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New Paper, 3 January 1992


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL18195


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the new paper FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1992 MITA (P) 13/4/91 29*

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Star stands by dying wife «v. w Br Pierce Brosnan (right), star of TV hit series Remington Steele, sees his actress wife Cassandra Harris, 39, (left, with son Sean) die of cancer. It ends one of Hollywood's most enduring love stories. Her dying tribute to him: "He did everything."/ Page


Snow falls in Jerusalem after 42 years [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 2

Snow falls in Jerusalem after 42 years Snowy New Year: This is how Jerusalem looked this New Year. A snowstorm that struck the Middle East on New Year's Day brought snow to the Holy City after 42 years. Israelis spent their New Year dicing out of half a metre of

Probe on top anti-drugs men [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Probe on top anti-drugs men By Suresh Nair TWO SENIOR narcotics officers are being investigated by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau. Both are alleged to have tried suppressing a damaging confidential report on a junior narcotics officer. It is believed to be the first time such senior anti-drug officers are

Know your Russian [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

Know your Russian How's your Russian? Here is a quiz by SHAHIRAN SAHARI to test yourself. It's okay to blush if you don't know the answers (see bottom of page) but don't turn red! By J Shahiran Sahari WHAT was once simply the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has splintered

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HPSBACKI with a new cartoon i>4"* W Starting y rf tomorrow < %J t COLIN GOH

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WEATHER SHOWERS over a few areas in the afternoon. Temp: 31 deg C max. Sunset 7.11 pm.



Open trade [ARTICLE]

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Open trade US President George Bush yesterday said his country would maintain open trade with the Asia-Pacific region. But he rejected pleas by Australian farmers to end US farm subsidies and said Japan and the European Community were mainly to blame for the world's economic problems. The US will honour

'Unfair' trade [ARTICLE]

Page 4

'Unfair' trade SHOPKEEPERS in housing estates are urging grassroots groups to stop organising trade fairs in their neighbourhoods. They say such fairs hurt business. But Citizens' Consultative Committees (CCCs) and Residents' Committees (RCs) say the fairs help raise funds for their projects. Shopkeepers are willing to contribute to the grassroots

Slow trade [ARTICLE]

Page 4

Slow trade SINGAPORE'S total trade last year in value terms is estimated to have grown by 6 per cent, about half the 1990 rate, says the Trade Development Board. This makes it the first single-digit growth rate posted since trade last shrank during the 1985 and 1986 recession. Experts say


Page 4

HEADLINERS The Straits Times: Ukraine, Russia end 74-year subsidies. Business Times: Cambodia needs USsl.2b urgently for reconstruction. Lianhe Zaobao: Bush attacks EC's trade policies. Berita Harian: America wants to maintain military power, trade. SBC morning news: Israel is expelling 12 Palestinians activists from the occupied territories. BBC morning news: Britain

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Did they know it was X'mas? [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Did they know it was X'mas? SINGAPORETODAY By Irene Hoe IT may not have been a very Merry Christmas for the people planning US President George Bush's visit, which begins today. A large White House advance team, for example, checked into the Shan-gri-la Hotel before Christmas. They're still here, hard

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Six dogs poisoned to death [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Six dogs poisoned to death SINGAPORETODAY PENALTY Police have classifed the case under the Animals and Birds Act. Offenders may be fined up to $500, jailed up to six months, or both. By Augustine Pang SIX Alsatians, belonging to the same person, were poisoned to death in their Upper Serangoon

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Page 8

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My first day at school [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

My first day at school Hundreds of fresh-faced youngsters tasted their first day at school yesterday. R VIJAYA asked some celebrities to dust off the cobwebs and tell us about theirs SINGAPORETODAY Artist and writer Joash Moo, 26, on Anglo-Chinese Primary School, 1971 "We had this fierce, fat, grouchy old

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Son's lover marries his dad [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Son's lover marries his dad FRED Jones has a grandaughter who is also his step-daughter. He also has a newborn son who is the uncle of his three-year-old stepdaughter. Does this sound confusing? Wait till you hear the rest of the story. Mr Jones, 70, has 16 grandchildren. His wife,


Page 12

FAMILY OBJECTED FRED and Nicola Jones decided to marry despite strong objections from some of the family members. Someone in the family vandalised a book of love verses Nicola gave her husband as a gift, she said. Scrawled on it was: "There's no fool like an old fool." Nicola also

Panic in Armenia over TV joke [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Panic in Armenia over TV joke UPI. IT was an eerie case of deja vu for Armenian television viewers when April Fools' came early this year. On New Year's Day, Armenian TV interrupted regular programming to report that President Levon ter-Petro-syan, who was on vacation, was unable to carry out

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Page 12

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Baby: Uncle slew four in my family [ARTICLE]

Page 13

Baby: Uncle slew four in my family AP. A TWO-YEAR-OLD toddler in Atlanta told police that he saw his uncle kill four members of their family on New Year's Day. Maxwell Winston Jr, a 30-year-old prison parolee, was arrested and charged with the killings yesterday after he was identified by

First baby of the year, like mum [ARTICLE]

Page 13

First baby of the year, like mum AP. WHEN Lora Smart Swink was born 29 years ago, she made news as her county's first baby of 1963. History repeated itself with the birth of her son on Wednesday. At 12:23 am, Jeremy Tyler Swink, weighing in at 3.4 kg, became

Dirty, so water supply cut off in Malacca [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Dirty, so water supply cut off in Malacca TAPS in Malacca ran dry again yesterday. The Malacca Waterworks Authority (MWA) was forced to stop pumping supplies to households in the Malaysian state because of ammonia contamination along a stretch of the Malacca river, Malaysian newspapers reported today. The river supplies

A pledge for peace [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

A pledge for peace Wire services. NEW United Nations secretary-general Boutros Ghali (right) took charge yesterday with a pledge to create a "new momentum for peace-making" and "above all" defend human rights and democracy. He has also said he will consider reforming the world body, which employs more than 10,000

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Page 13

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Page 14

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Palestinians to boycott talks [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Palestinians to boycott talks Wire services. P PALESTINIAN negotiators have decided to 'boycott the next round of peace talks in Washington, a senior Palestinian official said this morning. The move was to protest the deportation by Israel of 12 Palestinian activists. The official, Mr Al-Tayeb Abdelrahim, who bears the title

Georgian rebels form new council [ARTICLE]

Page 17

Georgian rebels form new council AP. G EOHGIAN opposition leaders yesterday announced the formation of a military council to replace President Zviad Gamsakhurdia, but there was no indication he was prepared to surrender. After 12 days of fierce fighting between rebel forces and Mr Gamsakhurdia's men, the president remained inside

Grumbles and confusion [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Grumbles and confusion DA^N^^RIC^I Wire services. GRUMBLES and sheer confusion were the order of the day as Russians, long used to state subsidies, adjusted to a life of high prices. Yesterday marked the first day of price de-regulation in which prices of many goods from bread to vodka were allowed

Real-life love story [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Real-life love story Remington Steel star looked after sick wife SHE stood by him while the then unknown Pierce Brosnan was trying to make ends meet as a struggling actor in England. When she was stricken with cancer, the now-successful star put his acting career on hold to be by

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As you like it in keiong getaway [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

As you like it in keiong getaway travel By Kenneth Koh ARE you bored with Batam's commercialised nightspots? Would you like your little island, complete with kelong, in the sun? Head for Pulau Sekilak, a little known island resort nestling in the Indonesian Riau island group. The resort is only

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Page 21

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Andy takes the floor [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Andy takes the floor |THE MdViTS PAGE Showtime By Vivien Chiong ABOUT the only aspect of the movie, Saviour of the Soul, which has not been changed is Hongkong actor Andy Lau. The script was changed eight times, five different titles were chosen and more characters were added with each


Page 22

Aaron TEEN idol Aaron Kwok, going against his cleanscrubbed image, plays the villain, Silver Fox. Aaron, 26, said while in Singapore: "Although it's a villainous role, Silver Fox is a stylish character, somewhat like Terminator. "I had to dye my hair silver. The make-up itself took an hour each day,"


Star's onion diet kills 'em [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Star's onion diet kills 'em Wire services. DUSTIN Hoffman had a somewhat unusual diet during filming of the movie, Hook. Director Steven Spielberg said Hoffman, ostensibly for his health, downed a bowl of hot onions and garlic each morning. "To counter directing him nose-to-nose, I would have six mouthfuls of

Art has its ugly and beautiful sides [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Art has its ugly and beautiful sides HEAVEN may not be a nice place. At least not the heaven in Bukan Di Syurga Yang Ini (Not in This Heaven). The play will be staged by Teater Ekamatra tomorrow and Sunday. 27, a graduate from La Salle School of Arts, the

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Page 23

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An officer becomes a gentleman [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

An officer becomes a gentleman CADENCE(PG) Starring: Martin and Charlie Sheen, father and son, respectively Where: Saturday midnight at Cathay 1. Story: Soldier Charlie Sheen is booted to a disciplinary camp, where his mates are Negroes. He learns team spirit and how to be a morally responsible person. KICKBOXERS' TEARS

This role's not me, says Jaclyn [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

This role's not me, says Jaclyn UPI. J P ACLYN Smith has become one of the richest women in Hollywood. She earns a fortune from TV projects, her clothing designs, a national chain of stores and Max Factor commercials. By any measure she is the queen of TV drama, enjoying

1992: The year of Goofy the pooch [ARTICLE]

Page 26

1992: The year of Goofy the pooch USA TODAY 1991 may have had its share of dog days, but just wait: 1992 will be the year of Goofy. The folks at the Walt Disney will celebrate the 60th birthday of Mickey Mouse's pal, the pooch who speaks, not to be

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GLOSSARY THESE words appear in our stories toda y- The fol lowing notes will help in case ou neecl to c^ec^their meanings. abysmal: Used to emphasise that something is unsuccessful, bad, or very poor 1 in quality. bowing out: If you are bowing out of something, it means you will

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Page 28

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THE RIGHT J B TRACK TO THE 1 M TOP OF YOUR A 5 BUSINESS u i HT CHARTS f"Hits Parade", a special focus in The New Paper Fastads is ideal for retailers, distributors and recording companies in the music industry. m Advertise in this music focus on 17 January

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9 KM^ s 1 will d a nude scene but B IkKjvSgfl only if I was confident enough B B ml \9 that it would he handled 1 8 isJI tastefully and artistically.' I B SBC's most outspoken actress, Aileen Tan, lets her guard DIANA ROSS: She hit the headlines


Rush's return delayed [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Rush's return delayed Wire Services. LIVERPOOL'S Welsh striker, Ian Rush, has suffered another injury setback. Rush, who missed the start of the season because of an Achilles problem, has been sidelined since mid-November following a cartilage operation. Now it has been discovered he needs further cartilage surgery, which seems certain

Boardsailing may be introduced in schools [ARTICLE]

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Boardsailing may be introduced in schools By Bernard Pereira THE Ministry of Education is seriously considering including boardsailing as an extra-curricula activity in schools. Said Mr Chan Jim Kee, the ministry's Extra-Curricula Activities Centre adviser, yesterday: "Besides wanting to promote it as an ECA subject, we also want to sell


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SCORELINE Wire Services. Results of yesterday's international sports: SNOOKER Mercantile Credit Classic in Bournemouth, England 4th rd: K Dohertv (Ire) bt T Drago (Malta) 5-0, D Fowler (Eng) bt J Wright (Eng) 5-0. M Clark (Eng) bt M Davis (Engl 5-2, S James (Eng) bt M Johnston-Al-len (Eng) 5-3. D

Arsenal's poor form gives Wrexham hope [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Arsenal's poor form gives Wrexham hope AFP. WREXHAM manager Mickey Thomas has happy memories of Arsenal and the FA Cup. For it was after their 1978 FA Cup quarter-final clash, which Arsenal won 3-2, that Thomas was discovered by the big clubs and launched on a First Division playing career.

Hasnim to decide [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Hasnim to decide Stories/ Abdul Shukor HASNIM Haron will make a final decision on his future playing career before the Chinese New Year early next month. This was revealed by his manager S Thavaneson, who is also Balestier United's manager and a council member in the Football Association of Singapore.

Johor to train with Ajax? [ARTICLE]

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Johor to train with Ajax? JOHOR, the Malaysia Cup and SemiPro League champions, will have its preseason training with either Dutch giant Ajax Amsterdam or an Italian club. This was disclosed by the team's assistant manager Ghafar Abdullah yesterday. "Ajax has already indicated its willingness to have us train with

Tarkkio turns down Geylang's offer [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Tarkkio turns down Geylang's offer FINNISH striker Kimmo Tarkkio (left) is not coming to play for Geylang International. Geylang manager Thomas Zilliacus last night said that Tarkkio has accepted an offer to play for Belgian club SC Lokeren. Tarkkio played for Tiong Bahru in last year's Premier League and impressed


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Factfile I Age: 28 Height: 1.78m Weight: 72kg Position: Midfielder Occupation: Teacher Favourite player: Martin Vasquez Favourite team: Spain Favourite food: Mum's food Hobby: Football 11 i Picture/ David Tan

Charged and committed [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Charged and committed The New Paper Premier League Countdown continues with a look at Tyrwhitt Soccerites. The side has been improving its performance each year since it made the big league from eighth in 1989 to sixth last year. Tyrwhitt's strength lies in its ability to play to its potential


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SALLY YEH TAIWAN-BORN actress-singer Sally Yeh has just released her first Mandarin album, Elegant Move. Raised in Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, this 30-year-old Hongkong-based star gained fame with the movie, Crimson Street, in 1982. Standing at 1.73 m, sultry Sally came into the limelight as a teenage model. The

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A NEW YEAR SPECIAL at Coffee Lounge and Cafe L' Espresso January 2 February 2 Coffee Loungeand Cafe L'Espresso offer a New allows a choice of soup or appetizer, entree or roast Year benefit which is too attractive to resist. on the wagon and dessert with coffee or tea. When

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*2'(/OL6U4t4IO€L HEALTH CENTRE 279. Balestier Road. "02-20 Balestier Point Singapore 1232. (Above McDonald) Tel: XXXXX55. XXXXX55. (9 M ASSCUSES RECIU

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fwiNpri ALAIN DELON If'Wrltf WATCHES WORTH MORE THAN W $5,000 I As many as 11 prizes must be won' Don't miss this chance in a lifetime to own a truly classic masterpiece^^^H^Blt Ist Prize A matching pair valued at $1,070 2nd Prize A matching pair valued at $876 3rd Prize

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SPORTS STATION BISHAN Rlk SIO Bisban SL H =V.'-(M OS Id: £KJBi> Opro 10 im lo pm lUh (INIRIPOIM sOMt. I'* Id: 7I2*>2HH Open: Mon to fn 10 am to Jim pm Nil to pm Son Pub. Hofidft to pm HCHLANO VIlLAGf II tor lipul Id: 4MJV,7 Open: Moo to