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The Straits Times, 21 April 2000


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL20390


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The Straits Times Established 1b45 r nClciy April 21, 2000 168 Pages m seven parts mita (P) 034/12/1999 •<P A Singapore Press Holdings publication \J\J Cents

Bus, MRT, LRT fares to go up [ARTICLE]

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Bus, MRT, LRT fares to go up LESLIE KOH Hikes of up to 20 cents will take place m June. Hardest-hit are long-distance MRT and bus riders, single-ticket holders and feeder-bus passengers B^ IF YOU take the bus and train, expect to pay more m two months, as the green

CPF cut will be restored 'as soon as possible' [ARTICLE]

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CPF cut will be restored 'as soon as possible' IRENE NG B« IN HO CHI MJNHCITV THE Government will keep faith with workers and union leaders, and restore the Central Provident Fund cut as soon as possible. Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave this assurance yesterday, when asked to


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LEAP OF FAITH DESMOND FOO If you enjoy the high of adrenaline rushes, you just might leap at the Übin Lagoon Resort's new lifestyle attractions when it opens next month. The $25-million resort on Pulau Übin features adventure training within a resort setting. Turn to Pages 72 and 73 for

S'pores non-oil exports at new high [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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S'pore's non-oil exports at new high LOH CHEN YI Bil STILL GOING STRONG SINGAPORE'S non-oil domestic exports rose a strong 17-1 per cent to $9-76 billion last month, beating the forecasts of analysts. The export value was also the largest on record for a month and reinforced the view that

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TEACHER SACKED: Education Ministry fires teacher who got pupils to slap 14 errant classmates page 71 MVADPE'C RFUIMH IH j^^* W^ llli UflwL o DCni-' ntH ■PV~^ 1 wri^ >: Ik i H9k 1 3413 If Christy Chung wazpamu W$L &fl| V '-3^>^a BvMHVMWMHHMPMMH ncr recent divop^^she^ not mf^J^sJ--' itt^t

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TNI will keep out of politics, says Widodo [ARTICLE]

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TNI will keep out of politics, says Widodo DERWIN PEREIRA It aims to be a professional force and so politics will be out of bounds, says chief; but analysts remain sceptical Bu MH AIIS TIMES INOONKStABI KKU' POLITICS AND IDE AMY: HEIKIHG THE TIES "Over the last year, we have

Tax officer jailed for renting out flat to 2 women overstayers [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Tax officer jailed for renting out flat to 2 women overstayers KAREN WONG *L District Judge Mavis Chionh noted that he had not "ivilfully and maliciously" broken the law, but he had failed to exercise the due diligence required m checking the immigration status of his tenants. A TAX OFFICER

Black box found [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Black box found RESCUERS recovered the flight-data recorder. known as the black box. from the wreckage of an Air Philippines Boeing 737-200 plane yesterday at Samal island m Davao city, southern Philippines. The plane crashed on Wednesday while approaching Davao city airport, killing all 131 on board. The recorder is

Nothing to be gained? Then pain is less [ARTICLE]

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Nothing to be gained? Then pain is less WASHINGTON No gain, no pain? Feople injured m traffic accidents actually recover better when they cannot collect money for their pain and suffering, according to Canadian researchers. They said policy-mak-ers should consider no-fault insurance as a prescription for treating whiplash. The study,

Church re-opens after facelift [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Church re-opens after facelift EASTER JOY Renovation includes stained-glass mosaic and 15 statues YESTERDAY, the doors of the Church of St Francis Xavier, a Catholic church m Serangoon Gardens, were thrown open after a facelift that took 10 months just m time for Maundy Thursday. The renovation of the 41--year-old

US school system to go international [ARTICLE]

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US school system to go international LEE SIEW HUA America wants more students to study overseas and to attract more students fre m abroad to hone competitiveness Bo IS CORRESPONDENT WHAT MR RILEY SAW IN ASIA: SINGAPORE confirmed his opinion that America's mathematics curriculum should be focused. Heavy investment m

It's reverse brain drain in Shenzhen [ARTICLE]

Page 4

It's reverse brain drain in Shenzhen LOH HUI YIN Many new-economy professionals are returning to China, attracted by new opportunities or driven by patriotism By HONGKONG CORRESPONDENT SHENZHEN: Its edge HIGH-TECH output accounted for 40.5 per cent of Shenzhen's total industrial output last year, against 20 per cent for Shanghai.


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'OKLAHOMA' REMEMBERED REUTERS United States President Bill Clinton touring the Oklahoma City National Memorial during dedication ceremonies on Wednesday, the fifth anniversary- of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. It was the worst act of domestic terrorism m US history: 168 people died. With Mr Clinton are, from left,

Howard vows Net-gambling ban [ARTICLE]

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Howard vows Net-gambling ban CANBERRA Australian Prime Minister John Howard, concerned over the growing number of problem gamblers, vowed yesterday to pursue a total ban on Internet gambling, despite strong opposition arouna the country. Mr Howard accused state governments and territories of being irresponsible when they refused on Wednesday to

Bust boost for viewers [ARTICLE]

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Bust boost for viewers VIENNA An Austrian television station is offering women a breast-enlarge-ment operation m a bid to boost viewing numbers for its tabloid programme. Interested viewers must send a photograph of them- selves to the programme. Check It. together with a few sentences on why they want to

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GI Jane: Here's the real story [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 5

GI Jane: Here's the real story LOUISE BRANSON In a bid to shake off the sex scandals of the 90s, the US military is trying to treat both sexes equally, but it ignores their obvious differences at its peril By IN WASHINGTON The 90s were a decade m which the

Preparing for a bloody Easter [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Preparing for a bloody Easter Zimbabwe Land Crisis With President Mugabe deciding not to order black war veterans off their land, white farmers are bracing themselves for a violent weekend HARARE Zimbabwe's white farmers prepared for a violent Easter yesterday amid reports that war veterans were preparing to occupy more

Queen's message may fuel anger [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Queen's message may fuel anger LONDON Britain faced an embarrassing protocol slip late on Wednesday when it emerged that Queen Elizabeth II had congratulated Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on his country's national day even as his supporters murdered a white farmer. A spokesman said such messages were sent out to

Another twist: Cuban boy to remain in US [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Another twist: Cuban boy to remain in US But the US Attorney-General insists the court ruling does not preclude returning the six-year-old Cuban boy to his father m the interim MIAMI A court has ordered that Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez remain m the United States until it resolves an

Greek Elian [ARTICLE]

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Greek Elian ATHENS The Greek government is trying to secure the return of a Greco- Egyptian toddler being held m Egypt by his Muslim grandparents against the wishes of his parents m Greece, according to an official source m Athens. Greek Foreign Minister Georges Papandreou was expected to meet the

Crime in South Africa: More than meets the eye [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Crime in South Africa: More than meets the eye FELIX SOH Crime statistics alone do not portray an accurate picture of the country, says High Commissioner to Singapore Bill ..Mlii Long awaited freedom 'We have been freed. All of us, not just blacks but whites too. Whites were trapped m


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Oh Jean Canadian PM adds another gaffe to Mid-East trip Blunder after blunder BEFORE the Saudi flap, Mr Chretien (left): Upset die Israelis by suggesting that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had the right to threaten a unilateral declaration of independence. Upset the Syrians by saying he understood why Israel would

Take the $1m, whether you want it or not [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Take the $1m, whether you want it or not Canada announces that it intends to give aid to Iraq for humanitarian purposes, even though Baghdad has rejected the offer from an 'oppressor' Iraq says: 'The people of Iraq do not need help from those who have oppressed them and are

India objects to President being called 'untouchable' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

India objects to President being called 'untouchable' JON STOCK New Delhi lodges a strong protest after French newspapers use the derogatory term to describe the visiting Indian leader By IN NENVI3FI.HI THE government m NewDelhi has reacted furiously to newspaper articles m France which have described the Indian president as

Paedophiles feast on online sex bazaar [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Paedophiles feast on online sex bazaar But Internet is also helping government agencies to nab predators NEW CANAAN (Connecticut) The Net is proving to be a double-edged sword, emboldening previously unknown sexual predators and fueling a market for child pornography but also helping to snare those who victimise children. And


Page 16

KATIE'S CYI ER NIGHTMARE At 13, she met Mark, 23, a colic Internet. He understood her, t special. They agreed to meet si Frank, a 41 -year-old paedophi] student from California on the ade her laugh, he told her she was )nths later. Mark turned out to be n online

Hillary returns funds from woman with drug links [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Hillary returns funds from woman with drug links The campaign donation was given by a businesswoman who had solicited money for the Democrats from a man who was later jailed for drugs NEW YORK Mrs Hillary Clinton, running for the post of New York senator, has returned a donation of

Playing it safe [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Playing it safe THE U5522,000 (5537.0001 that businesswoman Vivian Mannerud gave to Mrs Hillary Clinton's campaign was the single largest contribution to the First Lady's fund \Vhile acting as a Democratic fundraiser m 1995, Ms Mannerud had solicited a US$2O,OOO contribution from Cuban American seafood supplier Jorge Cabrera. He was


New satellite named after writer Clarke [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

New satellite named after writer Clarke PIONEERING ROLE RECOGNISED COLOMBO Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, considered the father of geostationary orbit, now has a satellite named after him. The European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (Eutelsat) has dedicated its latest satellite to Clarke m recognition of his pioneering role m the


Page 20

TEARFUL GORBACHEV AT EXHIBITION MOSCOW Fighting back tears, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev paid a visit to a Moscow art exhibition organised m memory of his wife Raisa I who died last September J aged 67 after a long battle 1 with leukaemia. M Money raised from the m sale


Page 20

HOSPITAL TRIBUTE TO REAGAN LOS ANGELES The University of California. Los Angeles, will name its new hospital the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre m response to a US$l5O million (XXXXX million) fund-raising campaign honouring the former president. The campaign has already secured pledges of USSBO million from Southern California civic


Page 20

CAR TROUBLE FOR POWELL WASHINGTON If he ever becomes Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will not have to cope with this sort of trouble. He was seen exchanging insurance information with the driver of another vehicle on Wednesday. "He was

Labs growing bones for replacements [ARTICLE]

Page 22

Labs growing bones for replacements NEW GRAFTING TECHNIQUE PARIS European scientists are growing bones m the laboratory, with the goal of developing replacement grafts for people whose bones have been injured m an accident or who are suffering from arthritis, the New Scientist has reported. The technique entails taking cells

DNA tests prove boy is French child king [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

DNA tests prove boy is French child king Heart of the matter It is the heart of Louis XVII This is a great day for an historian. It is very exciting to put an end to one of the greatest enigmas of French history. To draw a close to a

US strategy for fighting two wars 'outdated' [ARTICLE]

Page 25

US strategy for fighting two wars 'outdated' Americans are far less secure than they think and the nation is unprepared for the problems of the coming century, a report warns WARNING: US^ must change The world is changing fast and if the US government does not change with it, it

Russia ratifies N-arms pact after 7 years [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Russia ratifies N-arms pact after 7 years But the treaty to cut nuclear warheads will not take effect until the US Senate approves new amendments MOSCOW The Russian parliament has finished ratifying the Start II nucleararms reduction treaty with approval by the upper house, giving President Vladimir Putin a significant



Page 27

GRENADE EXPLOSION INJURES 7 STUDENTS A GRENADE exploded during a defence training class at a school m the Azerbaijan capital of Baku on Wednesday, wounding seven students, local officials reported. Such classes, which include instruction m how to handle and disassemble grenades, are a regular part of schooling. But dummy


Page 27

POLICE ARREST FORMER SLOVAK PM MASKED police commandos arrested former Slovak prime minister Vladimir Meciar yesterday morning after he was charged with abuse of power while m office. Police said they were arresting the former premier on a charge of illegally payine bonuses to his ministers. Reuters


Page 27

EXECUTION FIRST IN 40 YEARS THE state of Tennessee carried out its first execution m 40 years on Wednesday despite an appeal by the European Union to stay the sentence. "I forgive the state of Tennessee for murdering me for something I didn't do," said Robert Glen Coe. "I'm not


Page 27

POSITIVE RESPONSE TO U.S. 2000 CENSUS TWO-THIRDS of US households have returned their census forms, the Census Bureau announced on Wednesday, beating government targets despite the suggestion that citizens refuse to respond to questions they find intrusive. The government had made 61 per cent its target response rate for the


Page 27

6 MONTHS' JAIL FOR VIAGRA SMUGGLERS FOUR businessmen were sentenced m Miami on Wednesday to a maximum six months m prison for trying to smuggle 70,000 doses of the anti-impotency drug Viagra m a sting run by an undercover officer posing as a Russian mobster. 'This disrupts the legitimate pharmaceutical

Suicides increasing among British schoolchildren [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Suicides increasing among British schoolchildren ALFRED LEE A warning issued to the government by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers cites the pressure of mandatory tests as the reason B'j. IN LONDON All work and no play. Pupils were being "factory farmed" and put on "the conveyor belt of education"

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'~r:-}^l ';-:jM. a^j;)-.,/.- -k?_ 'Wm SH^-' v ''^^^fe^MßwlSiPßl^^^^--^ B^. More tl.hw ei\-7 WBB!B$BSB& iA^s^ r 191 sS^li^^^E^^r^ <^^ |X I B^, about \//it7 H I S <;> v fv/ti/ -^^R^^fe^^S^pi-- v I '^S'^'^^ always SB I ib^B^^^Bh Ik. jyiai B 8 Ws^ *m jii i. 1 ■-jrv*^^^^*" 1 SK^flwy'- 7

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eLifestyle '0 \SI 'iv B^'" Jfe 'WjBHP B* B^ fli B X fli ■^tHHw- 1 r{ ?sB s-, s|K K.^s B M t: %3 Tay Ping Hul?^B 11^ Christopher Let Bk Jl r B^ Simply fill out this coupon or our online form to nominate yourself or your friend. The

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Page 31

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT REUTERS REUTERS At least, that is what the Chinese border police are hoping tor, as they came out m lorce during a joint exercise at a border port ot Yantian on Wednesday. They were arresting "smugglers" who arrived m boats (left) and, m another scenario, patrolled beside

Porn alert stamps on HK papers [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Porn alert stamps on HK papers To protect children from obscene material, the govt is open to public consultation on a set of proposals HONGKONG Hongkong newspapers with pictures of scantily-dressed women and guides to sex services may nave to be stamped with warning marks m a government overhaul of

BEIJING: Cleaning up its act [ARTICLE]

Page 31

BEIJING: Cleaning up its act BEIJING Chinese police have cracked down on illicit entertainment m the capital, closing down 1 IS brothels, gambling dens and other illegal establishments. The police apprehended 1,877 suspects, including 44 alleged drug users and dealers, 92 suspected gamblers and 137 people believed to be prostitutes

China vs EU [ARTICLE]

Page 32

China vs EU The European Parliament resolution seeking more support for Taiwan and Tibet could have a negative impact on Sino-European ties, warns Beijing WARNINGS 'We would like to warn a small number of people m the European Parliament with ulterior motives not to waste the long-established, effort -costing Sino-European

China vs US [ARTICLE]

Page 32

China vs US Beijing warns US not to pass a Bill giving Taiwan military aid BEIJING A United States proposal to enhance military ties with Taiwan would have a "disastrous" effect on US relations with China if Washington were to adopt it, a leading Chinese government adviser has warned. 'This

Taiwan's deputy leader trades barbs with China [ARTICLE]

Page 34

Taiwan's deputy leader trades barbs with China Annette Lv, recent target of Beijing's vitriol, accuses a visiting Chinese academic of using 'unbridled' language TAIPEI Taiwan and China traded barbs yesterday, with the island's Vice-Presi-dent-elect, dubbed by Beijing as "the scum of the nation", telling a visiting Chinese academic to behave.

Pro-independence investors probed [ARTICLE]

Page 34

Pro-independence investors probed TAIPEI China will interfere m the business operations of Taiwan investors on the mainland if they favour independence for the island. Beijing has launched a probe into the stance of Taiwanese investors on independence, reported the Economic Daily News, quoting sources from China's Taiwan Affairs Office. Mr


Page 34

WIRED FOR MEMORIES AP First, it was chunks of the Berlin Wall which were a favourite among collectors of memorabilia. Now, parts of the barbed wire which delineate the border between North and South Korea look set to be the latest hit. The local authorities sell the framed bits to

Clinton to phone CEOs on China ties [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Clinton to phone CEOs on China ties He needs to garner their support for normalising trade relations with China so as to counter the opposition from the majority of Democrats TRADE UNION FEARS CHEAP CHINESE LABOUR THE trade pact between the US and China, which would pave the way for

Gephardt won't back trade deal [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Gephardt won't back trade deal ST LOUIS (Missouri) US House of Representatives minority leader Dick Gephardt has announced his opposition to permanent trade benefits for China, but said he would not demand that fellow Democrats follow his lead m the biggest legislative battle of this election year. The announcement will

China expels top party man accused of graft [ARTICLE]

Page 38

China expels top party man accused of graft If convicted of accepting $8 million m bribes, the NPC vice-chairman may become the highest-ranking official to be executed for corruption BEIJING A top Chinese official was kicked out of the Communist Party yesterday for allegedly accepting 40 million yuan (SsB million)

Another charged in Guangxi [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Another charged in Guangxi HONGKONG A second top official m southern China's Guangxi province has been charged with corruption. Liv Zhibing, vice-chair-man of the Guangxi autonomous region people's government, has also been accused of protecting his children, other relatives and colleagues who were involved m smuggling, tax eva- sion and

Top Japanese execs quit to care for ailing wives [ARTICLE]

Page 40

Top Japanese execs quit to care for ailing wives Chairman of Tokai Bank, Mr Satoru Nishigaki, 65 SDP deputy chairman, Mr Shigeru Ito, 72 Mayor of Takatsuki, Mr Tosliio Emilia, 75 They are torn between desire to help their wives and their sense of professional duty, but finally decide to

Scholar who returned wants to take China into Net age [ARTICLE]

Page 41

Scholar who returned wants to take China into Net age LOH H UI YIN Son of retired top official Qiao Shi plans to build his mega-million-dollar CyberCity project m Shenzhen which will be buzzing with IT ideas By HONGKONG CORRESPONDENT Hindrance being Qiao Shi's son? 'It does help open doors.

Temasek buys 10% stake in Cyber City [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Temasek buys 10% stake in Cyber City Loh Hui Yin This will open up future investments m Shenzhen for Singapore SINGAPORE-linked companies, including Temasek Holdings, have taken a 21 per cent interest m a company which is developing a Chinese version of the high-tech Silicon Valley. Government-owned Temasek Holdings acquired

Dioxin at naval base 35 times too high [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Dioxin at naval base 35 times too high TOKYO The levels of cancer causing dioxin being spewed from an incinerator near a US naval base in Japan have hit 35 times the permitted safe amounts, an official said yesterday. Readings from a government survey conducted unt"' February found the high

Japan PM hints at early election in June [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Japan PM hints at early election in June He says he will discuss the date with the two heavyweights of his ruling party, Nonaka and Aoki, as well as the heads of the other coalition parties TOKYO Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori dropped a broad hint yesterday that he was considering

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WEATHER Rn r^TTf i iTf7rT_i ti_n_nnnn_i i\a i w hi iTTiT^nrrr^ny vj• i '14 1 i hp-i K— 4JJ________U___l Bm M L JBdJ J— JH "___U_J Ml 1 1 ri 1 "iiittti 1 f i*■\ jj Ml __i. l'^j—llLuLl TODAY: Partly Cloudy Showers with thunder HAZE WATCH Pacific Abidjan 25/32

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M g B)> ySf^S' '"fl Ik Jium It'll IrjH^^ :^-k. r^^ J v -l""-'.'"' BHk^l HP^m Sili^Bfei." .^H B» J^l^^Ht '■■SHI Khl bBbH s For a lot of people, investments mean sleepless nights. Will the plan work out well? As these funds are backed by the investment expertise of AIG

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"la y^f^^ aP Garden Way A.; J 4^; S«raf>9 v H^-^^l 4 MLfldS TPE-"* i*w O■ X QmM n "b <. 'j t '>': OS Ek o^n ;i; <j-° ROVJ^()aiY Road Br '^■fl A^» c o^ nY jßwSb^Hhbi <> i f. Bartley Ro»° ''^l^^fc^^^^fc^^k VM wk tl fci^^^^l

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The rules have changed for Thai money politics [ARTICLE]

Page 47

The rules have changed for Thai money politics EDWARD TANG NEWS ANALYSIS By THAII.WD CORRKSPONDFYI The removal of the deputy premier for graft and a landmark ruling against vote-buying are two actions that have dealt a big blow to corruption BANGKOK Two events m the past month the removal of

TURNING POINT: Two recent events


Page 47

MINISTER LIED ABOUT ASSETS Edward Tang Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sanan Kachornprasart, the key man responsible for holding the ruling coalition together, resigned on March 29, a day after he was found to have lied about his personal assets. The National Counter Corruption Commission (NCCC) ruled that he


Page 47

SENATORS STRIPPED OF POLL VICTORIES Edward Tang The Election Commission, m an unprecedented ruling, overturned more than a third of the results of the Senate election held on March 4. It annulled the victory of 78 senators-elect, including Mrs Chaweewan Kachornprasart, the wife of embattled ex-Interior Minister Sanan, who were


All that's left are charred limbs and [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

All that's left are charred limbs and LUZ BAGUIORO Rescuers uncover grisly finds as they dig through the plane wreckage. Investigators say sabotage or mechanical failure improbable By PHILIPPINES CORRKSPONDKNT MANILA Rescue workers found a severed hand still gripping the control stick ot the Air Philippines Boeing 737-200 that crashed

headless corpses [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 49

headless corpses AFP Family members grieve after their anticipation of the plane's arrival turns to shock when it crashed into a coconut plantation. AFP Wrapped up m body bags, charred remains are all that relatives have as they try to identify the bodies.

Easter joy turns to grief for relatives [ARTICLE]

Page 49

Easter joy turns to grief for relatives DAVAO Ms Luisa Hall, a college professor, took Air Philippines Flight 541 to southern Davao city with her Australian husband, Martin, and two daughters to attend her mother's birthday, a brother's wedding and her youngest child's baptism. But they never made it. A

Plane on fire before it crashed: Witnesses [ARTICLE]

Page 49

Plane on fire before it crashed: Witnesses DAVAO The Air Philippines Boeing 737-200 that crashed m southern Philippines was already on fire and there were loud explosions before it slammed into a coconut plantation on Samal island near here, witnesses said. Mr Samson Badilles, who was among the first to

How 2 hostages were beheaded: Rebel [ARTICLE]

Page 50

How 2 hostages were beheaded: Rebel Philippine guerilla spokesman gives a chilling account of the murder of two ex-soldiers his group had captured MANILA Two Philippine hostages, apparently killed by Muslim rebels, were told to kneel and bow down before their heads were chopped off with a barong, a sword-like

Viets in US: Far from home and missing it [ARTICLE]

Page 51

Viets in US: Far from home and missing it A survey of Vietnamese residents m US found that 90 per cent would return to live m Vietnam if it becomes free and democratic WESTMINSTER (California) Twenty-five years after their forced migration, the vast majority of Vietnamese living m the US

3 Hanoi officials censured for graft [ARTICLE]

Page 51

3 Hanoi officials censured for graft HANOI With the Vietnam Communist Party vowing to crack down on corruption, three top government officials were censured at the conclusion of a key meeting on Wednesday m preparation for next year's party congress. The major theme for next March's party congress will be



Page 51

DEPOLITICISE ARMY, SAYS HUN SEN CAMBODIAN Prime Minister Hun Sen has called for a depoliticised military, free from the influence of rival factions m parliament which led to fighting m the capital m 1997- AFP


Page 51

CAMBODIA FREES 2 MYANMAR REBELS CAMBODIA'S military court yesterday released two Myanmar rebels arrested here for entering the country illegally m January, allegedly m search of military support for their battle against the Yangon junta. AFP


Page 51

GUERILLAS SURRENDER TO JUNTA THIRTY-four guerillas surrendered to the ruling Myanmar military junta, state television reported on Wednesday. They included members of the militant All Burma Students' Democratic Front, ethnic Karen, Mon, Shan and Chin groups as well as remnants of former drug lord Khun Sa's Mong Tai Army, the


Page 51

HANOI TO EXTRADITE SOUTH KOREAN VIETNAM is set to extradite a South Korean wanted for fraud, who was detained on an international arrest warrant m Ho Chi Minh City last week, police and Interpol officials said yesterday. Details of the charges against Lee were not avail- able. AFP


Page 51

PERTAMINA BLOCKS OFF GAS BLOWOUTS INDONESIA'S state oil and gas company, Pertamina, as been able to block off three gas blowouts m the Sumatran province of Riau a week after the first leak, a company spokesman said yesterday. AFP DKLFLSKJG

Govt bows to pressure and reshuffles Jakarta judges [ARTICLE]

Page 53

Govt bows to pressure and reshuffles Jakarta judges WHY ROTATE? THE move is the start of major reform m the country's judicial system, one of the most highlighted areas needing change. The mass rotations are partly due to strong public pressure and criticism over numerous court rulings. The reassignment of

Three more killed in Aceh bloodshed [ARTICLE]

Page 53

Three more killed in Aceh bloodshed LANDMARK TRIAL OPENS BANDA ACEH (Indonesia) Two policemen and a civilian were killed m the latest violence m Indonesia's strifetorn province of Aceh, police and witnesses said yesterday. The killings occurred just hours after the opening on Wednesday of a landmark human rights trial

Student conduct to be factor in passing exams [ARTICLE]

Page 54

Student conduct to be factor in passing exams The new rule takes effect m Indonesian schools next month after mounting criticism over the number of students involved m demonstrations JAKARTA Conduct will soon be added to grades to determine whether an Indonesian student achieves a pass mark, press reports said

Hakkas can help recovery: Gus Dur [ARTICLE]

Page 54

Hakkas can help recovery: Gus Dur JAKARTA President Abdurrahman Wahid yesterday called on members of the Hakka Chinese ethnic group m South-east Asia to contribute to Indonesia's economic recovery. "I hope that Hakka people... can help efforts for a recovery of the Indonesian economy which has been hit by the

Prospects for Vietnam are good, says BG Lee [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Prospects for Vietnam are good, says BG Lee IRENE NG The Deputy Prime Minister notes how hardworking the people are, seeking opportunities to better themselves By IN HO CHI MINH CITY DEPUTY Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong left Vietnam yesterday, struck by its hardworking and bright people, who have been

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■^TifflffftTy> i <>' v x»Sw'™ > '™**™^"*^~-!a3EK^3^ **bk" T^'.'.'^'^lH^MM^^^tf^^** &9fllB«w I viBMTPIWX -i^'^xprtW*^''**^^ l U ■CVwU■l■ LJ v l tr I wao tr B^B^B^. BT J^>Y VJn 4' StMBbF J ff^^^StJK 1 WAfgfgTggßr J si rf^P™« Sblbl GbKmEB M^^^^ 3 .^Ba~ri BBr J BBBi jh IMm I mi. H^gfa H

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Make a date with the Birds this Easter Weekend Happy Ou'Li with Dinner !J j; By Flamingo Lake Saturday 22 April, 6.30p.m-10.30p.m v Enjoy an enchanlinq evening by Y "*H\ the beautifully lit Flamingo Lake with a sumpliious BBQ buffet dinner, tree flow of wines, beer and soft drinks; live

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KAWAI KAWAI ODIIUII Ji«r PI AN OS UKANIJ JBT IHWitVIWtitIWIIEB rIA A/• i/a I m H^ WORLD FAMOUS KAWAI EX GRAND Sp&UAlum Wj Selected for World Piano '^^f^^ Competitions mm Bfc ""tchaikovsky/chopinTl JM ■ill ARiHUR RUBINSTEIN/ "Sto^l 1/ I 5 ELEMENTS OE EXCELLENCE: (1) TONE (2) TOUCH (3) STRENGTH VIEW

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-■>■%■ afc.--..^ IHE i 1 y •w^^^^^ m^ m^mm I fliri^sS^s ■■S It Riilill 1 i *J 'ISF Bfr^ S e; X 22 cm (4' X4') Round Ms iK^r Udiial Mcc; S$4OO.OQ X* i^aP«-'^flßfi^^--^Kr OUiUlloniy g4 Hurry while stocks last! m GNEE HONG CO- PTE LTD IP H 77 Bencoolen

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&Jh HONG SENG IV W^ A yF /M Hk W^ tf x I -^^^MB^ jKp mKf HP ool: s>o/. J5 ■raiHH^m I $98x36mths rW \Jf JWB i $65x36mths i IMB I i AIRCO'N tfSs^TT^b ,MM I $120x6 mths V;ER TI€AL s^s^— MuW-SplitAifcon 3*ooms 1 Hall 7ksWasher I frsBBB^'l Jall^lt^Eg $i

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Where your future begins (Presenting four stunning developments by Centrepoint Properties Ltd. %emarf^ably designed with immaculate finishes and fittings life the very luxurious Holt Residences and Camelot, or the beautiful Euphony Qardens and the Petals. jfa, S^^'^'^^^^S£^j^" --'i' 46 exclusive freehold apartments 99 luxurious apartments with 99-yr leasehold tenure Holt

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'■jV '"*'""> '-:j&. *-j& i"^:- v -V' i i '*:<-;'" •>■:■ >? j METRO COSMETIC AND FRAGRANCE FESTIVAL 2000 j~ r 7 APRIL TO 1 MAY 2000 p S/noulqe m a sense or <ueif. Si Beauty is all about self-discovery and now is the perfect time to discover who you

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mm -t s*^ Mk&% .^S9Soubie Bed m 3a«4 Now^^mbWiNl^ |l now 1 v -^'^Ti^^ f^l+42&&C f I I I 1 I 1 j* now! >fl 50 z*j&zm a Att^^Tf%ll I H '9 h Class Sofa s ts NOws299f|Tr I' i^Mjii^Qi^ TX^Chairf Mmputer Table nowls49o nows69 A wide range of other

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il I 1-1 BI 1 T A*M Wll TiIII AA Jl BB I W W 1 1% W 1 1 1 B BB Bb^ w^B I B Ib^^BLbJb^ L^fl |k li jl B B B^ ißbjW ■JbL. ■■QB^ X "W BJnflL -r^ Bv^Bvfl^B^B BBT^Bi BB^^^^^Bl 3aߣ Bni wLBbMBHP^^^ t^T^:-» !B'


KL sees agriculture as growth engine for economy [ARTICLE]

Page 58

KL sees agriculture as growth engine for economy BRENDAN PEREIRA Mahathir is expected to announce a slew of financial incentives and outline his vision to transform the sector MALAYSIA CORRESPONDENT KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia is turning to agriculture m a big way. Next Monday, Prime Minister Datuk Sen Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Motorist beaten up after accident [ARTICLE]

Page 58

Motorist beaten up after accident KLANG Villagers beat up a bank clerk and set fire to his car after an accident m which a woman pedestrian was killed. The Sun reported that the incident at Batu 4, Jalan Kampung Jawa, on Wednesday was the second m three days where road

Malaysia to make glue-sniffing a crime [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Malaysia to make glue-sniffing a crime KUALA LUMPUR Gluesniffing will be made an offence under a proposal by the National Anti-Narcotics Agency to detain and send those addicted to rehabilitation centres. The move follows the deaths last week of three teenagers who went to sniff glue m Cheras but were

Man claims sexual harassment [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Man claims sexual harassment ALOR STAR A m.ile worker has reported thai he was sexually harassed by his female colleague, the first such case handled by the Human Resources Ministry. Labour Department di-rector-general Muhamad Saufee Abdul Muain yesterday said investigations were m tr final stages. "1 confirm the case was

'Foreigners out to sabotage bumiputras' [ARTICLE]

Page 59

'Foreigners out to sabotage bumiputras' 'They have been able to buy over banks and industries for a song as the IMF pressuredfor 100-per-cent opening ofthe economy as a condition/or problemridden countries to secure loans. Dr Mahathir, on how there was evidence that foreigners had succeeded m sparking an economic crisis

Umno candidates accused of corruption [ARTICLE]

Page 61

Umno candidates accused of corruption The candidates are being investigated by the party for allegedly buying their nominations m the lead-up to the Umno elections next month KUALA LUMPUR At least three Umno candidates contesting next month's party elections are reported to have used money to win nominations from various

MCA chief admits to rift with his deputy [ARTICLE]

Page 61

MCA chief admits to rift with his deputy But he insists the matter is just a minor difference of opinion Agreement 'broken' AT THE core off the problem is the alleged failure of Dr Ling to carry out a "gentleman's agreement" reached with Datuk Urn, under which the MCA president


Page 63

STILL WATER RUNS DEEP THE STAR With most of the dense foliage gone and excavation work m progress, this valley m Kuala Kubu Bam will be filled with 235 million cubic metres of water when the RM2 billion (SsB9l million) Sungai Selangor dam is ready at the end of 2004.

Watch for sabotage at Johor port, says MP [ARTICLE]

Page 63

Watch for sabotage at Johor port, says MP Umno politician wants government to take measures at the country's second port at Tanjung Peiepas because it is too close to Singapore KUALA LUMPUR A Johor Umno politician has asked the government to take measures to prevent any "sabotage" against Malaysia's second

Najib downplays S'pore's purchase of frigates [ARTICLE]

Page 63

Najib downplays S'pore's purchase of frigates KUALA LUMPUR Singapore's reported purchase of six French-made frigates will not spark off an arms race m the region, said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Berita Harian Malaysia yesterday quoted the minister as saving that Malaysia saw the purchase as a normal

New Malaysian panel to preserve Muslim unity [ARTICLE]

Page 64

New Malaysian panel to preserve Muslim unity It will promote the correct understanding of Islam and prevent political parties from misusing the religion for their own interests PUTRAJAYA Malaysia has set up a panel to provide the correct understanding of Islam m a multi-racial society and to curb religious deviation.

Doctor apologises for 'losing her cool' over unpaid bill [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 64

Doctor apologises for 'losing her cool' over unpaid bill WRONGFUL CONFINEMENT OF MOTHER AND BABY I KUALA LUMPUR A gynaecologist has apologised for her action m confining a woman and her newborn son to enforce payment of the maternity bill. Dr Norliah Mohamad, the 41-year-old owner of Bandar Baru Sungai



Page 64

TRADE UNION WANTS NO FOREIGN WORKERS THE largest trade union representing civil servants. Cuepacs. has called on the government to review its policy of allowing foreign workers into the country. Trade union president N. Siva Subramaniam claimed the\ caused numerous social problems, especially as many were sick. The Sun reporter!.


Page 64

SCHOOL GANGSTERISM 'HYPED UP BY MEDIA' GANGSTERISM m schools is not serious and has been blown out of proportion by the media, said Education Department director-^ .neral Datuk Seri AWdul Shukor Abdullah. He said less than 1 per cent of the 4.7-million student population was involved The Star Asia News


Page 64

12% OF EARLY-INTAKE MATRICS LOSE PLACES ABOUT 12 per cent of matriculation students lost their places after their recent Malaysian School Certificate results did not fulfil minimumentry requirements. They joined matriculation classes m January an earl\ intake introduced for the first time this year. New Straits Times


Page 64

FOUR IN FAMILY DIE AS VAN HITS TRUCK FOUR family members m a van died and a motorcyclist was seriously injured when the two vehicles rammed into the rear of a stationary truck yesterday The accident happened on the North-South Highway near Rembau m Negn Sembilan. Bernama


Page 64

COPS SEEK TO HOLD OFFENDERS ON ISLAND TEREXGGANU police will suggest to the state government that it convert the island of Pulau Bidong into a holding centre for drug offenders to help ease congestion at police lock-ups. Bernama

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Ini^ 'y^'^iir' I^HH^I j|^|--: 9&B I llh EO -> ib jf(i3fr 4 ii mn hi nn i Tmi "^ftfc-. -V«" -i^V* ti'iL* I J L. -f- -f- H-

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j^^^^ j^fc^^flfl^' HBV^S^^I f f I Ul r^-i "11 1 I X HI R Q S g| It's your home ground jj 9 i I (frop 1 2 pm whilst stocks last) Friday 21 April only Buzz kiosks: Thai Embassy Scotts Lucky Plaza Heeren Somerset Bugis. And at bus interchanges

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f nok#7s l m? I \upS22ooaiowsBso UP XXXXX \i \ow^97o M £iL_ I ~*Gr DP $1850 XOW $780 UP aioOO UP XXXXX NOW $850H j a?owSsBo II CrVStdl 1PXXXXX UPSkiOO J i mow S9O ?jow Hanging Light JJT I Energy Sa\ing Ceiling Light >?- c/wßulb Plnewood Ceiling Light /t '<

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Dash m for the Aspire 6400. p^# Now enhanced with greater speed. Jp f^pKß Ik, m& -taa i SK #1 V I 111 f I IHk: ia&w| K^jH HI Hg BHHfe *$M iJ A I 111 I J Hi 9Bf S BEM :^v oj Aspire 6400-67 C Aspire 6400-67 D

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S. m"W Im I" /A^ I !> I H 8 vJJW|pjiTXJL JUiLJ A||./ I I vSAPKW the Year 1 1 kJi 7 iJ-/-Lf Ui lllv 1 vCll home Exhibition 2000 -CLs^Tst April Ist1 st May 2000 IMM sth5 th Level 12noon 10pm Free Admission Free Parking Free Shuttle Service @f

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I^h^l I Mixed Fruit tofater Safiut witi y>;-, .^B^fe. J CA/c&e/i Ccawg 7naiStu>4e> H&: :^^^^^^^^^^'^B^B[B Bra/fed SAor-d (i* Soup u//?k WB^l^^^^^JW go* jf j §t -4 N^?BB^3>^^y^ j Deep fried Cbie£e« wttk, flKi V^/^'^/V/^ l*% t/^ Steamed Sea&ase i/r 7~u/o fa/aa*' I H Iv Promotion Perio* Ito 30 April 2(HH)

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l^fifl B X IP! f H fail Bin la* Z «K^B .MB k S «l tut aH^^HBS B& B I I i3l I B^^^» J^^m **V* t_ 1 1 1 1 «w y»»»t §I i *^t! J I U n: T,ift i^kaKd^ufe ffifi ifyAirS aa- A ate mt ft»lirfr f

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Celebration ff I KJllijgilM^ nftfi.*^M GOLDEN I 7 Accreditation of J^|J *J oo^ I Special Thanks to all our Business Associates ■1^ Moving into The New Millennium Together I (9z/r Q-Ce artiest Congratu Cations I Ah Keng Motor Repairer AHC Enterprises Pte Ltd Chop Tiong Bee /liv Hiap Joo Guan

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IB y j \1 1 I A% I 111 IHggi iTDtll 'i* ■H#srt vP* h I kjI LULL LUOt-0 si w^E!3s&&s&£&& i So/a 5 /row $1980 Bedroom Sets from $3,980 B& r i^s flB iGks' t j i^t'jM L^Lw' H p^ I; Sjj" :^)p*"* a ift^ifljj|||j|j| S Br^^ wft'i :881

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-~N l A season < f exceptional grace and beauty with designer wear, exquisite accessories and smart home furnishings is about to blossom at Promenade. Step m now for a breath of fresh air. GIFTS TO REVITALI S E YOUR SENSES Exclusive cofiret sets from Paco Rabanne, Gucci or Lancome

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v Spain Alabaster Marble Hanging Light i^fjy%i is ill 1 A I UFSI6OO Germany now $430; Crystal g a Chandelier^ vp $1250 Pl| -6L Candle Zl- <■' >' ..I l gm4 Pacorativa Ceiling Liaht -rNow^|o NOWs3SO S Glass Ceiling Liaht DECORATIVE CEILING FAN H DB 4 italian Imported "T^ Aluminium

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PigiV^ tg. Lianhe Zaohao ■i% m J s Lj

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Page 65

TH I VILLAGE »fflttJSK*PBiia HOLDINGS Ready For fA mi iiuini yt%rL-^ uynannsni 4 I— j 20 Despite a slight decrease m turnover, 3^6 due to the economy downturn, Established since 1991, Thai Village Group now operates a chain of specialty 31 profits before tax had increased from restaurants m Singapore


More routes, buses and trains [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

More routes, buses and trains LESLIE KOH DEARER RIDES This is what bus and train commuters can expect with the latest round of fare hikes. Passengers will be paying up to 20 cents more from June 1 il HIKE: Tied to service THE Public Transport Council has laid down the

Mum and son locked in by loan sharks [ARTICLE]

Page 68

Mum and son locked in by loan sharks KRIST BOO Civil Defence frees duo padlocked m their Yishun flat after a mysterious call demanding return of money *L A MOTHER and her son found themselves padlocked m their home by loan sharks. Property agent Peter Ng, 31, had to call

Pump prices down [ARTICLE]

Page 68

Pump prices down MOTORISTS here can look forward to cheaper petrol from tomorrow. Savings for petrol and diesel range from 5 cents to 7 cents a litre, the country's five major oil companies Caltex, Esso, Mobil, SPC and Shell announced yesterday. The price adjustment reflects the recent easing of world

PM back in S'pore [ARTICLE]

Page 68

PM back in S'pore JL PRIME Minister Goh Chok Tong returned to Singapore yesterday evening after a 12--day official visit to China and Hongkong. This was his first visit to China since 1997-

Girlfriend riding pillion dies after crash with car [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

Girlfriend riding pillion dies after crash with car KARAMJIT KAUR Flung off by the impact of the headlong collision, the 18-year-old lay unmoving as her boyfriend watched helplessly »S TRAGIC VICTIM: Mr Yusri Mohamed Avub and his girlfriend Norashimah Hashim (above) were flung from their motorbike (left) when it crashed

US reiterates commitment to forward presence [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

US reiterates commitment to forward presence 'To have the US Navy as a part of mat reality is something we are very proiid of. Admiral Johnson, Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy, on the Changi Naval Base THE United States is committed to its forward presence m Asia,

Prof who quit as head over exam error still in faculty [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

Prof who quit as head over exam error still in faculty PAULINE LEONG *L SHORT TENURE Appointed last July to head the pharmacology department at NUS, Prof Lee (above) makes way for Prof Wong (left), who is acting head. PROFESSOR Edmund Lee Jon Deoon, who took responsibility for the me

Minimal rules for Speakers' Corner [ARTICLE]

Page 70

Minimal rules for Speakers' Corner IRENE NG The Speakers' Corner is a symbolic opening up, says BG Lee, and only an 'absolute bare minimum' of rules will apply for those taking part INHOCHIMINHCITY 'We always try to be ready. One factor is the state of the economy. Another is finding

At odds over madrasahs' future [ARTICLE]

Page 70

At odds over madrasahs' future AHMAD OSMAN BR. THE association of Islamic scholars and religious teachers has rejected proposals by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) on the future of madrasahs if compulsory education is introduced. Pergas said last night that the suggestions were not m line with its

Teacher sacked over slapping incident [ARTICLE]

Page 71

Teacher sacked over slapping incident He got pupils to hit each other as a punishment. MOE investigated and called his actions Inappropriate' WTfATffEDID THE teacher had wanted to punish 14 pupils for not bringing their worksheets to class. He made them line up m front of the blackboard and asked

Retirement Act doesn't protect jobs till age 62 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 71

Retirement Act doesn't protect jobs till age 62 ALETHEA LIM *!L Wrongful dismissal EX-DRIVER Noor Mohamed had appealed m February against a district-court ruling, which said that Apollo Hotel, his employer for 25 years, had the right to dismiss him under the terms of his employment contract. But Judicial Commissioner


Page 72

Adventures KOH BOON PIN A $25m resort offering adventure training m a tranquil environment is all set for its soft launch next month h AFTER a delay of nearly two years, Übin Lagoon Resort is finally opening its doors to the public m a soft launch on May 21. Developed

America's love-hate relationship with China [ARTICLE]

Page 74

America's love-hate relationship with China The Friday Interview American sinologist Michel Oksenberg has been an adviser to three past American presidents on US policies towards China. He tells KAO CHEN why a policy of "strategic ambiguity will simply invite everyone to explore the mushiness". BUSHY white hair against black bushy


Page 74

COOPERATE where we can CONTEND where we must U.S. POLICY ON CHINA: The 3 Cs BE CLEAR Clarity means removing any doubt m Beijing's mind that an unprovoked Chinese military attack on Taiwan will elicit an American response and to spell out to Taiwan that rhetoric and actions on its

Knowledge the theme of May Day joy [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 75

Knowledge the theme of May Day joy Based on learning as a passport to a better life, the celebrations include a family carnival and a zoo outing BETTER knowledge, better life. This is the theme of the coming May Day celebrations which recognise workers' contributions to the economy. The theme

$5,000 cheat promised man good report for errant son [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 75

$5,000 cheat promised man good report for errant son ELENA CHONG By AN UNEMPLOYED man cheated a clerk of $5,000 by claiming that he could influence a "high-ranking officer" at the Reformative Training Centre (RTCj to write a good report about the latter's son. A district court heard on Tuesday

Income helps you find streets online [ARTICLE]

Page 75

Income helps you find streets online SINGAPORE'S largest online street directory will soon be available to NTUC Income's 400,000 policyholders for free. The insurance cooperative launched the i-Map at its 11th in-house productivity campaign yesterday Packed with all the information found m a printed street director), it offers additional features

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IK\\KLLtK T X V I) I BIBhhVIhHB^hIBH Hh Al) \i(II) i i Ql HT~ FKI D A IM' I I'M Go To Reliable Jewellers Krf^f^ Crash Kills Biker's Girl m^ J» Be Clear, Not Mushy )hL This is what the jewellers' association Pillion-rider Norashimah Hashim, IS, American sinologist Michel Oksenberg,

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Page 67

Winner of CNet Singapore's 'Incredible Service Provider' Poll m December 1999 and March 2000 'ISP of the Year- Internet World Asia Industry Awards As a to<en of our appreciation, we're giving away 10,000 special Thank You souvenirs for Star Hub Internet subscribers and *?J^^E> Powered by Surf-for-free members (subscribers must

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Page 68

ALL FURNITURE GOING AT HALF PRICE. From now to Ist May 2000 While Stocks Last. MADE IN SPAIN JPgB MADE IN SPAIN 91 a^^^*****-* RBmk iflSl ISL Vetrine TV Cart Vetrine iri ff k^fev^T 1 vWLyKHK 3ISM ■H*'? |T¥n *^/S 1 HWlbmßi' HBI^BbiI Jlffl H !PBB» ft J ix lft

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Page 68

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FOOD/ ENTERTAINMENT The Straits Times Classified. Classifications 5-36. JK Buy It. Sell It. Find It.

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M«MJMIBBBMaBgMj|MIO|MMaMfIHaMB^M Situated on coveted freehold land m exclusive Bukit Timah, The Sterling is a gilt-edged investment that sparkles. This exclusive development offers the best from every perspective: Prized location Inspired architecture Quality finishes Full recreational facilities '^ffifci Close proximity to modern conveniences, top schools and polytechnics. markets, supermarkets and golf

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Page 70

TRADE IV SPEOALS2bo /sv i /> n //>/ special Price Before Trade m pP^H *F!«*"* 'S?^?!^ -SAivisuiycl gt 1726, GT 1926 Projection TV 'ISli h ■"-■•KELVIIiATOR From 43" 52"; /«Kll| f N5OO. N520 f-.i fzJr"" ■^■CJ caiuicniuf ;f? l 1 ii iinii|j| mmn ftt •JHirounm > .TOSHIBA SR6OB. 5R626. I

Page 70 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 70

B Do you know that approximately 350,000 people m Singapore have B a hearing loss? The good news is hearing loss is not something f that you have to just "live with". B > If you think you or a family member may have a hearing loss, find 1 Bak.,:!-

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An innovative concept m the MM|| ft ,m^m«»^ fc local Sofa trade! H Ifefe Trade-in your old sofa for Mai H S fei» W a brand new set.* laßßßP^r eatt^Bl[^w MMBbBc3my Val*O\J^^^ Cow Leather^^l^H| 4 spat&r 1 ?v.^i***** S^ b^bw H m^tab» .^fln H^miHm^m^. 1) 'i^Rmmi^ Cow Leather *Terms Conditions

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ft* m 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, I I L L L Singapore 6o96o l.Tel: 568 2188 HH ll AM wA I Busmejs Hours 10^m- 10pm (Mon Sun| BHBB Bw—wi FREE Parking FREE Shuttle Bui Service WSflFFß'FW&y'&flff to n<i from Jurong East MRT Station M |£§J^|JyiJ^hHßßHHnMlaaaUMßßai^^ Every 1

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TAKE YOUR PICK! Riding around m all-terrain vehicles is part of the outdoor activities, which include boating by dinghy. O™M 1 \II™AU\ Main Branch: I J \s\ MRT C/\rs\ Joo Chiat Complex (Geylang Serai) I BB^V A BB SJT Jj^ HSIM S A VENUE SIMS AVENUE f "Ist to 3rd

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I Buy It. Sell It. Find It. ISa Classified. J™\ Call Today For Results Tomorrow. 1800-737-1166 Kecederaan o m\ lama jejas n• Nazarudin Injuries Jf 1 plague ?\f%- f bodybuilder W Wazarudin

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KOSCH DESIGNER KITCHEN I /Tosc/i Designer Kitchen one of the leading kitchen design manufacturer have all the power to buy or commit m large orders with all related kitchen supplier all over the world. All items are sold directly to you from the manufacturers' rep office m Singapore. We don't

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I ggjH *M mjmmjm IT mm A 1 1 L WLw n 1 1 1 1 ■I H Hill LJ I B It's all happening at the... I Programme HBHHHBBBIHHI^I^BHLHBHBSI^^ 2.15 pm Performance by Winze! i j i r r •i r. r i m r- i /n/n/n r ti


Drive and listen to the Communiport read out your e-mail [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 77

Drive and listen to the Communiport read out your e-mail SENDING e-mail by speaking out the commands while driving may soon become a reality with a new device demonstrated this week. Called the Delphi Communiport Mobile Productivity Centre, the voice-recogni-tion gadget allows you to tell a Palm V handheld computer

High demand mars debut of cyber-journalist [ARTICLE]

Page 77

High demand mars debut of cyber-journalist LONDON The longawaited debut of Ananova, the first virtual news anchor, was short-lived on Wednesday after high demand caused a bottleneck at her home website,, company officials said. Ananova was due to begin her non-stop threedimensional web broadcasts on Wednesday, as well as

Cyberspace may reign, but paper is far from dead [ARTICLE]

Page 77

Cyberspace may reign, but paper is far from dead ZURAID AH IBRAHIM Despite all the Internet buzz, some say that paper will not perish. In fact, the printing market has been rosy, thanks m part to the Internet '±1 PALO ALTO (California) Paper will perish m the Internet age, some

Voice-recognition tech still needs work [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 78

Voice-recognition tech still needs work STEVE DAWSON VIEWPOIXT Despite coming a long way, the budding technology still has to perfected until it can give total accuracy, before it can be used m sensitive areas like medicine STAR TREK IV, you might recall, is the movie where Jim Kirk's crew journey

GPS can be jammed with stuff from store [ARTICLE]

Page 78

GPS can be jammed with stuff from store PARIS The Global Positioning System (GPS), the space network that helps aircraft, ships and explorers to navigate, can be jammed using cheap equipment bought from stores and knowledge acquired on the Internet, the New Scientist says. A US Air Force team, dubbed

Fast reflexes, brains needed [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 79

Fast reflexes, brains needed FRANCIS CHIN CLICK! ENEMY ENGAGED Comanche ys Hokum Empire Interactive $54.90 Six miles from the earth, loosed from its <l ream of life 1 woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters when I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose. MERCIFULLY,

Designing the dream room from scratch [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 79

Designing the dream room from scratch 3D HOME INTERIORS Broderbund $99.90 EVEN if you are living m a rented room, you can fantasise about French windows. Greek columns and Victorian bedspreads with this de-sign-and-dream software. You start by drawing a room m a blueprint and add furnishings and fabrics. The

Great 3-D effects and sound [ARTICLE]

Page 79

Great 3-D effects and sound ROGUE SPEAR South Peak $57.90 TERRORISTS are an endangered species, especially those characters existing inside Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six game scenarios. In Rogue Spear, the sequel to Rainbow Six, you control an elite team of special operatives with global life-and-d^ach missions. The actions of the

Just point and shoot with the keyboard [ARTICLE]

Page 79

Just point and shoot with the keyboard UNREAL TOURNAMENT GT Interactive $57.90 (for PCs) $64.90 (Macintosh) IF YOU have a top-end Pentium ill machine and you have not played Unreal Tournament, >ou ought t< knock your head with a pail oi nonchaku sticks 'I'he game is played from a first-person

Virtual malls? Make 'em real [ARTICLE]

Page 79

Virtual malls? Make 'em real OO GIN LEE E-shoppers are looking for virtual malls that are like the real thing, offering instant help via chatrooms, says an award-winning study §X WHEN it comes to shopping online, people want virtual malls to be like the real McCoy. Shoppers say they like

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 79

3, OOP euros for winning stu dy MS LIM Sun Sun beat contenders from the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland and Finland to bag the top prize m a European competition. She won 3,000 euros for her study of e-shoppers for the First Efficient Consumer Response-Europe Academic Award open

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mmt* t-t^»-n V 72" Rosewood Hiah Back Sola Set Wi iCJK^ nHlff f,' Cset6pcs) Zj 188 UP $3,188 Rosewood Dining Set 1 set 7 pcs) "^^^^RTnETnnil^ftuilUr I )&OO UP" 52.183 ILJmBSB 699 •Frencti Style TV qq r^^^^^^^H Cabinet Fror.i O"«7 5//MP SHARP VCD Multisystem TV Component System With purchase of

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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL Maf^ y sBJ p W^^P aBBI LI VI I I Wv-*M§ Bol^^?^^^^^^BBblbb H i I Wl BBy '"■JfeSjaß H w^P Bi™^ B^^Bh BBJ^^^^^^^BBbTßSl b^^s<™w* i Vv^^H f r xr J L .m, mc j^r y U 1-u <fj gg 0 B©^^r jfi^ 5 BB^. ji^y^ji B >^*: j

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581 TOURS Begin the journey to your favourite hoiiday destination here. CAT.S. The Stalls Times Classified

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The Straits Times

Better now than later [ARTICLE]

Page 80

Better now than later TWO things can be said for certain about American stock markets: one, they are volatile; and two, that volatility will continue to affect global equity markets. After dropping 618 points last Friday, the Dow Jones index recovered 277 points on Monday, 184 points on Tuesday and

Among elites, it's make money, not war [ARTICLE]

Page 80


Major nations thwart China's moves to forge friendly ties [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 80

Major nations thwart China's moves to forge friendly ties MARY KWANG By CHINA CORRF.SPONDF.NT BEIJING China's President Jiang Zemin is currently on a five-nation tour to win more friends, but m its ties with major countries, Beijing is seeing an unravelling of its efforts to forge partnerships with such nations.

Tokyo chief fans fire of prejudice [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 81

Tokyo chief fans fire of prejudice HAU BOON LAI STRAITS TIMES JAPAN BI'REAT Saying it again TOKYO Governor Shintaro Ishihara (left) has continued malting controversial remarks m public. Last Sunday, he called on soldiers to help prevent sangokujin. or third-nation residents, and other foreigners from rioting m the wake of

Japan must get tough to get up [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 82

Japan must get tough to get up PHAR KIM BENG §i WHY CURRENT CRISIS^ IS INTRACTABLE Victor's curse JAPAN became over-confident after decades of economic growth. While much of the industrialised world was downsizing and deregulating, invariably under the twin barrage of die Reaganite and Thatcherite "revolutions". Japan held on

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How to reach us After office hours, please call operators at 737-0011 NEWSDESK TEL 730-5397 FAX: XXXXX3! FOREIGN DESK TEL 730-5745 FAX: 733-4120 PICTURE DESK TEL: 730-5328 FAX: 733-8295 EAST ASIA UNIT TEL 730-5622 FAX: 733-4120 FORUM DESK TEL: 730-5454 FAX: XXXXX90 MONEY DESK TEL: 730-5471 FAX: 733-4517 SPORTS DESK

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X.'.- I _%fl^jjj[[Ky:sg- a^^l s |B x "'> v > a»l I ma 9 I- *i 39 f IP W JF m &Rt± »«iiiia««J > yIP Europe l-i^litinf: Wholesale <'.riiir«- |»t«- Ltd .{III Jalan Besar Singapore 208<X.«t Tel: '<»» 2050 t I'M 2i:A I 2")8 H(\\:\ I I'M 6106 jalan

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Sufficient publicity on landlords' due-diligence requirements [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 83

Sufficient publicity on landlords' due-diligence requirements IREFHRtoMrLimKk Hong's letter, "Rental saga: Guidelines needed for flexibility (ST, April 13) and Mr I,ee Hsiu Tien's letter, "Illegals: Spirit of the law missing" (ST, April 15). Mr Lim and Mr Lee said that there was not enough publicity on the duediligenee requirements that

Join us to make S'pore a city of kindness [LETTER]

Page 83

Join us to make S'pore a city of kindness I REFER to the article, "In Search of Kindness" byMrAsadLatif(ST, April 19). I thank the writer and the people who gave their views on kindness. I find these interesting and insightful as they simply and accurately reflect what I believe most

Not always feasible to specify pick-up points [LETTER]

Page 83

Not always feasible to specify pick-up points I THANK Mr Adrian Hong Tae Vim for his suggestion that taxi drivers be required to pick up and drop off passengers only at designated points m the letter, ""Designate pick-up points for taxis" (ST, April 17). Taxi stands are provided m areas

Bring madrasah issue out into the open [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 85

Bring madrasah issue out into the open IX THESE times of openness and a budding civil society, the call to discuss the madrasah issue behind tightly closed doors seems archaic. The fear that public discussion of the fate of the madrasahs will lead inevitably to social tension and misunderstanding appears

People, Govt share blame for passive minds [LETTER]

Page 85

People, Govt share blame for passive minds I REFER to the report, "General Election m 2002 and I may step down after that, says PM Goh" (ST. April 18). I left Singapore nearly five years ago. I am a proud young Singaporean but am trying to leave the Singaporean mentality

Unite against fuel profiteers [LETTER]

Page 85

Unite against fuel profiteers APART from the periodic outbursts m the Forum pages against unfair profiteering by oil companies, Singapore consumers seem to have no other recourse against predatory cartel-like pricing. We are barking dogs with no real bite and the other parties know it. So what is to stop

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Page 83

MSBBBB^^SS^^^^^^ HnnrP \A I I Q I C L'Orchestre de Contrebasses (France) _gZS9ffiL^jLgM| Pappa Tarahumara (Japan) Nouvel Ensemble Modcrne: Fashion Show for Sponsored fay OCBC Bank HSSfIHB^M I A unique spectacle of music and movement which the End of a Century (Canada) Asian Premiere l^\ 1 8111B 111 I conveys

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Dgfj SINGAI'ORL WOODCRAFT MFG CO PTE LTD I PT>,M Main Showroom, Mulh Colour Purniture Blda '■*t 3 "\l T km away from PSA Bldg /opposite NfUC Comfort T l! J*^ 4 _P?? 9 BusdiESS lit;.: 9.30am-7.00pm cidly GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL OFFER i 19/4/2000 24/4 2( kk L'P's4-88 V VV)<} (ItcMpcs)

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-T- A k I •-> I I k I N0 RESTR| CTION ON FOREIGNERS I (j L- N EASY installments V i c W OPEN FOR SALE NOW .-> v;j4H«^MHktfUAHHninanM^< iv i^ i. *i iii i-.'ii i m\. 1 1. 1 '"•y ■I,jf .r jfjf. fcV' II I IH9 WM



Time to get Real, Man [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 86

Time to get Real, Man GODFREY ROBERT Madrid came with a plan, executed it well and deserved win *L RESULTS ManUtdZ Real Madrid 3 (Real Madrid won 3-2 on aggregate) Setters: United Beckham 65th, Scholes 89th pen; Real Madrid Keane 20th og, Raul 50th, 53rd. AttMtfMCtt 59,178 Bayern Munich 2

It is Bayern's turn now for the treble [ARTICLE]

Page 86

It is Bayern's turn now for the treble MUNICH Bayern Munich coach Ottmar Hitzfeld paid tribute to Porto's courage, after his men needed a goal m injury time to beat the Portuguese champion 2-1 on Wednesday to reach the Champions League semi-finals. "Porto^jlayed^vith our nerves," he said after a dramatic


Page 87

SERVES YOURIGHT JEFFREY LOW He may be a Manchester United fan but JEFFREY LOR is also one who knows the hard truth when he sees it. And it couldn't be any clearer last night against Real Madrid. SO LONG, goodbye, Red Devils. Your great pie m the sky has vanished

The fallacy has been exposed [ARTICLE]

Page 87

The fallacy has been exposed ONE fan m all likelihood a non-Manchester United one has declared the truth has finally prevailed. As expected when the reigning European champion lost, there were some fans who could not wait to gloat. Jeffrey Ong, who emailed Timesport, said he was "baffled by Singaporeans'

Turkish fans cut off ear of rival [ARTICLE]

Page 87

Turkish fans cut off ear of rival ISTANBUL Three men identifying themselves as supporters of Turkish n n OCt loam Galatasaray sliced off tfae ear of a rival Fenerbahce fan after abducting him off the street, the Sabah newspaper reported yesterday. The incident came on the eve of the second

Lazio denies signing Rivaldo [ARTICLE]

Page 87

Lazio denies signing Rivaldo ROME Italian soccer club Lazio yesterday denied reports it had signed Barcelona's Brazilian striker Rivaldo for 99 billion lire (Ss62 2 million). "There is no basis to the reports," Lazio said m a statement. "Neither president Sergio Cragnotti. nor other officials, have ewer had meetings or


Indonesian players stage boycott [ARTICLE]

Page 88

Indonesian players stage boycott I BADMINTON I KUAIA LUMPUR Indoj ncsian badminton has been ■r racked by a. players' boycott, with just three weeks to the '$> Thomas and Über Cup fi- nals here next month. Only two of the 32 play's? ers called for selection trials attended, while only

Singapore outplays Hongkong [ARTICLE]

Page 88

Singapore outplays Hongkong CRICKET lARUN Vijayan grabbed 3-21 and hit an unbeaten 31 m Singapore's fourwicket win over Hongkong m the opening match of the Tuanku Jaafar Trophy Under- 19 cricket competition m Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Man of the Match Arun was ably assisted by bowlers Aravind Srinivas (3-16) and


Page 88

S-LEAGUE r t r t ft SAFFC 7 6 0 I ff 4 TgPjQif 6 4 2 0 II 4 M Jurong 7 4 1 2 9 7 13 iGombak 7 4 2 10 1 13 Geylamj 6 4 0 2 M 9 12 Home 7 4 0 3 14

Big guns fire blanks in tepid match-up [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 88

Big guns fire blanks in tepid match-up KELVIN PHANG The ammo was missing m this tie and SAFFC won only from a penalty B£ IT WAS a battle between the big guns of the Tiger Beer SLeague but the ammunition was strangely missing as SAFFC beat reigning champion Home United

Clementi scores first win [ARTICLE]

Page 88

Clementi scores first win SANTOKH SINGH *L WHAT Raul Gonzalez did to his favourite team m the early hours of the morning, Hafiz Esah was determined to inflict on his S- League opponent m the night. It may not have been m the same class or manner m which the


Page 88

S-LEAGUE MATCH STATISTICS SEMBAWANGO CLEMENTi 2 Scorers dementi: Hafiz Esah (23rd, 85th) Bookings Yellow cards Sembawang: Sa harom Rahim. dementi Nor ZaoT~ Red card: Saharom Rahim (27th). Referee TiTiothy Dennison Crowd 1,322 Man of the Match Hafiz Esah Sembawanq Noorisham Zainon. Mirko Jurilj, Shahrudin Samsudin. Kr.airi Mavu (Khirlany Aziz 53rd),

Crescent wins one, loses one [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 88

Crescent wins one, loses one CHAN TSE CHUEEN SCHOOLS' HOCKEY *!L CRESCENT Girls' School overcame the odds to land itself one title at the Delta Sports Complex yesterday. Through to two finals at the Schools' National Hockey Championships, it started both as underdogs. Its C girls succumbed 1-2 to defending

Koh's sailing into the unknown [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 90

Koh's sailing into the unknown CHAN TSE CHUEEN SAIIJNC Unexpected winds of change blow Seng Leong to Olympics FACTFILE Name: Koh Seng Leong. Age: 17. School: Victoria Junior College first-year student. Height: 1 74 m. Weight: 62kg Family: Father Aik Beng. 42, is a software developer and secretary of the

No attempt to cheat, say pair [ARTICLE]

Page 90

No attempt to cheat, say pair MARATHON VANCOUVER Kelly Smith was just the fifth wheelchair racer to cross the Boston Marathon finish line, but it was his able-bod-ied brother, rolling m 25th. who grabbed headlines. Kevin Smith, of Vancouver, was disqualified from the race because he is not disabled. Also

Bacher cites cases of fraud [ARTICLE]

Page 90

Bacher cites cases of fraud CRICKET SYDNEY South African cricket chief Ali Bacher has claimed that two matches at last year's World Cup were fixed, one international team was throwing and ma nipulating matches and an umpire was under suspicion. He told Australian newspapers yesterday from his home m Johannesburg

Barkley quits standing [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 91

Barkley quits standing BlSkl IHVI 1 PLAY-OFF MATCH-UPS Injured NBA star ends his 16-year career by thrilling home crowd HOUSTON Charles Barklev ended his 16-year career the way he wanted to. Determined to go out standing up, the Houston Rockets forward thrilled the hometown crowd with 7niin 26sec to go

Play-off wishes granted for trio [ARTICLE]

Page 91

Play-off wishes granted for trio GFDSLJLSJGK NEW YORK The San Antonio Spurs and Charlotte Hornets will open the play-offs at home, and the Detroit Pistons will get the post-season match-up they wanted Miami rather than Indiana. The Spurs, Hornets and Pistons were among the few teams with something to gain


Page 91

SCORES AND STATISTICS BASEBALL National League: Cincinnati 5 San Francisco 4, Pittsburgh 5 Florida 1, Montreal 7 Chicago Cubs 3, NY Mets 3 Milwaukee I, Atlanta 10 Philadelphia 1, St Louis 4 San Diego 3. Arizona 8 Colorado 7, Houston 10 Los Angeles 3. American League: Chicago White Sox 5

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In Trouble PBSC^E Good Fortune Hail King Charles Indonesia's Thomas and Über ("up fe^*f^^S, |St Koh Seng Leong is thanking his lucky ,-^ffl| CJharles Barkley gives a good show but hopes are m doubt, with mam players -V^ stars. He is inexperienced but could still could not stop his team

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Page 87


Page 87 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 87

{/iQn Ttfll\) J| ooia opeciaiisi yU** \d^ WmmX 4,0>6<& C 4 ait yo-cL tteect if l fin*T "i *-i ;tfiniirti' -iiiii-iiiiHiii ni > imJtHtSiiiS^^^^^&lf ll Gin/a only HsQSfl Key point only t 1 OKO Orchard only U|Kl) Full leather 5 seater <\r s u\J Full leather 5 seatcr <p±\JV\J Fhß

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Page 88

I SAFFC ISEMBAWANG' MATCH vs vs HOME UNITED CLEMENTI STADIUM "urong yishun" k DATE 2Q/4/2000 20/4/2000 MATCH v 0-2 r I RESULTS I tu FuH-Time" includes injury time but not extra time or penalty shoot-outs. I SCORE RESULTS IX2 SAF FC CLEMENTI 1/2 GOAL MOMEUNITED CLEMENTI TOTAL i o~ I

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Page 89

4 MhniversQip Specials I^^^^PllJki 'j L T J -j^^^HH Golden Bear ||H|[^Lfl^l|(in£UH^ Leather Shoes m^Ec^nkWwH l n^W^W*^^^£^^^£^m\ (with metal spike; aH^ to soft spike) M^jtt j |BHh¥T^| Ir^T^P^V^Piß^e tt^P'l Wnnrl if 1 if? #5 #7^V .m B— ■iiiiiiiiiimiwiinipiiiiynniiiuii ■■■iiiiiiwiiiiimpwhbhbhwmmhmwm hmJ with Graphite shaft X 40^^ filitesCArriral foweSt Price ea *No

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HOE KEE SUPERSTORES m HOE KEE HARDWARE PTE LTD HOF KFF HARnWARF PTF ITH yCUf UfADI n rCUTDC llri«r^ l 5^5%- NO.B Genting Road^ The Blue Building MUt »\tt MAKUWAKt Klt L I U NEW WORLD CENTRE -I s Business Hours: 10.00 am 6.30pm 2 vJurong East Street 21 No.l

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Page 91

We have yet to find another driver head as forgiving. .f|H^ This New Deep Faced Driver hits longer, without loss of accuracy. Choose from lengths of 45", 46", 47", 48" 50" Or special-order your I preferred length We are so confident of Drive King's performance, we are prepared to issue

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Page 91

rjs^ mm Sill k*ivl OUTSTANDING VALUES IN FINE H LLAIHhH l-UHNIIUHb H llll^^jv;, -«a^^A nfli^^ BmMi Pt^hi^— i^S- ]S^ SS -■.imTmii <SS'_itttsr" tfjffl ■*»#flp j^W' i tß P l^ D.I.YL Mechanism Sofa Bed "with every purchase I UPPER PAYA LFRAR ROAD p of 5-seater full UKKtM kaya LtbAH muau X

Page 91 Miscellaneous

Page 91 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 91

BADMINTON Singapore Pools Asian Satellite Championships 'Singapore Barjmir ton Hal!, 6.45pm). TENNIS SLTA Intermediate Singles I Kai lang Centre, 6pm). GOLF European PGA Moroccan Open Day 2 (Super Sports Ch2o, 11pm ICE HOCKEY NHL Play-offs Conference q-fi-nais Game 5 (ESPN Ch23, tomorroA 7arr, SOCCER EPL: Everton v Liverpool (FC Ch22.



Page 92

"I have fought the good tight, I have finished the race. 1 have kept the faith... Kang Siok Lv beloved wife of Goh Soon Ho (deceased) Age 96 Was taken home to be with the Lord on 19 April 2000 Forever cherished by: Sons: Daughters-in-law: Dr Albert Goh Lily Yung


Page 92

CHAY HUNG FOON AGE: 50 passed away peacefully on 19/04/2000 leaving behind loved ones Husband: Tan Tiong Ghee Son: Daughters: Roy Tan Guan Ming Angela Tan May Boon Vanessa Tan Li Boon Brothers-in-law: Sisters-in-law: Tan Tiong Lin Lee Siew Yong Tan Tiong Lei Wong Ching Hsia Tan Tiong Tee Soon


Page 92

TAN HAW PONG Age: 76 passed away peacefully on 19 April 2000, leaving behind loved ones. Wife: Sa* Kai Sons: Daughter-in-law: Fan Leng (Sunny) Tan Hua Kirn (Ivan) Tan Hwa Meng (Anthony) Lim Chai Hong (Lily) Daughters: Sons-in-law: Tan Hoon Eng Chua Keng Chye Tan Lee Siang Ong Kirn Chwee

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Page 92

"In Mcinoi jam" i*» for the loved ones whom you remember

Page 92 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 92

iiiiture and a good attitude towards life. Although he wasn perfect just as life was 111 n<*t perfect for him. i»/t he left ti.i a sense of Meinoriani hope a:id pride Vei*SeS For what a mere man can do. Deceased We pray for him even Family, i j today though



Page 93

THE FAMILY OF THE LATE CLARA SIM SHI LING wishes to express heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, religious and church groups for their kind support, assistance, attendance, condolences and donations during their recent bereavement. Special Thanks to: Father Patrick Goh, and priests of Church of


Page 93

p In Loving Memory of BW OH SIEW ENG Departed 21st April 1999 your memory lingers, Sweetly tender, fond and true. There is not a aay, dearest mother, *c do not think of you. Always remembered by: Hubby, all tier children, grand children loved ones fc S B we THEN


Page 93

With Deepest Sympathy and Condolences "Ml to the family of the late Lan Chua Cheng Pang who passed away on 18 April 2000 From: The Management ir Staff of 1 SIA Engineering Company Sk ra If ATHMA SANTHI POOJA >i; The family of the late I I KATIAPPA CHELLIAH THEVAfi


Page 93

iS With Deepest Sympathy And "T Heartfelt Condolences To Our Director Mr Tan Tiong Ghee On The Demise Of His Beloved Wife i CHAY HUNG FOON Departed on 19 APRIL 2000 From: The Management And Staff Of SIN THYE PIN TRADING PTE LTD KIM WEE ENTERPRISE PTE LTD TAN NAM

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Page 93

Not dead, but passed beyond, The mist that binds us here, lnto the newer larger life, Of that clouded sphere. Late death notices can be placed after office ll hours or on non-working days at Times House, H 390 Kirn Seng Road during the following hours: B Mon-Fri 5.00 pm

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Page 93

OBITUARIES For booking enquiries, call ■HJIHIiI