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The Straits Times, 6 February 2007

Article also available on microfilm reel NL27333 [Lee Kong Chian Reference Library - On shelf, arranged by date]

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  • Floods cripple much of Jakarta [Articles + Illustrations]
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    • AFP
    Floods cripple much of Jakarta AZHAR GHANI Deluge cuts road, rail and telecoms links; threat of water-borne diseases looms in city By Indonesia Bureau Chief In Jakarta MUCH of Jakarta was crippled yesterday as the worst deluge in five years cut road, rail and telecommunications links to the Indonesian capital. (625 words)
  • Schools to teach Net safety lessons [Articles]
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    Schools to teach Net safety lessons Chua Hian Hou By STUDENTS here, among the most wired in the world, will >oon get lessons in school that will help them navigate :yberspace safely and watch Dut for dangers like cy-ber-predators. Counsellors are also being trained to help students who develop Internet-relat--3d (629 words)
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      Invisible Hearing without hearing aid with hearing aid 3 The actual size of the microchip in Oticon "invisible" hearing aid which is programmed to suit the wearer's hearing needs. Oticon Hearing Aids from Denmark The latest Oticon hearing aid is changing the lives of people through better hearing. Manufactured in (204 words)
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      SECTION ONE HOME Prime 2-4 Well-paying sectors Asia 6-11 A survey has found World 12-16 salaries in the finance, Review 17-19 engineering and logistics PY| 20 industries rising by an ccrTiOM two average of 10 per cent in SECTION TWO a generally upbeat Home Hl-H6 employment market. Forum H7 PAGE (360 words)
    • Security cameras for all MRT trains and stations [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 3
      Security cameras for all MRT trains and stations T. Rajan Each train will have a dozen 'eyes' to detect terrorists and deter other mischief makers By SECURITY cameras will be fitted on every train and at every MRT station to keep an eye out for terrorists on Singapore's transport network. (520 words)
    • O-level results out on Friday [Articles]
      • Page 3
      O-level results out on Friday THE 2006 GCE O-level examination results will be released on Friday. School candidates can collect their results from their schools at 2.30pm on that day. Private candidates will be informed of their results by post. They can also access their results through the Internet after (131 words)
    • From 3-room HDB flats to high-tech student hostels [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 3
      From 3-room HDB flats to high-tech student hostels Tan Hui Yee By TWO blocks of flats in Boon Lay, formerly home to foreign workers, are being turned into a hostel for students. The 200 three-room flats, located in the middle of a Housing Board estate in Boon Lay Drive built (474 words)
    • S'pore to open up basic mail services market [Articles]
      • Page 4
      S'pore to open up basic mail services market Bryan Lee By POSTING a letter could soon be done without visiting a Singapore Post (SingPost) post office or postboxes after a decision to open up the basic mail services market to competition was announced yesterday. New postal companies will be able (548 words)
    • Hyundai chairman gets three years' jail [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 4
      • PHOTO: AP
      Hyundai chairman gets three years' jail Lee Tee Jong Chung found guilty of taking $170 m from firm to buy political favours By South Korea Correspondent In Seoul HYUNDAI Motor chairman Chung Mong Koo was sentenced to three years' jail yesterday for embezzling company funds that were used to buy (556 words)
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      R' r From niche playerto one-stop travel service provider. Icon Resources: One IT solutions provider takes a double step to growth. S'pore scholar found dead in UK canal Ithe ■nevv [paper (32 words)
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  • ASIA
      • RESIDENTS MAKE DO [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 6
        RESIDENTS MAKE DO AZHAR GHANI "This is the safest place during the regular five-year floods." FLOOD SURVIVOR BARBERA POHAN, camping with her children in makeshift tents in the Karet cemetery in the centre of town Fears of diseases as electricity and water supplies in many affected areas are cut By (694 words)
      • Presidential palace safe from flooding [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 7
        Presidential palace safe from flooding Salim Osman "The line to the cashier was so long, as if we were queueing for free food." NITA SUMANTRI, a housewife living in the worst-hit Kepala Gading district, describing the rush to buy household goods at the neighbourhood grocery store Relief all round as (654 words)
      • El Nino partly to blame, say weather experts [Articles]
        • Page 7
        El Nino partly to blame, say weather experts Judith Tan By THE heavy rains that have flooded Jakarta could be the result of a combination of weather phenomena last seen in 2002, say climate experts. In January and February of that year, similar storms left a trail of devastation in (385 words)
      • The blame game begins [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 8
        The blame game begins AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE "Aren't we getting tired of the claimed lives, drowned valuables, being soaked chest-high in dirty, stinking water, surrounded by floating garbage in blocked streets?" A COLUMN IN THE JAKARTA POST, criticising the administration as well as citizens for failing to support measures to prevent (583 words)
    • CHINA
      • National plan to tackle climate change [Articles]
        • Page 9
        • REUTERS
        National plan to tackle climate change REUTERS China will set goals for cutting emissions and measures for coping with weather changes Beijing CHINA is preparing its first national plan to battle climate change and it is likely to be released this year, according to a senior policy adviser. Mr Zou (649 words)
      • World at critical stage, Ban warns [Articles]
        • Page 9
        World at critical stage, Ban warns AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, REUTERS Nairobi UNITED Nations chief Ban Ki Moon yesterday warned that climate change had driven the world to a "critical stage", directly affecting human health and the environment. "The world has reached a critical stage...despite our best intentions, the degradation of the (211 words)
      • A BRUSH WITH SPRING [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 9
        • AFP
        A BRUSH WITH SPRING Blowing bubble gum while she pens a spring couplet during a calligraphy event in Taipei, this little girl is a picture of concentration. Couplets, wishing for good fortune, prosperity and peace, are typically hung on both sides of the doorway during Chinese New Year. Tradition dictates (68 words)
      • Hu in Namibia to foster growing economic, trade ties [Articles]
        • Page 9
        Hu in Namibia to foster growing economic, trade ties ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Windhoek (Namibia) CHINESE President Hu Jintao arrived in Namibia yesterday on the fifth leg of an African tour which has seen him dole out hundreds of millions of dollars to states fuelling Beijing's economic juggernaut. Chinese and (307 words)
      • Tokyo and Canberra set to ink security pact [Articles]
        • Page 10
        Tokyo and Canberra set to ink security pact Kwan Weng Kin Agreement will boost cooperation against regional threats By Japan Correspondent In Tokyo JAPAN and Australia are likely to sign an agreement next month to boost cooperation against regional security threats such as piracy, terrorism, nuclear proliferation and North Korea. (585 words)
      • Japan warns China over ship in disputed waters [Articles]
        • Page 10
        Japan warns China over ship in disputed waters ASSOCIATED PRESS Tokyo JAPAN warned China over its "inappropriate" behaviour yesterday, after a Chinese ship entered disputed waters for an apparent maritime survey at the weekend. The civilian ship, spotted early on Sunday off a group of East China Sea islands claimed (220 words)
      • South Korea taking steps to beef up workforce [Articles]
        • Page 10
        South Korea taking steps to beef up workforce AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Seoul FACED with a rapidly ageing population, South Korea has announced various measures including extending the retirement age and shortening compulsory military service to boost its workforce. "Due to the low birthrate and the fast-ageing population, the growth of the (401 words)
      • Measures to be taken [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 10
        • REUTERS
        Measures to be taken THE Seoul government will: Push to extend the retirement age by around five years. Revise the education system to advance the job entry age by two years from the current 25. Support job costs for bosses who postpone their workers' retirement and ease discriminatory rules against (98 words)
      • Abe govt stands by beleaguered minister despite dip in support [Articles]
        • Page 10
        Abe govt stands by beleaguered minister despite dip in support ASSOCIATED PRESS, REUTERS Tokyo JAPANESE leaders said yesterday they woulc stand by a minister who called womer "child-bearing machines", despite sagging popularity ratings and a key by-election loss. Japan's top government spokesman Yasuhisa Shiozaki said yesterday that Health Ministei Hakuo (201 words)
      • US$100 computer a boon to 1 billion people [Articles]
        • Page 11
        US$100 computer a boon to 1 billion people WASHINGTON POST Indian company's offering puts Internet access within reach of the poor in the country Washington IN A humble residential neighbourhood in the south Indian city of Chennai, Hema Malini, 13, switched on the television and a curious new device. Called (655 words)
      • Cheap, no-frills computer started from scratch [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 11
        Cheap, no-frills computer started from scratch WASHINGTON POST MR RAJESH Jain first got the idea to build a low-cost computer alternative back in 2000, when he realised PCs from the West weren't getting cheap and fast enough to serve India's needs. He read about Oracle chief executive officer Larry Ellison's (349 words)
      • 8 ex-ministers in Bangladesh arrested for graft [Articles]
        • Page 11
        8 ex-ministers in Bangladesh arrested for graft IVGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Dhaka EIGHT former ministers face corruption allegations after high-profile arrests by Bangladesh's new interim government, which has pledged a :rackdown on graft, reports said yesterday. On Sunday, security forces arrested the former ministers along with five others with ties to the (278 words)
      • Man's plan to leave Islam may stir controversy again [Articles]
        • Page 12
        Man's plan to leave Islam may stir controversy again Carolyn Hong Identity mix-up man's only course is Syariah Court: Islamic dept chief By Malaysia Correspondent In Kuala Lumpur THE case of the Chinese man who was raised as a Muslim after being swopped at birth, could trigger yet another religious (650 words)
      • Opposition leaders grilled over leaked' govt document [Articles]
        • Page 12
        Opposition leaders grilled over leaked' govt document ASSOCIATED PRESS, BLOOMBERG Kuala Lumpur POLICE yesterday interrogated four Malaysian opposition leaders over the public disclosure of a confidential government toll concession agreement. The opposition leaders had used that document to back their demand to scrap recent tariff increases and to support their (282 words)
      • Thai PM removes national police chief [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 12
        Thai PM removes national police chief Nirmal Ghosh By Thailand Correspondent In Bangkok PRIME minister General Surayud Chulanont yesterday sidelined the country's powerful chief of police General Kowit Wattana. In the move which had been rumoured for months General Kowit was transferred to an inactive post at the Prime Minister's (336 words)
      • Gang nabbed after 1-year robbery spree [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 12
        Gang nabbed after 1-year robbery spree NEW STRAITS TIMES Shah Alam FOR almost a year, six Thais and a Malaysian went on a robbery spree, killing seven people and stealing RM3.7 million (Ssl.6 million) from four heists at jewellery stores. After each robbery, the Thais, including a woman, would use (373 words)
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    • Iraqi general takes charge of Baghdad crackdown [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 13
      Iraqi general takes charge of Baghdad crackdown ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE New security operation seen as last chance to curb sectarian violence, which is claiming lives every day Baghdad IRAQ is preparing for a new security crackdown, with a new general set to lead the country's forces taking charge. The (697 words)
    • New team of advisers has brains and brawn [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 13
      New team of advisers has brains and brawn WASHINGTON POST Washington A BAND of warrior-intellectuals including an Australian anthropologist and a Princeton economist is being assembled in a last-ditch effort to reverse the downward trend in the Iraq war. Lieutenant-General David Petraeus, the new US commander in Iraq who holds (294 words)
    • More bird flu outbreaks expected [Articles]
      • Page 14
      More bird flu outbreaks expected ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Migratory birds will spread virus, but risk to humans is low: UN expert Jakarta THE world should expect more bird flu outbreaks in the coming months, the United Nations (UN) official coordinating the global fight against the virus warned, after Britain (597 words)
      • LONDON'S 'GHERKIN' SOLD FOR $1.8b [Articles]
        • Page 14
        LONDON'S 'GHERKIN' SOLD FOR $1.8b AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE LONDON: A landmark London skyscraper popularly known as the "gherkin" has become Britain's most expensive place to work after Swiss reinsurance giant Swissße sold the building for £600 million (Ssl.B billion). It was bought by a German real estate company, Swissße said in (71 words)
        • Page 14
        TSANG SECURES 450 ELECTION BACKERS AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE HONG KONG: Chief Executive Donald Tsang, running for a second term in office, has said he has secured the backing of more than half of the 800 members of the city's Election Committee. In a statement released by his campaign office at the (101 words)
        • Page 14
        GOVT'S OVERTURE TO TAMIL TIGERS AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE COLOMBO: Sri Lanka marked its independence anniversary on Sunday with President Mahinda Rajapakse inviting Tiger rebel proxies in Parliament to join his effort to end decades of ethnic bloodshed. He asked the Tamil National Alliance to join the "All Party Conference" to prepare (56 words)
        • Page 14
        BALI BOMBER GIVES SERMONS BY PHONE AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE JAKARTA: One of the Bali bombers on death row for attacks in 2002 has preached to Muslim militants by mobile phone, police chief Sutanto said in a report to Members of Parliament released yesterday. In the report on recent violence in Poso, (75 words)
        • Page 14
        FUGITIVE TYCOON DETAINED IN U.S. LOS ANGELES: Fugitive tycoon Wang You-theng was moved to another immigration detention centre near Los Angeles while United States officials searched for ways to repatriate him back to Taiwan. Mr Wang, founder of the Rebar Group, who is wanted by the Taiwanese authorities for allegedly (74 words)
    • Letter bomb explodes in central London [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 14
      Letter bomb explodes in central London BLOOMBERG, REUTERS London A LETTER bomb exploded in central London yesterday, injuring one woman and causing panic. The blast occurred at the London headquarters of the company that administers the British capital's traffic congestion toll, Capita. It is less than 180 m from Britain's (471 words)
    • 15-minute lessons to whip up British kids' interest? [Articles]
      • Page 14
      • REUTERS
      15-minute lessons to whip up British kids' interest? REUTERS London BRITISH pupils could see a shake-up in their timetables next year as part of plans to make learning more exciting and relevant. Arabic and Mandarin could replace French and Spanish, and climate change and racism could gain more prominence in (304 words)
    • Six shot dead in Chinese restaurant in Germany [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 14
      Six shot dead in Chinese restaurant in Germany AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, REUTERS Berlin THREE men and three women were found shot dead in a Chinese restaurant in Sittensen in northern Germany early yesterday, police said. The six, who were all believed to be of Asian origin, had been tied up and (405 words)
      • Tata chairman to fly fighter jet [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 15
        • REUTERS, AP
        Tata chairman to fly fighter jet REUTERS THE 69-year-old chairman of India's Tata group, Mr Ratan Tata, will fly a fighter jet at an air show in Bangalore this week. Mr Tata, a licensed pilot who occasionally flies the company plane, was invited by US defence contractor Lockheed Martin Corp (195 words)
      • US woman sets spacewalk record [Articles]
        • Page 15
        US woman sets spacewalk record ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN astronaut Sunita Williams has now spent more time walking in space than any other woman, with a record of 22 hours and 27 minutes. Ms Williams, 41, broke the previous record of more than 21 hours on Sunday when she and crewmate (121 words)
      • 'Curry Queen' hit by raid on illegals [Articles]
        • Page 15
        'Curry Queen' hit by raid on illegals A BRITISH government race adviser with close links to Mrs Cherie Blair is at the centre of a major investigation into an alleged illegal immigrant employment racket. Police and immigration officers stormed the £3.5 million (Sslo million) home of Mrs Nighat Awan last (166 words)
    • S'pores artillery gunners get to hone combat skills in NZ [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 16
      • MINDEF
      S'pores artillery gunners get to hone combat skills in NZ SINGAPORE Artillery gunners have been bang on target during a live-firing exercise in New Zealand. The Singapore Armed Forces' annual artillery exercise, Thunder Warrior, has been an opportunity for the gunners to practise complex combat skills beyond just gunnery skills, (350 words)
    • Ahmadinejad under fire at home and abroad [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 16
      Ahmadinejad under fire at home and abroad Jonathan Eyal NEWS ANALYSIS Iranian President losing fans but an ouster won't get rid of N-crisis By PRESIDENT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is facing growing pressure at home even as he pushes Iran along the path of confrontation with the US over its nuclear programme. (670 words)
    • Indian minister in Iran to discuss gas, nuclear issue [Articles]
      • Page 16
      Indian minister in Iran to discuss gas, nuclear issue P. Jayaram By India Correspondent In New Delhi INDIA'S External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee begins a two-day visit to Teheran today, during which he will discuss the multi-billion-dollar In-dia-Pakistan-Iran (IPI) gas pipeline and the nuclear issue. While the worsening situation in (419 words)
    • Australia's deadly dangers for tourists [Articles]
      • Page 16
      Australia's deadly dangers for tourists AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Sydney AUSTRALIA may have a reputation for venomous spiders and deadly snakes, but the biggest causes of accidental tourist deaths are car crashes and dangerous surf. Statistics published yesterday, compiled by the National Coroners Information System for Sydney's Daily Telegraph, reveal that most (139 words)
    • Women can be heads of state, says top Egyptian cleric [Articles]
      • Page 16
      Women can be heads of state, says top Egyptian cleric AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Cairo EGYPT'S top cleric has declared that Islam does not bar women from becoming heads of state denying press reports that had earlier attributed to him the opposite position. On Jan 27, the Akhbar Al-Yom daily carried a (241 words)
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    • Damaged Earth [Articles]
      • Page 17
      Damaged Earth THE newest report released last week by climate scientists telling of a heating Earth and rising surface waters is not new science, but a data update. It is missing the alarum that a warning of a calamitous meteor collision would have. Its one computation that could cause concern (430 words)
    • When good mutates into bad [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 17
      When good mutates into bad RELIGION AND TERRORISM Foreign Minister George Yeo was guest of honour at a peace dialogue on Jan 27, which also saw the launch of Unlicensed To Kill: Countering Imam Samudra's Justification For The Bali Bombing, by Haniff Hassan. Below is Mr Yeo's speech: SOME months (2575 words)
    • Not a union but an association [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 18
      • /SOCRT
      Not a union but an association Michael Vatikiotis ►>AN ASEAN COMMUNITY By For The Straits Times IT'S hard enough for most ordinary South-east Asians to imagine Asean as a community. Imagine how much harder it is after a month in which Thailand accused Singapore of mischievously hosting its ousted premier, (945 words)
    • KL's public sector growth: Unwieldy and unjustifiable [Articles]
      • Page 18
      KL's public sector growth: Unwieldy and unjustifiable Liew Chin Tong ,By For The Straits Times MALAYSIA'S quick cure for the problem of unemployed graduates is threatening to weigh down and weaken the country's governance itself. In providing jobs to a huge number of graduates, whether or not they are qualified (914 words)
    • Is a grandson also rising? [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 19
      Is a grandson also rising? Anthony Paul NORTH KOREA'S RESTLESS SUCCESSION ISSUE AGAIN By Senior Writer DURING a visit to Pyongyang in February 1981, I found the locals restless. South Korea's disinformation specialists had been spreading rumours that Great Leader Kirn II Sung's hypertension was worsening, and North Koreans' discomfort (1231 words)
    • Chirac's gaffe – or a moment of honesty? [Articles]
      • Page 19
      Chirac's gaffe or a moment of honesty? Gwynne Dyer By FOR over two years the big Western states have insisted that Iran's nuclear power programme is secretly intended to produce nuclear weapons, and that the minute it gets them, it will launch them at Israel. But last week, France's President (690 words)
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    • Not open for business [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 21
      Not open for business Arlina Arshad ro11* ,esteri|ay Why? By POOR business at Dhoby Xchange, the shopping mall in Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, is putting the retail tenants on a collision course with their landlord, SMRT Corp. Fourteen tenants there were so frustrated with what they saw as SMRT's lack (821 words)
    • Wages expected to rise 10% in finance, engineering sectors [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 22
      Wages expected to rise 10% in finance, engineering sectors Keith Lin Pay hike in 9 sectors forecast to range from 8 to 25 per cent By WORKERS in industries that are doing well, such as banking and finance, can expect pay hikes of up to 10 per cent this year, (509 words)
    • 22 new MPs appointed union advisers, 2 more in pipeline [Articles]
      • Page 22
      22 new MPs appointed union advisers, 2 more in pipeline Sue-Ann Chia By MEMBER of Parliament Lim Wee Kiak knows what nurses want: more recognition for their work. They would like to get a day off for Nurses' Day as teachers now do on Teachers' Day, though they accept that (496 words)
    • Engineering grads are still polytechnics' top earners [Articles]
      • Page 22
      Engineering grads are still polytechnics' top earners Jane Ng By ENGINEERING graduates from the polytechnics continue to be the highest paid among their peers, even though the field has seen falling enrolments in the last five years. The latest employment survey by the five polytechnics has indicated that those who (431 words)
    • Students invest in their own businesses [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 22
      Students invest in their own businesses PUT your money where your mouth is. And Singapore Polytechnic students do just that they dig into their pockets to set up their own businesses. Under the polytechnic's Entrepreneurship Concentration programme, final-year business students run their own enterprises for six months as part of (190 words)
    • Sailor dad dies while watching son sail [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 24
      Sailor dad dies while watching son sail Tanya Fong Seasoned seaman found motionless on Pasir Ris beach after report of capsized boat By A PROUD father who set out to sea to watch his youngest son take part in a sailing contest was found slumped on a nearby beach on (636 words)
    • Ex-NKF chairman admits he had failed in his duties [Articles]
      • Page 24
      Ex-NKF chairman admits he had failed in his duties Chong Chee Kin ►>NKF:OLDVNEW By FORMER National Kidney Foundation (NKF) chairman Richard Yong conceded yesterday that he had "breached his fiduciary duties" to the charity. It was the clearest admission yet of wrongdoing at the NKF, one which supported the new (524 words)
    • That crony word, revisited [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 24
      That crony word, revisited EX-NKF chairman Richard Yong (right) was asked yesterday whether he saw himself as Mr T.T. Durai's "crony" as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary of English. This came towards the end of Mr K. Shanmugam's crossexamination in which he painted Mr Yong as having been "dishonest" in (324 words)
    • Yong: Durai wrote own bonus letter [Articles]
      • Page 24
      Yong: Durai wrote own bonus letter Selina Lum By told Mr Yong that as with several other letters produced yesterday the writing "doesn't sound like your language". That was when Mr Yong admitted Mr Durai had drafted the letter. Mr Shanmugam asked: "So he drafts a letter that you are (462 words)
    • Messages from Official Assignee's office inconsistent: SDP chief [Articles]
      • Page 24
      Messages from Official Assignee's office inconsistent: SDP chief KEN KWEK BANKRUPTCY TRAVEL OFFENCE: CHEE ON TRIAL CHEE Soon Juan yesterday blamed the inconsistent instructions he received from the Official Assignee's (OA) office for causing him to believe he could go abroad while still a bankrupt. Its staff did not "categorically (355 words)
    • NUS research now under one roof [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 25
      NUS research now under one roof Chang Ai-Lien $40m centre, opened yesterday, will bring greater synergy to 450 life science researchers By Science Correspondent SEVERAL cancers, the ones more common in Singapore and the region, will be put under the microscope at a dedicated life sciences research building at the (697 words)
    • Window on new Vista [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 25
      Window on new Vista T HAS been five years in :he making, but Windows has finally landed here. The new operating system las a snazzier interface and mproved security, but all :his comes at a price. Today's Digital Life gives >?ou the lowdown on what you need to know be!ore (98 words)
    • Couple lose fight on collective sale [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 26
      • LIM SIN THAI
      Couple lose fight on collective sale Jessica Cheam Landmark ruling: $100kCPF shortfall not considered financial loss By THE couple holding out against the collective sale of Waterfront View lost the fight yesterday when the Strata Titles Board (STB) ruled against them in what is regarded as a landmark decision. Mr (636 words)
    • Mall to open despite building buzz all round [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 26
      Mall to open despite building buzz all round Marcel Lee Pereira By THE rebuilt Leisure Park Kallang will open its doors this year, even as its surroundings turn into a massive construction site. The now six-storey mall is in the final stages of its one-and-a-half-year $70 million redevelopment, and will (474 words)
    • CTE traffic faster after ERP rate hike [Articles]
      • Page 26
      CTE traffic faster after ERP rate hike VEHICLES were moving faster along the Central Expressway (CTE) yesterday, when ERP charges went up by 50 cents at two gantries along its stretch. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) also said traffic along the arterial roads which motorists use when not taking the (211 words)
    • Rescued: 2 women who jumped into sea [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 26
      Rescued: 2 women who jumped into sea TWO women in their mid-20s brought some unwelcome excitement to Merlion Park at One Fullerton yesterday. After what witnesses said was a heated quarrel at the pier, one of them jumped into the sea, followed by the other. Passers-by, who saw the women (220 words)
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      RICOH wevE now EXTENDED another 6 DAYS. i^AiL QUICK! THINK OF AN EXCUSE NOW. 1 4 from (SGD) Offering the Aficio™ Colour MP Cl5OO tf\f\ 59 special from $9y a month* Picespubishedaboveaefoonewayony j Q f Q jj^g qqqJ fortUnC Starting from a mere $99 a month*,you can benefit from T^P?-Sit-^ (279 words)
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      W^HK I ■> i -MR v 1 I Just how far will they go to steal your data? Protect your IT system from floor to ceiling. There's of protection by encrypting data that's one thing of which you can be sure: Any weak link in being transferred to a remote (344 words)
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      Get Connected r^rzmm+mmi I i\\ our New Virtual Centre A Ii J s Friendlier, easier and more interactive the new improved flllV I J IJ s a website With powerful tools, simple-to-use features and thoughtful layouts, the enhanced m s I saves you time and effort from the (88 words)
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      GUIDE TO FlBRE ,^kw@ >ir How it keeps you healthy and I which foods have lots of it (18 words)
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      COSMOPROF ACADEMY MAKE-UP AESTHETICS SPA LEARN THE ART OF BEAUTY THERAPY BODY MASSAGE Train now to be a Qualified Certified Therapist. CIBTAC Aesthetic Treatments Diploma (UK) Awarded by British Association of Beauty Therapy Cosmetology. Internationally recognized Beauty Therapy Diploma. CIBTAC Body Massage Dip CIBTAC Anatomy Physiology Diploma (UK) Internationally recognized (177 words)
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      HwffnikTfl M.IJ »^fv^B tf SjßTlTJ^LoughboroughUniversity^ Scholarships Info Session on IV University of La Rochelle StudY loatlS University of Aberdeen pmL-^' Distinguished and Internationally Recognised GvtttltS AVdUdblc University or Leeds ::-~o University of Glasgow University of Southampton LWjIJiT 91^ W^b^B sbt] »PV 91 University of Dundee Loughborough University WAmKKm *sJAAmVL QJL (783 words)
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      • Page 26
      /s3nip\ I TiP OFF mms XXXXX VJ800^XXXXX57/ (7 words)
    • Put a positive spin to the Kallang Roar [Letters]
      • Page 27
      Put a positive spin to the Kallang Roar Chua Shuyi (Miss) I CAUGHT the first-leg final of the Asean Football Championship between Singapore and Thailand at the National Stadium on Wednesday and came away disappointed with the way the Lions were cheered on. The chants were mostly negative. They focused (359 words)
    • Pre-existing condition? Shop around for insurer [Letters]
      • Page 27
      Pre-existing condition? Shop around for insurer Stan ley Jeremiah I REFER to the letter by Dr Lee Pheng Soon, "Check insurance policy if diabetic, hypertensive" (ST, Feb 2). There are actually two distinct issues here. The first is the applicant's duty to disclose to the insurer all material facts which (411 words)
    • Protect employers, hold maid's loan repayment in trust [Letters]
      • Page 27
      Protect employers, hold maid's loan repayment in trust Tan Saw Bin (Ms) I REFER to the recent letters to the Forum on errant maids, and would like to highlight a practice of many maid agencies which is unfair to maid employers. Many agencies now require employers to pay about $3,000 (283 words)
    • Customers told how to cancel trial services [Letters]
      • Page 27
      Customers told how to cancel trial services Tricia Lee (Miss) I REFER to the letter, "Ask customers before charging for trial services" (ST, Jan 30). We have contacted Mr Ong Theng Hong and thanked him for his feedback. When customers sign up for broadband service, our officers will inform them (110 words)
    • Crazy Horse keeled over for want of 'starving crowd' [Letters]
      • Page 27
      Crazy Horse keeled over for want of 'starving crowd' Sant Qiu THE local chapter of the Crazy Horse revue has closed. Interestingly, when it was opening, I made the comment that it would not last long in Singapore. The commentary by Mr Frankie Chee (ST, Feb 3) asked, "Was Crazy (407 words)
    • An organ is no different from a life-saving drug [Letters]
      • Page 27
      An organ is no different from a life-saving drug Lee Wei Ling THE debate about allowing the sale of organs has revealed an amusing aspect of human nature: "If my welfare is not compromised, I can afford to espouse the politically correct view", human organs are sacred and should not (297 words)
    • How much abalone in a can? [Letters]
      • Page 27
      How much abalone in a can? WITH the Chinese New Year around the corner, I went shopping for canned abalone in a local supermarket recently. Among the different brands, some indicated the net weight while others showed both the net and drained weight. I bought two brands, one indicating the (124 words)
    • Why single mums don't get govt-paid leave [Letters]
      • Page 27
      Why single mums don't get govt-paid leave Lee Kirn Hua I REFER to the letters, "Don't tie maternity leave to marriage" (ST, Jan 25) by Miss Kiera Chua King De and "Grant single mums maternity leave freely" (ST, Feb 2) by Ms Netina Tan Chiew Pheng. I thank the writers (272 words)
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      BBK 8188 BBk_ mt BBBi '''ill bbbl Am m\ I^bb^i^ E^lbKbl Singapore's official guide for rj£lV! job seekers, school leavers ftk f^ f and fresh graduates. v 29 BUMPER ISSUE! 'm^ST Over 300 jobs in 23 business sectors described j jl^ j® j| Integrated Resort (IR) jobs to look out (144 words)
  • Page 27 Miscellaneous
    • Page 27 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 27
      Letters to Forum Editor Please include your full name, address and a telephone contact number. For women, indicate Miss, Mrs, Mdm or Ms. Send your letters via e-mail to (30 words)
    • Page 27 Miscellaneous Column 2 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 27
      For more readers' views, log on to http://www. straitstimes.asial. Access to letters online is free. Senior citizens have a moral and social obligation to take care of themselves Evolution rather than revolution better for democratic reform Allow divorcees a change of beneficiaries for insurance policies Follow suit to shake (119 words)
    • Tribute to Lions from President [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 28
      • ALBERT SIM
      Tribute to Lions from President Alvin Foo > ASEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Footballers are guests at Istana reception, earning praises from Mr Nathan, PM Lee By Jeanette Wang THE praise came right from the top well done, Lions. "I'm terribly impressed, that's why they're here," President S R Nathan told The (931 words)
    • We are the champions, we love the champs [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 28
      We are the champions, we love the champs By Alvin Foo Hoe Pei Shan EVERYONE loves a winner. Just ask the 300-odd crowd who thronged Changi Airport to welcome the victorious Lions back from Bangkok yesterday. Among them were Football Association of Singapore vice-president Zainudin Nordin and Eugene Chew, the (570 words)
    • First Lions outing for Mrs Avramovic [Articles]
      • Page 28
      First Lions outing for Mrs Avramovic HOE PEI SHAN ONE woman stood apart from the fanatical fans welcoming the Lions back from Bangkok yesterday. She watched the proceedings quietly. For a moment, one was tempted to compare Bratislava Avramovic with Nancy Dell' Oho. But there could not be two people (413 words)
    • Amri, poor boy made good [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 29
      • ALBERT SIM
      Amri, poor boy made good Marc Lim ASEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Lions' newest star did not even own a pair of soccer boots until he was 16 By Sports Correspondent AS THE victorious Singapore team prepared to board their flight at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport yesterday, one player sauntered in just (860 words)
    • They sat with the Thai fans [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 29
      They sat with the Thai fans NICHOLAS FANG THREE Singapore football fans travelled to Bangkok last weekend without telling their family members and loved ones that they were going there to support the Lions. They did not want their dear ones to worry about their safety. At the Supachalasai Stadium (510 words)
    • Asean Championship draws more TV viewers than EPL [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 29
      Asean Championship draws more TV viewers than EPL Alvin Foo By THE standard of football is nowhere near that of the English Premier League. Yet, when it comes to television viewing, the Asean Football Championship has the upper hand, at least in Singapore. According to the event's organiser, World Sports (329 words)
    • Man Utd edge closer to title [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 30
      Man Utd edge closer to title REUTERS ASSOCIATED PRESS SOCCER Bookmaker pays up on Red Devils winning Premiership, after their 4-0 thumping of Spurs Manchester A BOOKMAKER has already started paying out on Manchester United winning the English Premiership. United, who have not won the title since 2003, are six (734 words)
    • Ronaldo clouds his supreme talent by diving [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 30
      Ronaldo clouds his supreme talent by diving Abdul Hafiz WILD WEEKEND By CRISTIANO Ronaldo should have been named the Man of the Match against Tottenham, not Paul Scholes. The only reason the winger wasn't picked was he cheated. When United lift the title come May yes, it's a matter of (708 words)
    • Ronaldo wins bet with Ferguson [Articles]
      • Page 30
      Ronaldo wins bet with Ferguson CRISTIANO Ronaldo has won his £400 (551,210) bet with Alex Ferguson. The Manchester United manager will pay up after Ronaldo won the private wager, by reaching his target of 15 goals for the season. Ferguson tried, jokingly, to wriggle out of coughing up his debt, (342 words)
    • Reds takeover: Confirmation today [Articles]
      • Page 30
      Reds takeover: Confirmation today Liverpool MANAGER Rafael Benitez has called for a speedy conclusion to the takeover saga, so that Liverpool can focus on football. American sports moguls Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr will be at Merseyside this week hoping to clinch a deal. The pair have made a (506 words)
    • A close shave with Tiger and Co [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 31
      A close shave with Tiger and Co ASSOCIATED PRESS »SPORTSPEOPLE Dubai KEEPING a beard at bay has never been a problem for Tiger Woods. "I can't grow one. My friends razz me about it," said the world's top-ranked golfer. A few hours after finishing third at the Dubai Desert Classic, (379 words)
    • Spain perfect for England's Euro 2008 bid, says Gerrard [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 31
      Spain perfect for England's Euro 2008 bid, says Gerrard REUTERS, AGENCE-FRANCE PRESSE »SOCCER Stand-in captain feels a good display tomorrow will boost morale ahead of the crucial qualifiers Manchester MIDFIELDER Steven Gerrard has called on England to show they have what it takes to qualify for Euro 2008 as group (678 words)
    • Injured Ronaldinho to miss friendly [Articles]
      • Page 31
      • REUTERS
      Injured Ronaldinho to miss friendly REUTERS London RONALDINHO is injured and will miss Brazil's sell-out game with Portugal today. But, despite the hype, Portugal's coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said it was just another friendly. Scolari, who won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002, is going into the match at (233 words)
    • Italy mourns policeman killed in football riot [Articles]
      • Page 31
      • REUTERS
      Italy mourns policeman killed in football riot REUTERS Rome ITALY'S football industry, which rakes in some six billion euros (Ssl2 billion) a year, urged government and sports authorities meeting yesterday to lift a costly ban on matches. Since Friday, all league fixtures were suspended until further notice, after rioting fans (339 words)
    • Real in a tizzy after loss to Levante [Articles]
      • Page 31
      Real in a tizzy after loss to Levante AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Madrid REAL Madrid directors were due to hold their weekly meeting late yesterday in an atmosphere of tension, after Sunday's morale-sap-ping home loss to struggling Levante. The shocking 0-1 defeat wrecked hopes of marking the I,oooth league match at the (385 words)
    • Manning ends Bear run to win first Super Bowl [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      Manning ends Bear run to win first Super Bowl NEW YORK TIMES AMERICAN FOOTBALL Indianapolis restrict Chicago to three second-half points in 29-17 victory Miami IN A rainy Super Bowl XLI on Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts refused to let an elusive championship slip away. Peyton Manning, the Most Valuable Player, (724 words)
        • Page 32
        • REUTERS
        ACT OF COMPASSION BY QATAR REUTERS SEOUL: The children of a South Korean who died during the Asian Games in Doha will have their education expenses paid for by Qatar. Veteran rider Kirn Hyung Chil was crushed to death by his horse in a heavy fall at the Asian Games (88 words)
        • Page 32
        • REUTERS
        COSTS FOR LONDON OLYMPICS RISE REUTERS LONDON: The cost ol the 2012 London Olympics has doubled and could reach as high as £9 billion (Ss27 billion). The Sunday Times, citing figures obtained ahead ol the official budget announcement by the British government, said the cost ol building the Olympic Park (65 words)
        • Page 32
        BILLUPS LEADS PISTONS TO VICTORY ASSOCIATED PRESS CLEVELAND: Chauncey Billups scored 18 points to help the Detroit Pistons to a 90-78 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday. Also contributing to the Pistons' victory were Rasheed Wallace and Chris Webber. They each scored 15 points. (45 words)
    • Results [Articles]
      • Page 32
      Results AMERICAN FOOTBALL NFL Super Bowl XLI in Miami: Indianapois Colts 29 Chicago Bears 17. BASKETBALL NBA: Toronto 122 LA Clippers 110, Atlanta 101 New Jersey 99 (OT), Detroit 90 Cleveland 78. CRICKET First one-day international in Centurion, South Africa: South Africa 392-6 in 50 overs (A de Villiers 67, (485 words)
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      K'JQ] BULGARIA STARTS 3-DAY INTERNATIONALS! ■vnrfM Worid's top countries battle for prestige! 19 20 29 l^J^^jmF'si^J ma t%jm *%jl Intematonal Footbal Bulgaria Latvia Tue, 06/02/0711.00pm Intematonal Footbal Nigeria* Ghana Wed, 07/02/07 3.45 am Add. No. Intematonal Footbal Australia Denmark Wed, 07/02/07 3.45 am 41 I I Intematonal Footbal N. Ireland (354 words)
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    • Page 31 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 31
      Friendlies Today Australia v Denmark Brazil v Portugal Bulgaria v Latvia Cyprus v Hungary Ghana v Nigeria Greece v South Korea Mali v Lithuania Northern Ireland v Wales Live, Ch22, 11.55pm Tomorrow Albania v Macedonia Andorra v Armenia Belgium v Czech Republic China v Kazakhstan Croatia v Norway Egypt v (126 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      r Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me." Johnl4:6 GRACE LING RUI QING Age: 24 Went home to be with the Lord on 4 February 2007. Dearly missed by Father: Ling Khing Hooi Mother: Margaret Ang Guat (101 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      J am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die John 11:25-26 LO FONG YEE VINCENT Age: 66 was called home to be with the Lord on 4 Feb 2007 Dearly missed lovingly (139 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      4th Anniversary In Loving Memory Of MR P. THOMAS ABRAHAM Departed 6/2/2003 Pappa, your presence is ever near us, Your love remains with us yet; You were the kind of father, Your loved ones will never forget. Always cherished by: Your Wife, Daughters, Sons-in-law Grandchildren y IBb 77 "r (49 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      CHARLIE TAN CHIANG HIN Age: 85 was called home to be with the Lord on 5 Feb 2007, leaving behind loved ones. Wife: Agnes Koh Keng Neo Sons: Daughter-in-law: Ronnie Tan Karen Tan Jeffery Tan Grandsons: Christopher Tan, Douglas Tan, Justin Tan Wake is held at Our Lady of Lourdes (74 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      K.GURUSAMY(VUAY) Age: 40 passed way peacefully on 5th Feb 2001. Dearfym/ssed»dfofrfy remembered by loved ones. Father (G. Karumbayeram, deceased) Mother K. Muthulakshami Father (Adopted): R. Selvarajan Mother (Adopted): Brama Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Sons, Nephews and Nieces Body is resting at Blk 702 HougangAve2#13-41. Tel: 9382 9331/6286 7674. Cortege (70 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 32
      In Loving Memory Of Sebrina Goh Yok Hong Departed: 6 Feb 2005 Dearly missed fondly remembered by Husband Mark I Sons Nicholas Ashley Brothers Sisters: Geok Mui, Anthony, Jason, Germaine Jennifer (31 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      "Surety goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and 1 wilt dwell in the house of the Lord forever." (Psalm 23:6) PUAN SRI LEE SIOW MONG nee GRACE TAN GEK ENG Age: 90 called home to be with the Lord on 4 Feb 2007. Deeply (212 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      111 ],i- foughllht ifood fighl, I have finished Ihe race, I have kepi Ihe lailh 2 rirnuihy d 7 MICHAEL CHUA SWEE LYE Age: 75 was called home to be with ihe Lord on 5 February 2007 leaving behind loved ones, Wife: EngSekGek Son: Daughter- In -Law: Matthew Ghua Lilian (111 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      We, The Family of The Imic BATHOLOMEW s/oMPALVAR called home to be with the I.•ml on the 28 December 2006 wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends and colleagues for your condolences, assistance, attendance, donations and wreaths during our recent bereavement. Memorial service will be (71 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      MEYYAPPAN MEYYAMMAI Kaveri Achi Age: 83 Passed away peacefully on 5 February 2007. Sadly missed by all loved ones. {Husband: Palamappa Meyyappa Cheltidr deceased)- Retired Officer, UCO Bank Sons: Daughters In-law: (M Palaniappan Krishna n, deceased) M Nachiappan N Thenammai M Selva Nachiappan S Rajalakshmi M Mohan Nachiappan M Meyyammai (114 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      "The Lord is my shepherd Even though I walk -3? through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." Psalm 23 Paul Richard Low Khoon Hock (Feb 20, 1957 Feb 4, 2007) Sadly (197 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      With Deepest Sympathy Heartfelt Condolences to Magdalen Low and family on the demise of her beloved husband Paul Low Khoon Hock Departed on 4 February 2007 From the Partners of AEP Consultants Chik Chooi Fah and EugelYeo (37 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      FOURTH ANNIVERSARY In Loving Memory SOH SIU LIAN Departed on 6 February 2UU3 Without you, there would be no us" fond Tiiem'iries Jtll tiur thoughts eiwrytlay. Always remembered by your ton*, Philip and Andy, Dorecn, family and friends. (38 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      ZNDANNIVhfISAKV In I uh ill— Mmiujm itf PEGGY LIM rH'parU-dljFebZUOJi Cud luufc her Home. It was 111-will. Hut In DUI hearts we l«ve hursiill-Her memory is as dear today. As in [he hour slit* paswd away. We often sit and lEiink of her ivlnn we are .illiik-; fin1 memory is (76 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      6 In Ij/yuik .Mi'mttry itj 3f F T GURMUKH SINGH s/o JAGAT SINGH Imparted: fttt/1988 TV aim maj w\yt oal luang tiling Buttiiu ttny'il \nf* ottl hflft, TVmfuhii^^ikiirkuwjiiluji!, Bi u* UK lUrd Satlly misttfti by Wtfr: Joinder, Sons: Balbir T.J., Daughters, Stins-ln-I<iw T Daughters-in-law atiti S Grandrhitdrrn (47 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      f'tr' "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." ll^--\ Hebrews 13:5b CHOW KIT CHUN Age: 67 Was called home to be with the Lord on 4 February 2007. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Husband: Paul Chan Poh Hoi Sons: Daughters-in-law: Alvin Chan Kin Pong (118 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      YEE MOOI YONG AGE: 79 Called home to be with the Lord on 5 February 2007, leaving behind loved ones. (Husband Leong Heong, deceased) Children: Spouses: Leong Mci Lan Leong Fook Kwang Helen Soh Bee Cheng Leong Mci Heo Leong Mci Lian Joseph Raine Leong Mci Yoke Leong Kum Hong (133 words)
    • Untitled [Obituaries + Illustrations]
      • Page 33
      Tlic family of ihc late I SOW HUP Departed on 91,01,07 wish ii .ii1-1- ilm heartfelt thank* and appreciation (o relatives, Friends, colleagues and business associate* tor tl*eir kind condolence*, donation*. .1 i: i. .ill ji iii kll rtct'nr htrt-uvmtnir (40 words)
  • Page 32 Miscellaneous
    • Page 32 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 32
      TV times CRICKET: Commonwealth Bank Series, 12th ODI: New Zealand v England (Live, Ch9s, 11.55 am). SOCCER: International friendlies: Northern Ireland v Wales (Live, Ch22, 11.55pm), England U-21 v Spain U-21 (Live, Ch24, tomorrow, 3.55 am). (36 words)
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      JUngapore^l r CASKET*f*»*BMx.w f Complete seizes for (hnitian, Imported US and quality Buddhr&r. Taolsi Soka, Hindu, pu finished ta^Jtets j r Columbaflum&tomlrtionejei>k« Phoioenlwgemenr. f J Oualrfiedprofetwonalembairnen. Fbntf&prvke 1 f Funeral roof Discount fcr rtiureh J 3 Rep^malion fawworirt^nJJ 1 rthrr^ 1 fun&d/Si^vitM^ndej Orrefluo/WjfhjnVciurSidgEf 2 111 LdvtndprSlrppLSingdpowJJfl??/ XXXXX993 J Memoru wanders (86 words)
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      Newly renovated and brightly lighted up Beautiful, natural landscaping exuding Serenity and Privacy Air-con Parlours with full facilities and ample parking For VVVVV^^VV booking S/l'!• ■rirvi'.J Call: ''^^P^a x/^3j_ w 4- if 4- tjf J- i^ > If I 1/ i ft i I If II t ff v If (63 words)
      • SGX Main Board [Articles]
        • Page 34
        SGX Main Board TRANSACTION DATE: FEB 5, 2007 52-WEEK HIGH 10W 1E1 CODE COMPANY CORRENCY 1AS1 1RADED SA1E +0R'VOL 'OOO DAY HIGH 10W NE1 P/E M CAP SMI1 3.5 1 5716 IstSoftware 11.5 6 3148 8Telecom 34.5 22 5834 A-Sonic 101 95 6389 ABFSGBondETF 35.5 17 1500 ACEDynamics 25 15.5 (5862 words)
      • SGX Sesdaq [Articles]
        • Page 34
        SGX Sesdaq HIGH LOW CODE COMPANY TRADED SALE +0R'000 HIGH LOW P/E SMIL 21 2E 34 79.E 82 6.E 7: 5 13.5 5.5 91 13 12 9 23 41 77.5 4S 15.5 12 7.8 57.5 43 20 11.5 24 11.5 79.5 22.5 23.5 28 2.5 29 9 32 16.5 35 (1723 words)
      • SGX Xtranet [Articles]
        • Page 34
        SGX Xtranet HIGH LOW CODE COMPANY IRADED SALE +0R'000 HIGH LOW P/E SMIL XXXXX 119 6065 Diamonds 6095 ISDJUSTech 6097 ISMSCISpore XXXXX XXXXX 6101 ISS&P500 XXXXX XXXXX 6170 SPDRS 3288 2382 6235 STI ETF100 3276 2360.9 6236 STIETFIOPV US119cd US3740 US555 USXXXXX USXXXXX 3250 +25 3253.6 +5.5 5 3288 3276 (52 words)
    • Qantas will stay under Aussie control [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      Qantas will stay under Aussie control AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, REUTERS Treasurer Costello pledges that takeover bid will be scrutinised Sydney A TAKEOVER bid valued at Asll.l billion (5513.2 billion) by a private equity consortium for Qantas Airways will be subject to vigorous scrutiny to ensure that the airline remains under Australian (525 words)
    • Dell plans to cut bonuses, job overlaps [Articles]
      • Page 35
      Dell plans to cut bonuses, job overlaps BLOOMBERG NEWS New York DELL chief executive officer (CEO) Michael Dell said there will be no bonuses this year and urged employees to "eliminate redundancies", according to an e-mail. Mr Dell, 41, said bureaucracy is the "new enemy" at the world's second-largest personal (358 words)
    • Investors 'short-changed' in buyouts as share prices soar [Articles]
      • Page 35
      Investors 'short-changed' in buyouts as share prices soar FINANCIAL TIMES New York PRIVATE equity groups are clinching deals that have relatively small takeover premiums over their targets' recent share price highs, adding to complaints that investors are being short-changed in leveraged buyouts. A survey of 50 private equity takeovers in (460 words)
    • Tokyo Nikkei 225 [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • AFP
      Tokyo Nikkei 225 AFP Yesterday's close: 17,344.8 (-202.31 points) »Japanese share prices closed down 1.15 per cent as investors fretted over the outlook for the yen and a profit warning from Nissan Motor. (33 words)
    • HK Hang Seng Index [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • REUTERS
      HK Hang Seng Index REUTERS Yesterday's close: 20,455.62 (-108.06 points) Hong Kong stocks fell 0.5 per cent after investors booked profits in Cheung Kong (Holdings) and other property shares that had racked up big gains last week. (37 words)
    • Shanghai Composite Index [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • AFP
      Shanghai Composite Index AFP Yesterday's close: 2,612.54 (-60.68 points) Chinese stocks fell 2.27 per cent with banks and steel firms continuing to struggle on follow-through selling while energy stocks rose due to higher crude oil prices. (36 words)
    • Sydney S&P/ASX 200 [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • AFP
      Sydney S&P/ASX 200 AFP Yesterday's close: 5,822.1 (-9.4 points) Australian stocks fell 0.16 per cent after a significant fall in metal prices in London ahead of the weekend. Volume was 1.78 billion shares, worth A 54.88 billion (555.79 billion). (39 words)
    • Kuala Lumpur KLCI [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • AFP
      Kuala Lumpur KLCI AFP Yesterday's close: 1,225.73 (+16.25 points) Malaysian stocks gained 1.34 per cent, in their fifth straight positive session as a bullish mood took hold of the bourse. Volume was 1.68 billion shares, worth RM3.2 billion (Ssl.4 billion). (40 words)
    • Mumbai Sensex [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • REUTERS
      Mumbai Sensex REUTERS Yesterday's close: 14,510.16 (+106.39 points) »Indian share prices rose 0.74 per cent to a second straight record close, led by telecoms stocks such as Reliance Communications and Bharti Telecom. (32 words)
    • Jakarta Composite Index [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • AFP
      Jakarta Composite Index AFP Yesterday's close: 1,768.53 (-11.84 points) »Indonesian stocks fell 0.67 per cent amid caution on the eve of the central bank's interest rate policy meeting. Volume was 1.34 billion shares, worth 1.44 trillion rupiah (XXXXX million). (39 words)
    • Bangkok SET Index [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 35
      • AFP
      Bangkok SET Index AFP Yesterday's close: 674.42 (+3.82 points) Thai share prices closed 0.57 per cent higher as foreign investors returned to the market amid improving sentiment on Thai economic policies. (31 words)
    • Straits Times Index Stocks [Articles]
      • Page 35
      Straits Times Index Stocks YESTERDAY'S CLOSE: 0, Feb 5 Stock Name Wt Close Change Allgreen 0.53 1.670 -0.030 Ascendasreit 0.93 2.530 +0.020 CapitaComm 0.61 2.840 -0.030 CapitaLand 4.75 7.000 -0.100 CapitaMall 0.95 3.440 +0.040 Chart SemiCond 0.83 1.480 CityDev 2.86 14.200 -0.300 ComtortDelGro 1.37 1.870 -0.040 CoscoCorp 0.97 2.830 +0.060 (227 words)
    • Top Actives [Articles]
      • Page 35
      Top Actives Feb 5 SunVic 123,434,000 BanJoo 62,961,000 LottVis 61,406,000 PineAgritech 57,076,000 Goldtron 47,541,000 ChinaEnergy 43,405,000 Ahterra 40,529,000 PDCCorp 37,117,000 Thai Beverage 33,466,000 Gen Intl 31,798,000 SingTel 29,781,000 Ferrochina 29,349,000 CEnersave 27,807,000 Lahroy Marine 24,899,000 Luzhou 23,609,000 Yongnam 23,550,000 MediaRing 21,554,000 China Sun 20,976,000 LifeBrandz 20,904,000 Chart SemiCond 20,591,000 (49 words)
    • Currencies [Articles]
      • Page 35
      Currencies Feb 5 I UNIT TRUSTS TABLE APPEARS ON MONDAYS I FOREIGN CURRENCY NOTE RATES (9AM): SINGAPORE DOLLARS TO ONE UNIT OF FOREIGN CURRENCY Buying Selling Aust dollar 1.1800 1.1950 Can dollar 1.2890 1.3040 Euro 1.9780 2.0010 Malaysian ringgit* 0.4383 0.4387 NZ dollar 1.0420 1.0640 Sterling pound 3.0010 3.0350 US (142 words)
    • Bonds, Loans & Warrants [Articles]
      • Page 35
      Bonds, Loans Warrants TRANSACTION DATE: FEB 5, 2007 52 WEEK TEL GH LOW CODE COMPAHV CURRENCY LAST VOLUME TRADED SALE +7- OOO 50 8 3779 ASL Marine WXXXXX1 47.5 +1.5 59 48 31 9588 Allgreen MBLeCWXXXXX 43.5 +0.5 50 43 38 9337 Allgreen RBeCWXXXXX9 39.5 +1 150 9 3 ArianeCorpW09l229 (2178 words)
    • Strong interest in Matsushita's JVC stake [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 36
      Strong interest in Matsushita's JVC stake REUTERS, BLOOMBERG NEWS Firms such as Permira and Texas Pacific Group are keen on a buyout deal: Sources Tokyo PRIVATE equity firms are racing to buy consumer electronics maker Victor Company of Japan (JVC), owned 52.4 per cent by Matsushita Electric Industrial, sources said (423 words)
    • Thai telco AIS expects weak gains [Articles]
      • Page 36
      • REUTERS
      Thai telco AIS expects weak gains REUTERS Bangkok ADVANCED Info Service (AIS), Thailand's top mobile phone operator, said yesterday that its profits for last year would be weak due to fierce competition and political instability. But the telco said it would be in line with analysts' forecasts. "We didn't do (216 words)
    • HSBC may sell London group HQ [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 36
      HSBC may sell London group HQ REUTERS Hong Kong HSBC Holdings said yesterday it was considering a proposal to sell and lease back its group headquarters in London, a deal that could raise just over £1 billion (553.02 billion). Hong Kong-based HSBC spokesman Vinh Tran said the bank had no (350 words)
    • Merrill names China chief [Articles]
      • Page 36
      Merrill names China chief BLOOMBERG NEWS Hong Kong MERRILL Lynch hired jMs jMargaret Ren as chairman of China investment banking, after United States regulators cleared the former Citigroup executive of wrongdoing in the 2003 stock sale of China Life Insurance. jMs Ren, the daughter-in-law of former Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang, (241 words)
      • Vista to make presence felt like rolling thunder [Articles]
        • Page 37
        Vista to make presence felt like rolling thunder Aaron Chew By THE big bang is out and rolling thunder is in as Microsoft Singapore unleashes its more than US$l million (551.54 million) marketing strategy for its new operating system Vista. Its rolling thunder approach has involved staging a number of (328 words)
      • Ogilvy & Mather and OMD top overall rankings [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 37
        Ogilvy Mather and OMD top overall rankings Gabriel Chen Ogilvy overtakes DDB after winning key business accounts, international awards By ADVERTISING agency Ogilvy Mather jumped two spots last year to claim top spot from rival DDB Singapore in an annual ranking of creative agencies. The firm claimed the No. 1 (836 words)
    • CapitaLand's Aussie unit reports 21% rise in earnings [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 38
      • AFP
      CapitaLand's Aussie unit reports 21% rise in earnings Fiona Chan Australand enjoys higher revenues from non-residential property activities By HIGHER income from non-resi-dential investment property such as offices and factories helped boost the earnings of Australand, Capita Land's Australian arm, last year. The Australian-listed developer, Australia's fourth-largest, post- Ed a (435 words)
    • Morgan Stanley to open specialist brokerage in S'pore [Articles]
      • Page 38
      • REUTERS
      Morgan Stanley to open specialist brokerage in S'pore REUTERS Hong Kong LEADING global investment bank Morgan Stanley is setting up a Singapore prime brokerage office to service the fast-growing number of hedge funds in that market. Singapore and Hong Kong are waging a highly competitive battle to attract new hedge (313 words)
    • Orchard Turn homes may be sold next month [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 38
      Orchard Turn homes may be sold next month Joyce Teo By Property Correspondent THE 175 luxury apartments at the Orchard Turn site may be launched as early as next month, with industry talk that some units will probably be priced at above $3,000 per sq ft (psf). With surrounding residential (355 words)
    • Maybank offers first Islamic structured deposit in region [Articles]
      • Page 38
      Maybank offers first Islamic structured deposit in region Lorn a Tan By Finance Correspondent MAYBANK is targeting Muslim and non-Muslim customers with a new Islamic structured deposit, which it says is a first for the region. The Premier Structured Deposit has a tenure of just 12 months and offers investors (232 words)
    • HSBC term loan with 7-year repayment period [Articles]
      • Page 38
      HSBC term loan with 7-year repayment period HSBC has launched a term loan with the longest repayment period in the market seven years. The idea is to enable customers to stretch their loan payments over a longer period. A term loan is a loan in which borrowers are given a (257 words)
        • Page 39
        ST ENGG UNIT CLINCHES $78M SAF WEAPONS CONTRACT DEFENCE group Singapore Technologies Engineering's (ST Engg's) land systems unit, Singapore Technologies Kinetics, has secured a $78 million weapon maintenance contract with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The six-year contract, with an option for another six years, is valued at about $13 (83 words)
        • Page 39
        HONGWEI SPARKLES WITH 21% INCREASE IN EARNINGS HONGWEI Technologies, a China-based polyester manufacturer and supplier, has reported a 21.1 per cent rise in full-year net profit to 48 million yuan (559.5 million). Revenue surged 43.2 per cent to 225.6 million yuan for the year ended Dec 31, thanks to strong (89 words)
        • Page 39
        FOREX LOSS PULLS DOWN CEI'S NET PROFIT TO $5.3M CEI Contract Manufacturing, which assembles electronic boards, yesterday said its net profit fell 7.8 per cent to $5.3 million. Its bottom line was hurt by a foreign exchange loss of about $700,000, against a gain of around $100,000 in 2005. This (94 words)
        • Page 39
        UNION STEEL REPORTS STRONG HALF-YEAR GAINS METAL recycler Union Steel Holdings' half-year net profit has almost doubled to $4.4 million from $2.23 million. Revenue for the six months ended Dec 31 jumped 173 per cent to $141.1 million. This was mainly due to increases in non-ferrous metal recycling and a (94 words)
    • Derivatives trading on SGX halts for more than 3 hours [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 39
      Derivatives trading on SGX halts for more than 3 hours Arthur Poon Login errors by some member firms cause computer system to crash in the morning By DERIVATIVES trading at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) was at a standstill for more than three hours yesterday after login errors by some traders (521 words)
    • Oil and gas boom lifts BH Global's profits [Articles]
      • Page 39
      Oil and gas boom lifts BH Global's profits Dennis Chan By Deputy Money Editor THE booming oil and gas sector has propelled BH Global Marine to a 65 per cent jump in full-year net earnings to $11.2 million. Revenue for the year ended Dec 31 almost doubled to $58.9 million (329 words)
    • STI rides bull charge to another record high [Articles]
      • Page 39
      STI rides bull charge to another record high Lee Su Shyan TAKING STOCK By THE record closes just keep coming with yet another one yesterday fuelled by the usual line-up of foreign cash and local optimism. A bumper day of trading 2.26 billion shares worth $2.19 billion changed hands allowed (437 words)
    • Top Rises [Articles]
      • Page 39
      Top Rises (0) Feb 5 IHH Venture Corp Asia Pac Brew UOB OCBCBk Keppel Corp Semb Corp Ind NOL HKLand IS MSCI India 100 ISH TAC Ezra CENTS 2360 1410 1620 2020 850 1910 472 266 440 615 1410 392 530 92.1 2.6 50.0 3.7 30 0 19 30.0 1.5 (70 words)
    • Top Rises [Articles]
      • Page 39
      Top Rises :eb 5 CENTS tatoTouch 15.5 158.3 SembMar SGAeCWXXXXX5 3.5 133.3 _abroyMarMBLeCWXXXXX 10 53.8 _abroyMarCAeCWXXXXX0 8 45.5 DBS CS eCWXXXXX0 44.5 39.1 SembMar CAeCWXXXXX6 16 39.1 WatravelWXXXXX7 16.5 37.5 (epCorp RB eCWXXXXX8 30.5 35.6 DBS CA eCWXXXXX8 30.5 32.6 iemb CorpHBLeCWXXXXX 45 32.4 SembMar SGAeCWXXXXX5 32 30.6 iembCorp DBeCWXXXXX3 (68 words)
    • Top Falls [Articles]
      • Page 39
      Top Falls (0) Feb 5 CENTS GLD10US$ 6420 122.7 1.2 DmegaNav 2300 100.0 4.2 CityDev 1420 30.0 2.1 Jardine C&C 1370 30.0 2.1 Creative Tech 1050 20.0 1.9 DCBC Bk 4.5%NCPS 100....XXXXX 20.0 0.2 SGX 680 20.0 2.9 Keppel Land 775 15.0 1.9 SIAEngg 476 14.0 2.9 Datacraft 122 12.3 (64 words)
    • Top Falls [Articles]
      • Page 39
      Top Falls Feb 5 SingTel DBePWXXXXX4 KepCorp DB ePWXXXXX2 DBS DBePW0706n DBS DB ePWXXXXX0 Sunray DBS BNP ePWXXXXX5 El-Nets Jasper CapitalanBNPeCW7D6D4... CltyDev DB eCWXXXXX6. OCBC Bk DB 6PWXXXXX6 Easycall CltyDev SGAeCWDXXXXX CENTS 2.5 2.5 17.5 5.5 24 8 2 2 18.5 33.5 17.5 21 16 /o 50.0 44 4 22.2 (74 words)
    • Bank contracts hog the spotlight [Articles]
      • Page 39
      Bank contracts hog the spotlight LEE SU SHYAN WARRANT WATCH BANKS took their turn as the focus of heavy warrant trading yesterday after the mother shares hit record high prices last Friday. The share prices were buoyed by news that the Monetary Authority of Singapore had cut the income minimum (244 words)
    • Robinson names 3 independent directors, posts higher profits [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 40
      Robinson names 3 independent directors, posts higher profits Lee Su Shyan Retailer's board now numbers 7; net gains at $15m for second quarter By AFTER months of boardroom upheaval, retailer Robinson Co finally had some good news for shareholders yesterday three replacement directors and a good set of financial results. (903 words)
    • STRAITS TIMES INDEX [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 40
      STRAITS TIMES INDEX (3 words)
    • STOCK TRADING VOLUME [Articles + Illustrations]
      • Page 40
      STOCK TRADING VOLUME (3 words)
    • CURRENCIES [Articles]
      • Page 40
      CURRENCIES Gainers: 443 Losers: 330 Unchanged: 596 Australian dollar 1.1800 1.1950 luro 1.9780 2.0010 iterling pound JS dollar 3.0010 3.0350 1.5270 1.5440 r tinn (24 words)
    • Apple and Beatles settle trademark suit [Articles]
      • Page 40
      • REUTERS
      Apple and Beatles settle trademark suit REUTERS »LONG-TIME DISPUTE London APPLE has settled its long-running trademark dispute with The Beatles' company Apple Corps. The deal could now pave the way for the band's songs to be played on Apple's iTunes music store. In a statement, the companies said Apple would (207 words)
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      • Page 36 m 7S m?M% Jnk mi wtJm\ THE PRECISION ENGINEERING INDUSTRY EVENT OmW^ fTm^^M t^mm High Precision capabilities Cutting-Edge Technologies Spearheading Asia's Manufacturing Industries Incorporating; MetaLfeia2oo7 "Sgffi? °S?1; AUTOMAriomooi Pf llSy 28"31 March2oo7 jg^jflH S8? Singapore Expo Pre-register before 9 March XXXXX. For more information, please visit Organiser. Worldwide (398 words)
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      JI j WW (3 words)
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      Every month from 1 February to 30 April 2007, POEMS is giving away exciting holidays to the client with the highest realized profit generated from warrants trading. The client with the highest realized profit for all 3 months, wins a trip to enchanting Paris! 1 All prizes are sponsored by (200 words)
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      Advertising Feature by SAP: GREAT COMPANIES RELY ON SAP, *gf NOT JUST GREAT BIG COMPANIES- Ml Holdings More than 65% of SAP customers are small and midsize companies. You don't have to be a big company to maximize your advantage with flexible, affordable and proven software from SAP. Kj|CjXj^jjigg Ml (761 words)
  • Page 40 Miscellaneous
  • life
    • LifeiTravel
      • Deep sea divas [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 42
        • TAN KENG YAO
        Deep sea divas Tan Keng Yao The women of Jeju earn their living by diving for seafood four to five hours a day, seven to 15 days a month, all year round. YOU could say Jeju is built upon the toil and sweat of its women. Traditionally, the women of (1566 words)
      • LYON'S ROAR [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 44
        LYON'S ROAR Teo Pau Lin Don't be fooled by this French city's sleepy demeanour. It certainly lives up to its reputation as a foodie haven THE moment my salmon appetiser arrived, I became a believer. For my first meal in Lyon, I had ordered smoked salmon on blinis, and was (1985 words)
      • biteintoit [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 46
        biteintoit 'He's American and vegetarian. He can't know anything about food. He has a rabbit's taste in food' Google China president Lee Kai-fu on Apple CEO Steve Jobs 1 always say spend your money wisely invest in good accessories' Coleen McLoughlin, fiancee of footballer Wayne Rooney The cheques were signed (79 words)
      • dr hols [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 46
        dr hols Macau is often in the news these days, with its many casino developments. But are there any new attractions for those who don't gamble? Wilson Tan BESIDES being a casino haven, Macau is also a retail, food and entertainment hub. The most recent attraction unveiled is the Macau (399 words)
      • travel bargains [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 46
        travel bargains FLY with Cathay Pacific to cities round the world and get a two-night Hong Kong stopover for free. The deal is good for travel beginning by June 30 and based on twin-sharing in selected Hong Kong hotels. The stopover may be used only on the return leg. Fares (136 words)
    • Life!Arts
      • When skits worked, they were hilarious [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 47
        When skits worked, they were hilarious Hong Xinyi Hossan Leong's latest comedy is a mixed bag of hits and misses > comedy MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES DISORDER Dream Academy Playhouse Drama Centre Theatre Sunday IT IS ironic or perhaps not that in a show structured by the theme of overrated foreign talent, (305 words)
      • From wine to vinegar [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 47
        From wine to vinegar Cheong Suk-Wai > concert RACH II: NIKOLAI DEMIDENKO Singapore Symphony Orchestra Okko Kamu, conductor/Nikolai Demidenko, piano Esplanade Concert Hall Last Friday WHETHER the 1,800-strong crowd this night thronged the Esplanade Concert Hall for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra or its guest pianist Nikolai Demidenko, one thing's for (414 words)
      • An endearing Romeo and Juliet [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 47
        • ASHLEIGH SIM
        An endearing Romeo and Juliet June Cheong > dance ROMEO AND JULIET Stuttgart Ballet Esplanade Theatre Last Sat ARTS REPORTER ROMEO And Juliet broke the hearts of their audience. The two-hour performance by the Stuttgart Ballet was not only a visual feast of sumptuous costumes and imposing sets but also (357 words)
      • Smitten with the kitten [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 48
        Smitten with the kitten Hong Xinyi M 1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2007 How Did The Cat Get So Fat takes the familiar and nudges it into the realm of surreal tragi-comedy > theatre HOW DID THE CAT GET SO FAT Teater Ekamatra Esplanade Recital Studio Last Thursday ARTS REPORTER THE (450 words)
      • Suffering for her art [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 48
        Suffering for her art Ng Yi-Sheng > dance RED DUST Very Special Arts and Van Body Theatre National Museum Gallery Theatre Saturday IN July 2006, Singapore artist Chng Seok Tin held an exhibition in Taipei. There, she met the dancer and choreographer Wu Wen-Cui, who became fascinated with her art (392 words)
      • Tripping, twitching and twisting [Articles]
        • Page 48
        Tripping, twitching and twisting June Cheong > dance VERMILLION Esplanade Theatre Studio Last Friday ARTS REPORTER VERMILLION was red-hot with allusions to sado-masochism, bondage and the perennial ideal of freedom. Choreographer Daniel Kok, who goes by the stage name daniel k, painted a moody landscape of private longings and (335 words)
    • Life!Buzz
      • Daren's all set for stardom [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 50
        • DESMOND WEE
        Daren's all set for stardom Teo Cheng Wee SUPERSTARDOM has made its call and Daren Tan is ready to answer it. Barely 12 hours after he was crowned the winner of Project SuperStar 2 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday night, he held a press conference, attended a post-event (718 words)
      • buzzing... [Articles]
        • Page 50
        buzzing... RYAN NABBED: Actor Ryan O'Neal, 65, is out on bail following an arrest for assault after firing a gun in his Malibu house during a fight with his son Griffin, 42. A spokesman said O'Neal was defending himself after Griffin began "wildly swinging a fireplace poker"... HOLLYWOOD DEBUT: Hong (109 words)
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      ■i^pP|l "In space, accurate time is even more important than on the ground. Rp!w]ly A As the spacecraft moves at about 7.5km/sec, every second of error PPx^iJß moves your landing point by 7.5 km. Which is why a dependable ftk Rj timepiece like a Ball Watch is so important in (224 words)
  • Page 41 Miscellaneous
    • Page 41 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 41
      TRAVEL -j KOREAN SPLASH DR HOLS SHOT a SAVED ||k^ Women take the plunge Macau is more than Image frozen in to earn money in Jeju just gambling a lake in Nepal pages2£t3 page6 page6 "111 111 Trust taxi drivers in Lyon when k —rin»»j77~M uhl* i— B^wT 'TflS^^^afl Wm\ (125 words)
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      I——mm W M W.M am W MMm bW II 'ofr* JF EiiiiMiAi I i_f w W§BiHWffli« tea fe_M_f vfl f_^|{^^^» FT«_u! ftMIHrH Hyyp|i J^^^ Akmt fmWu''^^A S_i. I 4 1W? Nan Yang theT IllOVStiV© polytechnic 180 Anq Mo Kio Aye 8• S XXXXX0 Admissions Hotline 6455 0500 L Polytechnic (68 words)
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      _^^il M^Ww^&^Wmt Ih_lnl ■_3U| H_3N| I ||fc_tf_Hf_tfll ___|_[________U m wr h^H H__l_K_V 3 Hffs I -*«IM _<^^^^_. Deluxe accommodation from *SGDl25++ with buffet breakfast for two! B^^^^^- I 1 The Fabulous February Festive Package. BOOK NOW before you miss it! Inclusive of: Package Includes: Terms Conditions: .1 night's stay in (304 words)
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      Seafood Dinner Nite Shopping Spree Johor Bahru Special Departure: 26/1 (Fri), 27/1 (Sat), 2/2 (Fri), 3/2 (Sat), 9/2 (Fri) 10/2 (Sat) Time: 6:00 pm (Newton Circus Carpark) m Jkk\ JLW AW^^L\ Package A wWI ■%v Transfer by Air-Cond Coach I *Seafood Set Dinner Shopping Aeon Tebrau City PBT P&fSOfl 'n-Coach (196 words)
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      P fl^^^^Hn i r~"^y 'j r A Dcl'ciiipi |____L____l^j llt HI "it H^BHHHHHIP I *j*7 j m at J J| YOUR WISH IS OUR COMMAND. It's time to get away from the daily grind with our yearly Give Me A Break promotion. Check out the discounts of up to 65% (273 words)
  • Page 46 Miscellaneous
    • Page 46 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 46
      NON SEQUITUR BIZARRO STONE SOUP MmWn r —■> Pan£ IWt karmovrida I holly, when ttcow? I I I co, you'pe -&AVfN& IFI Igo aheap, oh, pip WMMfc W&a.VLLBtWKMfcP. tu.l —-JBH TOe"OY&.,.MOUe>HOULP IN£V£p.CQNWEPH? THAT,., YOU U^>£P MA^ "HOrMEAM urocuwi/mwrn H MF™ AvnTiiim \ffifl T£Y TO UsA&N FflO/ > A &UY^ (216 words)
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      [fflffl WAREHOUSE SALE From .M Bus Service No. SBS 10,30,51,143. r IU 111 Trans S ant j 176,188. $wB a HJ Pasir Panjang Road I 1 TT1 Bus-stop 3 PSA I —I I —I CC r8H Id. t- CM KB Blk 3, Pasir Panjang Rd, Q #04-16, Alexandra DiStripark I (303 words)
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      ©XXXXXXXXXX4 © VTsa I^^^^V ___s_[^^^^S_Z I WW IWTTj.rt "1 V fc, A TA s_| IMI S»W HOUSI SHMIfJW.IMtUCHHMI S«A»fIA7A.»IAUSI»HWIIHOIUN!67B7 1638 JOMNGUSISII3 1011 SHOWS'«U BUBS JUNCTION IMM JK 1 -iIMIM Iliyfl^ffili'SllfillfliltfflilllMilliflVlVilM .45<R21)« THEUNSEEABLE* M(m (MO surcharge) ADRIFT (NCI 6). ™"™M4 ADRIFT (NCI 6)* 'Z Vj (■_i_____il^r* Mw4a7ir H *M3wi,oss 5 7 (1202 words)
  • Page 49 Miscellaneous
    • Page 49 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 49
      LifeiEvents LifeiTV CLASSICAL AFTER (Debut) ESS3SS (starHub RETROUVAILLES II (THE ART OF STRING QUARTET) BY TAN CHAN BOON They will not string you along, but entertain you with the premiere of String Quartet No. 3 by home-grown composer Channel 5 6- 02 The Struggle DlSCOVerV T&L 2.00 The Wild Thornberrys (3965 words)
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      A network of 18 routes across 17 destinations covering 7 countries in Asia Pacific NEWI Perth Udon Thani (Vientiane) _^^^^^^L tfie real deal I M n I Get now WSYSYSi Am t _r _MlM_L— —_r JH _L. > Ann 4 -_fl -Li ___fl Hat Yai.Krabi and Phuket from $1.99* Bh| (578 words)
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      &4j£msuxs Juice packed with ■■»^||||J3| >k 'H1 *l A f stop ncrc fl i A., Fruit juices are excellent sources ,t£fc *W i Ml I )t*a OE wheels Avoid getting £i 4K v9^U 11 J- l a fj" of vitamins and minerals. X ticck out opportunities to provide ™ac V (552 words)
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      Personal hmr* RTIY TT C j:t tt FIN D I o^^ Call Us! Meet Us! Our Rales Advertising Terms Mondays to Fridays 8.30 am to 6,30pm SPH ADVERTISEMENT SALES RUN-ON I. Me can a Mm In (xoctmna your wit r, io decline. »^nd, tfwgc. potion/ «p«iiiQtt WL -»Dc«Jlin« :spm for (2225 words)
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      ,m m BB^k Properties *^jfc^? ■k DOt-06 Ik 009-100RCHAIU, Hk 009-10 ORCHARD/ Pfe, DO9-10 ORCHARD/ Hk DG9-10 ORCHARD/ Wk OH Et2l NEWTON/ ffh D 1&-16 EAST COAST Bk 19-20 SE RANGOON/ Wk 19-20SERAN6O0N/ ffh HUDC/HOB J CITY ft SOUTH-WEST j TAM6LIN/ HOLLAND J TANGLIN/HO LLANO J TANGUN/HOLUND J TANGLIN/HOLUND JBT (5054 words)
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      Propertiel *t^fnT RK DO9-10ORCHARD/ 9fh DO9-100RCHARD/ Pfh 009-10 ORCHARD/ Wh DO9-1O ORCHARD/ fAk Dll £t2l NEWTON/ Dl 1 ft2l NEWTON/ Wtk Dll Et2i NEWTON/ Wk Dll 821 NEWTON/ flfeb Oil £tZI NEWTON/ Mfc Oil &21 NEWTON/ by TANGLIN/HOLLAND MM TANG UN/ HOLLAND U TANGLIN/ HOLLAND |U TANG LIN/ HOLLAND itfj (2749 words)
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      Travel **^&l**s£ Rfc TOURS fh TOUfIS TOURS Hjw TOURS HJ| TOURS R| TOURS HJ| TOURS BJk TOURS ?f| TOURS HJk TOURS I H^^^^^^^^l §£§51 Up to SlOO OFF Per Couple* 0313 Lucky Ang Bao Ticket \JJjRI Million Cash* 1 I (MiQlJSia?(S[MOaSHlI]3tS^Q<!^D®TO vV«2l«ftfifi 3D Bangkok Free It Easy rTSr^ I WimUMMfr- (1598 words)
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      Education Notice's *a> Jj ©LANGUAGE HK LANGUAGE Rfc LANGUAGE Wtk TUITION HK PROFESSIONAL COURSES UAf COURSES |ftP COURSES H^ DANCE COURSES qß^ _n^^*> rO7 "A'LEVEL li-ii jul lv ur BALLFT- ADULT (10/2, lAS). Bebe \.^P)M£^m KTwmW%^Tuu^r2l^WAM\X*^^P^^Fr^F*^r7U WT'^% HI lßllhlt TllTl3hi t"V turrprii leach- <7/3, 5.30 "4/3. 7.00). Pre-B WT"1 Vff'Ki (2777 words)
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      fh PROFESSIONAL/ Pgj PROFESSIONAL^ gK LECTURING/ fS TUTORS ART/CREATIVE Ijgi ART/CREATIVE g*j SALES Ltf 001*1 11 IMMED- IBUSIMESS SUBJECTS) DO YOU URGENTLY, .I, —>^^—> ,rl I r\r O rt fl teachirw position avail InChlnafr mertfs? We are the right clace tc .VIH J-J.1M.1.1-/<lfJlN7^^^H r V^U. A_l_ X V\p/V/X Wilt VJ (3420 words)
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      Classified Jobs j^r|| TECHNICAL £X TECHNICAL Ml TECHNICAL [IK TECHNICAL GENERAL (Jh GENERAL ftj SECURITY Bjfc SECURITY fK SECURITY ft* SECURITY 4SST ENGINEER at LJfai ——^—IWWWH Vrrirnnr :c'ZrJT^,^ If cue programmers j I^V LIJ 11, iUJ i]i IJJiJJ J J .1 W\Jm^MJ\+M project maintenance or II Diploma in Mechanical En (2545 words)
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      Classified Jobs #TJ|| PJK SECURITY W* SECURITY ft\ DESPATCH/ jf& DRIVERS/ IIH DRIVERS/ |f£v PART-TIME/ !Jj OTHER Ijv OTHER ff\ OTHER jjj OTHER fULL TIME DESPATCH Riders WE REQUIRES 3 General Workers. mmmm mmmph^h^^^^ Dnwers. Own I 1,1 i. 2 Snr Clerkv Male/ female, SalaIL^L^L^B IWI] Iht'fti I irri i (3512 words)
  • When the going gets tough, try laughing [Articles + Illustrations]
    • Page 74
    When the going gets tough, try laughing Some stress management techniques can help you cope with the pressures at work Too much stress, however, can be detrimental to your health and might also indirectly affect your loved ones. How do you know when stress is affecting you negatively? A few (936 words)
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      C-» VwfUY IT* SELL IT* FIND *W rwJTii 4 > i lJn %W* #-^C^/ wt*v^l-4 K^.*}*~m>*^"» VfV c^VJETi l>^^obm I I cxGcuuVG MppoinTmsnts. ion rrGG ._9.~^" vyww,sT/ui.corn i p....,..*........ CATS Recruit Feature Focus We ar<? looking for an experienced and highly motivated Rtportins to Tht Directors, thi? Generj] Manager will (342 words)
  • Digital Life
      • Gadgets to love [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 76
        Gadgets to love For the lovey-dovey ones who want more conventional Valentine gifts. Here are some to consider LG Prada Phone Estimated at $1,192 Only available in late March From its sleek body to its glossy finish and minimalist touch screen, LG's Prada phone shows that the devil is definitely (317 words)
      • Going hi-tech this Valentine [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 76
        • JULIAN TAY
        Going hi-tech this Valentine THAM YUEN-C has tips for four types of couples newly weds, long-distance lovers, long-time love birds and secret admirers Google might have turned in a revenue of more than US$lO billion ($l5 billion) this year. But for the lovebirds in the US celebrating Valentine's Day, the (518 words)
      • Gadgets to love [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 77
        Gadgets to love Slingbox Pro UXXXXX.99 (Ss3B4) The Slingbox Pro can set your TV, cable box and DVR free. Plug in the devices to take your favourite shows wherever you go. The box supports three standard definition and one high definition device at one go. All you need is (170 words)
      • Tech ways to tug at the heart [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 77
        Tech ways to tug at the heart 2 Long-distance lovers Dinner by computer light Okay, some (soppy) reprieve here for true soul mates. Especially, if distant shores separate the longing heart. Have a "dinner" date: Via MSN Messenger and Skype to whisper sweet nothings over the webcam. It gets a (735 words)
      • Fighting to survive [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 79
        Fighting to survive GAMING ARCADES A year-long arcade tournament is attempting to revive the ageing industry. LEUNG WAI-LENG reports Are arcades going the way of the pinball machine? Not if the communities playing arcade games have anything to do about it. Players of various popular arcade video games are throwing (857 words)
      • Get up close with high-definition [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 81
        • REUTERS
        Get up close with high-definition A survey conducted by Samsung has found that 24 per cent of respondents could not differentiate between TVs that can support HD broadcasts, and those that cannot. It plans to remedy this Singapore may be the first in South-east Asia to roll out high-definition TV (413 words)
      • Parkway's IT overhaul [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 83
        Parkway's IT overhaul Health-care group inks $6m deal with India-based IT firm TCS. SERENE LUO reports Zero waiting time for patients, centralised bills and medical records, and e-learning for staff. These and other projects are all on the cards, the result of a $6-million deal inked between Tata Consultancy Services (696 words)
      • Print a picture from your phone [Articles]
        • Page 84
        • -AP
        Print a picture from your phone -AP iPod-sized gadget prints photos without using ink; technology involves using heat to activate dye crystals in the photo paper The founders of Zink Imaging LLC believe they have two great ideas in one absolute show-stop-per. They've created a portable device that makes it (624 words)
      • coolgear [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 85
        coolgear New products and services for the consumer Mobile phones Talk, play and listen The LG KEB2o's award-winning design makes the ultra-slender phone a stylish fashion accessory (left). At only 9.9 mm thick and weighing 73g, it is about the size of a credit card. But it squeezes in a (1311 words)
      • blogosphere: ASEAN FOOTBALL [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 88
        • LAU FOOK KONG
        blogosphere: ASEAN FOOTBALL Football fever infected the local blogosphere as the Lions scored the first hit in the Asean Football Championship. Digital Life looks at the bloggers who rallied around the national soccer heroes I'm lovin' it "I love football moments. WAAAHHHHM! The passion, the fire in me plus (383 words)
      • Nickelodeon creates 'second life' for kids [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 88
        • – THE NEW YORK TIMES
        Nickelodeon creates 'second life' for kids The New York Times Nickelodeon, the popular children's cable network, is pushing hard into the online world with, a new website that will let its young users enter their own world of Internet activities. The website is aimed at children aged 6 to (386 words)
      • Sweden goes online [Articles]
        • Page 88
        • – REUTERS
        Sweden goes online Reuters Sweden plans to be the first country to open an embassy in the popular virtual world Second Life. "It will have answers to questions on all aspects of Sweden," Mr Olle Wastberg, general director of the Swedish Institute, an organisation that promotes the country's image abroad, (101 words)
      • Time-share your Wi-Fi [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 89
        • REUTERS
        Time-share your Wi-Fi Wi-Fi sharing is a novel concept for users, but service providers are concerned about the possible loss of business, writes CHUA HIAN HOU Think of it as a time-share scheme: buy a piece of property, rent it out, and get returns. In this case, the investment is (662 words)
      • How Fon works [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 89
        How Fon works FON ALLOWS BROADBAND users to split their wireless network into two an encrypted private one for their own use, and a public one accessible to registered Fon users. To get started, users need to get one of the company's custom-built wireless routers, register, and plug it into (176 words)
      • Walk on the analogue side [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 90
        • SERENE LUO
        Walk on the analogue side SERENE LUO Digital cameras have practically wiped ou| their film rivals. But some people like the1 good ole days My boss went to Macworld in San Francisco and came back with a boombox a small portable speaker which works with an iPod, runs on batteries, (734 words)
        • Not quite the perfect alliance [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 91
          Not quite the perfect alliance Leona Ang, Star Wars: Lethal Alliance It is no secret that the Star Wars gaming franchise is vast, with new video games constantly being released, so that game developers can milk its famous brand to the very last drop. However, apart from titles like Knights (554 words)
        • The definitive WWII flight sim [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 91
          The definitive WWII flight sim Valentine Chua, IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 It took me a while to digest the fact that IL-2 Sturmovik, a combat flight simulator released in 2001, still had campaigns being released. And so there is IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, containing the campaigns 1946, Sturmoviks Over Manchuria and PE-2. (329 words)
        • The union strikes back [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 92
          The union strikes back Eugene Neubronner, Yggdra Union What happens when a cute princess loses her kingdom to an invading force? Find a rag-tag group of Rob-in-Hood-style renegades and take it back, of course! In Yggdra Union, Atlus' latest offering for the Game Boy Advance, players are thrust into a (304 words)
        • Free to play? [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 92
          Free to play? Eugene Neubronner Pox Nora Magic The Gathering. Dungeons And Dragons. Mage Knight. All the three titles are inspirations for the deep strategy, free-to-play game, Pox Nora. The game recently came out of beta and is only available online at where players can sign up. What sets (294 words)
        • Create a good racquet [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 92
          Create a good racquet Valentine Chua, Rata Nadal Tennis If you want to play a decent match of tennis on the Nintendo DS, you will be disappointed with the lack of variety out there. One of the games is based on a Japanese tennis anime, while another is a complete (374 words)
        • Leica goes digital
          • Good for the committed user [Articles + Illustrations]
            • Page 93
            Good for the committed user Tan Chong Yaw, Leica Digilux 3 $4,480 Buy from authorised dealers or visit www.schmidtmarketing. com for details It has a formidable presence: Whip out the Ikg camera and heads will turn. Leica's Digilux 3 is a DSLR chockful of the latest technologies but it looks (515 words)
          • Good for the advanced amateur [Articles + Illustrations]
            • Page 93
            Good for the advanced amateur MX Wong, Leica V-Lux 1 Digital Camera $1,500 Get it from authorised outlets Leica's V-Lux 1 is well worth the wait. Feature-laden, it is targeted at the advanced amateur photographer who would otherwise shy away from the world of digital SLR photography not least because (467 words)
        • Getting the Vibe [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 94
          Getting the Vibe Billy Teo, Packard Bell's latest MP3 player is a decent but unspectacular offering Packard Bell Vibe 360 (2GB) $228 Available at authorised Packard Bell retailers First things first: Yes, the Packard Bell Vibe 360 is one of those would-be iPod Nano killers. The pocket-friendly Vibe 360 comes (475 words)
        • Multitalented phone [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 94
          Multitalented phone Wilson Wong, Nokia N93i $1,288 Get it from telecoms stores The Nokia N93i is an update from its predecessor, the Nokia N93. The form is mostly unchanged, but some nice aesthetic improvements have been added. The phone now sports laser etched keypads instead of the pudgy buttons of (547 words)
        • Microsoft Razer make gaming mouse [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 94
          Microsoft Razer make gaming mouse Eugene Neubronner, Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse $119 Get it from authorised dealers Cool and chic. Words you rarely associate with Microsoft's stable of solid but unremarkable line of products. All that changes with the introduction of the Habu gaming mouse. In collaboration with Razer one (246 words)
        • Great sound without extra speakers [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 95
          Great sound without extra speakers Nebojsa Novakovic, Asus PGI9I LCD monitor $669 (inclusive of GST) Get it from authorised Asus resellers If you are a gamer or a multimedia-savvy desktop PC user, you know that if you want great images and sound, you need to buy a good monitor and (435 words)
        • Help for bloggers [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 96
          Help for bloggers Rough Guide to Blogging •Jonathan Yang London: Rogh Guides, 2006. Call no 006.7 VAN (COM) This book crunches everything blogosphere from history to impact. And in an easy-to-read fashion. It covers topics such as how to start your own blog or contribute to an existing blog, blog (107 words)
        • Getting a better picture [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 96
          Getting a better picture Rohayah Md. Idea to Image in Photoshop CS2 Rick Sammon Berkeley: Peachpit Press, 2006 Call no: 775 SAM An insider's tips to better digital photographs using Photoshop CS2 is what Mr Rick Sammon offers in this title. The author, an award-winning professional photographer with more than (91 words)
      • HELP DESK [Articles]
        • Page 96
        HELP DESK E-mail your tech queries to Include your full name and contact numbers Losing time Q Recently when I switched on the computer, an Acer BIOS appeared: "Phoenix Award Biossv6.00Pg An Energy Star Ally etc....This BIOS is exclusively for Acer only etc PressFI to continue." When F1 is (491 words)
      • techthat [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 97
        techthat Products and services for the enterprise Hardware Route data wirelessly A new range of routers that connect to networks wirelessly has just been released by Netgear, a provider of networking products. The Rangemax Next routers are the first in the industry to ship with Intel's "Connect with Centrino" certification. (237 words)
      • McAfee ready for Vista [Articles]
        • Page 97
        McAfee ready for Vista Active subscribers of McAfee security products can upgrade their software to make them compatible with the newly launched Windows Vista operating system from Microsoft. The free upgrade is for the software suites McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security Suite, McAfee PC Protection Plus and McAfee Virus (133 words)
      • geeknotes [Articles]
        • Page 97
        geeknotes Technology news from around the world Document format to be ISO standard Adobe Systems Portable Document Format will become the standard electronic document format of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). The PDF 1.7 specification will be released to AIIM, the Enterprise Content Management Association which promotes the adoption (660 words)
      • Get set for a Lotus revival [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 98
        Get set for a Lotus revival M.K. WONG reports on the new developments from Lotusphere 2007 in Orlando, Florida Users of Lotus Notes gathered here last month learnt that Lotus Notes/Domino 8.0, first announced a year ago, will be available from mid-2007. That is good news because it has been (857 words)
      • Supply chains: An '07 forecast [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 99
        Supply chains: An '07 forecast Research firm releases report of top 10 predictions in supply management space for 2007. SERENE LUO reports Manufacturers are in for a challenging year ahead. Research firm IDC's latest report and predictions on manufacturing and supply chain management (SCM) reveal two main factors that may (728 words)
    • PEOPLE
      • Do as I do, and as I say [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 100
        Do as I do, and as I say RAY STANTON 40, global head of business continuity, security and governance practice, BT CEOs demand that their employees comply with security policies. But they should look to themselves first, Mr Stanton tells DARYL LIM Before chief executive officers (CEOs) talk about strong (744 words)
    • Vista
      • IN FLIGHT [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 102
        IN FLIGHT Microsoft's Windows Vista is finally airborne. DARYL LIM checks out the new OS After a five-year wait, numerous starts and restarts, and a US$6 billion (559.2 billion) investment, Windows Vista has arrived. Launched last week in the US amid much fanfare,including an eye-catching performance by 16 brightly coloured (769 words)
      • Five reasons to get Vista [Articles]
        • Page 102
        Five reasons to get Vista 1. Aero Glass-like windows and translucent borders make up Vista's snazzier interface. Hovering your mouse over programs in the taskbar pops up thumbnails so you can quickly sort through your open windows, and the new Instant Search feature allows you to find files and folders (194 words)
        • Fantastic four [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 103
          Fantastic four Windows Vista comes in several different flavours. DARYL LIM does a taste test to find out which is the right one for you No matter what your needs are, it looks like Windows Vista has you covered. While six different editions of Vista have been produced, two of (425 words)
        • 'I junked XP for Vista' [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 105
          'I junked XP for Vista' Not everyone will buy it, but ALFRED SIEW says he is not turning back from the snazzier Vista It has been called underwhelming by critics, who say most people won't need it. Others say it is a copycat of Apple's pretty Macintosh system. Like it (818 words)
        • Make the switch, or not? [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 107
          Make the switch, or not? DARYL LIM gives you both sides of the picture Upgrading to a new operating system (OS) can be a daunting affair not least because you have to move all your files to the new system. On top of that, there are so many sales claims (438 words)
        • New operating system, new headaches [Articles]
          • Page 107
          New operating system, new headaches Alfred Siew If you are feeling a little lost after installing Windows Vista, fret not. Here is how to find five frequently used items on your desktop. 1. Where are my Favourites? With Internet Explorer 7, which is shipped with Vista, you will find the (302 words)
        • Vista trivia [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 108
          Vista trivia Things you may or may not have known about Microsoft's new OS 5 The number of years Microsoft took to develop Vista, A making it the longest wait ever for a new Windows. BBBI £^k The number I II of families that §pBk I I tested Vista I (147 words)
        • Keeping PC-crazy kids on a leash [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 110
          Keeping PC-crazy kids on a leash Vista's parental controls are effective and easy to set up. LIM YEE HUNG finds out more Like many parents, Mrs Adeline Poon, 50, fought a losing battle with her teenage children over their computer usage. The housing agent, who confesses to being "not really (388 words)
        • Power-up time for new PC titles [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 111
          Power-up time for new PC titles Hardcore PC gamer ALFRED SIEW finds out why Vista is set to make games more appealing on the frag box Tell someone who has just bought an Xbox 360 or Play Station 3 about a new PC game, and he will likely say: "No (821 words)
        • Take your Vista further [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 113
          Take your Vista further Office 2007 and One Care for Vista help you work smarter while protecting your PC. Microsoft Office 2007 By far the most noticeable change in Office 2007 is its interface. Functions are now grouped into tabs, with frequently used functions, such as saving and opening documents, (343 words)
        • Read up before you boot up [Articles + Illustrations]
          • Page 113
          Read up before you boot up For unfamiliar Vista users THAM YUEN-C picks five resource guides that will help Vista might have been five years in the making, but you won't have to wait as long for the experts to figure it out. A good thing, since this iteration of (397 words)
  • Page 75 Advertisements
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      • Page 75
      NO STORAGE EXPERT REQUIRED. F==Sl Bj l^^^l^^^- With the HP Storage Works 600 All-in-One Storage System, powered by the Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® \m Sm~m^Lmm 81 E Processor, setting up and moving your data takes fewer than 10 clicks -no storage expertise I If required. An intuitive interface eliminates storage complexity (227 words)
  • Page 75 Miscellaneous
  • Page 76 Advertisements
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      • Page 76
      LINKSYS ebeq.n.i.i.||^ A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc. W M'lvl rVfcn'l'B V jnpr Wireless-N 11 i^* The Freedom to Do It All! S /a/ V Up to 12X the Speed and 4X the Range of Wireless-G BBSH M^fc I Wireless-N (draft 802.11n) WRT3SON II MIMO Technology increases speed Wireless-N B (488 words)
    • Page 76 Advertisements Column 2 [Advertisements]
      • Page 76
      C\o WMrICIdSS! Jtart get tied down... '^pn.OLINK* PWP3OI Wireless Projector Adaptor 1^ new ''^c t0 our Presenlat'ons ar,d enJ°y H; mm^K to wireless freedom with PROLiNK Wireless Projector f^-<^- rS A Adaptor. With a transmission range of up to 10m, Am W- A the PWP3OI delivers professional quality imaging ggjA (104 words)
  • Page 76 Miscellaneous
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      entertainment special REACH A NEW HIGH^^H IN GAMING WITH SAMSUNG B^3 Mosel F7 -sHBH IKS JM***- IS 191 BD-P1000 Soun lin VOIJT XhoX 360^^" ost *box 360™ games are capable of 720p theatre system that come in matching designs. or 1080i resolutions and 16:9 widescreen format, CJcirninQ COriSOl© With and (481 words)
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      EPSON EXCEED YOUR VISION Get more from 3 Epson's World Firsts! Multiscreen Display Wireless A definite way to impress your audience with its flexibility and versatility LJ rj Scenario 1: Scenario 2: One PC to project One PC to project multiple applications panoramic view Movie Sending with Sound Wireless Enhance (187 words)
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      THE POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE pi lIITCI I Fujitsu recommends Windows Vista™ Business. H Celebrate with Fujitsu Lifeßook VS. Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology >v Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5600 '^V Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945A8G Network Connection ,_H j^. Intel® 945GM Express Chipset \jfl I^. Windows Vista™ Business t~H \k\ Dual (539 words)
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  • Page 87 Miscellaneous
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      • Page 87
      Tr\ n in Phasing Cars Snow Patrol I VJ T \\J 2 Buttons The Pussycat noils DIGITAL MUSIC DOWNLOADS 3. Bad Day Daniel Powter 4. It Ends Tonight The All-American Rejects 5.London Bridge Fergie Jm mi Pat' ence Take That Rb 7. Promiscuous Nelly Furtado 4 jlpC 8. No Promises (69 words)
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      • Page 95
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  • Page 102 Miscellaneous
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      • Page 102
      The fantastic four page S2 I junked XP for this page S4 Should you make the switch? page S6 Five interesting things about Vista page S7 The bane of PC-crazy teens page S9 Revival for PC gaming? page SlO Guides and resources page Sl2 (44 words)
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      WW Z&L WLw Centrino I PQ| W Duo r r .^L^ v mm Wm 1 k\i E^^l r jfl kv 1 lAm EttUjM iffniMM r^^^nninTiTnHM b nn^ aa a- «irr in mIMimI" Jjv^^lll'TiH iiiliiiii '^^^^^^ILA A WA~ 'iIiHUTFiijIITI''I" teal M»\ JmmmmW |ijjp|s Eg |ji (fydjfyTJfrftrfl/ tk enjotthe vista™ experience —^-^ZJf^S* (595 words)
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      m^^ i^V Empowered by Innovation l^^l A (intelJ NEC recommends Windows Vista™ Home Premium. %,^v 1 iISTI IVfv3 NO.B I PC Brand I In Japan* j i <-^ EZF 1 I 1 T 1 1 T I 1 T I I I II I "I IhSwA j bB jl NEC (955 words)
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  • LITTLE red dot
      • FIRE ALERT [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 115
        FIRE ALERT 'Fires begun by children doubled to 73 last year*. By Teh Joo Lin (ST, Jan 27, 2007) A child and a flammable substance make for a dangerous pairing. Last year, 73 fires were playthings for children that grew out of control double the 37 cases of blazes started (778 words)
      • Under scrutiny [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 116
        Under scrutiny ANDREW DUFFY The office of Youth Challenge, the third charity to be investigated here, and the man in the spotlight, Mr Vincent Lam (inset). The 5Ws and an H of the Youth Challenge scandal. BY WHO IS AT THE CENTRE OF THE PROBLEMS? The charity's founder and executive (596 words)
      • THE BIG PLACE [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 117
        • REUTERS
        THE BIG PLACE Jakarta, Indonesia What happened As part of its plan to stamp out bird flu by the end of this year, the Indonesian authorities announced that a million birds in the capital would have been culled by the end of the month. Indonesia has the highest number of (152 words)
      • THE BIG NUMBER [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 117
        • D ):AP
        THE BIG NUMBER 99 What it is That is the percentage by which catches of some species of fish, such as the Tiger grouper and Napolean wrasse, have fallen in Asia's coastal reefs from 1995 to 2003. In addition, 88 per cent of South-east Asia's coral reefs face destruction from (131 words)
      • THE BIG EVENT [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 117
        • REUTERS
        THE BIG EVENT China's test-launch of anti-satellite missile What happened China secretly shot down one of its old satellites on Jan I I, sparking an outcry from countries such as the United States and Japan. After keeping silent over the matter for almost two weeks, the Chinese government confirmed the (146 words)
      • KILLER CROPS [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 118
        • REUTERS
        KILLER CROPS ELLEN WHYTE Waging war against cigarettes is a long-term one, and everyone must help. Tobacco was originally native to tropical areas of the Americas. Taken in large quantities, it causes hallucinations, a property that made it a prized commodity with shamans who used it as part of their (450 words)
      • When your body shakes a little [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 119
        When your body shakes a little What makes us shiver and get goose bumps, the tiny lumps that make your arm look like plucked chicken skin? ALISON DE SOUZA finds out. It all starts in your nervous system, which is made up of your brain, spinal cord and nerves. Nerves (412 words)
      • SUNSHINE GIRL [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 120
        SUNSHINE GIRL While most I I and 12-year-olds are getting ready for their Primary School Leaving Examinations, Abigail Breslin is earning big bucks in Hollywood. Eleven-year-old Abigail Breslin was last seen in the movie, Little Miss Sunshine, where she was reportedly paid about US$ 150,000 (S$280,000) to play the role (496 words)
        • Page 121
        WEIRD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Worried about ghosts, a drunk locked inside a church in Havant, Britain, rang out the morse code for SOS on the church bell. Eventually a local resident realised something was wrong and alerted police officers who, in turn, contacted church employee Vicki Mockford, who (305 words)
      • USA [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 121
        USA Global warming caused by humans is real visible in the air, water and melting ice and will get much worse, an upcoming global scientific report will warn. The first part of the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the top United Nations scientific authority on the (154 words)
      • CUBA [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 121
        CUBA Ailing Cuban leader Cuban leader Fidel Castro, is fighting for his life, his friend, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said. Mr Castro, 80, has been gravely ill following three failed operations to cure a deadly disease in his intestines. But Mr Chavez remains optimistic. "I spoke to him a few (61 words)
      • SWITZERLAND [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 121
        SWITZERLAND Singapore will host the celebrations for World Health Day on April 2, and hold a debate on Health And Security, the theme for this year's World Health Report. This was announced in Geneva by the newly-elected World Health Organisation Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan. She met Singapore's Senior Minister of (103 words)
      • GERMANY [Articles]
        • Page 121
        GERMANY One of the last jailed members of a notorious 1970s terror gang in this country has made a bid for early parole. She has asked to be released although her term has not been completed. Her plea is supported by government lawyers in Berlin. Brigitte Mohnhaupt, 57, was once (106 words)
      • THAILAND [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 121
        THAILAND United Nations bird flu officialson Jan 23 urged Asian countries to be on heightened alert for new outbreaks ahead of the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, as fresh cases were reported in Thailand and Japan. The livestock authorities in Bangkok confirmed the country's second case of bird flu outbreak (128 words)
      • AUSTRALIA [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 121
        AUSTRALIA A man was bitten by a great white shark and lived to tell the tale. One of the world's most fearsome predators crushed Mr Eric Nerhus' face, broke his nose and shredded his wetsuit, leaving deep gashes in his head, chest and back Mr Nerhus, 41, who was protected (108 words)
      • CONGRATULATIONS! [Articles]
        • Page 122
        CONGRATULATIONS! Here are the winners of the Cheetah Girls Contest published in the Jan 16 issue of Little Red Dot Bertrice Hsu Li-Jia Methodist Girls' Primary School Zayniell Vijandiran Zhenli Methodist Girls' School Chua KimYen Da Qiao Primary School Chin Wei Li Da Qiao Primary School Jireh Tan Jin Kiat (137 words)
      • They donated, and got free movie passes [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 122
        • CHEW SENG KIM
        They donated, and got free movie passes These Nanyang Girls' High School students are flashing their pearlies and waving movie tickets with glee and with good reason too. They got to watch the movie The Illusionist for free. They were among the 500 primary and secondary school students and teachers (161 words)
      • POEM [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 122
        POEM A trip to Grandpa's hometown AoTou BY ANGQING, 10, PRIMARY 5, Al TONG SCHOOL After a long and tiring ride in Tong An, Xiamen, I reached the village where my great great grandfather, Universe Ang used to live "Ao Tou". Mountains of very dirty oyster shells piled everywhere. Each (220 words)
      • It's all in the mind [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 123
        It's all in the mind How does the mind work to retain what you see and hear? Mrs Carmee Lim (left) explains, bytessawong Have you ever wondered how your brain and memories work? Three people curious about such issues pose their questions to expert Mrs Carmee Lim. She used to (584 words)
      • Getting carried away [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 124
        Getting carried away In the earlier years, flights into Singapore landed on Race Course and Balestier Plain. Now they land at an award-winning airport. BY JESSICA LIM research by sph information resource centre FORYOUR GRANDPARENTS In 1929, the Seletar Air Base was built to cater to all aircraft. This soon (311 words)
      • Woman jailed for not giving up seat on bus [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 125
        • ERIC ROCA
        Woman jailed for not giving up seat on bus HISTORY IN THE HEADLINES Dec 6, 1955, Alabama (United States) Earlier today, an African American woman was convicted of breaking the law when she refused to give up her bus seat for a white person. The incident took place on the (640 words)
    • DOTYOURI's
      • WORD PLAY WARM UP [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 126
        WORD PLAY WARM UP If you have felt the weather getting warmer, do not be surprised. According to geologists scientists who study the earth worldwide, the Earth's average temperature is on the rise. This process is called global warming, and 2007 may be the hottest year in recorded history yet. (385 words)
      • FROM THE TEACHERS' TABLE [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 127
        FROM THE TEACHERS' TABLE Try it the Dot way! Every week, we brew up Dot-flavoured lessons from a vast collection of classroom recipes. This week, we put pupils' analytical and writing skills to the test. BY MALINI NATHAN DOT TREAT Group work, two periods DOT MISSION Write a letter to (251 words)
      • Singapore wildlife [Articles + Illustrations]
        • Page 128
        Singapore wildlife In the year 2005, sightings of the Malayan porcupine on Pulau Tekong were reported. The sightings created much excitement among nature lovers because this prickly animal has not been seen on mainland Singapore for 50 years. What a pleasant and spiky surprise! The rediscovery of the Malayan porcupine (569 words)
  • Page 114 Miscellaneous
    • Page 114 Miscellaneous Column 1 [Miscellaneous]
      • Page 114
      this little red dot belongs to tuesday V. classandsch°ol 06/02/07 IINCIDENTj WOMAN CAUSES TOBACCO ABIGAIL BRESLIN I|§ 1 WHY IT ISA KILLER i%-^ SHE'S CHARMING "^S^^^A^^y CROP PAGE 5 MkM EVERYONE PAGE 7 (33 words)
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      • Page 126
      k" •> uinat are you waiting pop? fijr r« J go §@n nouj! ™H Sll JLw iiww- r caning all comic lovers! 1~ [Young talent twinkles Hri «T JS y• —n to the ton |&3o?t X J Vote for your fave i*^*« I Y*i' "*^sS EL_^Korean romance movie 1 Kill (80 words)
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