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New Paper, 14 November 2003


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL25668


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the new paper FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2003 Singapore Press Holdings Website: I Email: tnp@$ Hotline: 1800- 7 33 44 55 MITA (P) 02S/03/2003 60 CENTS XXXXXXXXXX001 the new paper

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KL MURDER PLOT Aussie stepdad slashed to death, Malaysian sisters arrested Accusations: Affair with older man, teens hired for attack Q WE'RE SINGAPORE'S N0.1 TABLOID NOVEMBER 14, 2003 new "C* V n a > m r,cj Wr y. i <* Ji L <w'V ST r\ m W m 2 <V

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Page 1

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Did teen sisters plan stepdad's murder? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Did teen sisters plan stepdad's murder? MALAYSIA Aussie man slashed at home by intruder with parang Stepdaughters arrested, said to have hired hitman for $1,300 Accusations: Stepdad too strict, one teen had affair with older man A BUSINESSMAN is slashed to death at home by an intruder. His wife screams

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What's on TV? Pages 54 55 News IQ: Page 33

Something rotting in fridge leads to this... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Something rotting in fridge leads to this... Foul smell alarms neighbours, cops prise open locked door SINGAPORE By Teh Jen Lee NEVER leave your fridge door open. It could bring down the cops. As a family learnt to their cost, having to change door locks and fix their grille gate.

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'Kai ma' to Malay godson and friend to others [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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'Kai ma' to Malay godson and friend to others rAt 82, she'll oldest receipient of volunteering L award. She's a 150... a Report and picture/ Sim Chi Yin SHE was lonely and rarely left her one-room flat. Volunteers from Lions Befrienders visited her and brought her food rations. But now


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MY HOUSE, MY MUSEUM Nearly every corner of the Tans' 3-room Jurong East flat is taken up by antiques Mr Tan sold his car to finance his collection, and threw away furniture to make space By Leow Si Wan OVER the past 20 years, a man in Jurong East has

'He spent $80 on old pail. I was so mad' [ARTICLE]

Page 6

'He spent $80 on old pail. I was so mad' IT was only 10 years ago that Madam Yeo began to support her husband's hobby whole-heartedly. Madam Yeo, who organises the Far East Square flea market, said: "It was a long struggle before I grew to love antiques as much

His bo-chap attitude cost him his leg *Cannot be bothered [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

His bo-chap attitude cost him his leg *Cannot be bothered Mother and brother died of diabetes Another brother had both legs amputated HE knows all about diabetes. And that's the irony. Despite his knowledge of the disease and seeing first hand how it claimed the lives of two loved ones,

Take diabetes seriously [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Take diabetes seriously THE Director of the Diabetes Centre at Alexandra Hospital, Dr Sum Chee Fang, says people should take diabetes more seriously. "The thing about diabetes is that even if you don't feel the symptoms, it doesn't mean you're well. More than half the people with diabetes are not

His illegal move to blame? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

His illegal move to blame? Bus rams their car in Malaysia I By Cynthia Low THE story of how their Toyota Picnic MPV was hit by a bus in Malaysia is all over the news, but is it the whole story? The Chews admitted to The New Paper that they

Stolen in M'sia Shipped through S'pore Sold in Indonesia [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Stolen in M'sia Shipped through S'pore Sold in Indonesia CAR-THEFT RACKET By Joycelyn Wong THE mastermind of the car smuggling syndicate would inform his middlemen what vehicles he wanted. These middlemen would then get others to steal them in Malaysia. The syndicate even formed a forwarding company to facilitate the


Page 10

PREVIOUS CASES ON Apr 8 this year, police raided warehouses at Tuas View Loop and recovered 11 cars mainly four-wheel drives that had been stolen in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor. They were to be refurbished by a Singapore syndicate and re-exported to neighbouring countries. Three days later, police recovered

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'I'm so bleeding inside' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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'I'm so bleeding inside' Priest's diary reveals Jackie's agony after JFK's assassination WORLD AP. TO a grieving US, Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy was stoic following the assassination of her husband, President John F Kennedy 40 years ago this month. But over games of tennis with a priest who counselled her, she

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NY serial 'bride' [ARTICLE]

Page 13

NY serial 'bride' Woman 'wed' 27 illegal immigrants WORLD SHE has said "I do" dozens of times over two decades. To her, marriage was a paying job. Dezerrie Cortes, 40 described as New York's most persistent serial bride has pleaded guilty to lying about her marital status as part of

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Singer charged with drink driving [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Singer charged with drink driving Reuters. COUNTRY music star Wynonna Judd (left) was charged early yesterday with drink driving after she was stopped near downtown Nashville for speeding. She then failed a sobriety test, the police said. The 39-year-old singer, whose August-released album, What The World Needs Now Is Love,

Wizard cut from movie [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Wizard cut from movie THE LORD OF THE RINGS HE plays the evil wizard Saruman (right) in The Lord Of The Rings films. But you won't see him in the latest movie The Return Of The King. Actor Christopher Lee was to appear in seven minutes worth of scenes but

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Shoes, books, toys from McKids [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Shoes, books, toys from McKids DRAW in the children, and the adults will follow. Already well-known for its toy collectibles given free or at a nominal charge with certain set meals fast-food giant McDonald's now wants to take things further. Yesterday, it announced plans to launch a line of branded

Tricked into cutting hair [ARTICLE]

Page 17

Tricked into cutting hair THE letter was a hoax but the school failed to check. Instead, the principal packed 300 female students off to hair salons to get their hair cropped short, so that they would qualify for a special scholarship of 150 rupees ($5.70) a month. Mr Narasimha Rao,

Boy pushes school dress code to the limit [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Boy pushes school dress code to the limit WHEN 15-year-old Kevin Dougherty showed up for school one day last month wearing a floral skirt and matching scarf, complete with pantyhose, eye shadow and lipstick, the school sent him home. Now, the dispute looks set to become a court case in

Doctors buy medicine in market [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

Doctors buy medicine in market va AFP. THE cure for diarrhoea is usually straightforward. Yet, 8,000 people have been hit in Malda, 500 km from Kolkatta. And 61 have died so far. This includes young children and babies. But why? The reason is simple. Yet painful. Authorities said they faced

HK school shut for bug clean-up [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

HK school shut for bug clean-up fA V A TOP primary school in Hong Kong has been ordered closed for a day by the government. More than 100 students of this school had fallen sick with a stomach infection and the health authorities have ordered a full clean-up of the

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Heil, dog Compiled by E Shaliaja Nair BERLIN resident Roland Ts dog, Adolf, is in trouble. And he has his owner to thank. The German trained his mongrel sheepdog to raise his right paw in a Hitler salute. And Adolf performed the trick in front of two policemen in March

I enjoy tennis, not politics [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

I enjoy tennis, not politics NEW HEAD OF RUSSIA'S LARGEST OIL PRODUCER: Born in former USSR. Did postgraduate studies in Houston's Rice University. Holds 130 US patents, author of 60 "scholarly" publications, a doctorate from the USSR Academy of Sciences. Spent eight years in Oklahoma oil company. Was head of

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Who's the happiest of them all? [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Who's the happiest of them all? HK study reveals it's... HOUSEWIVES are the happiest people in Hong Kong, revealed the country's "happiness index". They replaced retirees, who were the happiest people last year. This year, married women who stayed at home rated their happiness at 7.52 out of a possible

Making the bestsellers list? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

Making the bestsellers list? Electronics giant Sony unveiled a prototype model of an electronic book player, steed to feel Just like a paperback, in Tokyo yesterday. Already, 13 puMhhing companies and Japan's piinHug giants, Toppan and DNP, are colaboratfag to publish electronic books which can be downloaded from the Internet.

UK town all abuzz [ARTICLE]

Page 27

UK town all abuzz Residents think Bush will visit pub there Wire services. THE people of Trimdon, a quiet north-eastern British town, believe this because their Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, has a home there. After all, Mr Bush had welcomed Mr Blair at his ranch in Texas earlier this

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Waste Important Time [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Waste Important Time WORK IMPROVEMENT TEAMS (BETTER KNOWN AS WITS): ONE of Singapore's highest-ranking civil servants used wit yesterday to hit out at what he perceived as one form of wastage in the civil service. Mr Bilahari Kausikan, second permanent secretary (Foreign Affairs) who chairs the PS2I ExCEL committee overseeing


Page 28

War? What War? OH THE RACK Edited extract from The Wall Street Journal: WHAT you won't see this fall or winter, or spring, or summer—is a single movie about the war on terror. Yes, we have had a small-screen documentary and the film version of a play (The Guys), both

Stock watch [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Stock watch S'PORE COMPANIES ON NASDAQ (Close in US$/Change) Pacific Internet 6.98/-0.18 Creative Technology 10.57/+0.02 Flextronics 15.39/+0.22 Chartered Semiconductor 9.28/-0.14 Stats 12.75/+0.001 Yesterday's Percentage Close action change Dow Down 0.11% (10.89 pts) 9.837.94 Nasdaq Down 0.29% (5.76 pts) 1,967.35 S+P 500 Down 0.01% (0.12 pts) 1,058.41 ST! Up 1.17% (29.38

Home-loan rate up [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Home-loan rate up DBS, UOB and HSBC have joined OCBC in hiking interest rates on their fixed-rate home loans. All four now charge the same interest rates for the first two years of their fixed-rate packages: 2 per cent for the first year, and 3 per cent for the second

Model bus fare system [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Model bus fare system HONG KONG is looking to Singapore as a model for a new bus fare system. The government is urging bus companies to adopt a Singapore-style fare system to help commuters save money, but it has met resistance from bus operators. Reasons range from the high cost

Terrorist-pirate link-up? [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Terrorist-pirate link-up? WHAT if terrorists link up with pirates to hijack fuel-laden ships and crash them into ports, including in the Straits of Malacca? Sounding this warning during his visit to France, Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan has called on the United Nations and regional governments to take urgent action.

M'sian toll cards here [ARTICLE]

Page 28

M'sian toll cards here MALAYSIA'S Touch 'n Go contactless smart card, used mainly to pay road tolls, carpark charges and light-rail fares in Kuala Lumpur, is now available at 22 Maybank branches here. Users can top up the card at Maybank ATMs. The service is restricted to those with Maybank

Focus on delinquency [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Focus on delinquency THE annual festive season crime prevention campaign by the police and National Crime Prevention Council will focus on juvenile deliquency this year. The highlight of the campaign, to be launched tomorrow, will be a movie After School which focuses on the activities of juvenile delinquents and the

S'pore girl leaves CNN [ARTICLE]

Page 28

S'pore girl leaves CNN NEWS anchor Jill Neubronner, who had joined Time-Warner's Cable News Network (CNN) in March 2001, left the network last Monday. A CNN spokesman confirmed Ms Neubronner had left to "pursue other interests" and declined to comment when asked if she is joining another broadcaster. The ex-Channel

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Home lab or photo lab? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Home lab or photo lab? LAN TAN gives you the lowdown on digital photo printing DIGITAL camera enthusiasts are bugged by one abiding question print in a professional lab or at home? Photo enthusiast Wong Mun Kai said: "Frankly, I still don't know which is the better choice. "My inkjet


Page 30

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'If you can name it, this probably has it' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

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53 m m Caller* should be liyrt above. A friendly reminder:Do eierdse caution prudence when meeting up with new friendsfor first time. Member of A S PA. Be COOL bat also be SMART. Serv ice by JP Tech Pte Ltd. Tel: XXXXX0S8. ■v r yr Cnlls are charged 50cents Perm

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mgm H 'H Hi l &E BBS aS™ iA >l fll||«im!S? I n£ I s2s t XXXXX7is**®! iLf? s HM PBM t &-zJT *5? iSflffi? Ba* j51fiXXXXX7 wen** XXXXX4 a «*27 v*«»*«»toy* Jjyß XXXXX® XXXXX7 XXXXX6 XXXXX6 XXXXX# 117*27 XXXXX3 XXXXX7 XXXXX2 XXXXX0 XXXXX2 XXXXX4 [2 XXXXX6 a»«o9* XXXXX3 ggj

In future, you may not hear the planes [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

In future, you may not hear the planes TECH YOU may have heard of the stealth fighter plane. Now, a new generation of super quiet planes is on the drawing board. No, it's not another secret military aircraft. British scientists are now working to create the world's quietest passenger jet.

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I rtffi Sf l^r.~jT""7 912 XXXXX I K|| I i j I XXXXX03 Tho* Thong, RKety B 390 DM WflPPt H n Upl^ W Uol C# XXXXX0 Stuck/Stacie pyy* I f XXXXX0 Ah® XXXXX7 Mrfl bscfc XXXXX7 Mr. J XXXXX71 Just Done Kna» What To Do Wth Mysef SXptSfSl I

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11 ■nrAalsJ ■wiMiiiwMHWWßto I ToP 20 CIiaRT cHlnEse PoPs v XXXXX0 mn XXXXX9 ffitt XXXXX8 God I* A Girt XXXXX8 Superstar XXXXX4 XXXXX6 K Yt*rt» Mot Th» Or» feaaaaay— g-S—JET tBP «r .T——ST -x t XXXXX8 SupentM |cry«M \fcttion| XXXXX3 *£BfT*« XXXXX2 Etorrvty MM MBT IwmJtik 9Ma^lH3i XXXXX6 ftV XXXXX

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T w, m g 1l 9S/MIN NORMfIL PHONE JS OO/MIN PHY PHONI fmmSW muM'im 3000© Q 3=8908 ~k±k *k±k -krk -kiif DISCLAIMER Caller 18yrs below must seek parental consent. Customer VWw j 5 0: 6 h 776 *8®° (off cc hrs >' 6774 4540 Pte 1 dti——M. Ltd. member of


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Using to stop TECH By Michael Lee HERE'S a clever gadget Sandra Bullock could have used to stop the bus in the movie Speed. Satellite Security Systems (S3) has come up with a remote control that can stop a truck 850 km away in less than 40 seconds. San Diego-based

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Apic Systems Pte Ltd For help call: 9850 6960 or email to helpl 900 Parental Consent required for callers below 18yrs old. Call charge at $2 per min www+iGuanaMobilexom 1900-911 -8-911 Au OUR CONtENtS ARE AVAiUME At AXS StAHONS BUND-WIDE Color Wallpaper XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX •M o

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Calls are charged at (1.95 per mir 3 *ay (tip* to Mnd Stop 1: Enter your mobile number Step 2: S«t«ct your mobile provider Stop 3 Enter your password Provider's default password SingeW999, MM234. StartiubJSU W« WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK! KEY W* 0217 0218 0219 02}0 020 3io;o 0210 0211 3102

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I u, i i 1,1' iii r' "it B.r.Tr'i 1900-91J2-745» <OTGi>23 £233 Starting 14th Nov 03,11.00A Closing 14th Nov 03,11.59PM Start Bidding NOW!! All items are brand NEW! You will be notified of the status of your bid via SMS Bids start at $50 only. Instructions Step 1: Enter your

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Choose Fusion Mor^n INSTRUCTIONS VTI 111 »11 IEI ■-<■■.™ hl~*— wallpaper^^"^nMßM O^^JtlrTJii jstWliMllOMl 2-3 HI, K«y U FB" *m» your Al cafcf* mtomabca% bocoim Polyphonic Tones Garrmll! Hm 8,,9ita,1 ?T" 1M,¥1c,i,,,v Ffi ffi.° nSMffISMM t T* t ckto ll2 39l > oMrßBii*B»UiiCBl»o FREpopubrMScontoA IJM K1 MnJr onyourmoMi. w<k«Baby MMSI) T-

Halo, welcome back It went from PC game to the Xbox. Now, the superb Halo is back on PC [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Halo, welcome back It went from PC game to the Xbox. Now, the superb Halo is back on PC TECH By Ian Tan MOST gamers will probably not know this, but the "newly" released PC game Halo is actually a rather old game. Originally designed for the PC, it was

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Z (Poly) (Mono) <lO St TV\. W fcS*» XXXXX /ffff XXXXX0 ffft /Mitt W XXXXX 9£'J>V-fitiB /MwkxJy XXXXX1 ***1? /MOT *NR w ki |W .»Lf XXXXX #ft:lfiritl/MokxJy 15»40«**JK 2003/J»«*i fl E<TI twwTSll II XXXXX /MekxJy XXXXX8JW*** /fHf »V* Wl/ fc- XXXXX7***# ym BBW XXXXX How Art You /JiflKl XXXXX0 How

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d (1 A %SM (SI 1J CMt: II After your auccaaaful download through the 1900 numbarjuz call XXXXX101 to gat your FREE download! -ft T& 1. Entar your raclpiant numbtr for -fr verification. -ft 2. Kay In tha 7-digIt coda of your FR Send it to your friends loved ones

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scaryHoysE ePQOTaae wseeaeos 1900-912-3885 MKttnwrMta an chargad O HI Wa wM a«nd you an ama alafl onea your taclpla* iKhviil Ow aound Ma. ■ (Press 1 lormore|r < XXXXX4 It's tiger time 1 if XXXXX9 Elmo ahbeng M \yj XXXXX0 Puff daddy soWj v XXXXX0 Ahbeng las ketchup XXXXX8 AhBeng


Breakthrough for Asian models? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Breakthrough for Asian models? Looks, style and plenty of height. Singapore model Zhang Manlu takes great strides towards achieving her dream SHOWTIME LIFESTYLE By] Kor Kian Beng IT pays to be very tall. Model Zhang Manlu may not have won the recent Elite Model Look (EML) contest, but she did

Short end of being tall [ARTICLE]

Page 41

Short end of being tall HER long legs may have got her this far in her fledging international modelling career. But there's also a downside to being exceptionally tall for a girl. Like cheeky boys in school calling you giraffe. Or being approached and asked by educational-software peddling salesman when

From designer garb to T-shirt and shorts [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

From designer garb to T-shirt and shorts LAST week, she was a model in pretty outfits, treading the catwalk. This week, Manlu kicked off her six-inch heels and traded her designer wear for a drab T-shirt at her family's two humble restaurants along East Coast Road. Doubling up as cashier

'I can still feel the terror' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

'I can still feel the terror' Sars-based drama brings back tearful memories for Xiang Yun By Chang May Choon THE Sars outbreak may already be a distant memory for most, but for Xiang Yun, the wound's still fresh. It wrenched a dear family friend of more than 20 years from

Is this the new Shawn? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Is this the new Shawn? changes from for movie role By 1 Wendy Teo WHATEVER happened to Shawn Yue? The last time we saw him, in Infernal Affairs 2, he was still one dapper dude in leather togs. Now, he is more like a dowdy dud. But fret not Shawn

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Fusion CHAT PARTV Free line Dial: 6416 3953 Disclaimer: Calls .ire charged at 50.90 mm. Callers 18 yr» above ONLY. Precautions must be taken when meeting strangers from this service. Fault report. XXXXX748 (10;im to Gpm, Mon-Fri). Powered by Fusion Mobile. day, .ill night!

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Abundance, success, wealth, love and relationships., don't you want it all You deserve it! VIKAS MALKANI Expert on motivation, leadership, love and human relationships, best selling author of 16 books and a gifted orator tells you how to have it all! Vikas leads life transforming workshops and learning programmes that

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1 :ji K I Preview < 11fl27H PASSES GIVEAWAY!! Limited Movie Preview Passes ST*R RUNNER *5 to be given away FREE when you spend $30 above at any KBOX outlets from 21/11/03 (Fri) 23/11/03 (Mon)! Don't miss it! Whilst stocks last! OperwySoon •TMMVON MMTCC CfTT CATHAT CWBLEWWE (4» F CATHAY



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Girl on tops Mobile |HHl CtbtoTV OnUne HHHHHB IOO StarHub I FIRST wore a ReehamM top when I posed for Newman magazine. It was a black toga top with crystal details. It was lovely, feminine, trendy and flattering. In short, it was a winner. I didn't know that (the designer)


Page 44

Casual cuisine THIS restaurant serves the most delicious Cantonese food ever. It is like an improved version of home-cooked food. Hmmm, I would call it casual cuisine. Yeah! A friend took me to the restaurant about six months ago. After the first visit, I was back there again within a

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Only StarHub Mobile gives you Surger xj ng mm meal coupons and chance to win No km phonos! Craving for a new mobile phone? From now till 31 December 2003, get a $3.95 Burger King MMS meal coupon from StarHub Mobile. Download it and you'll stand a chance to win



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WHAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT... THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Stars: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne Directed and Written by: Andy and Larry Wachowski Rating: (out of five) AFTER six months, if s impossible for a sane person to remember what went on in The Matrix Reloaded. The even more unnecessary,


Page 45

PREVIEWS THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Stars: Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker Story: A remake of the 1974 classic which, in turn, was based on true events. Five young people on a road trip are stranded in a rural Texas town, where they are hunted and haunted by a chainsaw-wielding killer and


Page 46

OPENING THIS WEEK LE DIVORCE Stars: Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts Story: Irrepressible Isabel (Hudson) arrives in Paris to help pregnant sister Roxeanne (Watts) who is headed for le divorce. In the midst of a scandal and conflicting world views about love, sex, marriage and money, Isabel finds out who she

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Apic Systems Pte Ltd For help call: 9850-69 9850-6960 or •mail to HK1900-911-8-911 Parental Consent required lor callers below 18yrs old. Call charge at $2 per min £3®ge> SOS BaaaaazB lOVWS wMMIMUa J 1)4025 Without Your XXXXX5 *a*y Boy io~ XXXXX/*fl|«.» XXXXXS*#* :^gg_ XXXXX0 Thota Thota* It Kaffy H

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A 1900-911-5-911 r Free Preview 631/ 0050 Step 2 Call 631 7-0050 to listen the ringtone 'or I ree kingtone not listed' Step 3 (,al!190U-911 -5-911 to download SMS "mono song title" or "poly song title •'Foi VMS Polyphonic ringtone you will receive'service message" to 9K49 1100 to get

Cheap, cheesy but lots of fun [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Cheap, cheesy but lots of fun TREMORS was a little creature feature that, ahem, broke new ground. Popping up from beneath Hollywood in 1990 (starring Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire), the cult horror-comedy about giant human-eating worms spawned two sequels, with a third a prequel set in the 1800s on

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1900 912 2811 Calls are charged at S3 a minute Callers must be above18 years Precautions must be taken when meefcng stangers from this service Interactive Voice Systems Pte Ltd Helpline XXXXX103 Tamil Chat 1900 9122 808 English Chat 1900 911 9116 B a r r Free For k t

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PRIME-TIME TV The Concrete Jungle/ ItPtfte Y«o 4- Julie Y*f»: M-MR. LOW? I... INS5P ro speak ro wou ABOUT... wuw? ou/ w«u.o, JOUS... 2J pa M Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Watterson is wwaburser NEW MMJE OUT <* PEOPIE frma wkmrn?/

Page 47 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 47


Page 47 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 47

Highlights Law Enforcers Channel U, 9pm When Jiarong calls Guofeng, he senses something amiss and rushes down to Huilan's bar, but is subdued by Yaoting, who is soon pursued by the police. He takes Yali hostage. Final episode. My Loire, My Home Channel 8,9pm Haiyang ends up in a coma

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PRIME-TIME TV tm 7^r Channel i Channel 5 6.00: Price Is Right —USA (Variety) 7.00: Glenn Rod Sports Show 2 7.30: @Moulmein High (Drama) 8.00: Heart! anders 2 (Drama) 8.30: Star Search (Variety) 9.30: News 5 Tonight 8.00: Makansutra— Cheapo Food (Infotainment)' 8.30: Channel i News" 1 9.00: TremorsGhost Dance

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c ast fesul,s ca u on toll-fi.e number: *7 ti i A; v A. 1800-289-9988 fastads classification guide 0* jjpw 1/ 9 r 7* vl <* > High tea treats Tuck into sushi, dim sum, chicken kebabs and more for high tea see Eating Out. 58-60 Cashier wanted Food court

Read my dress: you bore me [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Read my dress: you bore me 3j£_ Di/v-*,*Jl miim *41»fr\ 1 r»/r»/*j 'WA rfni/r /•/ww. a uiv WmUvi Xojj wvU -r >- cf Sltfe *i. too many, the air-conditioning fais, or her present drink isn't sufficiently icy. As tor donning colour-changing clothing thai turns one into goflong, talking not diem

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ROCK IS BACK; let BbcK Sweet Huiter (ex-member of Black Dog Bag} (ex-member of 5weet Charity) (ex-love Haters) Entertah You With Ycv Favoi/fte Rock Classes From Deep Puple, Uriah Heep, Bad Company, Scorpions etc. thi/jdays^pm-lafn Fridays 4 5ati/day3<Jpm-3a^ Remember the good old ChangiDays? We*, they are back here to stay

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KARAOKE DISCO PUB I > V <* V w "Catch Live Football Matches on our Big Screen Open Mon. Sat. 6pm to 3am Pool tabic/ Dart/ Mega touch machines J.IS Mon-Sat Y) LIVE Band! Pisco No 11 East Coast Rd Odcan Katong Shpg Complex #02-01- #02-23/24/25 Opp Paramount Hotel T«i:

the new paper fastads Eating out

High Tea below $20

Nonya fare for tea [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 51

Nonya fare for tea High tea originated from a British working class tradition where dinner was eaten at 5pm. In Singapore, high tea is normally served in the afternoon and translates to a few hours of catching up among friends and family members over yummy fare. Some suggestions about where


Page 51

Tea at Tiffany Take your time when you have high tea at Tiffany Coffee House, Furama Hotel. The session starts at 11.30am and does not end till 5.30pm. Available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the high tea costs $17.90+++ per adult and $13.50+++ per child (below 12 years old).

An Asian afternoon [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 51

An Asian afternoon Enjoy Asian delights like roasted duck Hong Kong style, shredded pork and century egg porridge and traditional popiah at City Bayview Hotel. Available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from noon to 4pm, the high tea costs $14.50+++ per adult and $10.50 per child (below 11 years


Page 51

Go local Tuck into local fare like rojak, laksa, dim sum, and ice kachang at Trishaw Coffeehouse. Adults pay $13.80+++ each and children (below 12 years old), $8.80+++ each. This high tea spread, with more than 35 items, is available on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5pm. Trishaw Coffeehouse

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Crepes pancakes Find these and more at The Batter Place. Details inside. Japanese steamboat Shabu shabu sets from $18+++. Details inside. Thai Buffet Choose from more than 50 dishes. Details inside. Experience ■>_ thetluillof rolling your own eC> W] Popiah with your choice ofingrcdicnl.sfroni more than 10selections -7c/ ni« »«r

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Page 51

CfcILION CITY HOTEL 1*65/ COFFEEHOUSE 15 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore XXXXX0 [Nonya cum Local High rTpa Riiffet > Mult ilea DUIiCI nil Every Saturday Sunday r laLawV 12noon to 2.30pm 3.00pm to 5.30pm watch the English Premier League 'LIVE' 1 ,l

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THE LONGEST HI-TEA (Sat, Sun Holidays Only) from 11:30 am to pm Tiffany Coffee House, Level 2 "^lReservations: 6531 5366 FU RAMA All prices subject to 10% service charge, 1% cess and 4% GST Singapore IMINSffX HHi t Retreat from the urban rush 60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore XXXXX4

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Eating yput l^m Hotel Royal Li-*. Trishaw Coffee House llSfSiS' 36 Newton Rd Singapore XXXXX4 BBWIK Tel: 6253 4411 ext 2 (Reservation) «w» v we re backl j& r [formerly from holland village (chip bee gardens), promenade nus since 1979] j old time favourites J meals beef stroganoff, roti jala,

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Page 52

j{ One Of The Best Seafood Restaurant In Singapore Since 1963 |j H Famous Balacan Fish p H You Can Taste The Difference i Hurry Now! i jy Come To Our Restaurant j! !i Anc En i°y 39 Years °f i! Seafood Experiences, jl S 10% Discount on all dishes

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Page 52

i Savour flavourful soup with no MSG Fish Head Soup/Tom Yam Soup/Ma La Soup [over 50 items for steamboat buffet I jrflih. Promotion Price: i ,AduK:>s*ea d*4r qai j Child: $12.80 3.DU j Show this advertisement to enjoy $5 rebate (except Sat), 1 *£fiSSSSSffr Opening Mon-Fri: 2pm-lam |l Hours: Sat-Sun:

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Page 52

Oyster on ice, Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Crayfish, King Prawn, Mussels, Chilli Crabs, Sharks' Fin Soup, Mongolian BBQ, Desserts... Dinner Adutt Child Mon -Thurs $28.00 $15.00 Fri-SunA Eve o» Pub. Holiday $29.80 $16.00 Pub. Holiday (Price subject to service charge prevailing govt charges) HO PORK, MO LARD For reservation, call 6334

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Page 53

tvmor j 0 OftQ QQQ Q a. A. y V For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- «LOw w %rOO SBFH (jj) Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Sushi, Tempura d. and A La Carte Buffet 76 items for you to choose. rj\ Must fry!! Lunch Adult $26.88 ✓—n M&.* Child $16^8

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Page 53

P*rionalCar« 9HHH9 £I>2to Omue 7hft4ffy Cfttfff CNmH a TW IMWoral Mill m# Fk« Body Natural Hafbal Scrub AcupMWtam tor B—uly t SUmmtng /1M69 9927 ■A Open Daily 11.00pm WHS is 29* Lorong Mambong. (Holland VlWaga) y mi mm AwanaSpa k Extended Offer Pull Body Massage Full Body Scrub p L

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Page 53

AROMATIC FULL BODY RELAXING MASSAGE <*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*> Special Promotion <*$55! «< Wt Abo Prortd* »> Face Vitamins Treatment/ Scrubbing/ Ear Candling/ Body Contouring Hurry! Ms Coil For Appt Now! Tel. 6336-1618 (Operating Hour: 11am-9pm) Body Scrub E9 Feel Refleioieff XXXXX1162 fc, j] rbniMlW ■HHB **w"°** llP y j; 1 ITVAI STTIf

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the* 4/ —v—fifes usj Z—/v—<— "A—a_ A For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- 2u9 9900 Other Products Services AST DEAL With/Without Wirrdnty Used/united Heeded ig*T** > iil Honest Quotation Given ')S Strictly Cash Payment On The Spot fg —I Sincere Reliable Dealing Satisfaction Deal Ensure Easy TroubWree

Page 54 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 54

Other Products Services 8250 $190; 8310 $200; 3310 $60; 2100 $140; 6100 $370; 6610 $350; 7250 i $520; 8210 $120... 9272-0988/9386-9939 FAST CASH FOR NEW LINE UPTO $150 9796-1984 CASH CARRY For New, Used, Spoilt TV 14" to 34" $!00-S2K Projection TV 38" to 62" $200-XXXXX Mini Hi-Fi, Home Theatre

Page 54 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 54

Other Products Services^jg Conscientious Traffic Police trained Instructor conducts systematic lessons for learners at Kg Übi Test Centre Hp: 9790-1255 U REFRESHER HOURLY Aircon. P/steering Honda Civic Manual/ automatic 2 BOXES OF REGAINE HAIR LOSS TREATMENT FOR SALE AT $170. Contact 9845-1825 a 1— Accessories Brand new/Ind Hand? Spoiled/ Repair

Page 54 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 54

POAs/Mobtes/Phones/ IPfttANTED back price for tip-top condom -J22) handphones. Servtang, repair J modmiiions are available *1 Thalia Communkations N2-03 International Plata (next to Tg Pagar MKT) S} Tel: 6222 0995 IMIHM BH'mNTION WTOPHONE USERS want to sell your used/ new h/p. We offer Genuine Best FASTEST PICK-UP Also Buy In

Page 54 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 54

PDAs/Mobiles/Phones/ WANTED ALL HP! LAPTOP/PDA/GAME SETS/ DIGI/ VIEWCAM/ MD/ MP3 8210 $140, 3210 $50, 8250 $160, 8310/ 6510 $210, 6100/ 6610 $340, 3310 $100, 7250 $420 Tel: 94-500-600 Why trade-in? We pey Mqh cask Nokia, Samsung. Erickson. Motorolla, Panasonic 7650. 8310, 8250.3650, TlOO. V2OO. 6510, PBOO, 8008. 9210. All GSM

Page 54 Advertisements Column 6 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 54

Health Centres *r'~ >Iffl Massage" \jkm\ Mm- C Bring along J p this ads to enjoy $2 off XXXXX889! Orchard Plaza J IMPJ I Attached shower 1 Ample parking I (D 6294 XXXXX AYURYITA THERAPY I 5 HINDOO RD #0?-01 I Beijing Spa t AJrn ®644J87|7f A B* 57 Marine

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Page 55

For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- 289 XXXXX Health Centres Health Centres Health Centres dm Health Centres Health Centres Health Centres Charming, Experienced Skillful Masseuses r (Steam/Sauna, TV Restroom HOTEL GRAND CENTRAL BS Cavtnagh Robd I0S 06 Singapore XXXXX7 Business Hours From 11am Daily fob 6S3SS04B/BS3S5049 Youithi

Page 55 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 55

Health Centres 499 Health Centres T rprQ. DIAMOND HEALTH CEI&RE*;: I Y 100 Jalan Sultan #05-21 sth Floor Sultan Palza {ft Tel: 62 9 6 2 2 1 1 Free Buffet Karaoke Sauna Steam Bath Gymnasium Hot/Cold P°°l hTT Video Coffee Lounge Business Hour 10am 11 7pm-11pm_ 'ftlm I EWLY

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Page 56

piper i oqq qqoo Z—/ V —As —X A For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- «7«sOO Health Centres Health Centres Health Centres ease ymrfmsim amy wti H our experience skilful masseuses. liaditional Thai Massage Available. Steam batfi/Suana/J{ot 'Tool/TV llestroom/ UX/UKIICI SPA RESORT Ht+JL J!parage fall BODY SCRUB

Page 56 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 56

Health Centres Business Services ♦FINANCIAL INSTITUTE* Get gift/ $S$ Invest your CPF No gimmicks CPF statement required Call now: 9617-6759 CASH FREE GIFTS loan only up to $2K from financial institution long repayment period with/ without payslip 9187-4125 (by bank) REFINANCE/ PURCHASE HDB Flat Buy/ Sell/ Part Sale Welcome (Not

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Page 56

Business Business Services Business Services Old Laptop_at: Spoil Laptop at: ESP PI $30 -$100 P2 $50 200 P2 $200 $500 P3 $100 $350 P3 $600 $1000 P4 $350 $1000 P-4 $800 $2000 Celeron $50 $500 Celeron.s3so $1200 AMD :$5O $500 AMD $350 $1200 CaH XXXXX636 for the best cash Repairing

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rrnrior l 0 OQQ qqqq > ft > For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- Business Services Business Services jggjQl Business Services r Relax, we will walk you through! Enrol Today In Our "JCCI Program" And Let Our Professional Counsellors Handle Your Debts' Stress!" SAY NO TO BANKRUPTCY!

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Business Services Get CASH for recommendinq CPF investments It's not a loan No Repayment CPF Board Approved Investments CS Chua 9238-5520 HARI RAYA SPECIAL! Get cash free gifts Bring CPF statement for processing Financial Institution Call 9199-0029/ 9066-0150 nowl Heed Cash SS Com* to us, Wa can help! PROMOTION Pawn

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Page 57

Properties Properties Buy HDB Flat For Better ReturnF to buy or refinance your HDB F flat through us $0 $0 Qet Cash Qet Instant Cash Loan S I Qet Instant Bank Loan Oct SIOOO Monthly K Call us Now for more details: XXXXX273 1 Invest your CPF to buy properties.

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Page 57

Sales Sales Sert-motJvate, have deteminatton and enjoys meeting people. CaSTayCtoon Hong, 22 years Tvfl business experience, MDRT I Tay Choon Mong|'slsJßW mdrt(USA) BanyriiiTfM 22 y»«t» buHnw mpertwa SALESMAN required for leading US household car products High commission Training provided Ca« XXXXX293 for appointment Counter Positions/ Receptionists BEIJING 101 HAIR CONSUL

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Page 58

ptlpo y( X > A. For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- 289 9988 Hotel/Restore*/ L««)e *jft§ DISCCUSSION FAMILY CONCEPT KTV requires 1) PR Manageress/ Manager 2) Walter/Waitress Full-Time Malaysians welcome Japanese Restn urgently seeks (Part-time: 6pm-11pm) Relevant 1 year experience Students need not apply Riverside View ttol-15

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Hotel/Restaurant/ Lounge KIV Pub kWfMAr Boat Quay requires: Prefer Chinese speaking Call or Walk-in: 31 Circular Road Boat Quay Tel: 9858-2713 —-a. fk.i, neignoovrnooiJ ruo in Seranqoon Gardens looting tor English speaking Presentable Trpt provided Interested caH 9238-3493 New established KTV music lounge requires EXPERIENCED MAMASAN Interested call Mr Yee

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Page 58

A At f uencayr>Ti Require Immediate Able to handle full set Able to work independently Bilingual in English Chinese Min 3 yrs experience PC literate tffaib.ld I—A 1 WOIH IVI InivfYVvW No 12 Fan Yooog Rd Tel: XXXXX988 bus no 232 fr Boon Lay interchange, alight at the second bus

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Page 58

Security Urgently Required Male/ Female Security Officers for Orchard Rd, Kranfi/ Woodlands Able to speak write i simple English M'sians with SPM own motorbike may also apply. Interested applicants pis call 6733 1060 Cleaners 1 Childcare Centre in Tanjong Rhu (East Coast area) looking for CLEANER with cooking skills PIMM

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Page 58

Part-Tlme/T emporary Positions Bridal Shop setting up new portfolios FEMALE/ MALE MODELS nMdwJ Students welcome No Fees Required 12pm-Bpm Pfras* call 6323-XXXXXM1 for all STUDENTS Chinese working environment Flexible hours 6333-9223/ 9008-9811/ 9183-5681/ 9066-7691 Other Positions CRUISE SHIP JOBS? Travel for free earn up to U554,500 p/mth. For FREE info,

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Page 58

Announcements THE REGENT BRIDAL SHOW GRAND DRAW WINNERS Conducted on 7 November 2003,10 am at The Bridal Showroom Winner l/C Ist Prize Wedding Gown valued at $4000 Ms Wee Ming Huey XXXXX216G by Kevin Seah Atelier 2nd Prize Photography Package valued at $3000 Mr John Tan Chong Jin XXXXX103E by

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Announcements Announcements Education Education CHARTWELL Ml SINtSSSC HOOI. Polytechnic University u i h»tn urn/ futtti* •v<i Not just a dream GCE 'O' LEVEL FULL TIME PART TIME Minimum Entry Requirement 16 Years and Above Wide Choice of Subjects MOE Approved Teachers NS Deferment/Student Pass for Foreigners EZ Link Concession Card

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,*v' \'y |Bk f nSpNI V2i^K > J s V J* 'V "■4. &■*s■s' *tj-v 1' JJA'$ ;I ..>•-" -«.Jvv'.,5 -V >; L■ 1 r.*' I HAOW33T Ii ■■■■''!■<.*-** e> <r* *«l f I 11T1 |l 1 2 lunch? Time to read Lunch Guide, a special food feature >\ of



Page 60

LEADING TRAINERS 1st 2nd 3rd CLeck 78 54 50 M Thwaites 68 50 59 LLaxon 51 57 46 J Meagher 43 43 50 D Baertschiger 39 40 49 P Shaw 30 25 26 S Gray 28 29 37 BChua 23 23 16 B Ang 18 24 20 D Dragon 17


Page 60

LEADING JOCKEYS 1st 2nd 3rd J Saimee 78 57 33 M du Plessis 62 56 58 J Geroudis 34 23 25 L Cassidy 27 28 24 G Cooksley 25 29 22 KB Soo 26 22 26 E Wilkinson 23 24 29 B Woodworth 21 24 22 S John 18 23

Lord Of The Rings [ARTICLE]

Page 60

Lord Of The Rings (Race 3 No. 1) BEST BET There's a lotto like about this Lord Ballina gelding. At only his second start on Oct 24, he gave a commanding display to win a 1,200m event by 4 V2 lengths in a good time of lmin 10.6sec. He is


Page 60

TAN THEAN LOON'S GUIDE TO KRANJI TRACKWORK WORKOUTS, on a track rated good, by horses engaged at Kranji tonight: RACE l:ChaeGo pace work. Slow work: Pecos Bill, fit as a fiddle, Saint Isaac (trainer Tim Pinfield). RACE 2: Everest Sunrise pace work. Slow work: Good Businessman, looking forward, Lamp Post,


Page 60

BARRIER TRIALS RESULTS of four barrier trials conducted over I,ooom on the fibresand track at Kranji yesterday morning. The going was good. TRIAL 1:1 Ikley Moor (T Ong) 2 Pacific Maestro (M Hairin) 3 Black Beret (J Saimee) 4 Zinniah (V Sivan). Official margins and time: 6 I A, 1%,


Page 60

TOP TIPS RACING FRI Racing Editor RACE Marc Tan Danny Khoo Tan Thean Loon Michael Lee S£lSa tPfccosBJH 10 Allocated fSkyPrmils 6 Pecos Bill 10 Allocated 12 Sky Luck 3 Light Of Glory 8 Twinkle Stars 6 Pecos Bill 7*n 14 Allinghi 3 Good Businessman 6 Lim'sTriller 3 Good Businessman


Page 61

TODAY'S KRANJI (LONG COURSE, B) RACE CARD GOING FORECAST: GOOD MAN WITH THE MIDAS TOUCH: Jockey Mark du Plessis, who captured last Sunday's $1.5 million Singapore Gold Cup with Zlrna, can keep up his excellent trot atKranJiwhen he legs up on Blue Meteor (Race 5), Cincinnati Express (Race 6), Speedy

Sunline in foal to Fergie's champion [ARTICLE]

Page 61

Sunline in foal to Fergie's champion AP. CHAMPION New Zealand mare Sunline is in foal to the dual hemisphere stallion Rock Of Gibraltar, formerly raced by Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of English Premiership soccer giant Manchester United. Sunline became the richest stakes-winning female racehorse in history when she took more

Thwaites keeps mum on plans [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Thwaites keeps mum on plans THE guessing game continues. Sorry, trainer Malcolm Thwaites (right) has not announced his next move yet. The multiple champion had made a puzzling remark "It's my last" after winning the Singapore Gold Cup with Zirna last Sunday and told The New Paper that he would


Page 63

GUIDE TO IPOH TRACKWORK GOING: HEAVY NST. FLYING ACE geared up well for the National Stud Farm Sprint Vase over the Ipoh 1,100m straight in Race 5 on Sunday with a nice workout yesterday. Taken out by a track rider, the four-year-old Australian-bred gelding by Rory's Jester was kept on


Page 64

TOMORROW'S IPOH RACE CARD 12.30 RACE 1 MRD3— looow (so i km r Ml rtn < 4) 55 o HoodlnJ UWI/ih 1 6k 55 3 iust UkaTlfar 4 YiNow Jsnr>totisls •uTrhwj <10 55 KWLeong i i 55 5 BI<Binlm»> R ftmr (aHiu TM Wan 7 < 5 55 55 7


Page 64

SUNDAY'S IPOH RACE CARD 12.10 MCE 1 MRD1— 1000a (SC) i u»b,. 3 Cmn MarKX A CMrvHo *H MofxJ 7] 55 5Anandan 0 Woodwonh KWLeor* ruuiM < 4 (10 5 55 55 55 55 5 DtOnm 1 fi IMtM. 7 Jaram Rainbow 8 Monay Matter* 9 OAknalvfl rT tr» BvhAir^.t.

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L .Jl 3 is set toTock .^Mpy^! ft* ,'_n.. .>= l .'>'• 1 jsiu 5 71) "i* —vj' r"TL i J j <- 1 3J v. IT

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NEW YORK SPA For Your Total Relaxation Visit Our SPA With Our Charming Masseuses Attend To You m i All Rooms With Shower Attached Mini Theatre Safe Deposit Box Sauna I Steam Rooms Hydro Pool Therapeutic Foot Reflexology Gym Room Cafeteria Tel: 072nd Fir, New York Hotel, No. 22 Jin

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taMonsterVille... 4.. > A {!W m I 1% w «y T v W r t 'a l X T H E S E S f i A A NEW DRAMA EVERY FRIDAY 9PM <;i November f Refresh TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT THE WAY YOU LIKE IT.



Page 66

GOLF: TIGER SKINS Tanah Merah Country Club, Sat-Sun By Brian Miller IF you're a betting man, Retief Goosen has two tips for you. Bet on the New Zealand All Blacks winning next week's Rugby World Cup in Sydney. Closer to home and starting tomorrow, bet on him bagging a whole


Page 66

ALL ABOUT TIGER SKINS: THIS year's Tiger Skins will be worth US$lBO,OOO ($315,000). It will be played over two days (nine holes a day) at the Tanah Merah Country Club, starting tomorrow. The four golfers in this year's competition are Annika Sorenstam, Jesper Parnevik, Retief Goosen and Lam Chih Bing.


Page 66

GOOSE FEATHERS: V RETIEF Goosen won his first European Tour title in 1996. In 2001 he topped the European Order of Merit and he repeated that feat last year. This year has seen him finish in the Top an five occasions in Europe and in the United States. He was

Can All Blacks grab torch from Wallabies? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 67

Can All Blacks grab torch from Wallabies? TOMORROW SUNDAY RUGBY WORLD CUP 2003: SEMI FINALS SUDDENLY, it is 1991 all over again. In that World Cup, played in Britain, the semi-finals were, as this weekend's will be, contests between the best of the northern hemisphere and those of the south.


I know how to beat All Blacks [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

I know how to beat All Blacks Wire Services. THE Wallabies believe they have uncovered some defensive chinks in the New Zealand armour which they can exploit in tomorrow's World Cup semi-final. Australia coach Eddie Jones said he was encouraged that Wales had already exposed some weaknesses in the All


Page 68

FRANCE v ENGLAND: FREDDY'S READY Reuters. WHEN France last faced England in the Six Nations in February, Frederic Michalak was not at Twickenham. Instead, he was playing with the Under-21 team at scrumhalf. On Sunday, Michalak (above) will wear the No 10 jersey in the World Cup semi-final and will

'Rain' spoils A-Rod parade [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

'Rain' spoils A-Rod parade HOUSTON TENNIS: MASTERS CUP RED GROUP: 6-Rainer Schuettler (GER) M 1-Andy Roddick (US) 4-6,7-6,7-6 Wire Services. RAINER Schuettler (right) spoiled Andy Roddick's coronation celebration as ATP year-end world No 1 this morning (Singapore time). He beat the US Open champion 4-6, 7-6, 7-6 at the Masters


We are getting desperate [ARTICLE]

Page 70

We are getting desperate Wire Services. DERBYs Pablo Mills believes tomorrow's Pride Park clash with Burnley is a must-win fixture. The club has failed to pick up a victory in their last eight outings. A 2-2 home draw over Ipswich last time out had at least brought an end to

Robson for Bradford? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

Robson for Bradford? PA Sport. BRYAN Robson (left) is one of three names short-listed for Bradford City's manager's job, according to a story on the Valley Parade club's official site. Robson has been out of management since leaving Middlesbrough almost three years ago, where he was replaced by Terry Venables.



Page 71

MAD WITH MILAN Rivaldo hits out at being on bench PERU ZIL Reuters. NEVER have you seen Brazilian World Cup winner Rivaldo so aggressive in venting his frustration. But he just cannot hold it back any longer of his very unhappy days at Italian Serie A club AC Milan. He

Kaka to take over Rivaldo's role [ARTICLE]

Page 71

Kaka to take over Rivaldo's role AFP. YOUNG ami promising Kaka is the name on everyone's tips to replace Rivaldo. llie altar king starlet is expected to <fiBplani bm ■mm experienced colleague for tke tussles with Peru and Uruguay, after appearing in coach Carlos Alberto Parreira's first-choice side in training.



Page 72

SAD WITH FANS Crespo lets fly at Argentinian impatience ARGENTINA v BOLIVIA Reuters. WHEN the going gets tough, the fans get going. The impatience of the Argentinian fans in wanting instant results has been criticised by Chelsea's in-form striker Hernan Crespo on the eve of the tough South American Qualifier


Page 72

URUGUAY: NO RECOBA? Reuters. URUGUAY* captain Alvaro Recoba (left, celebrating with Diego Forlan) looks a doubtful starter against Chile because of a pulled hamstring. "It's the one in the left leg, which I shoot with, and experience tells me that if it hasn't improved, I won't play," said the Inter-Milan


Page 72

ECUADOR: NO DELGADO PA Sport. SOUTHAMPTON has denied injury-plagued Agustin Delgado permission to play for Ecuador. The Saints fear he might be played even though he is well short of fitness following back surgery. Southampton said on their website that the surprise call-up to play in the South American Qualifiers


Page 72

FIXTURES TOMORROW Uruguay v Chile Paraguay v Ecuador Colombia v Venezuela Argentina v Bolivia SUNDAY Peru v Brazil TUESDAY Venezuela v Bolivia Chile v Paraguay WEDNESDAY Brazil v Uruguay Ecuador v Peru Colombia v Argentina


I'd like to be first choice [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 73

I'd like to be first choice ENGLANDv DENMARK PA Sport JOHN Terry has set his sights on "putting little doubts" into the mind of Sven Goran Eriksson over England's No 1 centre-back pairing as he strives to break up the Rio Ferdinand-Sol Campbell combination. Terry has started England's last four


Page 73

ENGLAND'S BLUES PA Sport JOHN Terry shot back at critics who say that Chelsea doesn't have enough English players, pointing out that there are five players in the current national squad. Terry said he is pleased to be with Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Wayne Bridge and Glen Johnson. He continued:

Gerrard, Vassell out, Smith in [ARTICLE]

Page 73

Gerrard, Vassell out, Smith in Wire Services STEVEN Gerrard has been ruled out of England's friendly against Denmark with a back strain, the Football Association said yesterday. The Liverpool midfielder withdrew after consultations between England medical staff and his club, the FA's website said. Injured Middlesbrough defender Gareth Southgate pulled


Page 73

SMITH ARRESTED, OUT ON BAIL AFP LEEDS United striker Alan Smith had a remarkable day yesterday. Hours after he was picked for the England squad, he was arrested, then released on bail over allegations that he threw a bottle into the crowd during a match on Oct 28, the BBC

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■fast^lk W/ WARMTH Y FRIENDSHIP V gives!! A free lines 6775 5800. of warming hearts now IMMHjjfl Callers should be IHvrs above. A friendly reminder: Do exercise caution prudenecj when meeting up with new friends for first lime. Be COOI. hut also he SMART, j Service b\ Jl" l ech

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li'rf 2p%. f v Y'C:/: GET A PIECE OF THE ACTION AT THE CARLSBERG FOOTBALL FUNTASY! Be a part of the game along Mohd Sultan Road trom 7 to 24 November 2003! This November, Mohd Sultan Road is going to become football central for all football mad Singaporeans! Just head

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Home Team Away Team Match KtekOff (Singapore date/time) Germany France Sun, 16/11/03,3.30 am England Denmark Mon, 17/11/03,12.00 am Poland Serto&Montenegro Mon, 17/11/03,12.15 am Italy Romania Mon, 17/11/03,3.45 am Uruguay Chile Sun, 16/11/03,2.00 am Colombia Venezuela Sun, 16/11/03,5.00 am Paraguay Ecuador Sun, 16/11/03,6.20 am Argentina Bolivia Sun, 16/11/03,8.30 am Peru Brazil

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Court The iJWmate JR Mm fl| Challenge'•'X v., > r 1 x V i —> v A- u -~*r* w vVv-^'l, 1 r\ Calling all teens aged 18 years old and below! Come display your skills and smash your way to the Championship titlel Date 9 -13 December 2003 Time

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>W >* <♦ 4fe 4U& «S3 rS ;*v f•sr< M r < ;r*l J"- I \v. W*?r •>' S* > v*J qfcr&v. y fl *«ii :«r *f*. •'«> > I P JTC v THE BE iL V*-» r -f v \A '^K wt: <£*, 0- -3 P U INTlMt L_




Page 75

RUSSIA v WALES: THE KEY BATTLES (1st Leg) RUSSIA v WALES PA Sport. JOHN HARISON (taft) v VlKnm ONOPKO: Hartson has been in the form of his life at Celtic, and has produced a stream of brave performances for Wales. z.-f He is crucial to Mark Hughes' plans because the

Cash will follow, if goals flow [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 75

Cash will follow, if goals flow PA Sport. WALES are in for a cash bonanza if they make it to the Euro 2004 Finals. If Wales successfully complete their Playoff conflict with Russia tomorrow in Moscow and next Wednesday back in Cardiff, the game could be boosted by at least

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TUe A»4 of iriILAYCU-AJ vviHt Hs Cithufal flci»ifagc datinq back well ovef 2TliOMBaMdyeai's At FIRST MUAYTHAI FITNESS PTE LTD, we specialize in Martial Arts for Self Defense Fitness!!! Speed Fitness Agility, quick acceleration rapid limb movement. Strength Power Strong stabilizing muscles enables you to transfer more force through your weapon.

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WANTED! ALL HPI LAPTOPS/PDA GAME CONSOLES/ CHGrTAL/VlEW CAM MD/MP3 3310/3315 $100 8310/6510 $240 8250 $160 8210 $140 6610 etc $320 HP:XXXXX602 JUST MOBILE

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r hi i 4 J* y"v c i > V s •**>.' v f J @W vf Khoo Chin Poo Marathon Runner 2hr 34mins 04sec It's for purity of purpose driving your body beyond its limits. N is for motivation. Pushing yourself beyond the point where all other reasons for


Lovely Beyonce knocked me out [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 77

Lovely Beyonce knocked me out EXCLUSIVE By MARIO MELCHIOT CHELSEA/HOLLAND How did the MTV Europe awards function go? On Nov 61 flew up to Edinburgh after training, to attend the MTV Europe awards. I was with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and some friends of ours. From the moment we arrived in


Tight match-ups in race for last Euro spots [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 78

Tight match-ups in race for last Euro spots (1st Leg) AP. IF Scotland need any more motivation against Holland, Clarence Seedorf s comments should do the trick. The teams meet in the Euro 2004 Playoffs tomorrow in Glasgow, and Seedorf is already picturing the Dutch playing in next year's tournament.

We'll quit if Dutch get dumped [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 78

We'll quit if Dutch get dumped Wire Services. DICK Advocaat and Jaap Stam (right) will quit international football if they fail to qualify for Euro 2004. The former Rangers manager has not had an easy ride since taking charge of the Dutch national side. And failing to overcome Berti Vogts'


'Good for us that Carew and Solskjaer are out' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 79

'Good for us that Carew and Solskjaer are out' (1st Leg) SPAIN v .NORWAY EXCLUSIVE: THE STAR COLUMN By RAUL GONZALEZ REAL MADRID Do you think that Spain having to make it to Portugal through Playoffs b a kind of shame? We are, of course, disappointed that we did not


Page 80

to the REDS2 IN THE EPL SHOPPING WINDOW SPAIN v (1st Leg) NORWAY Wire Services. SPANISH club Se villa's winger, Jose Antonio Reyes, believes his virtuoso display against Real Madrid last Sunday has lent further weight to his claims he is a top-class player. Top English clubs, such as Liverpool,

Pedro for England? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 80

Pedro for England? PA Sport REAL Sociedad midfielder Javier de Pedro (left) has given the clearest indication yet that his future lies in England. The Spain international was close to securing a move to Southampton during the off-season but the transfer fell through when his club were unable to agree

Scots' luck [ARTICLE]

Page 80

Scots' luck PA Sport. SCOTLAND have been handed a lucky omen for their Euro 2004 Playoff against Holland. It was announced yesterday that Norwegian referee Terje Hauge will take charge of the showdown. The 38-year-old will make a sentimental return to Hampden Park where he made his international debut as

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i Jp M 9?"* ,r# c |> ,r ß*d ■< 60cts P* r m*9 *••»</ received. Callers should be 18 years and above. Pleas# be cautious A& 'v pSj wh n m# *tlng strangers from this service. Helpline: <325 6129 Another Quality Product by POWERCOM V >!*■

Page 80 Miscellaneous

Page 80 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 80

RUGBY WORLD CUP SEMI-FINALS N ZEALAND v AUSTRALIA Ch 24, Ch 5, spm, tomorrow FRANCE v ENGLAND Ch 24, Ch 5, spm, Sunday NBA S ANTONIO v PHILADELPHIA Ch 23,9 am, tomorrow EURO 04 PLAYOFFS SCOTLAND v HOLLAND Ch 22,10.55pm, tomorrow RUSSIA v WALES Ch 21,11.55pm, tomorrow CROATIA v SLOVENIA

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TBiggest Bridal i ■pale Ever at r. "TOh-end Boutique! I From 14th to 16th Nov 2003 1 lam Bpm 1 Sale extended due to overwhelming response! 250 pes exquisite wedding gowns to clear over J*ml F 80% S I^o^£sjot-eventn^~gown mm/0 to be missed Discontented brides-to-be or Anyone dissatisfied with your