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The Straits Times, 13 September 1997


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL20201


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The Straits Times Estd. 1845 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1997 60 CENTS MITA (P) 027/12/96*

Expect temporary economic hardship, Jiang tells nation [ARTICLE]

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Expect temporary economic hardship, Jiang tells nation Mary Kwang China outlines ambitious plans to restructure state firms By China Correspondent BEIJING Chinese Communist Party chief Jiang Zemin yesterday warned that temporary economic hardship was inevitable for a segment of the population, as the country tackled its lumbering state enterprise problems.

SM Lee argues for maintaining present balance of power in Asia [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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SM Lee argues for maintaining present balance of power in Asia Paul Jacob By Asad Latif peace and stability currently enjoyed by countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking with an eye on the forthcoming summit between US President Bill Clinton and Chinese President Jiang Zemin, he provided his perspective on

A Mexican welcome for PM Goh [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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A Mexican welcome for PM Goh PRIME Minister Goh Chok Tong wearing a Mexican sombrero poses for photographers in Mexico City. On the right is the mayor, Mr Oscar Espinoza, who presented the keys to the city to Mr Goh in a ceremony on Thursday. The Prime Minister, who is

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More reports: Pages 22. 23 Text of SM's speech: Page 54 More reports in The Sunday Times

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Haze worsens as PSI level soars to 127 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Haze worsens as PSI level soars to 127 THE haze worsened all through yesterday and the three-hour Pollu.-mt Standards Index reading peaked at 127 at 7 pm, signalling poor air quality over the island. However, the 24-hour PSI as at 4 pm was a moderate 88, which is still within

Evidence points to large-scale piracy by Sununit, court told [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Evidence points to large-scale piracy by Sununit court told Tan Ooi Boon By ABOUT THE CASE SM SUMMIT Holdings and its subsidiary, Summit CD Manufacture, are asking the C J to quash three search warrants taken by software watchdog, Business Software Alliance, to raid the company's premises. BSA claims that

Police deny they locked up staff dialing raid [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Police deny they locked up staff dialing raid THE prosecution yesterday challenged the allegations of Summit stall that they were locked up in a room without food and drinks during a raid. Senior counsel V. K. Rajah said that two policemen involved in the raid had filed statements denying the

PM Goh promotes S'pore and Mexico as regional gateways [ARTICLE]

Page 3

PM Goh promotes S'pore and Mexico as regional gateways Warren Fernandez The Prime Minister in Mexico By in Mexico City SINGAPORE and Mexico can serve as each other's "gateway" to their respective regions, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said on Thursday, announcing initiatives to boost bilateral business, political and cultural

Temple holds prayers for Mother Teresa [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Temple holds prayers for Mother Teresa ABOUT 300 people, mainly Hindus, gathered around the altar at the Sri Si van Temple to offer a prayer for Catholic nun Mother Teresa. The temple in Geylang is where many Hindus offer prayers when a relative dies. Swamiji Jagadatmananda of the Ramaknshna Mission

Too few babies born, says Wong Kan Seng [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Too f ew babies born, say s Wong Kan Seng Leong Ching Ching By Why Singapore needs foreigners SINGAPORE needs more foreigners to sustain economic growth as it cannot produce enough people for the workforce each year, said Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng. Speaking to The Straits Times this

Not 4 million after all [ARTICLE]

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Not 4 million after all THE Government will review the long-term population figure of four million for Singapore. Disclosing this during an interview, Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said: "we are looking at four, five million." He added that what mattered was not the actual figure, but whether Singapore

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awHPff^Bßl TIIh:KLISIiNI-:SSTIMIvS Buying a piece of vacation property abroad? To some Singaporeans, this is the ultimate in getting away from it all. But how do these properties rate as investments? Local lawyers speak up Now that the government is reconsidering its position on foreign lawyers, we ask local lawyers what

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Blood art British artist uses 5.4 litres of his own frozen blood on head exhibit A HEAD made from 5.4 litres of frozen blood being displayed in Sydney yesterday. "Self, by British artist Marc Quinn, is one of 160 works on display at the Body Exhibition organised by the Art

Banish English language: Indian minister [ARTICLE]

Page 4

Banish English language: Indian minister NEW DELHI India's Defence Minister. Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, has called on Indians to banish the English language from the country and stick to their respective mother tongues, according to a newspaper report. Mr Yadav said in Madras that the prime responsibility for campaigning against

The jig that says it all [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

The jig that says it all Scottish electors vote Yes' for their own Parliament EDINBURGH Scottish electors delivered a crushing three-to-one majority in favour of a Labour government plan to give their country its own Parliament after nearly 300 years of rule from London. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said

Warm welcome for PM Goh in Mexico City [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Warm welcome for PM Goh in Mexico City Warren Fernandez Mayor presents him with key to city Reports by in Mexico City Looking fresh, thanks to clear skies *We look so fresh because your air is cleaner than it now is in Singapore. Look at the clear skies, it is

Mexican children show flags of friendship [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Mexican children show flags of friendship SHOUTS of "Singapur! Singapur!" greeted PM Goh and President Zedillo at the entrance of Antiugo Palacio del Ayuntamiento (Town Council Palace), seat of the mayor of Mexico City, on Thursday. They were given a stellar welcome by children waving the Singapore and Mexico flags

High savings result of hard work in early years [ARTICLE]

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High savings result of hard work in early years MEXICO Singapore's high savings rate has enabled it to build up the capital resources to fund its investments overseas, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong has said. He added that Singapore had one of the highest savings rates in the world, at

Stallion symphony [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Stallion symphony picture. CORAL and his rider Anthony Jackson performing during a media preview for the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions' tour of Australia at the Sydney Entertainment Centre yesterday. The Lipizzaners, a fine white breed used especially in displays of dressage, were trained in Florida.- Reuter

Canadian police bust major Asian sex-slave ring [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Canadian police bust major Asian sex-slave ring TORONTO A major international sex-slave ring, specialising in importing women from Asia to work in North American brothels, has been smashed by Canadian police. Inspector Earl Horlick of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said 22 people were arrested in a police sweep of

Stopping Asian Americans' White House visit was bad call [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Stopping Asian Americans' White House visit was bad call No US citizen should feel unwelcome there, says officials "We're still not seen as Americans simply because of the way we look, because of our last names we are assumed to be foreign. Thatfs one of the major hurts.' Ms Daphne

Tame Asians with A-bomb, says Hanson supporter [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Tame Asians with A-bomb, says Hanson supporter SYDNEY A key official of Ms Pauline Hanson's anti-Asian One Nation party has enflamed Australia's race debate further by urging that Asians be controlled with anthrax or the atom bomb. In an article for the right-wing newspaper Wake Up Australia. Mr Tony Pitt,

Mandela — Want to work for me, de Klerk? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Mandela Want to work for me, de Klerk? JOHANNESBURG President Nelson Mandela has offered a prominent public job to his former nemesis, the newlyretired conservative National Party (NP) leader F. W. de Klerk. The latter, South Africalast white President from 1989 until the country's first all-race elections in 1994, announced

Leadership in army to blame for sex abuse [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Leadership in army to blame for sex abuse WASHINGTON In its largest investigation ever of sexual misconduct in its ranks, the US Army has found that sexual harassment exists throughout the army, crossing gender, rank and racial lines, and that the army's leadership is to blame. In a strongly worded

Queens and paupers alike to attend funeral [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Queens and paupers alike to attend funeral CALCUTTA Mother Teresa was more at home among paupers than princes but today, two queens, a string of presidents, heads of state, diplomats and senior functionaries will pack the best seats at her state funeral. Around one million people, however, many of them

Procession to be aired live on TV [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Procession to be aired live on TV TELEVISION Corporation of Singapore would show the live telecast of Mother Teresa's funeral today on Channel 5 from 11.30 am to 3 pm, a TCS statement said yesterday. It said the length of the coverage may go beyond 3 pm depending on the

Albright gets mixed reception to peace-talk appeals [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Albright gets mixed reception to peace-talk appeals Arafat *y es to fight terrorism Netanyahu -tio'to housing halt JERUSALEM US Secretaiy of State Madeleine Albright won a new promise from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to fight terror on the second day of her peace mission, but her call to Israel to

Probe into fatal crash could stretch into next year [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Probe into fatal crash could stretch into next year PARIS The probe into Princess Diana's fatal crash could take months and last well into next year, judicial sources have warned, ruling out no line of inquiry to establish the cause of the tragedy. While evidence against Mr Henri Paul, the

Papers heed privacy plea as Charles takes sons back to school [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Papers heed privacy plea as Charles takes sons back to school LONDON Prince Charles has taken his young sons back to school after pleading with the media to give them time to grieve for their mother, Princess Diana. William. 15. is a pupil at exclusive Eton College while Harry, just

Barbie's the all-American gal, but that's not how the song goes... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Barbie's the all-American gal, but that's not how the song goes... LOS ANGELES The makers of Barbie, the leggy doll with long hair, filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday claiming the hit song Barbi Girl violates the company's trademark. The suit, filed in US District Court in Los Angeles by

Double prices' to fight smoking by teens [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Double prices' to fight smoking by teens Anti-tobacco advocates want pact revised WASHINGTON Two doctors who are anti-tobacco advocates have urged Congress to roughly double the price of cigarettes to discourage teenage smoking and make about a dozen other revisions to the proposed national tobacco settlement. Dr David Kessler and


Tears for Versace on the catwalk [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Tears for Versace on the catwalk ROME Supermodel Naomi Campbell (above) broke down and wept at a gala fashion show on Rome's famous Spanish Steps on Thursday as the Italian fashion world paid homage to murdered designer Gianni Versace. Campbell, a close friend of the stylist, who was shot dead

Charlton Heston defends right to own guns [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Charlton Heston defends right to own guns WASHINGTON Charlton Heston, perhaps the bestknown evangelist for the National Rifle Association, delivered a blistering defence of gun ownership on Thursday and excoriated news organisations for what he called their gullibility in swallowing anti-gun arguments. Heston, who played Moses in The Ten Commandments

After 7 years, Bill Gates can finally shift into mansion [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

After 7 years, Bill Gates can finally shift into mansion SEATTLE Finally, Microsoft billionaire chairman Bill Gates (above) and his family can move into their opulent US$6O million (Ss9o million) lakefront mansion near Seattle, after waiting patiently for seven years for it to be built. Microsoft officials confirmed on Thursday

Funeral service for Eliot Ness decades after his death [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Funeral service for Eliot Ness decades after his death CHICAGO Forty years after he died, too poor to afford a burial ground, America's best known Prohibition-era lawman EHot Ness was honoured at a solemn funeral service near Cleveland, Ohio, police said on Thursday. Some 500 people, including Cleveland dignitaries, turned

Untitled [ARTICLE]

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Meanwhile NEO-NAZI JAILED: A British neo-Nazi was jailed for 21 months in London on Thursday on charges which included intimidating the mother of black former world champion boxer Frank Bruno. WOMAN KNIGHTED: Britain's ambassador to France on Thursday presented an honorary knighthood to Ms Simone Veil, a former French minister

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 18

QUOTEWORTHY Tm not a Jacko, Tm Jackson... Wacko Jacko' Where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me, it's not nice." Superstar Michael Jackson in an interview broadcast yesterday on the ABC News programme

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SINGAPORE Hazy, showers are expected in High Sunset today the afternoon, mainly over I 3z 703 pm western Singapore L OW Sunrise tomorrow 25 656 am for an update on the local weather, call 542-7788 For detailed current weather, call 542-3983 AIR QUALITY -PSI (24-hr reading uo to 4 om

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Man in the middle of the storm [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Man in the middle of the storm Kwan Weng Kin Appointment of Sato to Cabinet draws widespread criticism By Japan Correspondent TOKYO The choice of a politician who was once convicted of corruption as not only a Cabinet minister, but also the government's key reform man nas drawn widespread criticism

Japan's Foreign Minister gets down to business [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Japan's Foreign Minister gets down to business TOKYO Japan's new Foreign Minister, Mr Keizo Obuchi, has vowed to improve relations with Asian nations and backed up his words by resigning from a group of politicians who worship at a controversial war shrine. He also revealed that he planned to put

Pregnant woman arrested for kidnap-murder of girl, 8 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Pregnant woman arrested for kidnap-murder of girl, 8 SEOUL A 28-year-old pregnant woman has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping and murder of an eight-year-old girl, police said yesterday. They are still looking for five others believed to be involved. Chun Hvun Joo. a key suspect in the high-profile

US senators unveil Bill to impose sanctions on China [ARTICLE]

Page 24

US senators unveil Bill to impose sanctions on China It's seen as alternative to revoking trading privileges WASHINGTON US senators have introduced a Bill which would slap targeted sanctions on China for human-rights abuses and the spread of deadly weapons, saying Chinese arms sales threatened American national security. The Bill


Jackie Chan's gongfu master dies [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Jackie Chan's gongfu master dies THE man who taught Hongkong action superstar Jackie Chan his gongjfii skills has died in the United States. Gongfu grandmaster Yu Jim Yuen (right) became almost a second father to the young Chan as he taught him mime, tumbling, acting, dancing and acrobatics at the


Page 24

AIDS RISK Thousands of men who had been crossing into mainland China from Hongkong and having unprotected sex with prostitutes there were posing a serious Aids risk in the territory, Aids workers said yesterday. A survey showed one in three men who visited mainland prostitutes admitted to not using condoms


Page 24

SHOOT TO KILL North Korean leader Kim Jong II had ordered soldiers to shoot anyone seen trying to defect to the South, North Korean defectors said yesterday. "In May, Kim Jong II directly ordered the shooting of anyone 4 m away from the border line," said a North Korean who


Page 24

NO PARTY Taiwan ese officials in Hongkong would not celebrate the is land's national day next month, the head of Taipei's de facto consulate in the territory said yesterday. In the past the occa- sion has been marked by Taiwanese officials with grand receptions and the flying of the Chinese


Page 24

GOING HOME North Korea yesterday handed over the remains of a US soldier believed to have been killed in the 1950-53 Korean War. The remains, in a simple aluminium coffin, were handed over by North Korean soldiers to a United Nations honour guard in Panmuniom. AFP


Page 24

BUS WARSHIPS Two US warships sailed into China's eastern port of Qingdao on Thursday to begin a five-day goodwill visit, the official Xinhua news agency said. The visit would enhance ties between the US and Chinese navies, Major-General Zhang Dingfa, Commander of the North China Fleet, said. Xinhua Reuter


Page 24

HOG DISEASE A pig plague had killed sue pigs raised on a Taipei farm, Taiwan's Council of Agriculture said. The council said it wa giving out vaccine to prevent the plague firom <_nrf_Hino Bloomberg News

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CLOSE TO CDB CLOSER TO MRT! NJ E —m UWW 1 _J a V Ma~_- t r *V__m____________m_______________________mmm* aßWm^^ 1 _Z. _P«MV fAmTOtJ l*QPa (>«AV* i^rt^^^^ m u _____a__B 5 s; ta k X r I l___l___ ■P^*^ c h _IL____________M________B _^^^^HK 5 I 4M I^*^ s __tmo____\____*mf mm i

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China's most powerful [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

China's most powerful POLITBURO members of China's Communist Party stand as the national anthem plays at the opening of the 15th Party Congress in Beijing's Great Hall of the People yesterday. Among them are (from left) Mr Hu Jintao, secretary of Central Committee Secretariat; Mr Zhu Rongji, a Vice-Premier; Mr

Deng's economic reforms adopted as party ideology [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Deng's economic reforms adopted as party ideology Mary Kwang By China Correspondent BEIJING The Chinese Communist Party plans to adopt the economic reforms of the late patriarch Deng Xiaoping as its ideology, in a move that safeguards China's market reforms and confirms that the country is pressing ahead with the

What Jiang said [ARTICLE]

Page 22

What Jiang said State-sector reform 'All workers should change their ideas about employment and improve their own quality to meet the new requirements of reform and development.' Democracy 'We shall extend the scope of democracy at the grassroots level to make sure that people exercise their democratic rights directly, manage

China to cut armed forces by 500,000 in three years [ARTICLE]

Page 23

China to cut armed forces by 500,000 in three years Mary Kwang ?y onina correspondent Aim to have a trinimerand fitter military BEIJING President Jiang Zemin yesterday declared that China would cut its armed forces by 500,000, or a sixth of its current strength, in the next three years. The


In the dark about Kuomintang?s congrats [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

In the dark about Kuomintang s congrats MARY KWANG MR XU Guangchun, Congress spokesman, said at the conclave's first press briefing on Thursday that he was unaware if Taiwan's ruling party, the Kuomintang (KMT), had sent a congratulatory message to the Communist Party, a courtesy which the latter extended to

HK journalists getting special treatment [ARTICLE]

Page 23

HK journalists getting special treatment HONGKONG journalists covering the 15th Party Congress are now enjoying special treatment under the one country, two systems" formula, with the territory's return to Chinese rule since July 1. One hundred and fifty-six Hongkong Journalists have been issued press passes compared with a mere 72

World Cup too vying for Chinese viewers' attention [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

World Cup too vying for Chinese viewers' attention CHINA'S 15th Party Congress has to compete with the World Cup qualifier for national attention. Despite the red banners hailing the Congress which flutter from almost every building along Changan Avenue and the blanket media coverage, ordinary Beijingers have said they will

Young less interested in congress proceedings [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Young less interested in congress proceedings CHINA'S younger generation is less interested than older people in this week's five-yearly Congress of the ruling Communist Party, according to a survey in the China Youth Daily on Thursday. The survey by the State Statistical Bureau said that 75 per cent of young

Ministry issues stamp to commemorate event [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Ministry issues stamp to commemorate event THE Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications yesterday issued an individual commemorative stamp on mark the 15th Congress of the Communist Party of China. The stamp, 40 x __.<) mm in size, has a face value of 50 fen (nine Singapore cents). The stamps come

Nothing new in speech, says KMT [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Nothing new in speech, says KMT REACTION IN TAIWAN THE ruling Kuomintang (KMT) yesterday dismissed Beijing's Taiwan policy, as laid out by Chinese President Jiang Zemin at the 15th Communist Party Congress, as "hegemonistic" and offering no new initiatives. "There is nothing new in Jiang's speech and we cannot see

Critics lament slow reforms [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Critics lament slow reforms I IN HONGKONG PRESIDENT Jiang Zemin's speech yesterday was welcomed by observers in Hongkong as a sign that the mainland was moving forward on the path to democracy and a market economy. But critics said its progress was too slow and that the process of political

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at a I Ij >l n I I I I I I I l I I I m m H s I m e

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I GARDENVILLE. I I Locatea IMext io I H__t v VHH__MW___l *H___L__. w_' "•> ~*m mmm>m*m. .^^—^—^——^—^—^^.^^—g^—g—i——^— mw^uSNWJmmfm m__]m__r*mmm______ H* 4 "t ,Wfe Sa \™*r r^ ___M_f «fl S _B! h_HBe_HMPH l__*eWj___i_l_fta^_*^ Bfe_KfQ_ibfl A ww m_\- Tf < -r T__fl __S_w w IL___________EM______r^___i __F^B ___R __i_” •f B H__l_i__r _v-_*__T^

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I ik\ m\r Psl mmm_____^____\\&Pwk WX I \Am^^^ m^^^ r^ >^' I£l_shl mmmM_____m_________________l__l _A fmmm________________mm S_a__ q MM/k n_r-r-i-H 11 I i I lfW^ mm A A ESTABLISHED SINCE 1939 I Main Showroom :72 Eunos Avenue 7, Singapore Handicrafts Building. 5(XXXXX0) Mon Sat 10am 6.30pm. I Sun Public Holiday 2pm

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MiG builder signs accord with Philippines [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

MiG builder signs accord with Philippines picture. MOSCOW Manila is planning to buy Russian MiG-29 fighters among a large quantity of military equipment, according to an Interfax news agency report quoting Philippine sources. The Moscow Aviation Production Organisation (Mapo), which builds MiG fighters, signed a cooperation agreement with the Philippine

Not a coup [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Not a coup Don't worry about the tanks and troops, it's only an exercise, assures Thai army BANGKOK Thailand's army told the public yesterday to expect to see troops and tanks on the capital's streets next week, but stressed this would not mean a coup was taking place. The army

Breezier attire may help Thai govt cut costs [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Breezier attire may help Thai govt cut costs BANGKOK An opposition MP has proposed that Cabinet members remove their belts from their business suits and wear them with breezier attire such as mor horn (traditional suits) in order to cut back on the electricity needed to run airconditioners in government

500 businessmen protest second term for Ramos [ARTICLE]

Page 27

500 businessmen protest second term for Ramos Luz Baguioro By in Manila SET TO GO ALL THE WAY We will continue all the way to 1998 unless there is a categorical certainty that Ramos won't tamper with the Constitution and won't keep himself in power/ Mr Butz Aquino, former President

Restoring Hanoi's beauty — it's now or never [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Restoring Hanoi's beauty it's now or never HANOI From its crumbling colonial villas to its hideously modernised traditional "tube houses" the Vietnamese capital is under threat of losing the architectural heritage that makes it one of Asia's most beautiful cities. Humidity, pollution, overpopulation and the lack of money or interest

Indonesians can now go on strike and still keep wages [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Indonesians can now go on strike and still keep wages Derwin Pereira But they can't mass on streets, rules House By in Jakarta Restricted to workplace We want workers to solve problems with their management at their workplaces and through deliberation.' —Mr Latief, explaining that strikes conducted on streets could

Vietnam turns away 500 Tamagotchi at airport [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Vietnam turns away 500 Tamagotchi at airport HANOI Hundreds of Japanese pocket-sized video games, known as Tamagotchi, had been seized at Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City airport, a Customs official said yesterday. "We caught 496 of the Japanese toys from tourists," he said. Tamagotchi, which means loveable egg in Japanese,



Page 28

HANOI DENIAL The Hanoi government yesterday rejected claims by a Vietnamese writer living in exile in France that he had received death threats from government agents. Mr Vu Thu Hien, who has worked as a film director, writer and journalist, has been living in hiding in Paris since the end


Page 28

FLOOD AID many had donated 20,000 marks (5517,200) for emergency relief of victims of recent floods in Myanmar, the German Embassy in Yangon said in a statement received yesterday. The donation would be handed over to the United Nations Development Programme for use in the relief work. On Monday, Japan


Page 28

PoW MEMORIAL An American association of war veterans has set up a memorial to the 688 US prisoners of war (PoWs) who laboured on the notorious Thai-Burma "Death Railway" during World War 11, a US Embassy official said in Bangkok yesterday. US Ambassador William Itoh will officiate at the dedication


Page 28

RARE DEMO 20 government soldiers staged a rare public protest in Phnom Penh vesterday, saying that tney had not been paid for several months. The soldiers, who were not armed, said they had been battling opposition forces in north-western Cambodia but would refuse to fight on unless they were paid.


Page 28

FOUR HELD Police had arrested four alleged hoodlums for terrorising nightspots in Mangga Be sar, West Jakarta, with a tang of 30 others, the Ja arta Post reported yesterday. Police said at least three people were injured and more than 30 cars damaged during the at tack on two discotheques,


Page 28

PARTY DATE Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party plans to hold a "mass meeting" at her residence in Yangon on Sept 27 and 28 to mark its ninth anniversary, party sources said yesterday. The National League for Democracy (NLD) attempted to hold a party congress at the same

Objections to upgrading of airport in Siem Reap [ARTICLE]

Page 30

Objections to upgrading of airport in Siem Reap Sat want Kaur Phnom Penh businessmen say they will be hit Bv in Phnom Penh THE Cambodian government decision to upgrade the airport in the tourist town of Siem Reap for direct flights there, bypassing the country's only international airport in Phnom

Foiled – Plot to smuggle out rare turtles [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Foiled Plot to smuggle out rare turtles THESE turtles were among nearly 1.5 tonnes of endangered turtles and snakes bound for China which were confiscated by Customs officers on Thursday. They were taken from a Thai Airways International warehouse at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. Altogether, there were 67 boxes

Indonesia, US stage joint naval exercise [ARTICLE]

Page 30

Indonesia, US stage joint naval exercise JAKARTA Indonesia and the United States are holding a joint naval exercise in East Java, despite Jakarta's recent decision to withdraw from a US military assistance programme, a report said yesterday. The 10-day exercise which involves Indonesian and US marines was opened in Situbondo,

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Will a" 1 _\mmZ~TQi MltS I-"P4I ,r l i liESm 118l W al Til IPw n uf 14 Hal I mmt i Y~~k I I 1 mtm\ "Tlfji 11 ,I E Jl-i fl Wm^m El ____fll AM I fl_j .HO "I IllEi l rt__h\j TrJm I _CS____l I I■■ 1

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Kf^_^B__Mi_flPi^i^|i flfflk H __----fc hhh^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^ Bm *j£ ""Jflf BODY ARTS Jf^ office s=^_A m B I PJ fl yP/' flß^^r* v jr Rj^« "y »«/v -J ■p*. __m_■ _> flfll _______rffl _^_^flT_n^^rTf_n_Vflß*__r_fl _r I fli —______A />4.w/ j fli j H I3I AmWrnM l/SviVtStiSIBPB' Wflß- r_______P^ P \n nn __f*_fl

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J_m _U A_l_a lk_mjf _3 U IkiUi^f __4 _fl GrWrffi 1^ \i i. Fn^r^i___p__. ■hL. -S D^>^ft___. hi id m^ i > »?^J3Sb^ riTr n v-Hji'.'Si 9m_____n. 4_fm_^_A_^' r r ""~~H___^ii_i_i_l_J'i'^ W>i A flSi l^^^^^f __Li -I :^i'^^r?_^_^ I _*_N -ss>^ •■n_?- > ___-_-__BPs <V) S? 1 nqS l^ J

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A _m/kf RETURNS PER YEAR W -fIML ANP HOI IP A Vat the same t.mi 1 ..—am' A_._______\m _l Hi v B^^H^s,^HHh|^ BnF r.. __i^_^_^___o__i >'. Br ___k__ kSSp^ p "> Wi_Kn_l» M *SB___ _______^^Pk_ H_________. f I EfSßmSflk^^^^^^^ygM IM _r_l________ t __litl'_£ _fl __Ps ?V_B b j > t



Page 33

ENTER THE OPEN-TOP PROTON picture. The new Proton will look like this. The prototype of the Proton cabriolet by Malaysian car manufacturer, Proton, was displayed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germanv on Thursday. The car, with a 115-horsepower four-stroke engine, will be produced in Kuala Lumpur. Reuter

Polls in Sarawak constituency declared null and void [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Polls in Sarawak constituency declared null and void MIRI (Sarawak) The Election Court here yesterday declared as null and void the result of polls in the Kidurong constituency in the state election last year, paving the way for a new ballot. Justice Suleiman Hashim ruled in favour of Mr Michael

Tour agencies and traders suspected of hogging tourists [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Tour agencies and traders suspected of hogging tourists JOHOR BARU The Johor government suspects that tour agencies have been teaming up with the operators of certain businesses to bring tourists to certain areas only, causing businesses in other areas to lose out, Malaysia's Berita Marian newspaper reported yesterday. This had

Syndicate selling forged credit cards smashed [ARTICLE]

Page 35

Syndicate selling forged credit cards smashed KUALA LUMPUR In what has been de scribed as the biggest blow to credit-card fraudsters, police say they have smashed a syndicate that spe< alised in selling forged cards for sale to locals and foreigners. Eight people, including a Malaysian wiman and four foreigners

Flights cancelled as air quality hits worst level [ARTICLE]

Page 35

Flights cancelled as air quality hits worst level Pollution index reading in Kuching hits 244 at its peak KUALA LUMPUR The air quality in Kuching, Sarawak, yesterday was the worst since the haze problem erupted in June reaching a very unhealthy level. It measured 244 on the Air Pollutant Index

Ipoh tree gets the axe [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Ipoh tree gets the axe IPOH The ipoh tree from which the city derived its name has been struck off the city council's list of preferential trees, according to the Star newspaper yesterday. The Mayor, Datuk Ahmad Saleh Saruf, said this was because the tree had a poisonous sap. The



Page 35

TRAGIC CRASH Five members of a family were killed when the car they were in was involved in an accident at the 310 km mark of the NorthSouth Highway, near Kampar. Kampar police said the family was returning from Kuala Lumpur to their home in Taman Kledang, in Mengelembu, when


Page 35

NEW CITY Johor planned to build a "franchise city" on the outskirts of Johor Baru to en courage more Malay entrepreneurs tojparticipate in industry, The Star reported yesterday. Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said a 24 ha site had been identified.


Page 35

RADIO ABUSE V phone-in programmes over the Tamil Radio 6 of RTM had been suspended because of the abuse heaped on disc jockeys and guest speakers by anonymous listeners, the Sun said yesterday. The network's controller, Dr V. Poobalan, said the frequent abuse, in particular the use of foul lan-


Page 35

SPECIAL BOOKS The Education Ministry plans to provide special textbooks to help Drang Asli children do better in their studies. Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn said the books were designed to attract their interest. NST


Page 35

BLIND HELP The Disaouity Kesearch Centre (DRC) has claimed that teachers who do not know braille are teaching visually-impaired students to read and write using the system. The Star newspaper yesterday quoted DRC di rector-general, Dr Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, as saying the case was detected at a disabled school


Page 35

RACE CIRCUIT Motorcyclists who liked to race on the road would soon have a special circuit built for them in Kuantan Pahang Road Safety Council chairman Datuk Hassan Arifin said. He said the idea was to prevent illegal racing. Bernama

No wage hikes till economy improves, says Anwar [ARTICLE]

Page 33

No wage hikes till economy improves, says Anwar Brendan Pereira By In Kuala Lumpur THE government will not entertain any demands for a wage increase until Malaysia's economic problems are over, Finance Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said yesterday. He also urged private sector workers and unions not to make

Stranded for 15 hours on a mountain [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Stranded for 15 hours on a mountain picture. NST The climbers seeking outpatient treatment at the Kluang Hospital following their ordeal.

Expedition turns into nightmare for 36 climbers [ARTICLE]

Page 37

Expedition turns into nightmare for 36 climbers KLUANG A group of 36 climbers, including 25 students, were rescued on Thursday after they were stranded for 15 hours halfway up Gunung Berfumut near here. Led by a teacher, the group began the assault up the mountain at 11.35 am on Wednesday,

No danger of PAS using sermons at mosque for propaganda [ARTICLE]

Page 37

No danger of PAS using sermons at mosque for propaganda KUALA LUMPUR There is no danger of Friday-prayer sermons being used by the opposition Muslim fundamentalist Parti Islam (PAS) to spread its propaganda, said the Minister in the Prime Minister's department, Datuk Dr Abdul Hamid Othman. He noted that mosques

Special panel to counter false views about Islam [ARTICLE]

Page 37

Special panel to counter false views about Islam KUALA LUMPUR A panel of religious experts has been set up to counter misconceptions about Islam being spread on the Internet by non-Muslims and various Islamic sects. The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Dr Abdul Hamid Othman, revealed this on

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WHSBcmhs^ 'ty^B____i__________Ec^_ir_r *^J_^v ISS SKF] KJ _8&l W\H __rl j£9n ~__k_fl -v^J __J H mmnrnkTmA 9HH ■<_ Pll•- *m^ m *f I*-*-! *g W *mW^_m _BH H 4 hHB ___*-B--Bi__ B_Pfl Bt ______^!H ____rifl Hr** B 2w u w 0 W m *ml mmA B _A§Sk I lkt_B I m

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fl__B/j__ji-i^^BfcißTff^____L*___Tß'*^^3W wlw^ c 1 ;^^^fel i_f ■_u^#ft_^^___rgftM /w UAIA !____jJ_WffijKSfffM3B i__ m ii' HIUM^s fsSfo 'iiii___i *_v__\ W_ U fe^___r ii Ik 'I P| T **?'■< •^5--' '«_aMr^B^| __Vr¥_\\ s__r*f 2_fl P_^B. Wa fl fl I ?^t» :i^K__^'^_^*^B IB I _KV_i *__L^ 3 s B»«a_flß__»A_____SJ__^JH ir^'jaKjg ,^*«t___i^__'^_*^^*j-t-^--__--B aal 3s_i6_S*_t-S__s_&S-__flß______B ____H

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Friends, relatives became their victims... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Friends, relatives became their victims Lim Seng Jin By She cheated relatives of more than $180,00 and forged dad's signature She stole more than $82,000 from long-time employer He broke into home of family friend and stole valuables DING Lee Chuan, 29, cheated her father and her husband's aunt of

Cadet dies in accident, three weeks before being an officer [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Cadet dies in accident, three weeks before being an officer Jasbir Singh 1 was really looking forward to seeing him pass out as an officer. It was always his cMdhood dream to lead soldiers.' \x mother, Madam Tan. By OFFICER CADET Lim Wee Siong, 21, was killed in a road

Motorcycle deaths rise sharply in the first half of' 97 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

Motorcycle deaths rise sharply in the first half of' 97 David Miller By FATAL motorcycle accidents showed a sharp upswing as 69 motorcyclists and pillion riders died on the roads in the first half of this year. These deaths work out to more than 11 a month, compared with eight


Page 40

ICE-CREAM STICK BRIDGES Phang Tsang Wing (left), 20; Auyong Hawsan, 19, and Wu Xiaofan, 19, attempting to make functional bridges out of ice-cream sticks in a contest organised by the NUS Department of Civil Engineering. Thirty-seven groups of first-year engineering students took part in the ice-cream stick bridge-building contest yesterday.



Page 40

$170,000 RAISED The NTU Fund raised $170,000 through a charity golf tournament yesterday at the Orchid Country Club. President Ong Teng Cheong, who is also the university's chancellor, was guest of honour and played in the tournament as well. About 120 golfers, including donors, the university's alumni and staff, tookpart.


Page 40

ORCHID GARDEN newly-renovated rooftop orchid garden is now open to residents at the Joo Chiat Community Centre. Called the Hoks Garden, the name of the $8,000-garden has been taken from the last initials in the names of former and current Joo Chiat MPs, Teo Chee Hean, Lim Chee Onn, Choo


Page 40

GOLD STOLEN A bag with $100,000 worth of gold in it was stolen by thieves while the owner was having lunch at the People's Park food centre. One man distracted him while the other took the bag and ran off. Police said the victim had gone to the food court

Three lorry drivers fined for dumping waste at cemetery [ARTICLE]

Page 40

Three lorry drivers fined for dumping waste at cemetery THREE lorry drivers tried to avoid paying refuse disposal fees by dumping their waste at a Chinese cemetery in Sime Road. But they did not realise that environmental health officers had set up an ambush for them at the cemetery. In

Courses to ease anxieties within Indian marriages [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Courses to ease anxieties within Indian marriages Braema Math! Indian couples caught in the generation gap By It is more important to read up on the symbolic meanings and shatter the myths that surround these practices instead of just arguing over them/ Mr Sree, on the contentious issue between generations

Muis to receive haj applications from Monday [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Muis to receive haj applications from Monday MUSLIMS who wish to go on the haj in the years 2000, 2001 and 2002 can apply to the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) in Braddell Road from Monday onwards. Singapore has been allotted 3,000 visas a year for the haj. Muis

I lied to CPIB, witness tells court [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

I lied to CPIB, witness tells court Elena Chong Match-fixing trial Made up stories as attempts to tell the truth 'got nowhere' By To save myself, I started to come out with whatever I could think of at that time, as long as I told him that I was not


Page 44

ABOUT THIS CASE ABOUT THIS CASE: Ifcnen dran R. Kurusamy, alias Pal, 37; Ramadas Eurulandi Sangelee, 41, and Devaraj Doraisamy, 30, are being tried jointly on two charges of being part of a criminal conspiracy to fix the results of two S-League matches. They are alleged to have conspired with

Debt collector fined for sex with 14-year-old [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Debt collector fined for sex with 14-year-old A 22-YEAR-OLD man met a 14--year-old girl at a karaoke lounge in August last year and had sex with her twice in the following five months. The girl, a school drop-out, became pregnant and reported him to the police. Yesterday, Darren Lee Gim

Scheme to check security at worksites soon [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Scheme to check security at worksites soon CONTRACTORS will soon get help from the police, Singapore Contractors Association (Seal) and the National Crime Prevention Council to keep trou-ble-makers out of their worksites. This will take the form of a new security audit scheme, to be launched in the next few

Hotel fined $173,083 for tax evasion [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Hotel fined $173,083 for tax evasion Had to state earnings from hourly rents too A BOARDING house in Joo Chiat failed to declare $211,214 in rent collected in a year from "transit guests" who used its rooms on an hourly basis. Parkway Hotel was fined a total of $173,083 for

Husband-and-wife team gets jail for hoiisebreaking [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Husband-and-wife team gets jail for hoiisebreaking Melissa Heng By ONG Hock Lee and See Poh Gek were not only married to each other but also partners in crime. Unemployed by day, they were often quite busy at night. They broke into several coffeeshops and eating places and stole about $8,000



Page 47

LOOK, ITS FANTASTIC Ms Carol Leong, 25, will definitely stand out after her friend, Ms Kellyn Lee, 22, finishes making her up. The women were taking part in the Bridal and Fantasy Make-up Competition organised by the Joo Chiat Community Club Women's Executive Committee on Thursday. The winner, Ms Siok

Good design helped make this Baby big [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Good design helped make this Baby big IT MAY be called Baby G but there is nothing small about its success. Japanese watch manufacturer Casio doubled its share of the women's watch market when it launched the timepiece in 1995. Mr Dick Powell, 45, co-founder of British design firm Seymour

Signed book raises $8,000 [ARTICLE]

Page 47

Signed book raises $8,000 AN AUTOGRAPHED copy of Celebrity Dishes Cookbook, featuring 29 recipes contributed by MPs, business and community leaders, has raised $8,000 for ll Family Service Centres. These centres offer services such as free tuition and counselling for low-income families. The book carries the signatures of all the

Perfect maid of the future? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Perfect maid of the future? ONG Kok Hwee, 15, had always wanted a robot to clean and tidy up his room. On Tuesday, he thought that he had found the perfect candidate when he spotted a black, barrel-like mobile robot which can work round obstacles. It would have been even

Balestier post office closed [ARTICLE]

Page 47

Balestier post office closed THE Singapore Post branch in Balestier Road will be closed temporarily for renovation for two months, starting on Monday. The post office is located at Block 1, Thomson Road, Balestier Hill Shopping Centre. Singapore Post said it will set up a temporary branch, using a container,

Foreign worker found dead in manhole [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Foreign worker found dead in manhole A FOREIGN worker was found dead at the bottom of a manhole in front of an Aljunied HDB block on Thursday. The dead man, in his 30s, was a general worker with a contractor who is doing upgrading work at Block 99. Aljunied Crescent.

S'poreans 'should give South Africa a shot? as tourist destination [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

S'poreans 'should give South Africa a shot? as tourist destination SINGAPOREANS should look to South Africa as a tourist destination, instead of only heading off to Australia and New Zealand, said the country's High Commissioner, Mr Carl Werth. He said that while more, than 50,000 South Africans visited Singapore in

Pope meets BG Yeo, sends blessings [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Pope meets BG Yeo, sends blessings S'pore, Italy to step up bilateral cooperation The Holy Father recalled with fondness his visit to Singapore in 1986, and gave his blessings and good wishes to the people of Singapore/ Mita statement, on what the Pope said. THE leader of the Catholic church,

City Cab tops again in LTA's taxi rankings [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

City Cab tops again in LTA's taxi rankings Geraldine Yeo By AIRPORT CAB SERVICE TIBS Taxis starts today a service that guarantees a London cab for a trip to or from Changi Airport for a flat fee of $45. Customers have to call a special line, 481-1222, at least an

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Page 39

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Page 40

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Page 41


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Page 46

jHI Eng Kong Holdings Limited (Incorporated in the Republic of Singapore) >^^V* 199^ PINAL RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT j 1 The Board of Directors of Eng Kong Holdings Limited (the "Company") are pleased to announce the unaudited final results of i the Company and its subsidiary companies (together the "Group") together with

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Page 46

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Are Singaporeans responsible enough to deserve rights? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Are Singaporeans responsible enough to deserve rights? Proposed Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities A document spelling out the responsibilities of people, governments and business has been drafted for adoption by the United Nations. How will the proposed Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities jell with the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human


Where has Woon gone to? [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Where has Woon gone to? WHOEVER the nine new Nominated MPs will be, Associate Professor Walter Woon is not likely to be one of them. Our little bird has learned that the former NMP, who won praise for his work in the House, is away from Singapore for at least

How typically Singaporean [ARTICLE]

Page 52

How typically Singaporean LAST week's opening of the National Youth Seminar featured a lucky draw for students whose prose, poetry or artwork were featured in a book called Young Voices. National Development Minister Lim Hng Kiang, who is chairman of the National Youth Council, launched the book, and was asked

Sweet things for hotline? [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Sweet things for hotline? CALL the Environment Ministry's hotline, and you would probably be greeted by one of its public relations managers, each of whom has more than 15 years' experience in environmental public health work. Not quite the young PR voices one is used to hearing on the hotlines

Chit-chat for lizard, silly [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Chit-chat for lizard, silly THERE has been much talk about foreigners recently, but ever wondered what the foreigners are saying about Singapore? Have a look at the book, Living In Singapore An Expatriate's Guide. Tne section on pests says: "Ants, cockroaches, lizards, mosquitos get used to them! In Singapore, they

Hook is safe from cuts [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Hook is safe from cuts EVER wondered if that videotape of a kiddie show you bought on your holiday abroad ought to De sent to the Board of Film Censors for vetting. The answer is no, as an article in the American Association's newsletter, Singapore American, explains to its readers.

Immigration debate good for Singapore [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Immigration debate good for Singapore Asad Latif Thinking aloud THE increased inflow of foreign talent has become the issue of the day. Some Singaporeans nave expressed concern over its implications for social cohesion and nation-building in a young country. Several foreigners have delivered a robust response defending their contribution to

Singaporeans will not be able to compete without foreign talent [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Singaporeans will not be able to compete without foreign talent Interview The Prime Minister's call to welcome foreign talents has sparked off much public reaction. Why does the island need more when there are already 560,000 foreigners here? Will they take away opportunities for Singaporeans? And what will happen when

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fTHE a erbA Drive, Singapore's District Ten >w Ready For Your Viewing. i Sales Office Open Dally Between 11am -6pm «An Impressive 10 storeys towar comprises 60 units of j I SI apartments and luxurious penthouses j A choice of 2 and 3 bedrooms Less than 2km Co J^L AN

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Page 53

a____\*mm\ Smmmm V^ArAA •XClvsfooT^- Nl s^ I \MJ 111 IR —1 •l^% bidding, worthy I mm AI m A I 'Wv f'^o -*J£ I DESIGN PTE LTD P^LSgjjKft^] _$9 I m_\ wr F jftaß^_____________^______R > ***lbS' W** w»! **»™hß^BB A^r m m AA* r^*Pl»^ r i. IK^> if I r

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Page 53

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Why the China-US-Japan balance of power is so vital [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Why the China-US-Japan balance of power is so vital Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew spoke at the Institute of Strategic Studies Conference at Shangri-La Hotel yesterday about the balance of power in the region between China, Japan and the United States, and the importance of maintaining that balance so that

The Straits Times

Algeria cries out to be saved [ARTICLE]

Page 54

Algeria cries out to be saved WARS fought over religion are bad enough. Civil wars can be a particularly cruel variety of such conflict. When terrorism "becomes a vehicle for settling scores in sectarian conflict, it is the innocent who pav. When they pay a price as brutal as the

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 54

_Tbl ___^fa_^___^____iies "I'm a realist and not a magician, and I cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat if there is not the making of it there." US Secretary of State Madeline Albright on the seeming hopelessness of her Middle-East mission. "You can sue for divorce but you can't

Sino-US summit should aim for concrete results [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Sino-US summit should aim for concrete results Tom Plate To maintain bilateral momentum, the October summit must produce serious and substantive agreements that reflect good-faith bargaining as well as mutual understanding and a willingness to compromise. By Los Angeles Times BEIJING The US state visit by China's Jiang Zemin, expected

S'pore needs more workers with Antony Joosa's can-do spirit [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

S'pore needs more workers with Antony Joosa's can-do spirit Tan Sai Siong Lookback In wonder I A PERSONAL VIEW OF THE WEEK'S NEWS et BACK TO SCHOOL AT 76 What Mr Antony Joosa (left) is doing should be used to inspire those who see a lack of education and time

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Taxi charges

Devise a simpler, more pragmatic fare structure [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Devise a simpler, more pragmatic fare structure Average out There is no such thing as a perfect system, but it must be possible to have a simple fare system which will average out all the factors involved. THE new schedule of taxi fares may be fair and may please taxi

Only better service can justify taxi-fare increase and surcharges [LETTER]

Page 56

Only better service can justify taxi-fare increase and surcharges I REFER to the report "Taxi users to pay extra 50 cents to enter CBD" (ST, Sept 5). Like many commuters, I am just as confused about all the extra surcharges. In addition, it was also reported that a flagdown fare

No local students are displaced by foreign ones [LETTER]

Page 56

No local students are displaced by foreign ones UNIVERSITY PLACES I REFER to the letter "How did we end up with too few students for NUS and NTU?" by Mr Denis Distant (ST, Sept 12). In his letter, he asked why we have fewer students aualifying for NUS and NTU

Gauge talents of the young by other means [LETTER]

Page 56

Gauge talents of the young by other means I AGREE with Mr Denis Distant s letter "How did we end up with too few students for NUS and NTU?" (ST, Sept 12). Perhaps the problem lies with the way talents of young people are gauged. At a time when we

POSBank had intermittent problem [LETTER]

Page 56

POSBank had intermittent problem Phone line breakdown If there is a disruption in service, it would not necessarily mean that it is caused by a fault in the telephone line.' I REFER to Mr Denis Distant's letter "Why the frequent breakdown of telephone lines?" (ST, Sept ll). Our investigations have

Don't blame phone lines for disruption in service [LETTER]

Page 56

Don't blame phone lines for disruption in service I REFER to the letter "Why the frequent breakdown of telephone lines?" by Mr Denis Distant (ST, Sept 11). Several components are involved in the provision of banking services; these include the bank's computer systems, terminal equipment or access devices as well

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_^_^k Aarif^ M Jf mi \m__w^___m**\\t\*_^_m W***^ A—^r—w mm^ m m JP ___r IBE^^ ll^^^C^/^t.ll v ll ma rf __iw %m rn* _x^ \||T ___r# "**WI vL. wi a0 _______\\mm\r v \mmw***^ A0 A—¥*m\rTT i —_______am m m_\r*^_____ _m__mkz m_m_____________r-- I w _am-_w w^___AF sP^t mfi i ir^tifc* "I l-Ufcfc


NSAs predict a bigger golden harvest this time [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

NSAs predict a bigger golden harvest this time Santokh Singh 26 or 33? SEA GAMES 1 997, 11-19 OCT, JAKARTA By TWENTY-SIX golds for Singapore at next month's Southeast Asia Games will satisfy its chef-de-mission Dr Tan Eng Liang. But was Dr Tan playing it safe when he said: "We

UWC tipped to retain title [ARTICLE]

Page 57

UWC tipped to retain title Mahmood Gaznavi CRICKET By IF THE form book and the results between the two teams are anything to go by, then United World College II will be a strong favourite to retain its junior knockout cricket crown at Balestier Road today. In their two league

Sivaji quits Tiong Bahru [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Sivaji quits Tiong Bahru Santokh Singh SPORTSPEOPLE SOCCER by It is something that I have been more at home with, and after much thought I felt that the time was right •to get back into it...' Sivqji (above) on his wish to coach again. THE lure of coaching has convinced


Page 57

FACTFILE Name: P.N. Sivaji. Age: 45. Career: 1968-1970 Combined Schools player. 1970-71 Singapore Selection player. 1976-82 Player-coach of Sembawang, Singapore Indians. 1985 National Youth coach. 1987-89 Assistant national coach. 1990-91 Olympic team coach. 1992-1993 National coach. 1994-1995 Tiong Bahru CSC coach. 1996-1997 Tiong Bahru United FC technical director.

Farewell, Lewis the great [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Farewell, Lewis the great ATHLETICS LOS ANGELES The greatest athlete who ever lived competed for the final time last month, in Europe, without TV exposure, in a stadium half-full, and the next day, America's newspapers gave him two paragraphs. The 36-year-old Carl Lewis' official farewell is today, and the only

Khoo to run but Danson will not be there [ARTICLE]

Page 57

Khoo to run but Danson will not be there Chan Tse Chueen By SOUTH-EAST Asia Gamesbound Khoo Chin Poo will be among seven top men marathoners to compete in the Mobil Half-Marathon Trial Run at the National Stadium (6am) tomorrow. However, a surprise exclusion to the list is the Republic's

Bircan's goals bury Singapore [ARTICLE]

Page 58

B ir can's goals bury Singapore Joe Dorai SOCCER By AIK STOCKHOLM unearthed a match-winner with delightful skills in Harun Bircan in last night's Lion City Cup un-der-16 soccer semi-final at the Tampines Stadium. The lanky 15-year-old showed his class and shooting power to score all four goals and inspire

Sukamdi confident of Games title [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Sukamdi confident of Games title Santokh Singh Indonesian's 274-total gives him Open crown and a place in the record books GOLF By *On current form, I am confident of winning the SEA Games title. I prepared for the Singapore Open knowing that most of the other SEA Games players would

Brilliant Ballesteros [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Brilliant Ballesteros ST NOM LA BRETECHE (France) Non-playing Ryder Cup captain Severiano Ballesteros produced a vintage shot while on his knees to help him card his best round for three years and capture a share of tne Lancome Trophy lead. The Spaniard's wonder shot on Thursday came on the sixth


Page 58

SCORES AND STATISTICS BADMINTON US Open in California Men's sini gles, q-finals: Peter Gade-Christen- sen bt Alan Bud. Kusuma 17-18 15-2 1 17-14, Jeroen van Dijk bt Hermawan Susanto 15-9 15-5, Luo Yigang bt 1 Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen 15-11 15-7. I Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen bt Marieve Mainaky 15-9 15-6. Women's singles, q

Let's take the blinkers off and let pros play in Games [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Let's take the blinkers off and let pros play in Games Tey Cheng Khoon SATURDAY MARDAN MAMAT, Chua Guan Soon, M. Murugiah and Samson Gimson. These four would make the ideal Singapore squad for next month's South-east Asia Games. But there is no chance that any of them would be

Van Rensburg takes lead with a better swing [ARTICLE]

Page 58

Van Rensburg takes lead with a better swing S. Murali reports from Bintan A TIP from good friend Ernie Els helped South African Nico van Rensburg improve his swing and move into the lead of the US$5OO,OOO (XXXXX,000> Asia-Pacific Ericsson Masters at the Bintan Lagoon Golf and Beach Resort yesterday.

Muru, Kwek lose bets [ARTICLE]

Page 58

Muru, Kwek lose bets AS EACH day goes by, Singapore's M. Murugiah and Dino Kwek are getting a bit poorer. Poorer because of a small wager against Indian duo Arjun Atwal and Jeev Milkha Singh. Said Jeev, who is joint-second with Aijun at the top of the leaderboard: "We take

Timesport stalwarts sweep honours [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

Timesport stalwarts sweep honours Shirlynn Ho-Pereira Tay and Seh grab awards for story and picture of the year SOCCER By BEST STORY Tm not used to giving interviews. I just didn't expect to win...Although the readers see the story and the reporters byline, mere was a ioc of input by

Blackburn bids to keep fiery start [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Blackburn bids to keep fiery start ENGLISH SOCCER LONDON The Premiership returns to action this weekend after a two-week break with leader Blackburn bidding to maintain its remarkable start to the season with victory over troubled Leeds tomorrow. Blackburn, which faded dramatically after winning the 1995 Premiership title, has kicked

Bergkamp grounded [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Bergkamp grounded LONDON Arsenal's Dutch international striker Dennis Bergkamp looks set to miss the English club's Uefa Cup match in Greece next week because of his fear of flying. English newspapers said on Thursday that the player had decided to miss the first-round away leg against PAOK Salonika because he

Wright on wrong side [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Wright on wrong side LONDON Arsenal striker lan Wright, charged with misconduct by the English Football Association after a pitch flare-up at Leicester last month, has requested a personal hearing. An FA spokesman said Wright, his French team-mate Patrick Vieira and Leicester's Steve Walsh had all written to the soccer


Page 59

FIXTURES England Today: Arsenal v Bolton, Barnsley v Aston Villa, Coventry v Southampton, Crystal Palace v Chelsea, Derby v Everton, Leicester v Tottenham, Liverpool v Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester United v West Ham, Newcastle v Wimbledon. Tomorrow: Blackburn v Leeds. Italy Today: Brescia v Sampdoria, Lecce v Udinese, AC Milan v

Milan strikers want to hit the net in clash with Lazio [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Milan strikers want to hit the net in clash with Lazio EUROPEAN LEAGUES MILAN AC Milan takes on Lazio here today in Italy's first match between two of tnis season's championship favourites. The first big Serie A game features a Milan team searching desperately for the form it showed during

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L/a\_/*1 N«*<» Draw No. 1215/97 J Monday, 1 5 September 1 997 Draw No. 1215/97 Group 1 Prize: $500,000 (Minimum Guaranteed Amount) WINNERS FOR DRAW NO. 1214/97 Group 1 Prize: $4,590,432 3 Winners Shared Equally Soldo*: 1 NTUC FairPrice, 9 Portchoster Avenue (One System 1 0 Entry) 2) Fait Chye

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3'6 $138 >k jj I L_v *9 '*?-l_* B S'O $178 a^ MW! WM| ||L| iJl| i| >1 '"w*\ mmw 6'o no Reav-oobi- t^Aa^^--^ 1 Amm 1 W V <?-__.#<_> ntt-. ia/_II n. -__<-_ r __P^^_^^L^^ M^ a n__l lk*ifs\ [THTcTcV* AX 9 J^_KIIB ~—~-r^/^^\ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ifl /•'rMTBa hii, J -i-*"

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BSrj SINGAPORE WOODCRAFT MFG CO PTE LTD figrj -4 ___%__^SlS*? l fl_^ Jfe f-S-rj Main Showroom: Multi Colour Furniture Bldg. \\__m&_\\\^£m\J¥mSka£J |jran2s23jg (Opp NTUC Taxi C.nt.r) CT __K'"_l_____li_i___S f**i *|'fl9 est Tel: 474 0389 Business Hrs: 10.30am-6.30pm Vy* WiriAct I Xfl Blk 930 Yishun Central 1, L \J «/W Sofa

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"VOTED AS ONE OF ASIAS BEST GOLF COURSES" Freatient Traveller Feb/Mar '97 Hosting: fy\c Asia Pacific Ericsson Masters Av Golf Tournament 1 MJi-U 4th September 1997 Svv\ Where^bfa^;* but Bintan Lagoon Golf& &e_.G& Resort. So much to do and even more to discover. __»_l^_ Premier Lifestyle Services n I ifiTA

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TODAY'S EVENTS BASKETBALL Nippon Paint Cup veterans' final (Geylang Indoor Stadium, 7.30pm). BOWLING STBC step-ladder grand finals (Regent Bowl, 12pm). CRICKET SCA Jr KO final: CSC v UWC II (CSC. 2pm). Div 2: NUS v SCA U-21 (Kallang. Ipm). HOCKEY -SHF Div V.SRC vIA (3pm), Sikhs SC v Dutch Club

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PRO SELECT™ (madeinusa) (_f£m maruman ladies' AEROHEAD (HF-7) 3 Woods 7 Irons 3 Woods* 9 Irons Bag Putter Maruman Bag Maruman Putter .Jgo-*P*__M___ •<». r S* Dual Cavity Head for _fIW <***" *>« A, _S__W»_F extra distance* mora forgiveness B4 Super Light Wenjht "*TO^ Power Wing' Sole for low centre


850 Deaths 850 Deaths 850 Deaths [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

850 Deaths 850 Deaths 850 Deaths Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you" John 14:2 GUAN YONG HWA AGE: 71 Returned to the Eternal Glory of Christ the Saviour on

850 Deaths 850 Deaths 850 Deaths [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

850 Deaths 850 Deaths 850 Deaths "I am the reaurrection the Life He who believes in the will never die" Goapel of John II VINCENT QUEK KENG HOCK AGE: 76 was called home to be with the Lord on Sept. 12. 1997. Sadly miaaed and always remembered by all loved

852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements THE LOVED ONES OF THE LATE KOH CHOON JOO Departed 6 September 1997 Wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to The President and First Lady for the wreath and letter of condolences Dr Mrs Wee Kim Wee for their attendances Mr Er

882 Acknowledgements [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

882 Acknowledgements The Family Of The Late CHAN GE MING ANDREW Departed on: 7.8.87 wishes to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends, church members and colleagues for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, donations and wreaths during their recent bereavement Special thanks to: Mrs Chiam (East Shore

852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

852 Acknowledgements 852 Acknowledgements the Late The Family of the Late THADDEUS ANG SHENG WAH Departed on Bth September 1997 Wish to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends, colleagues, business associates, priests, church members, Dr. Tan Kee Guan and Nurse Loh of Code 4 Services, St.

856 In Memoriam 856 In Memoriam [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

856 In Memoriam 856 In Memoriam I rf Loving Memory Of MATAMPATH KOCHUNNI NAYAR (19.8.1919 13.9.1988)


Page 60

856 In Memoriam IN LOVING MEMORY OF MATHIALAGAN Deported 13-9-1884 Although you are gone, fond memories of you will remain forever with us. Deeply missed by Father: Chandra Sekaran Sister*: Manimeygalai Mathivanan, Kalaimathi Kasinathan, Kalaiselvi Jayakumar end nephews end nieces. IN LOVING MEMORY OF GRACE TAN GEK HWA Deported 13th

854 Condolences 854 Condolences 854 Condolences [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

854 Condolences 854 Condolences 854 Condolences With Deepest Condolences to the family of our late GROUP AGENCY MANAGER PEARL TAN nee YEO ANG KHENG 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" John

856 In Memoriam 856 In Memoriam 856 In Memoriam [OBITUARY + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

856 In Memoriam 856 In Memoriam 856 In Memoriam FIRST ANNIVERSARY CHOO KOK LEONG 21.8.1910 13.9.1996 Dearly Missed Always Cherished For The Rest Of Our Lives By Your Loved Ones

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OBITUARIES For booking enquiries, call WKmmMMmKKKUtm __S»_\^-*__^ H ''-^i'- ■■__^r'''Wr'' V^eTSe 1 e*3e

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"In Memoriam" is for the loved ones whom you remember.

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860 Funersl Directors/ Services For your moments of need Complete services lor Beautiful, modernize. Christian. Buddhist. TisM. pleasantly decorated Hindu, etc air cond parlours Qualified professional Photo enlargement and embalmers flowers service available Imported US and quality Funeral supplies sll under finished local caskets one root Dtdkaletl Funeral Director Since

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IN LOVING MEMORY of my de I arest papa, AD Jacobs, departed I 29 years ago. Gone but never for- j gotten. CaU 1800-737-1166 for your free booklet.



Page 61

TODAY'S BUKIT TIMAH RACE GUIDE GOING FORECAST: GOOD ff u^U ReB T* 1 8 Piv 1 1.200m (SC) |j Stakes $20,000 1 7- Cindi's Smile 8 (4ag Velu-Mdm Tan Yeok Cho.) 'Azman c3 57 2 Zanz Fiesta 3 (4nzg Tiang-Umted) Cropp 57 3 5 Jedi Knight 6 (4amh Leek-Mount Profit)

MRA set to carry out dope tests on jockeys [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

MRA set to carry out dope tests on jockeys Malcolm Bastians By *My advice to anyone about drugs is that it is not worth it. Getting caught was the best thing that ever happened to me/ Top European jockey Dettori (left), who was caught for cocaine possession in 1992. FROM

Nightmare over for Poobalan [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Nightmare over for Poobalan OFF THE HOOK AFTER a two-hour hearing at Bukit Timah yesterday, jockey Poobalan Rangasamy emerged elated when he succeeded in his appeal against a 12-month disqualification with regard to his riding and handling of Rates at Ipoh on June 15. The 25-year-old hoop had copped the


Page 61

TAN THEAN LOON'S GUIDE TO YESTERDAYS BUKIT TIMAH TRACKWORK REQUESTA looms as a lively outsider in tomorrow's 1,200m National Stud Farm Breeders' Vase (Race 8). The five-year-old mare did a keen workout at Bukit Timah yesterday, pulling away from her Restricted Terms stablemate Enlightenment at the end of a 600m


Page 61

TOMORROW'S BUKIT TIMAH RACE CARD 5 Eastwood (7) Saimee 54 6 lightning Sweep (3) Kam 53.5 7 Awesome Belle (6) I Azhar 53 8 Protocol (9) Marwing 53 9 Peace Seeker (4) Au 52.5 10 King HUI (5) Price 52 11 Pelangi (8) 'Huzairi 51.5 12 Just A Virgo (12)


Page 61

TIMESPORT SELECTIONS 1 1 1 1 1 TANTHEAN DANNY MALCOLM MARC TAN LOON KHOO BASTIANS 4 Conquering Hero SRapdancer 7 Prince Victorious IRapdancer 1 7 Prince Victorious 4 Conquering Hero 4 Conquering Hero 5 Hot Chestnut 8 Rapdancer 7 Prince Victorious 8 Rapdancer 1 Cindi's Smile sKingßaron 5 King Baron


Page 61

LEADING JOCKEYS Rides Ist 2nd 3rd Rldee Ist 2nd 3rd 00 314 50 38 41 Ismadi 182 15 16 14 Saimee 258 41 41 30 MAu 103 15 8 13 Gundry 311 40 44 31 KC Ng 140 14 18 16 Loh 322 37 29 37 SH Lee 198 12


Page 61

LEADING TRAINERS lot 2nd 3rd Ist 2nd 3rd Thwaites 51 26 32 Landers 18 22 21 Baertschiger 41 43 32 K Leong 18 11 9 Kent 38 35 19 SH Tan 18 10 15 Brink 36 32 36 O'Hara 18 9 14 BAng 31 23 18 Seow 16 17 19



Page 62

HONGKONG Sept 12 1997 HKS ASM Pedfc 6.70 -0 20 AMedmemt'l 3 40 +007 AJtedOistue 208 +0.38 AeteSecInt 4.80 -OJO BenkolEA 27 50 +0 50 CP Pcephand 2 42 -0.08 COL Hotel 2.77 -0.03 CateDeCoral 202 -0.10 CathPacAir 1270 +0.48 CenhiryCNy 2.36 unch ChaungKong 84 50 +100 ChtneUgN 43.00 +180


Page 62

TOKYO Sept 12. 1997 4T64T 54


Page 62

BANK RATES OCBC OUB UOB DBS TLB POSB KB DEPOSIT RATES Savings 3 2s 2'. 3 3 2s 2s Fixed deposit 1 montJi 3'. 3s 3s 3s 3s 3s 3 months 3s 3s 3s 3H 3s 3s 6 months 3s 3s 3*. 3s 3s 3s 12 months 4 4 4


Page 62

CRUDE PRODUCT PRICES CRUDE/PRODUCT MONTH* CHANGE PRICE (USS) BBL BRENT BLEND Oct +0.03 0.03 18 30 18.35 WEST TEXAS Interm Oct -0.01—0.01 19.37 19.41 DUBAI FATEM Oct -0.13-0.13 17 67-17.72 TAPIS BLEND Oct 0.00 19.25-19.35 MMAS Oct +0.30-0.30 17.60-17.70 NAPHTHA (OF Jap) 0.00 192.50— 193.60 NAPHTHA -0.20-0.20 19.60-19.80 CST-180HSFO .I.oo—loo


Page 62

PALM OIL Crude palm oil (Ms/tonne) Sep 1370 00 (south) Refined palm oil (USS/tonna) RBD Palm Oil Sep 490.00 (seller) Oct/Nov/Oec 487.50 (seller) RBOCHem Sep 525.00 (se«er) Oct/Ttov/Dec 525.00 (seller) RBD Stearin Sep 350.00 (seller) i


Page 62

SILVER Closing prices (USS/troy oz) Fri Thu Singapore 4.760—4.770 4.735—4.745 Thu Wed New York 4.760—4.770 4.740—4.750 Source: Rothscttk,


Page 62



Page 62



Page 62

SICOM FUTURES Sept 12, 1997 Rubber Futures (Closing pricea) RSS 1 Contract Tonnes (S cents/kg) Month High Low Sett Vol Open kit Oct97 1_525 134.00 134.00 175 1450 Nov 137.75 1550 Dec 140.25 1950 Jan/Mar 98 146.50 5910 Apr/Jun 152.50 XXXXX Juv'Sep 156.00 4800 RSS 3 Contract (UScentsAg) Oct 97


Page 62

SIMEX FUTURES Sept 12. 1997 Brent Crude Open High Low Satt Eat Vol Oct 97 18.25 18.30 18.25 18.31 27 Nov 18.37 50 Dec 18.47 50 Act Vol (Thu): 1 7. Open Int (Thu): 526. Spot US Dollar Japanese Yen Open High Low Sett Eat Vol Dec 97 119.75 120.90


Bargain hunters push Malaysian bourse up [ARTICLE]

Page 62

Bargain hunters push Malaysian bourse up MALAYSIAN stocks rose yesterday for the first time in three days, led by Telekom Malaysia Bhd and United Engineers Malaysia Bhd, as investors bought stocks that have fallen to attractive levels relative to future earnings. The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index rose 17.91 points or


Page 62

TOKYO Japanese share prices closed 1.7 per cent lower yesterday, pressured by growing uncertainty over the economy, after weak gross domestic product data for the three months to June were released on Thursday, brokers said. The Nikkei Stock Average dropped 316.43 points to 17,965.80. Turnover totalled 720 million shares against


Page 62

BANGKOK The Stock Ex- change of Thailand Index lost 17.91 points or 3.2 per cent to 534.18 yesterday, after a report quoting a Moody's Investors Service official caused concern that banks may fail and have to be taken over by the government by end of next year. As a group,


Page 62

OVERSEAS INDICES Sept 12 Change KL Composite 852.08 +17.91 Hang Seng XXXXX.46 +162.16 Nikkei Average XXXXX.80 —316.43 Australian AHOrd 2640.00 —25.80 Dow Jones (Thu) 7660.98 —58.30 FTSEIOO(Thu) 4854.80 —50.40 Jakarta Composite 546.60 —9.50 Thailand SET 534.18 -17.91


Page 62

HONGKONG Share prices closed 1.1 per cent higher yesterday in volatile trading coinciding with the opening of the 15th Chinese Communist Party Congress in Beijing, dealers said. The key Hang Seng Index gained 162.16 points to 14,470.46. Total turnover was HK$23 billion, up from HK$2l.l billion on Thursday. AFP


Page 62

SYDNEY Australian share prices fell 1 per cent yesterday, driven lower by Wall Street's fall and a dip in the copper price that saw losses in key resource and mining stocks, said brokers. The All-Ordinaries Index fell 25.8 points to 2,640. The All-Resources Index dropped 26.7 points to 1,341.5 while


Page 62

JAKARTA The Jakarta Com- posite Index fell 9.5 points or 1.7 per cent to 546.6 yesterday, on concern that interest rates would be kept high to shore up the rupiah, slowing economic growth, dealers said. Bloomberg News


Page 62

NEW YORK Wall Street's blue-chip stocks took another tumble on Thursday on fears of weak US corporate third-quar-ter earnings and tension on the bond market, traders said. The Dow Jones fell 58.3 points or 0.8 per cent to 7,660.98. AFP


Page 62

LONDON The FTSE-100 In- dex dropped 50.4 points or 1 per cent to 4,854.8 on Thursday in the wake of a weak Wall Street showing and overnight drops on Asian markets, such as Hongkong, said brokers. AFP


Page 62

ASIAN CURRENCY UNITS Contract dete: Sept 12, 1997 iM_rr ONE 3 6 9 12 r VALUE W T MTH MTH MTH MTH MTH C LL DATE USS s'/,, s'_ 5y,« s'. Mg 4'. 16/9/97 AS 4'/,, 4 4 3'- 3'_ 3s 16/9/97 NZS 7s 7', 7'/,, 7'/„ 7', 7'. 16/9/97


Page 62

TIN Closing prices (MS Ailo) KLTin 515.661.0.05) Turnover 99 (—44)


Page 62

KUALA LUMPUR Traneactlon Date: Sept 12, 1997 9 Adjusted for new issues; Par value MSI unless otherwise specified; PA ratios are not adjusted for currency differences TYE5Y RYTER


Page 62

CLOB INTERNATIONAL DFGDFGRD Qra 1997 Curr Laat Vol Day Div Nat M Cap High Low Company Tradad Sala -t-or- 000 High Low PE SrniT 326 121 m t Ungui9oc 106 +3 78 167 162 14 6 804 6 1700 786 m M Baiklng 945 cd *20 414 995 900 24



Page 63

SES MAINBOARD I INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL GF 1M7 Curr Laat Vol Day Gra Nat MCapWtAvg High Low Company Traded Sale +or- 000 High Low Dlv PE Price 1ST 83 a ACE Dvnemtcaaoc 88 3 5 20 89 87 5 8 0 72.1 90 ASE NT810 200 US 688 886


Page 63

INDICES Sept 12 Change ST Industrials 1935 95 +8 27 ST Finance 3839 78 —5.01 ST Hotels 1942 02 +2 16 ST Properties 1635 57 +210 BT Composite 1783 54 +8.66 ST-MGA XXXXX +184 T-SRI XXXXX -2.17 BTOBOS +83 +190 T CAW -XXXXX +67 BT OBV +XXXXX61 +XXXXX6 DBS CPF


Page 63

SCOREBOARD MAM CLOB Up On Unch Up On Unch Industrial 86 51 42 34 8 6 Finance 8 9 9 8 13 Hotels 5 5 3 2 0 1 Properties 7 6 4 19 2 1 Plantations 0 0 0 8 0 0 Mining 0 0 0 2 0 1

Local stocks rally as buyers bet on more KL measures [ARTICLE]

Page 63

Local stocks rally as buyers bet on more KL measures MARKET REP 0 R T THE local bourse rebounded yesterday as calm returned to the market after shares fell on Thursday in reaction to a correction on Wall Street. "There was some weakness in the morning but buyers soon emerged


Page 63

TOP ACTIVES BBRConstnsc 11,118.000 SM Summit 10c 10,221,000 Rekapacrtic Bh 9,781,000 ST Aero 50c 6,178,000 BerjayaGroup 5,821,000 PubßkForwgn 5,241,000 Asia FoodAProp 5,106,000 UIC 4,561,000 MBfCapital 4,122,000 RHBCapWIW 3.842,000


Page 63

TURNOVER (READY) Total Market Thu Fri Industrials 75.191m 87.387m Finance 22.925m 21.875m Hotels 2.249m 2.012m Properties 16.141m 12.559m Loans Stocks 18.000m 19.432m Plantations 2.701m 2.335m Mining 263.000 233.000 Total volume 137.469m 145.833m Total value mSS XXXXX8m 307.062m Sesdaq volume 18.748m 30.025m Nasdaqvol-me rw Ni


Page 63

BONDS, LOANS WARRANTS Al shsrae quoted hava a par value of ft unlaaa otherwiee specified M trading ki Mi stock la reotrtctod le buying In tmrim only. Ad|uolod nr scrip/rights. N Tftx-.xtfT.pitd dhridsnd. Wt ratios isftoct the laet annual coneoMelad reoults. Pit retloo and Gr s Y Id of foraign


Page 63

UNIT TRUSTS Wmaf Pricea, Sept 1 3 I-li<iiii*iiHM|l»iliU-MierdeenS'porrGrFund 1048—1102" Lyiarican kW tea mt UA Un* Limed Fax) (Spore) 0993-1 0488 iIA Una Litied fund (Brunei) 0 771—XXXXX UUUta UsirtdGrfd 0 962-0 997" WancedGrfd 0947-0997" -apealGrfd 0948-0996" VwnxcGrfd 0948-0998" .due GrFd 0950-1000" _rtr ess Fund 0 940. :«Gio-aißondFd 1096-1107" _»At_amkastn_clureFd 0960-1020"


Page 63

SESDAQ 1997 Curr Last Vol Osy Gr a Nat MCapWtAvg HlQh Low Company Traded Sale +or- '000 High Low Dlv P/E Jmll Price 188 78 ABRHIdgaSc 133 auep 30 1900 992 110 412 144 ASAutolOc 358 >d -2 192 364 366 15 ON 29 8 4088 347 129 91 eASJHk_oe2oc

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ft ">»* I H *m^m*_____\\\ _____T-___rVV *^^*^__________________fl /mSm __________________k9k hi r^Jm^ _l ______f^^^^^ft__T _____H___i _Br^^^*^"_^ *l__Lx^__r J s r -ly I* t*--*l TUDOR GENEVA ANY PLACE ANY TIME Your Authorised Tudor Retailer: Lee Chay Watch Co. Pte Ltd #01-21/23 Peninsula Plaza, 111 North Bridge Road, Tel: 336 0088/336 01 12.


Inflation benign amid strong growth, says Fed [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Inflation benign amid strong growth, says Fed US economy 'appears to be doing well' DENVER The US economy has been able to grow at such a brisk pace without inflation accelerating because of productivity gains that are not being picked up by government statistics, Federal Reserve vicechairman Alice Rivlin said

Microsoft, Intel want Sun to give up control of Java [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Microsoft, Intel want Sun to give up control of Java We would very much like them to make this a real open, international language. But you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want to make it an open standard you have to give up control.' Intel's

Motorola to see weak results for third quarter [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Motorola to see weak results for third quarter SCHAUMBURG (Illinois) Motorola Ine stunned Wall Street on Thursday by announcing that its third-quarter results will be significantly below analysts' expectations due to weakness in two of the world's biggest pager markets and a one-time charge of US$95 million (Ssl4s million) to

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MJk I I... T__B__-_-_-___-_-_-_-B ONCE A YEAR SIME DARBY CENTRE 896 Dunearn Road, Ground Floor (next to BMW Car showroom) OPEN DAILY 1 1 .00 AM 8.00 PM FREE PARKING m IT" \i P t V JB^' $~r~^m /mm9' _f_____A\ f __L _L iililiiii Ti'W »>i mmk 7^** i ___^_^_^_^_L______________Mll____BTf

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Page 64

GOLD COAST WX/r AUSTRALIA IjrBEST HOUSE LAND ___fl? I?. 1^ A 185 *99!___ m \Amv_m rfrfl -'l_J--u-J Ww p^-^-jit^***^ •SWr-fIJ n^ _MM_t_a_i__f-.^____-r a _____m __P____________m__ m_ mJm Wmmm\ __da T Fl __t.i____ite__.___ -TfPWj fc: i j___t._ B_______ta^_. _H J Atvu l^** v I HI i_ M^£& 9%***' ■■mmm ______T


Japanese bank to write off $4b debts to rescue tie-up [ARTICLE]

Page 65

Japanese bank to write off $4b debts to rescue tie-up SAPPORO Japan's Hokkai do Takushoku Bank said it will write off 350 billion yen <55 4.4 billion) in bad loans in a bid to save a merger orchestrated to improve the company's financial health. The smallest of Japan's 10 major


Page 65

NEARLY READY A worker at Chek Lap Kok, the site of Hongkong's new airport, has the control tower as a backdrop on Thursday. The airport and core projects, including the world's longest road and rail suspension bridge, is costing more than US$2O billion (5530.3 billion) and is the largest civil