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Today, 14 June 2002

Article also available on microfilm reel NL24568 [Lee Kong Chian Reference Library - On shelf, arranged by date]

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  • Masthead [Title Section]
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    TODAY F I*l Q 3.V June 14, 2002 MITA(P)M3.; 11/200] (10 words)
  • Twisted tale [Articles]
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    Twisted tale Ng Boon Yian AN intriguing business saga involving a giant Canadian life insurer, Manulife Financial, and a once-powerful Indonesian family is being played out in the High Court here. It is a bitter feud spreading from Indonesia to Hong Kong. The High Court has already issued an injunction (546 words)
  • Who says the man is back? [Articles + Illustrations]
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    Who says the man is back? S Gulam THE fastest The sharpest. The best. That was Ronaldo four years ago in France '98 when he took Brazil all the way to the final. Today, he's still fast and sharp. And he has started scoring again. But has the real Ronaldo (285 words)
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    • Stop business [Articles + Illustrations]
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      Stop business Tan Hui Leng Toh Boon Ngee Licences of two remittance firms revoked THE Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has revoked the licences of two remittance companies here. In a statement, it said they had failed "to comply with a number of provisions of the MoneyChanging and Remittance Businesses (458 words)
    • President's party [Articles + Illustrations]
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      President's party Today photo by President SR Nathan (left) and Mrs Nathan (second from left) greeting the Ambassador of Panama, Mr Ricardo Aragon, and his wife, Mrs Gloria De Aragon. The President and his wife hosted a reception for diplomats at the htana yesterday. WEETECKHIAN. (45 words)
    • Ganga needs help [Articles]
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      Ganga needs help -Jose Raymond GANGA, one of the two Nepalese Siamese twins who was separated during a marathon surgery here last year, is reportedly in need of urgent treatment as she cannot consume solid food. According to an AFP report, the girls' maternal grandfather said Ganga was "getting weaker". (199 words)
    • S'pore sons return [Articles]
      • Page 2
      S'pore sons return Zackaria Abdul Rahim ENTREPRENEURSHIP and the education system are two areas the Singapore Overseas Network (SON) in the US and Hong Kong are concerned about. Members of the network will be presenting their ideas on these issues to the Economic Review Committee (ERC) today. Explaining why these (196 words)
    • End of the saga? [Articles]
      • Page 3
      End of the saga? Breakthrough in M'sia steel giant probe KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia is one step away from solving the saga of Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd. The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) will be calling a Swiss banker as witness for the alleged misappropriation of funds and mismanagement of the company. Swiss (238 words)
    • ARE THEY THERE? [Articles]
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      ARE THEY THERE? I have seen indications that m there in fact are Al Qaeda operating in the area that we are talking about... Ido not have hard evidence of precisely how many, or who, or where. US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, referring to Kashmir, after talks in New Delhi (52 words)
    • OR AREN'T THEY THERE? [Articles]
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      • REUTERS
      OR AREN'T THEY THERE? Reuters The facts are I do not have evidence and the United States does not have evidence of Al Qaeda in Kashmir We do have scraps of intelligence that come in from people who say they believe Al Qaeda are in Kashmir or are in various (78 words)
    • Hand them over... [Articles]
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      • -AFP
      Hand them over... -AFP BEIJING The Chinese government has issued a directive to foreign embassies to hand over any asylum seekers in their compounds to the police. "Based on international law, China hopes relevant embassies will take the initiative and cooperate," a China Foreign Ministry spokesman said yesterday. He did (99 words)
    • $100,000 Flag Day [Articles]
      • Page 4
      $100,000 Flag Day SINGTEL staff raised more than $100,000 during its first-ever Flag Day held last weekend. With SingTel matching the amount dollar-for-dollar, 10 designated charities will receive a total of $200,000. Last Saturday, more than 1,000 SingTel staff, including president and chief executive Lee Hsien Yang and SingTel Mobile (116 words)
    • Port waters clean despite spill [Articles]
      • Page 4
      Port waters clean despite spill Channel NewsAsia THE Maritime and Port Authority {MPA} says Singapore's port waters are "generally clean" despite the oil spill caused by a collision between two tankers on Wednesday morning. Clean up work is still in progress. The MPA says that there are still patches of (104 words)
    • Hot new ideas [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 4
      Hot new ideas Rosalyn Lim ButVCs at business plan contest show lukewarm response IMAGO Scientific Instruments has emerged as the winner of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Business Plan competition. The team from the University of Wisconsin won the top prize of US$2O,OOO ($35,700) by wowing a sevenmember international panel (375 words)
    • Taking arts to the people ... [Articles]
      • Page 6
      Taking arts to the people Zackaria Abdul Rahim North West CDC sets up five cultural hubs RESIDENTS in the North West district can now savour the arts at their doorstep. The North West Community Development Council (CDC) has set up five cultural hubs in its district. Located at Nee Soon (336 words)
    • A magazine for the stylish woman [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 6
      A magazine for the stylish woman Pearlyn Tham A NEW monthly women's magazine will hit the newsstands today. Style, which used to be quarterly publication, was relaunched last night at Centre The glitzy affair saw MediaCorp artistes such as Cynthia Koh, Gurmit Singh and Jean Danker taking to the catwalk. (178 words)
    • What's in a name? [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 7
      What's in a name? Chung Lyn-Yi Human values, if you are a Sim child THE initial reactions to Jack and Julie Sim's children's names include bemusement and disbelief. "People are a bit surprised but they get over it," said Mr Sim, 45, a businessman. His children are Faith, 9, Truth, (470 words)
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    • Play and learn Total Defence [Articles]
      • Page 10
      Play and learn Total Defence STUDENTS can now get a refreshing lesson on Total Defence through an online adventure game. Using multiple characters and non-linear gameplay, TD Quest: Adventures in Total Defence allows players to score points by answering questions on Total Defence. They can also earn additional credit through (130 words)
    • Sound investment [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 10
      Sound investment Tan Hui Leng Training is an integral part ofTangs' winning formula IT STARTED when Mr Tang Choon Keng set foot in Singapore in 1923. The enterprising businessman was a door-to-door salesman then, peddling delicately-embroidered Chinese lace, linen and cotton. His efforts into a retail institution CK Tang. His (487 words)
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    • Fishy cucumber? Yuck [Letters]
      • Page 12
      Fishy cucumber? Yuck Narayana Narayana There are intrinsic flaws in man's desire to go one-up on nature I REFER to the article, "Brave, scary science" (Today, June 12). Here's a modified and humorous version to Mr Richard Seah's introduction; "In the beginning, God created man, and then rested; next God (368 words)
    • Open up public transport [Letters]
      • Page 12
      Open up public transport Leong Ckee Ming THE Public Transport Council has approved fare increases for SMRT and SBS Transit services. The companies have cited high operating costs as a reason for the hikes. But, the question is how they can keep these costs low? I think the public transport (120 words)
    • Detecting child abuse [Letters]
      • Page 14
      Detecting child abuse Teachers are trained to teach children how to protect themselves WE refer to the commentary, "Where did we go wrong" by Ms Shoba Tsering Bhalla (Today, June 3) on the management of sexual abuse cases in Singapore. Ms Shoba referred to the recent court case involving a (956 words)
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  • Page 12 Miscellaneous
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    • Growth in April a blip? [Articles]
      • Page 16
      • -AFP
      Growth in April a blip? -AFP Experts divided over May results ECONOMISTS are divided over whether April's growth in Singapore's non-oil domestic exports (NODX), fuelled by petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, can be sustained. Forecasts of NODX growth in May range from a five per cent contraction year-on-year to growth of up (288 words)
    • Former HP employees form society [Articles]
      • Page 16
      Former HP employees form society Chan Chao Peh WHAT do high-profile local engineering and electronics companies such as Venture, Omni, Tech Semiconductor and Frontline have in common? Their founders or top management are former Hewlett-Packard (HP) employees. Since the American corporation set up shop here in 1969, it has churned (276 words)
    • Hong Kong sets up working committee to stay ahead [Articles]
      • Page 18
      Hong Kong sets up working committee to stay ahead Channel NewsAsia HONG Kong is looking at ways to stay in pole position as the fund management hub for the region. It has set up a working committee to look at a number of initiatives to further boost fund activity in (291 words)
    • Market Watch
      • Singapore [Articles]
        • Page 18
        Singapore THE STI index skid to a six-month low of 1633.73, riled by a paring of tech portfolios by fund managers whose optimism has been deflated by the feeble showing on the tech-heavy Nasdaq index and downgrades in the US PC sector. Some bargain hunting and short covering by day (138 words)
      • World markets [Articles]
        • Page 18
        World markets Index Value Change Us Nikkei 225 Hnng Seng. til Ordinaries :ii«. i'Viil XXXXX.84 XXXXX.33 3264.70 5562.23 ■182.2! 23.64 -12.50 +162.27 ■1.61 ,26 ,38 +3.01 Korea Comp SET Index Jakarta Comp Phils Comp ihenzen 3 Uumimi 823.06 426.45 540.08 1262.2! 210.47 3311.16 +7.73 +2.84 +16.11 -12.14 ,42 ■33.25 +.95 (55 words)
      • Your S$1 buys [Articles]
        • Page 18
        Your S$1 buys JK£ fa HK$ m Euro topiah l.ilii D.3BD7 70.320 4.3625 2.1254 0.5949 4894.0 23.631 I «U A$ Indian Ei Won C$ Vuon HZ$ NTS 0.9854 27.406 684.38 0.8604 4.4299 1.1463 19.076 (34 words)
      • Commodilties [Articles]
        • Page 18
        Commodilties iilver us$/«i 'Itrtinum us; S21.10 4915 i55.90 liuhbc-i :S v=.-.:.j 148.50 Palm oil iM/toniu 1460 Brant (rude 73.47 (19 words)
      • Straits Timss index — 10-Day Chart [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 18
        Straits Timss index 10-Day Chart (5 words)
      • SGX most active [Articles]
        • Page 18
        SGX most active By volume Jun 13 Ipco KiaDob- USS BILIntl SingTel (Uered '000 27,088 19,423 14,030 12,636 10,563 (apiinland SembCorp UniFiber KLW Benelun 20k '001 6,361 6,244 5,831 5,611 5,1 Ot By value Jun 13 Cbnrrered Venture UOB SingTel 40,398,140 23,147,900 19,692,403 18,936,142 15,928,760 SIA DBS SPH Capiialand SembCorp (56 words)
      • SGX top rises [Articles]
        • Page 18
        SGX top rises 3y$ Inn 13 U Sp Fin Close Change 1.230 +0.150 4.860 +0.140 By peranlage Jun 13 dose Change FfIiit,: 0.050 +20.000 [PC 0.075+15.385 HLSpFinF .■'cirjic CITYDEV 03S 2.230 +0.130 14.700 +0.3 M 6.150 +0.100 13.800 +0.100 Armstrong 0.115 +9.524 HILInt 0.530 +9.276 OioonSH WXXXXX0 0.065 +8.333 Inno-Pac (79 words)
      • SGX top falls [Articles]
        • Page 18
        • BLOOMBERG
        SGX top falls Bloomberg Jun 13 Close Change CrealiveSQ 17.800 -0.400 By percentage Jun 13 AsiaDetor USS dose Change 0.060 -29.112 GreotEosi 10.000 -0.40O Hyflux 1.090 -0.240 UQB 14.000 -0.200 OBS Bk i% NCPS XXXXX.400 -0.1 M SIA200 13.000 -0.1O0 SPH 20.200 -0.100 JMH 400USS 5.950 -0.1 M SriEIFlOOiOPV 16-562 (85 words)
    • Reshuffle at Citigroup [Articles]
      • Page 20
      • – BLOOMBERG
      Reshuffle at Citigroup Bloomberg Is Deryck Maughan being groomed for the chairman's post? NEW YORK Citigroup has named Mr Deryck Maughan vice-chairman to run its businesses outside the US, the fastest-growing part of the world's biggest financial services company. Mr Maughan, 54, will be responsible for more than 100 countries (498 words)
    • Cosco denies PSA stake talks [Articles]
      • Page 20
      • – BLOOMBERG
      Cosco denies PSA stake talks Bloomberg HONG KONG Cosco Pacific, the port investment arm of China's biggest shipping company, said it isn't in talks to buy a stake in Singapore port operator PSA Corp. Last week, sister company Cosco Investment Singapore said the parent may purchase a stake in the (198 words)
    • UNIT TRUSTS & FUNDS [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 22
      UNIT TRUSTS FUNDS (All prices nre indicative} Enquiries: CaEF 852-2973-6600 E-mail tipper.QSin@reuleruom FundHinK NW/Kd Prill OFFer P^ie Ibndnn ><sfi MDnqBnat.lkigl ,"r,'-| tmz.'innapicnuniliii 0(11 1711 Ihndun 111 II Blue (hip ttt 1.1)4 IhsdHnSilHdllitklkWIFd I.It 1.31A FittSult KM Tt* £(«-%[> D.3 MIS :i--:«'-ii: ,;;ir:-.-hS5[l O!lt InsltallliuinrcvlMM D.!53» 0.2SK ii- ;«.-.¥-f: -'jr:Mh iUSOi (1432 words)
    • A new Japan [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 22
      A new Japan Reuters World Cup highlights the values it needs TOKYO Quick-think-ing, decisive, individualistic and competitive the description fits the best of the teams battling it out in the World Cup soccer finals. It can also be seen as a metaphor for a style that many say is needed (468 words)
    • Gold loses lead as dollar, stocks rise [Articles]
      • Page 22
      • – REUTERS
      Gold loses lead as dollar, stocks rise Reuters LONDON Gold's shine dimmed yesterday as a stronger US dollar and gains on Wall Street partly eclipsed the precious metal which earlier this month shot to its highest level in more than two and a half years. Gold was set or "fixed" (219 words)
    • Breaking barriers [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 24
      • — REUTERS
      Breaking barriers Reuters Companies link up to make wireless surfing easy CHICAGO Industry giants in the high-technology world have formed a new alliance to simplify the use of wireless telephones on networks, whether to play games, share photos or exchange messages. Faced with maturing growth for traditional voice calls and (477 words)
    • Help for SMEs in China [Articles]
      • Page 24
      Help for SMEs in China SMALL Singaporean companies venturing into China can now take advantage of a new service designed to help them jump start their business there with minimal costs and risks. The China NuSTAR business programme is the first in Asia to enable companies to operate in Beijing (136 words)
    • Indonesian Telkom's ratings revised [Articles]
      • Page 24
      • – BLOOMBERG
      Indonesian Telkom's ratings revised Bloomberg JAKARTA PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, the nation's largest domestic call operator, received a "B3" foreigncurrency rating from Moody's Investors Service and a "B+" corporate-credit rating from Standard and Poor's (S and P). The Moody's rating, which has a "positive" outlook, is the same as Indonesia's sovereign (142 words)
    • Boost for PC sales forecast [Articles]
      • Page 24
      • – REUTERS
      Boost for PC sales forecast Reuters SAN FRANCISCO Technology research firm IDC Corp yesterday raised its forecast for global personal computer (PC) sales this year, predicting corporations would buy more than expected and shipments would rise 4.7 per cent. Sales dropped 4.1 per cent last year. Since then, the technology (121 words)
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    • Church's $3.7m reckoning [Articles]
      • Page 26
      • – REUTERS
      Church's $3.7m reckoning Reuters MELBOURNE Ail Australian Catholic order has agreed to an A53.64 million ($3.69 million) settlement with 24 mentallyhandicapped men who were sexually and physically abused by its brothers. "The order acknowledges that some of the residents were sexually abused by some brothers," the St John of God (157 words)
    • Superwoman? No thanks [Articles]
      • Page 26
      • – REUTERS
      Superwoman? No thanks Reuters LONDON An overwhelming 94 per cent of Britain's working women are tired of Superwoman role models, according to a survey released yesterday. Emulating famous working mothers was not the answer for women trying to cope with the demands of a job, motherhood and matrimony, it said. (139 words)
    • Toy planes turn deadly [Articles]
      • Page 26
      • — AGENCIES
      Toy planes turn deadly Agencies Agency warns of Al Qaeda's next move WASHINGTON Adding to the fear about the resurgence of Al Qaeda activity, a German security source says the group may be planning to use model planes to attack aircraft. The security source on Wednesday said the warning had (333 words)
    • A giant falls [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 28
      A giant falls In the dock 'the most aggressive CEO' NEW YORK Mr Dennis Kozlowski (picture) raced yachts, flew helicopters and rode a HarleyDavidson motorcycle his hobbies reflected his penchant for taking risks. The former chairman and chief executive of multinational Tyco International Ltd, Mr Kozlowski, was indicted June 4 (302 words)
    • State of confusion [Articles]
      • Page 28
      • – AGENCIES
      State of confusion Agencies WASHINGTON Talk of establishing a provisional Palestinian state is causing confusion ahead of an anticipated policy statement on the Middle East by President George W Bush. US Secretary of State Colin Powell was quoted as saying on Wednesday that Mr Bush "knows that to get to (167 words)
    • Consigniato cut jobs [Articles]
      • Page 28
      • -AFP
      Consigniato cut jobs -AFP LONDON In a major restructuring move, British postal operator Consignia will be axing 17,000 of its 200,000 employees. This comes in the wake of the 15,000 job cuts that the 300-year-old group announced in March. The postal operator reportedly suffered a record £1.1 billion ($2.9 billion) (76 words)
    • Not eligible [Articles]
      • Page 29
      • -AFP
      Not eligible -AFP UN says Tampa's Afghans are not refugees SYDNEY More than half of the Afghans from the Tampa the Norwegian ship that ferried the boat people to Australia last year face uncertainty after the United Nations (UN) found they are not refugees. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (283 words)
    • Jury deadlocked on Andersen verdict [Articles]
      • Page 29
      • AGENCIES
      Jury deadlocked on Andersen verdict Agencies HOUSTON After seven days of deliberations, the members of the jury in the case of obstruction of justice of accounting firm Arthur Andersen informed the judge yesterday that they were unable to agree on a verdict. The 12-member jury, which heard nearly five weeks (166 words)
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    • Photos that shock... [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 30
      Photos that shock... Roger M it ton Will seeing such pictures help the public face the reality of horror? A FEW days ago, the Boston Phoenix newspaper in the US was vilified for publishing a photograph of the severed head of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl (picture). As you (909 words)
    • US youth gangs spread their wings [Articles]
      • Page 30
      • – REUTERS
      US youth gangs spread their wings Reuters ORLANDO American youth gangs have spread to almost every big city and most medium-sized towns in the United States in the past 10 years, a conference heard this week. The gathering organised by the Justice Department's office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention (172 words)
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    • Bring 'Tassie' back [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 31
      Bring 'Tassie' back Yong Shu Chiang THE phone rings and eight-year-old Nikkita Archer picks up the receiver. It's for her father. "My daddy's not home. He's busy cloning the Tasmanian Tiger!" she says. Considering that the animal died out more than 65 years ago, her answer may sound like a (752 words)
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  • Page 31 Miscellaneous
    • Runaway kid [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      Runaway kid Elisa Chia That's Billy, household name and top DJ among women HERE'S a popular deejay who has been upsetting some families. Says MediaCorp Radio Love 97.2FMDJ Billy Wang: "The majority of my listeners are female. And I'm aware that some significant others of these listeners are not too (573 words)
    • Hello Dolly! [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      • ENG KONG
      Hello Dolly! Serena Sim Get a cuddly companion for your little girl THERE'S something about the sight of a little girl cuddling a teddy bear or cooing to a doll that warms the heart. At that moment, she is in her perfect little bubble of bliss, where only she and (377 words)
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    • The rugged boy with a raspy voice [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 34
      The rugged boy with a raspy voice Yee Wei Zhen Singaporean construction supervisor turns celebrity singer FORMER Singapore construction site supervisor Andy To is still trying to adjust to his newfound fame as a singer. He speaks like a shy boy, seems unsure of how to answer reporters' questions and (460 words)
    • Boys on Film Shine [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 34
      Boys on Film Shine Pearlyn Tham TAIWAN has WeWe, Japan has Kinki Kids and now Hong Kong has its Shine. Shine, formed by 19-year-olds You Nam and Tien You, recently released their debut album, Boys on Film, in Hong Kong where two of its singles have been doing well on (331 words)
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    • Out of the blue [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 36
      Out of the blue Alexis Yeo Queensland's nature trails are an eyeopener ONE question I had to answer almost every day during my week-long trip to Queensland was whether I had been to Australia before. "Yes," I said, "Some 16 years ago." The experiences I remembered as a 12-year-old in (824 words)
    • Shopping, eating and island hopping [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 38
      Shopping, eating and island hopping Pauline D Loh Hong Kong, Kowloon and beyond WHEN on holiday, you want to do nothing other than shop, eat, sleep and have a good time. In my book, only one place within easy reach of Singapore allows me to do all that. Hong Kong. (538 words)
    • Take me to St Moriz [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 40
      Take me to St Moriz Lee Yew Meng MORE young Asians particularly those from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are now backpacking to Switzerland. Not so long ago, they used to travel in group tours. "This is a very good sign. In fact, more Asians are staying in apartments in (883 words)
    • A new way to travel [Articles]
      • Page 42
      A new way to travel lan De Cotta At Priceline, you can quote your price for air tickets and hotel rooms TTTHEN planning a vacation, you call up VV a travel agent and ask what it would cost for an air ticket and accommodation. He quotes you the price and, (461 words)
    • QuickTours [Articles]
      • Page 42
      QuickTours EUROPE, the pioneering lastminute hotel booking website, has great deals on European destinations including London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin and Brussels. The website offers discounts of up to 70 per cent on accommodation throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Travellers planning a European getaway will appreciate the (115 words)
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    • workingGALS [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 44
      workingGALS This issue, we dress you for nine-to-five, before and after! Nine-to-five Executive wear for tiie busy woman Working Mums Look smart for two Second skin I Lingerie that makes you feel great and look greater Dress Down Day Cheery, happy clothes to help you enjoy your weekend PART II (50 words)
    • business CLASS [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 46
      business CLASS Easy to slip on for the busy woman who doesn't want to look sloppy these pieces are comfort ana convenience at their sharpest. mtssselfridgewisMAATßiA^o3-48/49 meIangeiRAFFLESLiNK*Bi-39crmiNKMALL furIaiRAFFLESLINK#BI-1 ICITYUNKMALL tOCCO IRAF FUJSUNK.'; B1 -31CITYU NKM ALL photOSALVINTOH grOOmingDANIELTJAHJADI PIVOTPOINT StyIingTILLYSOELISTYO m 0 del SC H ARIOnE A NDTAMMIE iU PF (168 words)
    • simplyCHIC [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 48
      simplyCHIC Doubling work wear with fun wear is a piece of cake. Check out these casual yet professional togs. FAR tEFT: Tc pants {was $49. now $34.30) and belt (was $29 7.40).:,' Ail from G2OOO. Gashrr er bag from Fijrta [wae off). Shoes from Tocco [was $169.90 LEFT: Long dress (81 words)
    • bigis BEAUTIFUL [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 50
      bigis BEAUTIFUL Working women don't hove to compromise their fashion sense just because they are E regnant. Check out these comfortable yet eautiful pieces, items available at Marlon Bell unless otherwise indicated. martonbeIINOV6NASQUAHE3OS-: oamc MALL $1-37 photos TECK grooming tjahjadi: JO BEAUTYHOUSE) styling tham hair :ng models iMEL&FRANCIiS RIGHT: Sliirtdress (174 words)
    • nextofskin [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 52
      nextofskin Pearlyn Tham T ADIES, have you ever worn a strapless bra, only to dL/spend the evening hoping it won't slip off? Things can get trickier when it's a Friday night and you're all set to party but those boogie moves just threaten to cause your strapless bra to slide (552 words)
    • altogether$50 [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 53
      altogether$50 Pearlyn Tkam SPEND $50 and above and be a City Shopper! City Link Mall's City Shopper Rewards Programme allows you to amass points with every purchase at City Link Mall. Once you hit 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 points, you can exchange them for rewards such as spa (82 words)
    • weekendWEAR [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 54
      weekendWEAR Get these great threads if you work in the creative line, or while you unwind during the weekend missselfriclgewiSMAATßlA*o3-43/49 g2OOOWISMAATHIA*B 1-32/33 photOSWONGKHINGCHONG&ALVINTOH ABOVE: Cotton jersey camisoles from Ms Seiffidge 13 each. Buy two and gel 20% off). LEFT TO RIGHT: Corset tops (wos $59,n0w $41.30). Red floral tiered skirt (99 words)
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    • Fear of boredom [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 56
      Fear of boredom David Ngiau Clancy's tale marred by bad direction FILM REVIEW The Sum of AH Fears {Now showing) BE AFRAID, be very afraid.TAe Sum of All Fears is based on a Tom Clancy espionage-thriller novel and takes on the spectre of nuclear terrorism. Sure, it looks promising and (524 words)
    • Keanu stops Sydney [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 58
      Keanu stops Sydney PARTS of Sydney are to be closed off to allow a low-flying helicopter chase to be firmed for The Matrix Reloaded, according to World Entertainment News Network. New South Wales Premier Bob Carr says large areas of the city's Central Business District will have to put up (109 words)
    • Angelica spooked [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 58
      Angelica spooked Serene Foo Not by real ghosts for The Eye's Angelica Lee, but by extras on set SHE sees dead people in reel life. In real life however, 26-year-old Angelica Lee insists that there were no eye-popping paranormal sightings on the set of The Eye jointly produced by Hong (603 words)
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    • Behind closed doors [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 59
      Behind closed doors Kim-Kyna Tan Peter Brook's he Costume is theatre of the imagination NOTHING comes close to conjuring the world of Peter Brook's theatrical gem than a line copped from the play: "It was the lives that were being lived, the music that were being played and the stories (560 words)
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  • Page 59 Miscellaneous
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      PARTICIPATE This multimedia dance performance nTNCB BELIEVE ART CONTEST focuses on colour, image and simul- CHAT ONLINE WITH Enter your child for a drawing cum taneous video registration or pro- YAACOB IBRAHIM colouring competition at the jection of a pre-shot video on a tu c i i Marine Parade Open (242 words)
  • Page 60 Miscellaneous
    • Page 60 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 60
      On TV* Correspondent's Notebook Friday Supper Club Movie Christine Friday Profiles Grace Kelly Arts Central,! lpm OIA Ju^l^l Channel NewsAsitt, 9.30pm Channel 5,10pm Qrace. Av//1: ms om ihe most beautiful women in the world, a W(^ "^Vk^ o*l -"'^rtrfffW '-^IH^H Am'e Cunnin Sftam falls >n lom wttk screen goddess who (1723 words)
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    • Dolphins hold misfiring Protectors [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 62
      Dolphins hold misfiring Protectors Stanley Ho ONE simple truth in football: If you can't take your chances, you don't win games. It was a rule that Home United somehow forgot last night. Despite dominating the game from start to finish, the Protectors were abysmal in front of goal, held to (369 words)
    • Veteran Lim shares lead in PFP Classic after birdie blitz [Articles]
      • Page 62
      Veteran Lim shares lead in PFP Classic after birdie blitz Kelvin Phang LOCAL pro Lim Kian Tiong lived up to the adage 'oldie but goodie', when he fired a six-under 66 to share the opening day lead with Malaysia's P Gunasagaran in the RM$lOO,OOO ($47,000) PFP Classic yesterday The 50-year-old (274 words)
    • Target: Netball for Asian Games 2006 [Articles]
      • Page 62
      Target: Netball for Asian Games 2006 Jose Raymond NETBALL at the Asian Games by 2006. That is the goal of the Asian Federation of Netball Associations (AFNA) members yesterday after a fullday meeting in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, netball would have almost certainly been a sport contested in the Asiad (282 words)
    • No stopping this train now [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 63
      No stopping this train now NBA Finals NJ Nets 107 LA Lakers 113 Lakers win series 4-0 j EAST RUTHERFORD On one part of the podium stood Shaquille O'Neal, palming the Larry O'Brien championship trophy with his massive right hand. Standing nearby was Kobe Bryant, holding out three fingers while (640 words)
    • Zen master's right up there with the best [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 63
      • – REUTERS
      Zen master's right up there with the best Reuters EAST RUTHERFORD The numbers say that Los Angeles Lakers' Phil Jackson (picture) is the greatest basketball coach of all-time. Cynics say he is just the luckiest. Either way, Jackson will go down in history after he guided the Lakers to a (429 words)
    • Hiddink: No fear [Articles]
      • Page 64
      Hiddink: No fear |World Cup- Group D Mlive today on CH2S-28, 7.30pm INCHEON South Korea will be in a state of nervous anticipation today as its World Cup heroes battle Portugal for a spot in the second round. The match will bring the nation to a virtual standstill and coach (569 words)
    • Form Guide [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 64
      Form Guide Portugal v Korea ■Sf^My^^^j Portugal Vitor Baia Muno Frechaut Jorge Costa Fernando Couto Rui Jorge Armando Petit Paulo Bento Joao Pinto Luis Figo Pauleta Sergio Conceicao (above) Team news: Portugal: Defender Abel Xavier and midfielder Paulo Sousa have recovered from injuries. But Xavier is more likely of the (274 words)
    • Going for broke [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 66
      Going for broke Agencies Troussier needs a draw, but promises to attack |World Cup Group H today an Ch2s-28, 2.30pm j OSAKA Japan coach Philippe Troussier said the World Cup co-host would go for broke against Group H rival Tunisia as it chases a first-ever place in the last 16. (480 words)
    • Mostovoi ready for action [Articles]
      • Page 66
      • – AGENCIES
      Mostovoi ready for action Agencies |World Cup Group H iLwe, today on Ch22, 2.30pm I SHIZUOKA Russia got a boost yesterday when key player Alexander Mostovoi was cleared to play against Belgium for the group decider in Shizuoka today. "Today will be a third full day Mostovoi will be training (351 words)
    • Americans on their toes [Articles]
      • Page 66
      • -AFP
      Americans on their toes -AFP |World Cup Group D \Live, today on Ck22, 7.30pm DAEJEON The United States, a far cry from the rabble of France '98, is leaving nothing to chance against Poland as it bids for only its second appearance in the last 16 of the World Cup. (306 words)
    • Makings of a champion [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 68
      Makings of a champion Leonard Thomas Beautiful Brazil is back on track ALL of a sudden, Brazil seems to be clicking into gear. All the doubts that haunted the team over the last 18 months have disappeared in the space of 11 days in South Korea and Japan. Gone is (646 words)
    • Turkey promises more to come, Milutinovic satisfied [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 68
      Turkey promises more to come, Milutinovic satisfied Agencies World Cup-Group C Turks advance for the first time, Chinese draw blank SEOUL Turkey, in the second round of the World Cup for the first time, is capable of greater things, its jubilant players said yesterday after its decisive 3-0 victory over (459 words)
    • Abysmal Croatia [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 69
      Abysmal Croatia -AFP Former semi-finalist bows out with barely a whimper World Cup-Group G I South Americans exit with a proud victory YOKOHAMA Croatia crashed out of the World Cup yesterday, missing a golden chance to qualify for the second phase at the expense of Group G rival Italy, after (530 words)
    • Maradona blames himself for exit [Articles]
      • Page 69
      • – AGENCIES
      Maradona blames himself for exit Agencies ZURICH Diego Maradona said yesterday he accepts some of the blame for Argentina's shock first-round exit from the World Cup. "I blame myself for the failure," he wrote in a column for Switzerland's Blick newspaper yesterday after the South Americans crashed out. "During the (219 words)
    • Denmark hit by double injury blow [Articles]
      • Page 69
      • -AFP
      Denmark hit by double injury blow -AFP WAKAYAMA Key players Jon Dahl Tomasson and Stig Tofting are doubtful for Denmark in its second-round match with England in Niigata, Japan tomorrow, the Danish Football Association (DFA) said yesterday. Tofting, a key midfielder, is troubled by an injury to his left foot (168 words)
    • Their new hero [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 70
      Their new hero -AFP Del Piero emerges from the bench to finally deliver for the Azurri [World Cup- Group G Italy and Mexico advance, bat Mexicans top the group OITA Italy's Alessandro Del Piero (picture, below) became a World Cup hero at the second time of asking here yesterday as (578 words)
    • Day 14: Italy through, but it wasn't pretty [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 71
      • AFP PHOTO
      Day 14: Italy through, but it wasn't pretty S. Murali AFTER dishing out almost 90 minutes of beautiful football, the Mexicans soured the image of the game last night in injury time. At that point, they were tied 1-1 with Italy, after having played better throughout the game. But in (736 words)
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      COVERAGE OF -I--. ■..-..■■..■..■V....V.... \-^\\^.\-^\-^\\^^\^^V\^^\^^\- V \>V\^*^\^-^A^^\^.-\- \S■.S.•S S S S A \.\V\ |eEIS £f 7 jJ^^^Tt^^i HB^^^V^^^Tbß^^mmJl *J& m^T CJe J\Jy s Hg E ift*AjJLSJ^Lla«^^L^j H^g 8b .I ;;:t;;:;;; ;',;.::> w :;;:"?;^h Miajfl B 1 J\a^v\a^\a^v\^ -1^ s::?■s::?.:?s::?v\■s::?s:s?vas-s s s s s s -s s s. s s s (261 words)
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