Only 2 Weeks a I H J Before I 1 After Charts based on NYSS customer data jm&& A Acne^ars It's the same



Page 36

WELCOME TO THE DANGER ZONE Lynette Leong How to make your house a safe haven for children OUR homes should be the safest places for our children. Yet, they can become potential danger zones for growing kids if parents are ignorant and do not take care to remove hidden

Yoghurt won't hurt [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Yoghurt won't hurt Elisa Yang But give ice cream the cold shoulder IN SUNNY Singapore, indulging in a cold, creamy ice cream is the ultimate gratification. However, it is a sinful treat and one that will add extra calories to your diet. In the United States, a study on

Fruits, veggies and the antioxidant edge [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Fruits, veggies and the antioxidant edge Clarence Lim AGEING can be a scary process and most people want to slow it down. One theory of ageing says that as we carry on with our daily lives, our body produces free radicals (unstable oxygen particles) as a by-product of energy production.


Page 38

UNWINDING THE TENSION Three ways to get rid of tension headaches TENSION headaches refer to the contraction of muscles over the scalp, forehead, back of head, upper part of the neck and around the jaw. Emotional stress, lack of sleep, indigestion or influenza can cause tension headaches. Ayurveda Ayurveda

Ask the doc [ARTICLE]

Page 39

Ask the doc 1 have quit smoking and drinking, and I just cannot summon any more willpower to lose weight. What should I do? Daniel Tan The three golden pillars of weight reduction dietary moderation, exercise therapy and behaviour modification apply. We find that patients who lack the motivation to

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I Told You... to drink up, to sleep earlier, to eat lesser sweets, Have you ever listened? Now that you're a mum, dont say I didnt tell you. Trust Eu Van Sang Bo Ying Compound when your little one's feeling sick. After all, that's the same thing your Grandma told

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In collaboration with: >l> Health \S Promotion r Board

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aam aam aam aam aam aam aam aam v^utneaynte A^^*Tt*w^s^i uiHte _^B^T*^**Settled \Svzx. y«« MUj^*wft*f S^ufeeud)utae A^m\^ Te^*l yrii;e MUj*™***! yi\t« £mj*m4n\f Jmte gg iMfl'W] 1 -5 rciJiiMii g ryjiifliiny 2 Egg-gig 5 Egggisr 0 mmm^ 3 EBM 3 EBBS? I P^l <. I $ML I Peel <. I B^l

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ACTS IN MINUTES. WORKS FOR HOURS. I Introducing Tylenol ER, extended release paracetamol HA~IMM [M J ill with 2 layers of relief. An BLfcJL3^-—' M provides quick, effective relief while an s provides relief for up to 8 hours. J. 4 So if you're in need of 8 hours relief

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HEALTH LINER TOPIC FROM HPB Till March 6, if you want to know more about women and heart disease, call Health Promotion Board's Health Liner hotline at 1800 848 1313. I kVlCst if] I J IlA\ I aW '—k V I if i T ILvi I i I ifi I

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CRfeE QUEENSLAND ESCAPE SPECIAL! BH V ■niinrr rl n YT^C V 1 r^T«< Am^^m \m\ Uttil Jfc«l L-l-j I KIT lII 1 Jit oii! kjJULx^ j/vZx^JJ <CJ L'ivMl B!3e!w//'1 I 'X-J Lv Joanne Peh... even Qi Yuwu are P^#^k HRgng^H E^ plugging diamonds! W^MfcL MW Will you buy a diamond

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Page 40

rV 7.30 Virtues of Harmony CHANNEL H 8.30 Delicious Food All Over fCICfS S U I" ICI W china 3 central #-A 9.00 Slim Chances 6.00 Design For Living j 10.00 Fiery Thunderbolt 9.00 Bambaloo (PRESCHOOL) 3.00 Generasi Tahun 2000 1 6.30 Primetime Morning (Last Episode) 9.30 Blue's Clues (PRESCHOOL)

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I READY SELLERS. jM=p/aCorp B^b^l Tel: 1800-CLASSAD (1800-XXXXX23) go online to advertise: ore* RPEHCiS WB WB PS 1800-CLASSAD t^BUiiii.^ i^.^.^.^ kkbs^h khee^h n«lhl,bUhm,r..H»TH»., w .l,l IWWW VIefWWW WWW3-CLASSIFIEDS.COM IN I 1 PROFESSIONAL CLEANING, (Av,ll.bk.24h.ur..dqr,7d. V ..w M k) PRINT on-line. Get exposed. Don't LAWRENCE CHONG IRONING Nannies^ Full/



Page 42

Hammer and Toms AP DiMarco beaten black and blue as world No 9 displays Tigerlike 'A' game GOLF Accenture Match Play Championship CARLSBAD, California David Toms (picture) played the best golf of his life, put his name in the record book with the biggest blowout in the Match Play Championship

Robinson still defiant [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Robinson still defiant AFP DUBLIN England captain Jason Robinson (right) insisted there was "a win in this side very soon", after the world champions defeat by Ireland left them with three losses, the worst ever start to a Six Nations Championship. Ireland's 19-13 victory at Lansdowne Road on Sunday kept

Three more years [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Three more years S-LEAGUE giants Home United renewed their tie-up with Coca-Cola yesterday, when they signed a $1 million three-year deal at the Bishan Stadium. The relation first kickedoff in February 2002 and the new deal will see the Protectors continue as ambassadors for Coca-Cola till March 2008. "Football is

Belief flows into the Bridge [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Belief flows into the Bridge Agencies After rocky 10 days, Chelsea's Carling Cup triumph could herald further riches LONDON Dumped out of the FA Cup by Newcastle, the shenanigans that followed Chelsea in Barcelona last week led to talk that the Blues, and boss Jose Mounrinho, were feeling the strain

Worried Ong finishes fourth [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Worried Ong finishes fourth TAN YO-HINN DAD Henry suffered a heart attack earlier this month, so when Remy Ong left for Qatar last week for the Emir Cup, Singapore's No 1 bowler was not exactly in the best of shape, mentally at least So in the end, Ong's fourthplace

Tight security for Pakistan [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Tight security for Pakistan -AFP NEW DELHI Pakistan's cricket team, captained by Inza-mam-ul Hag, flew into India amid tight security yesterday for their first full tour across the border since 1999. The 16-man squad and the support staff, led by coach Bob Woolmer, arrived at the heavilyguarded Indira Gandhi Airport

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S^Am%% mVW^ aa^aljalalaMaafl aa^a^aa^aaV a irA*Am* +4 an^^an^ at A^Wk HS Aw m\&A\ ~mz a^^aa\ I 4^* *m aaMlljMl aaWa. mnmtm\zrl aa»Zsmw M Venture.with our celebrities as we show you ErcfKJa Australia like youVeTrVeveiYseen her before! aH MB M m^A^m.A^ A*m\ "**m)&. mf ILf J Hii^ k^iaiafl I■ hIP" r

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Lea 9»e Home Team Away Team gffiaffi e^AiL) S.League Home United Geylang Tue, 01/03/05 7.30pm E Cup Brentford Southampton Wed, 02/03/05 3.45 am E Cup Blackburn Burnley Wed, 02/03/05 4.00 am E Cup Sheffield Utd Arsenal Wed, 02/03/05 4.05 am Spanish League Barcelona Espanyol Wed, 02/03/05 5.00 am S.League Albirex


Giving back to the game [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Giving back to the game NEIL HUMPHREYS Brazilian legend Careca believes it's his duty to help bring joy to others ON SATURDAY night, legendary striker Careca commentated on a live football match in his native Brazil. Some 36 hours later, he is in Jakarta answering my questions through an interpreter.

Beware Nwaogazi, Home [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Beware Nwaogazi, Home JASMINE ZHAO Traditional rivals raring to go as they open S-League season tonight NTUC INCOME-YEO'S S-LEAGUE 2005 Home United v Geylang United (Bishan Stadium, 7.30pm) jasmine. zhao@newstoday. com. sg THE two are traditional rivals, more often than not locked in battle chasing silverware. In recent seasons, though,

Abdullah to coach Tigers, again? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Abdullah to coach Tigers, again? JOSE RAYMOND FORMER international Abdullah Noor (right) left Balestier Khalsa in 2003 after only five matches as coach. But as the 2005 S-League season gets set for the big kick-off tonight, it has emerged that he could take over the reins of the Tigers,

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Page 44

—The Rat Race! :Jbg ROBERT G. ALLEN, America's leading financial advisor and New York Times #1 I best selling author is selecting partners to develop a business with him. ft, Sth,' 12th, 19th 26th March A 7:30 pm @33 Club Street. >' M NEW ZEALAND SCHOOL OF TRAVEL TOURISM (STORE)

Page 44 Miscellaneous

Page 44 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 44

Bam Basketball Pittsburgh v Boston College, Ch23 10am Basketball Oklahoma v Texas, Ch23 Tomorrow 3.55 am FA Cup sth round Replay: Blackburn v Burnley, Ch23 4am FA Cup sth round Replay: Sheffield United v Arsenal, Ch24

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Page 45

Trui/tsJL&r Qptsmiil For those who are always on the lookout for the best travel deals and bargains, the annual NA TAS Travel fair is the place to be. The fair, organised by the National Travel Agents of Singapore, brings together travel agencies, airlines and operators offering travel-related services under one

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Page 46

I LEADER. SOLDIER. BROTHER. '^aH9bv' 1 P ~a/ Ft %L i >A -V- s't*w V H-,» v fr nam r ;fl B^^^ **^m*. t J-* mm P-m.. Wmr^^rWßm*7'/M~/jmina^aaaam ['A=DiA:„ :^:y Today s published by MediaCorp Press Ltd> 24> Raffles Place, #28-01/06, Clifford Centre, Singapore XXXXX1. Tel: XXXXX886. Printed by

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Why De 11?... We'll put you in the mood for savings. Order by 4 March 2005 and get a FREE Upgrade Ss2oo CASH OFF Worth Ss3l3 on selected Dell" Dimension" Desktops. Plus if you order a selected systems online until 4 March 2005, you'll get an additional Ssloo CASH OFF.

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Page 47

mm^Jmm a I fj FREE UPGRADE TO 11 A Microsoft® Windows® XP r^ mwaai Professional Edition Worth Ssl22 Pictured with 17" Flat Panel Monitor (EI73FP) for only XXXXX Ultimate Value Desktop Dell "Dimension™ 3000 Intel* Pentium* 4 Processor with <-\/t> .^k^ .^k^ m.m.l HT Technology 3GHz and IMB L 2

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