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BUSINESS TIMES, 21 February 2000


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THE BUSINESS TIMES MITA (P) 035/12/1999 Internet: htto://bi'siness-times.asial SINGAPO RE MONDAY. FEBRUARY 21, 2000 85*


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MARKET SUMMARY 8nXX BASKET DQHOBB *Sl_JSi—JS*.... Ch^6 SIMSCI FUTURES __284J» -6J« BMW 785J1 -21.48 KLSECOMP 1.XXXXX +11.46 NIKKEI 1»,78I(I8 +71.11 HANG SENG. -781.14 SET INDEX. mjb -47.77 JAKARTA COMP JU9HJ 45.51 MANILA COUP 1,884.28.—.112.18 TAIPEI WPt li,16LM +S2J8 SEOUL COUP 879.14 -74J8 CLSACHINAB WW,,.. Al'ST ALL ORD DOW


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FINANCE ram mb USI SI U8t 1.711 £(USS/S$perS) LMf 1717 ElUOflJSS/SI/E) 1MB US DM LS6I IM1 YEN JIM 1JN RM 0.449 HK» 7.781 1319 BAHT 38.61 tMK KJPIAH 7,438 0.023* 'mm Mm* •ar rnmtmrn PUKE BATES SINGAPORE* U» KUALA LUMPUR 7.17 JAKARTA »N BANGKOK JJI MANILA 11.09 HONGKONG 8J0 TAIPEI

What to expect in this Friday's Budget [ARTICLE]

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What to expect in this Friday's Budget Incentives seen for entrepreneurs, IT; and possibly a GST hike to 6% By Anna Teo, Audrey Tan [SINGAPORE] No rmtfor economic stimuli but further incentives to encourage entrepreneurship, skills upgrading and manpower investment. Specific measures for the financial, information and communications technology sectors.

Japan quickens steps to catch up in cyberspace race [ARTICLE]

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Japan quickens steps to catch up in cyberspace race fi VI analysis Govt acts to cut access charges and promote e-commerce From Anthony Rowley in Tokyo JAPANESE authorities are stepping up their battle to reduce telecommunications charges so that the use of the Internet can be expanded in line with

Centralising prisons could yield 61 hectares of land [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Centralising prisons could yield 61 hectares of land I ii exclusive Prime, suburban plots could be used for private homes, boost govt coffers By 1 Lee Han Shih [SINGAPORE] Up to 61 hectares of prime and suburban land could be freed up for residential development in the next few years

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mapa BT Comment Everybody needs foreign IT talent Next Pmge Return of the good old days on the KLSE. Pg 9 Top ttoriii SEC blasted for hearing out only Wail St bigwigs. Afejrt Page j Allgreen landbank tops in location. Pg 3 Delgro open to British rail franchise bid. Pg

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BTi will carry Singapore's trade figures for January from Ipm today.So look as op at httpV/bnrine—-timw nf»l,o<U| f cuB n aerospace £tts9T*nd what you bet from

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fmHan firms' Budget wish list, Pg 7 History BjH Repeats Itself ■l jHft&XjL What goes around, comes around, and t we've gone bock a long way to arrive at this collection. Not that the "KJ* Collection from Chris Heaiey is old; on the contrary, we think It's positively futuristic. After

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SEC blasted for hearing out only Wall St bigwigs [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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SEC blasted for hearing out only Wall St bigwigs Regulator's decisions have profound implications for millions of investors The Washington Post [NEW YORK] Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Arthur Levitt will throw open within days the doors to public input on how stocks should be traded in the cyberage. But

Tech stocks face rocky ride? [ARTICLE]

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Tech stocks face rocky ride? LAT-WP [NEW YORK] The broad sell-off that hit Wall Street last Friday, knocking the wind out of high-flying technology stocks as well, are making analysts wonder whether it signals the beginning of rougher trading for technology stocks. Friday's stock market drop appeared to be a

Everybody needs foreign IT talent [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Everybody needs foreign IT talent I :j j comment ECONOMICS And countries finable to obtain or retain talent from elsewhere will suffer in the knowledge economy vikram khanna IF you think "foreign talent" is a peculiarly Singaporean obsession, you might want to consider what the chairman of the US Federal

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29th February 2000,9:00 a- 1230pm, $51.50 (inclusive Of 3% GST). Grand Waterfront Copthorne Hotel, Galleria Ballroom The countries of Central Europewill be members of the European Union (EU) within the next five years and already enjoy preferential access to the EU market There are trade and investment opportunities in infrastructure,

SINGAPORE companies

Allgreen landbank best in tenure, location [ARTICLE]

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Allgreen landbank best in tenure, location CityDev is listed developer with the biggest residential land holding By* Andrea Tan CITY Developments may lead the pack of listed property developers by the sheer size of its residential land holding, but Allgreen Properties is the winner in terms of tenure and location.

Delgro open to British rail franchise bid after Metroline [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Delgro open to British rail franchise bid after Metroline AFXAsta [LONDON] Delgro Corp, which last Friday announced a £73.8 million (XXXXX.2 million) recommended deal to acquire Metroline pic, has not ruled out bidding for a UK rail franchise, according to group chairman and chief executive Wong Hung Khim. "We would

Results at a glance [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Results at a glance COMPANY FULL YEAR EARNINGS CHNG 1ST HALF EARNINGS CHNG 2N0 HALF EARNINGS CHNG TURNOVER CHNG FULL YEAR EPS CHNG FULL YEAR DMOENDS CHNG 1999 1998 1990 1906 1999 1998 1900 1906 1999 1998 1900 1000 %M $M $M $M <M <M $M $M C Keppel TatLee

World of Sports builds on 'click and mortar' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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World of Sports builds on 'click and mortar' Online purchases earn bonus dollars to spend at growing number of stores By Corinne Kerk THE largest sporting goods chain in Singapore, World of Sports (WOS), aims to double the number of its outlets to 50 by year-end to complement its aggressive

Air NZ says SIA can still take stake in company [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Air NZ says SIA can still take stake in company Reuters [SYDNEY] Air New Zealand said yesterday that Singapore Airlines and other carriers could be interested in taking a stake in the company, which recently bought out Australian airline Ansett Holdings. "A number of other airlines, when they look at

Expectations of strong profit fail to add vroom to CCL [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Expectations of strong profit fail to add vroom to CCL Analysts still lukewarm on its stock despite $101 m earnings forecast for 1999 Reuters MOTOR distributor Cycle Carriage (CCL) is expected to report strong 1999 profits but several analysts are still lukewarm on its stock after the firm lost lucrative

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•Feb 16 Source: JM Sassoon Stoafca \Muma Ooh»on20c 247.086.000 VWw» Capital 25c 191,060.000 IPCCofpnSc 180,010,000 MMI Hldgs 10c 181,373,000 Hefting Inv NTS 115,681,000 Kingboanj US10c 98,330,000 'Ganttnglnt 98,918,000 QES Intl Ltd 20c 90,497,000 Faatoch US10c 73,692,000 Daiapul8e5c 71,741,000 Stoofca 8 006Gip.......... 352,299,109 PadfcCartury.. 287,122,020 GES Intl Ud 20c... 287,579,400 Vlckew

How much longer can new economy stocks hold sway? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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How much longer can new economy stocks hold sway? I=ll comment STOCKS r.sivanithy PRUDENCE and conservatism, more than anything, are the watchwords of any self-respecting central banker. Most would prefer to play their cards close to their chests, peppering their speeches with "maybes" and hedging their bets with "what if*

IGB wrt – an old favourite that's still a great deal [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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IGB wrt an old favourite that's still a great deal WARRANT WATCH By] R Sivanithy FOR those who can recall, building and construction firm IGB Corp was one of the more popular Malaysian stocks that used to trade on Clob International. It used to have warrants in issue as well,

Avimo still has room to move higher [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Avimo still has room to move higher HOT STOCK -By\ Wong Wei Kong SHARES of defence group Avimo rose sharply last Friday, with the stock finishing as the session's second biggest gainer. Avimo shares closed at $3.16, up 33 cents or 12 per cent. The stock opened at $3.10 and

Market Notices [ARTICLE]

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Market Notices ♦Ho Wah G&iting said the six Chinese companies acquiring 96.38 per cent of the company will be exempted from compliance with section 213(9)c of the Companies Act, provided a majority of independent shareholders approve a whitewash resolution to waive their right to receive a general offer from the

Yen may lead Asian units tower, won to stay firm [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Yen may lead Asian units tower, won to stay firm Ten's weakness attributed to fears of a downgrade of Japan's creditworthiness THE Japanese yen should lead Asian units south this week, as a strong US dollar and fears of a downgrade of Japan's creditworthiness takes its toll. But the Korean

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WW*, t^Vtimßft**. —a I l!L/"1 W^^jtfc, -l* .TtHU I Irl ±i&4att#ffifcttn» Wi4IBSBIJ«Mia > i A •.aai-**»ai4aw«»»B:feiKstst'fe 071 Aa +'hS±A&A»r£7cratttt b» 2000#3f1 7 8 «4r« wra±*Bw3o»s HUIttW T?5W3O£ ftlBM »;A*R&Hl**ga*«gjCst4S« *a ss6s (fIMWM. ftJMtfftUMTIMNI •t^fIitAARSKW: •«£«?**M**ft*: S»am*l6H* •m&mv&m •*mmsmam »-t*. surmb bb •aitMiimMMM T*?jis%2& •ss*** MM MM tB f& mm*xm*#«MX: XXXXX05

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Dec retail sales volume up a modest 15.7% [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Dec retail sales volume up a modest 15.7% the economy retail By Carol Eng RETAIL sales volume rose by a more modest 15.7 per cent in December from a year ago, compared to the over 20 per cent jumps in the previous two months. The year-on-year expansions in November and

3 more sites picked for HDB's enbloc redevelopment [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

3 more sites picked for HDB's enbloc redevelopment Government will actively renew older estates, says Hah THREE new sites involving nearly 1,000 flats between 14 and 26 years old have been picked for redevelopment under the Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers), National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan said yesterday. The

A cut in labour costs tops Indian firms' wish list for the Budget [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

A cut in labour costs tops Indian firms' wish list for the Budget Survey finds firm* most worried about a too quick' restoration of cots in CPF contribution By Audrey Tan MEMBERS of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have put a cut in labour costs at the

Citibank's Home Saver scheme: interest is taxable [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Citibank's Home Saver scheme: interest is taxable But product offers flexibility, potential interest saving By\ Siow Li Sen BEFORE owner occupiers get too excited over Citibank's latest home loan product, let it be known that the taxman sees things differently. But overall, consumers said the product is attractive because of

Twin Heights project at Balestier 40% sold [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Twin Heights project at Balestier 40% sold THE Shaw group's Twin Heights residential project at Balestier was 40 per cent sold over the weekend, representing about $29 million worth of sales. The completed freehold project was launched last Friday, and 27 of the 66 apartments offered were sold over three

Japanese reassurance on investments [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Japanese reassurance on investments THE level of Japanese investments in Singapore may have fallen last year but there is no cause for worry, said Japan's ambassador to Singapore. "You shouldn't be too pessimistic as the big businesses would continue to invest," Hiroshi Hashimoto said last Friday. Figures from the Economic

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Investors flock to GigaMedia, ignore market slip [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Investors flock to GigaMedia, ignore market slip NEW YORK Shares skyrocket 226% to US$BB from US$27 IPO price; Microsoft's 10% stake also an attractive feature for investors Reuters NOT even a broad-based sell-off in US stocks could keep investors away from GigaMedia Ltd last Friday as they bid up the

Two top German banks to expand Net businesses [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Two top German banks to expand Net businesses FRANKFURT Reuters GERMAN banks' drive into cyberspace shows no signs of abating with the country's two biggest commercial banks poised to announce fresh plans to expand their Internet businesses, press reports said yesterday. Germany's biggest bank Deutsche Bank AG is due to

Lycos adds Web-site content to get visitors to stay longer [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Lycos adds Web-site content to get visitors to stay longer WALTHAM, Massachusetts Bloomberg LYCOS, one of the three largest Internet search directories, is adding content such as financial information to its Web site to increase the time online users remain on its service. "We're focusing on two methods" to increase

Softbank founder fast closing wealth gap with Gates [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Softbank founder fast closing wealth gap with Gates PEOPLE FT [TOKYO] Masayoshi Son, founder of Softbank, the Japanese Internet investment group, ooctkl soon challenge BUI Gates's position as the world's richest man, in terms of equity holdings in their companies. At Friday's closing share price and foreign exchange levels, Mr

Internet focus pushes up European telecoms stocks [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Internet focus pushes up European telecoms stocks NEW YORK These firms seen gaining as business shifts to cyberspace IHT IN the old economy, the big European telecommunications companies might have been struggling to keep their stock prices from falling at a time like this. Vodafone Air Touch PLC has arranged


No interruption to Nasdaq trading [ARTICLE]

Page 8

No interruption to Nasdaq trading Reuters [NEW YORK] The Nasdaq composite index froee for about 2 v* hours last Friday on a technical glitch, leaving investors clueless about the movement of the technology-saturated market. The problem was later traced to a computer cable connected to a mainframe computer. Despite immobilising

DuPont in Internet venture [ARTICLE]

Page 8

DuPont in Internet venture Bloomberg [WILMINGTON, Delaware] DuPont, the biggest US chemical company, said it formed a US$lOO million (Ssl7o million) joint venture called Cap Span with holding company Internet Capital Group to help develop online businesses including apparel and chemicals. DuPont will provide two-thirds of the $100 million.—Bloomberg

Americans surf louger at work [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Americans surf louger at work Reuters [NEW YORK] Americans are spending more time surfing the Internet at work than at home, mainly because home Web connection speeds pale in comparison to the fkster connections at companies. In January, at-work Internet users spent an average of 21 hours on the Web,

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Return of the good old days on the KLSE [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Return of the good old days on the KLSE l i comment KL STOCKS Foreign Investors are back as the economy has turned aronnd and shows more resilience eddie toh THE Malaysian stockmarket barometer finally breached the 1,000-point psychological barrier last week. This brought the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Composite

No surprises expected in Daim's coming Budget [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

No surprises expected in Daim's coming Budget No changed economic climate to warrant shift, say analysts Reuters [KUALA LUMPUR] Malaysia will present a fresh Budget for 2000 this week but most analysts expect Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin to stick to his promise of springing no surprises and presenting a carbon

Indonesian president says his leadership is under attack [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Indonesian president says his leadership is under attack SURABAYA, Indonesia He cites protests against his govt and rumours of Cabinet reshuffle Reuters INDONESIA'S outspoken President Abdurrahman Wahid said his presidency was under attack, citing protests against his government and rumours of a Cabinet reshuffle. Some protesters had undermined his dignity

Pie incident high point of Unctad [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Pie incident high point of Unctad from bangkok But beneath the pie Jokes, officials were tense, fearing Seattle-type clashes harish mehta IT may be no exaggeration to say that a cream pie thrown smack in the face of outgoing IMF chief Michel Camdessus was the high point ofUnctad talks in

Indonesia's Bumi Modern, gets nod for rights issue [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Indonesia's Bumi Modern, gets nod for rights issue JAKARTA Reuters INDONESIAN property firm PT Bumi Modern Tbk finally got the green light for its 9.3 trillion rupiah (Ss2 billion) rights issue plan from the Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam), local newspapers reported on Saturday. "Bapepam has issued a letter allowing

Brunei aims for long-term growth with recovery plan [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Brunei aims for long-term growth with recovery plan KUALA LUMPUR Initial 6-month plan sets np fond for gm*n and medium projects Reuters THE government of Brunei will implement an economic recovery plan to boost the local economy and promote sustainable long-term growth. Prince Mohamed Bolkiah, the brother of Brunei's ruler

Estrada orders review of report on insider trading [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Estrada orders review of report on insider trading MANILA Finance Secretary says his task is to ensure no whitewash AFP PRESIDENT Joseph Estrada has ordered the finance department to review the findings of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) that implicated a close friend of his in the country's worst securities

China state firms' profits rise 70% [ARTICLE]

Page 11

China state firms' profits rise 70% BEIJING AFP CHINA'S state firms last year saw overall profits jump by 70 per cent year on year to 90 billion yuans (5518.5 billion), due to radical reforms introduced in 1997, the People's Daily said over the weekend. "This is the largest increase since

Indian govt has political space for tough budget [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Indian govt has political space for tough budget H'M'Jpudget It can try to cot some subsidies, hasten privatisation AFP [NEW DELHI] A stable government and a broad political consensus on economic reforms will allow Indian Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha to unveil tough measures in his upcoming Budget, economists say. "The

Indian tech stocks seen doing well ahead of Budget [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Indian tech stocks seen doing well ahead of Budget BOMBAY Reuters SHARES of Indian technology firms are expected to spearhead market action this week on expectations of a big boost for the sector in the forthcoming Budget. But analysts said some profittaking could emerge early in the week in software

Asia corporate bigwigs have to go: analysts [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Asia corporate bigwigs have to go: analysts HONGKONG Reuters MANY Asian corporates must axe their top management if the region is to cut out the lingering systemic risk which sparked its crippling financial crisis, analysts say. Most of the region's top businesses are still controlled by the people who took

MSCI help sought to restructure Sensex [ARTICLE]

Page 12

MSCI help sought to restructure Sensex BOMBAY Bloomberg THE Mumbai Stock Exchange, the most closely followed of India's 22 exchanges, is talking to Morgan Stanley Capital International, or MSCI, to help it recast its benchmark index, or Sensex. The index will have to be revised before the exchange begins trading

Better gains seen for HSBC, Stanchart [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Better gains seen for HSBC, Stanchart LONDON Reuters INTERNATIONAL banking groups HSBC Holdings pic and Standard Chartered pic, reporting 1999 results in the next two weeks, are expected to show some benefit from a burgeoning recovery in Asian economies. Standard Chartered, publishing results on Wednesday, is expected to see profits

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WORLD news

Korea set to wage another battle to stop won's rise [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Korea set to wage another battle to stop won's rise SEOUL But investors feel the govt will have only limited success Bloomberg THE Korean government, last year, sold almost 3 trillion won (554.5 billion) in a failed attempt to stop the currency's rise. This year, the stakes have been raised

Think tank denies report of big job losses if UK quits EU [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Think tank denies report of big job losses if UK quits EU LONDON Reuters BRITAIN'S National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) reacted furiously on Friday to a report claiming it had said eight million British jobs would be lost if Britain pulled out of the European Union (EU).

Bush scores big win over McCain in S Carolina [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Bush scores big win over McCain in S Carolina From] Leon Hadar in Washington REPUBLICAN Senator John McCain, hoping to win the Republican presidential nomination, suffered a major defeat last Saturday, when the party's front-runner in the race, Texas Governor George Bush Jr, won the presidential primary in South Carolina.

US secret agents work at Microsoft: French report [ARTICLE]

Page 16

US secret agents work at Microsoft: French report PARIS AFP A FRENCH intelligence report last Friday accused US secret agents of working with computer giant Microsoft to develop software allowing Washington to spy on communications around the world. The report, drawn up by the Strategic Affairs Delegation (DAS), the intelligence

C&W Optus joins Virgin in mobile joint venture [ARTICLE]

Page 18

C&W Optus joins Virgin in mobile joint venture SYDNEY Reuters AUSTRALIA'S second largest telecoms group Cable Wireless Optus Ltd said yesterday it would form a mobile phone jointventure with Richard Branson's Virgin Group. The new company, to be known as Virgin Mobile, would use Optus' mobile network and operating platform

No output rise to curb prices: Opec official [ARTICLE]

Page 18

No output rise to curb prices: Opec official DUBAI Prices expected to come down on their own to US$25 by end-March, he says AFP A SENIOR official of an Opec producer in the Gulf yesterday ruled out an output increase from April 1, saying prices were expected to come down

Calvin Klein not on Gucci's shopping list [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Calvin Klein not on Gucci's shopping list Reuters [LONDON] With US$2 billion (553.4 billion) in his pocket Domenico De Sole is on a shopping spree but the Gucci Group chief executive says he is not talking to US fashion house Calvin Klein. Mr De Sole said fragrance and cosmetics companies


Alcatel to buy Newbridge Networks? [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Alcatel to buy Newbridge Networks? Bloomberg [PARIS] Alcatel SA, Europe's No 2 phone-equipment maker, may announce by Wednesday that it will buy Newbridge Networks Corp, a person familiar with the companies' plans said. Newbridge, a Canadian phone-equipment maker that put itself up fin- sale in November, may fetch about US$4O

Predators set sights on British Telecom [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Predators set sights on British Telecom Reuters {LONDON] At least three potential bidders have approached investment banks about an offer fen- British Telecom in the wake of the recent sharp Call in its shares, the Sunday Times reported. The paper said Germany's Deutsche Telekom and SBC Communications of the US

SK Telecom earnings double [ARTICLE]

Page 18

SK Telecom earnings double Bloomberg [SEOUL] SK Telecom, South Korea's largest mobile phone service provider, said earnings doubled to 307 billion won (XXXXX million) last year as subscriptions surged. Sales rose 21 percent to 4.3 trillion won. Bloomberg

German media group to boy US firm [ARTICLE]

Page 18

German media group to boy US firm AFP [MUNICH] German media group EM.TV is poi9ed to announce the takeover of a large US cinema and entertainment firm, the daily Muenchner Merkur reported Saturday. The buyout will be announced today, the paper said, citing sources close to the deal. —AFP

Let the campaigning begin: Obuchi [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Let the campaigning begin: Obuchi AFP [TOKYO] Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi declared yesterday that campaigning for an expected snap election had already begun, while his allies said the poll will follow the imminent passage of the budget. "We will canvass in (all) 47 prefectures," Mr Obuchi told reporters at

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a- m /k i i l"* Mbe 40 0. u V >rto J 11 'V pft I I > I a I, i I li 1>• *i\ I T'svH J^c^S^" I I <\* ""t > i Is*, I J l ap t -||y' V >7, r. ii Chinese Proverb: "The

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Page 18

FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY Floating Rat* Notes Due February 13. 2003 Common Coda No.: XXXXX03 ISM No.: UXXXXX97 RV79 CUSIP No.: XXXXX7 RV7 In accordance with the terms of the documents governing the above-refer-enced Notes, nouce is hereby given that the Interest Rate per annum for the Interest Period commencing

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72 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Keep in tune with noteworthy buys here. fia CAT* The Straits Times Classified

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AWARD-WINNING FUND PERFORMANCE THAT COVERS THE WORLD I I I urtwd I united I Growth Fund I un,t^ ond Fund i jP6£''~~ v '~<-i i < ■Bbjjy bT*y ■Kp® c jpSljM?* V-. iBK tij x f '-^1 STANDARD STANDARD Fund Services Fund Services I United Regional 1 Unlte d Japan



Page 20

SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT SECURITIES DTDICATXTE PRICES AMD YIELDS Jr,w'bi*s Wc» Prlc* T- <—» C—» ym mt Ofl»r Ttrm Coupon Maturity Mt YTM BM Otfor 7YR 4.500 OI-Mar-OO NXXXXX0H 5.20% 1.24% 99.98 100.08 7 YR 3.000 01-Nov-02 N795)002 2.92% 2.88% 100.20 100.30 2YR 3.125 15-Apr-00 NXXXXX0S 2.28% 1.61% 100.12 100.22 5 YR

US policymakers voice concern over rising oil prices [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

US policymakers voice concern over rising oil prices COMMODITY Weeklyßoundup AFP [LONDON] Oil and palladium dominated commodity trades last week, with US President Bill Clinton among those voicing concern at the nineyear highs reached by crude prices, while palladium hit record levels. Light sweet crude rose above US$3O a barrel

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 20

SICOM FUTURES Feb 18 RUBBER (futures dosing «s at 5.30pm) RSS1 C0*TRACT(S cwtsAq) Close Volume Opm Mow** Wflfc Low Sott (tonnes) Interest Mar 00 127.50 200 Apr 00 132.00 100 May 00 134.50 400 Jun 00 137.00 400 RSS 3 CONTRACT (US cwtsAq) Volume Open Month High Low Sett (tonnes)

MARKET outlook

Hang Seng set to rebound on strong banking results [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Hang Seng set to rebound on strong banking results HONGKONG HONGKONG shares are expected to be boosted this week by good bank profit results, dealers said on Friday. The Hang Seng has so far been held back by expected US interest rate rises. "The market will see a rebound next

Dow hit by uncertainties over US rates outlook [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

Dow hit by uncertainties over US rates outlook NEW YORK Market correction, together with higher fuel prices, may help to dampen consumer spending analysts AFP A BROAD-based sell-off on Friday, ahead of the President's Day holiday today, left the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index almost 13 per cent below its

Improving economic outlook likely to lift Nikkei [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Improving economic outlook likely to lift Nikkei TOKYO AFP HOPES for the economy's recovery and investment by bullish individuals are expected to push Tokyo shares back to the 20,000-point mark in the coming week, analysts said. Investors are widely expected to keep chasing technology stocks after unexpected news of a

Footsie slips as further interest rate rises loom [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Footsie slips as further interest rate rises loom LONDON AFP THE London market fell slightly last week in expectation of further interest rate rises here and in the United States. The FTSE 100 Index of leading shares fell by 28.3 points, or 0.5 per cent, to 6,165 points. The market


Page 21

ASIAN MARKETS Roundup QSydney -47 A CLUTCH of domestic data will this week further muddy the water for the Australian share market, which has seesawed since the New Year began, brokers said. "If you are not giddy yet from riding the economic merry-go-round, there is always the week ahead," said


Page 21

WORLD STOCK MARKETS □pmt» -ma PARIS blue chips fell 1.5 per cent on Friday, dragged by losses in the heavyweight distribution and telecoms sector, but players were optimistic the market could turn around this week. The benchmark CAC-40 closed down 92.24 points at 6,062.72, down 224.29 from the previous week.


Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 22

INDUSTRIALS Comww prefects L Vet Week Net Cap L—' Cgjjgj M OOO HI** Low P/I $mM 3 S 3 4 36 402 374 25.3 161.3 x2J tr q i', 2 1 3 n72 130 "5 1784 J?n2 Rlfw 6 130 430 4V0 10.1 168.8 2nn ?22 rr 2 ?52 75

Malaysian stocks set for volatile week [ARTICLE]

Page 22

Malaysian stocks set for volatile week AFP £j Composite Index +13.46 MALAYSIAN stocks are in for a volatile week after breaching the psychological 1,000-point barrier last week, analysts said on Friday. "It will be a fight between the profit-takers and the momentum players," said Phua Lee Kerk, research chief of

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n* Stnut.s'lliiipw Photo essay a creative way to recruit the right talents.


Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 23

BONDS WARRANTS <1 W [irtn r, l"t w LhMiiIi tq Immi Urn Um Mac Mtfca M# laa Mt M0 La» W" Hfca I I »ll Mm lnrtuT UN 'no ,0 il I c#f *0*0'3' us 5 43 unch 136 43.5 43 43 44 33.1 1 tS6 72 2.70 17 1

Greenback expected to stay strong [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Greenback expected to stay strong SGX Derivatives Trading Weeklyßoundup [SINGAPORE] With US equities having weathered Fed chairman Alan Greenspan's much anticipated HumphreyHawkins testimony, and the euro having failed to rally on the back of the first Ifo Sentiment Index to come out above 100 in more than two years, it's

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A weekly must-read for property buyers and sellers every THURSDAY THI-1.1 SIM-SSTiuks

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Will Rug Standard Poor's MMS This report does not constitute a solicitation to invest in any currency or Simex product.

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JBB 9 j| Mp Mjfe&Jj* v jjfl| iilS-f f N* j9B WMfiß!^;^T&*^ K 'v y •>!! f 3y«T- -^■^a^SSggg'a' r S T' -jdT T. 4fiMF *fi^K~ HKBffiPiiiip /m&.% il "fhtIIIMT -iMBRUF |p^ J *v*r i f 11 ?i? V-*' *252 -rdWHBKH»E*~££?~ 4 ft -«HW§EMg .J BnM&% "'Witfe: '..4' w--ygg<. 4

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Buy It. Sell It. Find It. Classified. 1800-737-1166 Call Today For Results Tomorrow. wttLMtouSZto#-*. i.M k Business Tools Just imagine life without them.

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f m Jfc; j J v j Ik 4ki_ r K -J0 j* B |r fit«ftMj-no»fc >; I 1 a '< J: Your company can be the centre of attraction in The Straits Times Classified. Bid for prime island spot-colour advertising positions in our Vehicles, Properties, Travel and Recruit

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Where to wine, dine and entertain...l^(Sßfissaa--Offering the lowest interest rate in town 290 4545 Savour the distinctive mix of V and tastes of Singapore. Feast on the exciting spread of 4 local dishes we have for vou such as Nasi Letnak, Tauhu Goreng, Tandoori Fish etc. V Do expect a

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available for: I private parties company dinner and dance conference seminar and meeting. HOTEL GRAND CENTRAL LIMITED 22 Orchard Road/Cavenagh Road, Singapore XXXXX7 Tel: 737 9944 Fax: 733 3175 24 Mount Elizabeth. Singapore XXXXX8. Tel:(6s 738 1188 Fax 65 732 3866 E-mail: pr(" thcch/abeth com URL: www.thecli/abeth com A member

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Treat your family to a sumptuous spread of.frer 40 varieties in our WEEKEND BUFFET LUNCH V 0* tyrS?? Adult 19.90*** Child**+ Adult $1S.I0*«« Child Free Row of Sou nop juice, Coffee and Tea hf imf 4MI Every Saturday, Sunday a eve of PuMk Holiday 12.00 4.00 pm For reservohoro,

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Enjoy a dinner buffet spread of antipasto, oysters and salmon from 6pm to 10pm. A special dish is highlighted every month. In eight different styles from our Open Kitchen. $28 for adults. $17 for children. Still hungry? Have a late night supper of pancakes, waffles and crepes accompanied by flavoured

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i |iMA N L A I N R t luhcU v*H\ one co»y>Kv»venf*Mry soPf >rink. (VJ«sfev»> or Idc<d), %nso~+ At Garden Terrace Bar A Grill, you can enjoy a breezy pooltide meal with a view of the city when you try its new valueodded express set lunch. All menus include

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iico, iviunuay, i oui uai y i cuuu Central Figures This epi Parliament. tions (R). &*2ttSL& SS !rS7>r i,uneF H j I ey, lneKang between fathers and 12J5 AM Red and White a <m ui„„Lr daughters. Contest. 4pa UullJ ,r~® en in B,ack 530 Music Walk. LOO Ranma 1/2 «m

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CRYPTIC CROSSWORD rr ACROSS Age (9) 1I am strangely diminished, hav- 5 Doctof took fish, a sort of eel (5) ing no purpose (7) 6 24 Their turn to let you in (9,5) 5 She tempted sailors, absolutely 7 Impossible to persuade a worker legless (7) to go round barrier

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f M|^«if» l^^ml The BMW 520iA Overtrade Programme. Because prosperity should last well beyond Chinese New Year. V v Performance -rfZfck. Motors Limited Now here's an ang pow that will last you the whole year through: the BMW 520iA now comes with an irresistible overtrade. With its silky 6-cylinder engine



Page 29

SHIP SALES Contributed by Simpson Spence Young WITH the Chinese lunar holidays coming to an end, market activity is beginning to pick up with various sales being reported and rumours of other tonnage under negotiation. Tweli »>M far further trading ■nurnfujaii. ♦Elgin: 194,690 tdw bit 81 Nippon Kokan reported sold


Page 29

MARITIME STOCKS '■WSKMBHHi *f- HI up ooi W OrnmHm M5 0.01 XXXXX Casca tovaatmaot—toe -0.02 112 saastzrs as -s aajBrsrfs ss *s 0.26 0.01 4322 *m* Cy» -00)2 6287 NWfTH US -0.07 471 KWMMWIM 158 -0.14 zm 2.75 -0.21 1056 MM L77 -0.03 340 WWMW 030 *0.04 26 M0t 1.44

New S'pore terminal chalks up record vessel rate [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

New S'pore terminal chalks up record vessel rate Pasir Paqjang Terminal achieves rate of 203 containers per hour on Evergreen vessel Byi Ann Toh [SINGAPORE] PSA Corp's Pasir Panjang Terminal (PPT) is gearing up for its official opening next month and has chalked up its highest vessel rate of 203

Hapag-Lloyd hints strongly it wants to remain independent [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Hapag-Lloyd hints strongly it wants to remain independent limer scare By\ David Hughes OVER the past two or three years, a particular shipping journalist has confidently reported several times that P&O Nedlloyd was about to take over Hapag-Lloyd. Each time he has been proved wrong. Your present correspondent hastens to

Shippers warned of new trend in stowaway trade [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Shippers warned of new trend in stowaway trade Criminal syndicates posing as shippers to get containers for stowing immigrants Byk Ann Toh [SINGAPORE] Mutual insurer the TT Club has warned of a new trend in the stowaway trade crime syndicates posing as shippers to get containers for loading would-be illegal

Japan to seek joint patrols of Malacca Strait [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Japan to seek joint patrols of Malacca Strait [TOKYO] Japan will call for joint patrols of the Malacca Strait by coast guards from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore facing the strait and those from China, South Korea and Japan to crack down on pirates, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported. Japan will


Carrot-and-stick proposal for ships comes under fire [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Carrot-and-stick proposal for ships comes under fire Industry players find problems with bonns/malus plan Reports by David Hughes in London A NEW report on programmes for ports to promote environmental performance found itself under heavy fire last week at the Green Shipping conference in Hamburg. The final report comparing existing

Worldscale gives Intertanko cold shoulder [ARTICLE]

Page 30

Worldscale gives Intertanko cold shoulder THE management committee of Worldscale, the collective organisation responsible for setting the standard for tanker rates, has refused requests from members of Intertanko, the independent tanker owners' organisation, to review the way it takes account of bunker prices. The requests were made in response to

13 die in bulker sinking off south Italy [ARTICLE]

Page 30

13 die in bulker sinking off south Italy A COLLISION off the southern coast of Italy between a bulk carrier and a roro cargo ferry has left 13 seafarers dead. Only one of the 14 crew of the 7,114 dwt Zafir could be rescued after it collided with the 14,398


Page 30

SHIPPING SCHEDULES INDEX PACE ECl 4 Mil 3 ECU Line 6 Accord g EIS 14 Ahrenkid 14 ESPLmw 13 Appenship 5 Eyer r,w AsiaOCl 13 8 Austral 8 ft Links 14 Aunt 14 CU 4 B'tang Mas 8 BSA T C«osJ«pg 13 BTL 14 Cl0641 O Bala,iShpq 5 M Bantfadesi,


Page 37

SHIPPING GUIDE THEBUSINESSTIMES THEBUSINESSTIMES EXPORT ETA ETA Advertiser Vessel Voyage Telephone ETA ETA Advertiser Vessel Voyage Telephone SIN Dest n Nam* Nam* Number Number SIN Oesfn Name Nam* Number Number 21/02 21/03 ML BUNGA TERASEK 171 6*32*824 To ABIDJAN (ABJ) 2003 Cot* D'I voire 01/03 n/03 nyk p 10 nedlloyd



Page 43

CONVENTIONAL WHARVES V*sm< Voy No Bartii Arrival Departure jMfNrt Mvcopoto 22 PnM J» 20/02/835 2V02/1030 mrcopoto 52 8UN099 J17 20/02/1030 21/02/330 FwUstk Do J**-00 J03 20/02/13:25 21/02/500 *9* Situ 04/00 JI7 21/02/700 22/02/700 8t R8 2692 520 J01 21/02/800 21/02/1700 M* Jw XXXXX J01 21/02/8:00 21/02/1830 2 J03 21/02/8 0


Page 43

CONTAINER SCHEDULES RECEIVING OF EXPORT FCt CONTAINERS AND La CARGO BooUm/Mmc* Rstli Ship Voy No Etto/Btr Ported Frow To Frooi KMm 704$ 22/aoo u 20/7900 20Am 20/14m a iomoo mmm mm a IMW :vo*59 ww a anm .>vo*59 .-vow J 2VOTOO 21/1199 .-*x 21/1200 gM> arm A *>* 49 211COC


Page 43

GLOBAL HOLIDAYS Feb 23 Brunei: National Day. Pafc 28 Taiwan: Peace Day. Marl Korea: Independence Movement Day. MarM Indonesia: Hari Raya Haji. Malaysia: Hari Raya Haji. Singapore: Hari Raya Haji. Brunei: Hari Raya Aidiladha. Mar 17 United States: St Patrick's Day Bank Holiday (Northern Ireland). Marlfi Taiwan: Market Holiday for


Page 43

COCKETT BUNKER MARKET REPORT THIS report, compiled by Cockett Marine Oil Ltd. shows price ranges in US dollars instead of single prices for a more comprehensive description of the mar ket Prices shown are based on average sued stem. Market movements are indicated. The Cockett Bunker Price Index change and


Page 43

VERITAS BUNKER QUALITY REPORT Carte* 100 Max 990.8 0J 16.9 0.08 71 0.05 Ftett Density Water Mte As* Sediment No ateM E25 0 0 12 0 0 0 380 Av 900.0 OJ V4J 0.07 40 0.03 dm 380 Max 992.0 0.7 112 0.M 270 0.06 M/ITI *1H M/M **M mi

AIR & LAND transport

Asian air show opens with high-power talks [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Asian air show opens with high-power talks ASIAN k AERHRACE 2000 Air force chiefs from 60 nations will discuss military strategies, aviation security and safety AFP [SINGAPORE] Asia's premier air show will open here this week with discussions on military strategies, security challenges and civil aviation safety, as well as

Boeing introduces wing extensions as option for 737-800 aircraft [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Boeing introduces wing extensions as option for 737-800 aircraft AP [RENTON, Washington] The Boeing Co announced that versions of the 737-800 jetliner, one of the newest offerings from the company, would include, high-tech, vertical winglets that can extend the jet's range and fuel efficiency. John Hayhurst, Boeing vice-president and general

Boeing loses option on US$1.3b contract [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Boeing loses option on US$1.3b contract AP [LOS ANGELES] The Boeing Co lost options to complete a US$l.3 billion (512.2 billion) project to build 33 global positioning satellites for the Air Force in a decision that could cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Boeing will be allowed to

Flights at Jakarta airport delayed by protesters [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Flights at Jakarta airport delayed by protesters AFP [JAKARTA] Some 300 protesting villagers blockaded a main toll-gate to Jakarta's international airport for three hours, delaying the departure of several local and international flights, reports said yesterday. The Jakarta Post said the action on Saturday by the residents, from villages around

Chicago snowstorm halts 300 flights [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Chicago snowstorm halts 300 flights (CHI C AGO J Sara Daoud (left) and her mother Zohra try to get some sleep as they wait for a standby seat on a flight to Toronto at Chicagos O Hare airport on Saturday. A snowstorm dumped 28cm of snow and crippled operations at

Qantas sees need to boost investor confidence as share price stays low [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Qantas sees need to boost investor confidence as share price stays low Reuters [SYDNEY] Australia's flagship carrier Qantas Airways Ltd said yesterday it needed to rebuild investor confidence, and conceded its share price could remain subdued until the competitive environment becomes clearer. "That's a possibility on current behaviour," James Strong,


Page 44

AIRCRAFT ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES CITT fllCKT C7A HJ6WT CIO mm owo zao wtro 010 »w»7« ovos kmfrtm NXXXXX 0750 KL0030 2335 SOm75 $0327 0750 AM320 2345 """2 6A975 1210 SO321 2345 1 MPT S35 T6407 845 M094 *10 AacttM* N242M 208 NXXXXX 2045 mm sum 2oe so2t5 2045 mr mx

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Carrot-and-stick proposal for ships comes under fire, Page 2 I The SingaPort 2000 special feature is fully loaded with advantages for advertisers. I Firstly it is published in conjunction with the SingaPort 2000 Exhibition and Conference I which is Asia's premier maritime event. I Editorial content will also be highly

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I NORTH AMERICA 1 EXPORT 1 I OTHER DESTINATIONS SSX SUPER SHUTTLE EXPRESS DIRECT TO LOftO BEACH WEST COAST OF CENTRAL AMERICA (MARGARITA SERVICE) resa wrr tTAsw no si iomskaoi miias houstoi <mcmo www uncoon msa vqt njiatl aouutu samlomwo to—to rr'"—* I oumavbwma "OOQ SMGATOtf 17HM4 11/02 l»/0J M/M

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Page 30

Linej services represented /ft|SBfcft by Members of Hie Registry of MwTlb ri Accre d ite d Shipping Agents, Singapore logistics Association S pore National Shipping Assoc. NORTH WEST EXPRESS UNE ACCEPTING CONTAINERS, BREAKBUIK PROJECT CARGO TO DAMPIER/FREMANTLE MV "TBN" ETA SIN 25/02/2000 BOOKINGS CALL MONKA/JUUA TEL 323 4374 CONTAINERS/ CONVHITIONAI

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v. i TO EUROPE FROM EUROPE VBSa VOT SM RTM MB HAM RRV SOU FIT lEH llvKSa Wtlffl W IMIW iOU (IT IBi SHT NOIMIS 014W 25/02 11/03 14/03 17/03 11/03 DANURE 549E 5/02 2/02 3/02 31/01 I 24/02 APIPEARI OI4W 21/02 14/03 11/03 21/03 15/03 HT FEDERAI 322E 3/02

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Page 31

HANJIN SHIPPING iCPI Ub XXXXX31 NW»«tmg wmire h» u*. 1- toomc XXXXX35 wmn XXXXX74 731 PotuMHi XXXXX/1 m onum* 7370?»?5i turnm m/tss w irmo am iis34l3mm TO NW USA CANADA I USA TCANADA 5 I«a| nw 1 oa In» I 00 J wsr I ml on Ito I wt I

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Page 31

ttssa W SM SB Wis MM HMIM, OB3S OT OT OW IWI 77/07 74/B7 03/03 OVQ3 SH 9858 "S®- -545" UIKMm 0035 7S/P? 03/03 (MO 07/03 01/83 mTf khium; my k7q "BBT $tt ~rftt AamwouA _om_ h/w 01/03 ovo3 ~gy JML MM. wcimw m gvw W MSOWA 77/07 70/07 71

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mac-nels store ntsla I r~TTTS Carrier MN CONTR LINES, INC P. GUDANG: (07) XXXXX26 M\V V>J CW WO. I*o67*ooo* SBU: (084)XXXXX9 MAMLA: (632) XXXXX24 PENANG: (04) XXXXX36 BANGKOK: (662) XXXXX57 SURABAYA: (31) XXXXX11 P- KELAWG: (03) XXXXX77 JKT: (21) XXXXX45 KUQ6NG (082) XXXXX1-3 PEWANG MANILA EX 'MELAKA' V. 149N EX

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Page 33

VESSEL voy khh hkg sin pkg pxb dmm ba bik IRAN BAABAEI PCL-142 16/02 18/02 22/02 23/02 04/03 05/03 07/03 09/03 IRAN SEESTAN PCL-143 23/02 25/02 29/02 01/03 11/03 12/03 14/03 16/03 IRAN TABATABAEI PCL-144 01/03 03/03 07/03 08/03 18/03 19/03 21/03 23/03 IRAN SATTARI PCL-145 08/03 10/03 14/03 15/03

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Page 33

EUROPE EXPRESS SERVICE §s*?* fir™ IB illl'Hiii ilifof ACCgrwc CAWOIS to i no* 11 nn mjKtmvm ■otto* ST rrmrwc vu ?1 wrTwitf yurrw i *yi .y/v TRANSPACIFIC SERVICE EXPORT -fOHwesßitwEmwtK/n caNKwuiAOM-Hiaui [IMPORT vksb ~vor "si ico oai AcarnaaaeotsioruvmhumT «ssb voir [go ou si 4 0J0E _27/02 -J-r O3 IPittStf 011W

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Page 34

EUROPE AJK/SCANDINAVIA/FIMLAND^USSIA SGP RDM ANW HBG TUP ZEI LHV LHV IMP ROM ANW HOG PKL SGP E DECENT RW 013 26/02 16/03 22/03 17/03 19/03 21/03 22/03 E REFINE RE 024 XXXXX 05/02 04*2 06/02 00*2 27/02 28/02 E DIAMOND RW 012 04/03 XXXXX 29/03 25/03 27/03 28/03 29/03 E.

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Page 34

rJUfOff PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINES (PTE) LTD SSSSI IBi 140 Cecil Street. #03-00 PIL Building, Singapore XXXXX0. CB MO XXXXXXXXXX0E I liymn WT m j* mz™ Mt r ut ru OOCI MAGOft 041 10/1 71/7 77/7 4/J J/Jjj/j It/] I M/l I I SKgUU" imicja=3&=- 11/ l lifl JMMj IQTAfawtA rWIOSI

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Page 34

SO TELOK OLANGAH ROM) N2-02 CfTIPORT CENTRE STORE XXXXX0 TEL: XXXXX11 (6 lines) FAX: XXXXX05 TLX: RS XXXXX CB NO. XXXXXXXXXX0W wssa m ra mi oestndim okouh* mamMmam aoeoa muntk mor wmziKam vmarn iMMu turn 7imim mum rwntm MMUQM MOM 2M2SM 2M23M PH. MUM For and bookings please contact SEASPACE

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Page 35

BSfl 4 M MYANMA FIVE STAR LINE (Myomar National Line) Loading for Yaogoa (Roagoon) VESSEL VOY SIN PKI PEN PGU srrrwi 9iw sld HPA-AM 2*7W SU) MALAYSIA AGENTS: KXfiTUD SHIPPING AGENCIES KUL IH (03)2417)00 PKL TE (03)376*101 ret ra (04)2*XXXXX pgu-. ra (otj XXXXX21/4 BANK LINE (A mvkt of JUfctw

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Page 35

HMNEHYUNDAI MERCHANT MARINE CO., LTD. Ivcsa VOY ISI I SOU UH NTH ANT HAW RRV fH Vtssa VOYISOUI LB4 IWW AITT I H*J> |tV I m SI HYGBCRAL 373W 21/02 00/03 04/03 11/03 14/03 DANUK 54* 01/02 02/02 ot/02 04/07 24/02 BM SSOW 24/02 13/03 10/03 15/03 16/03 HYFfDfRM 3221

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Page 35

vtiv WALLENIUS WILHELMSEN TO NORTH AND LATIN AMERICA 'CAR RORO HIAVTUFT SERVKT Ivissa VO* RAMP WIGHT SIN lIK MAO MU SAV BAI ORE NYC NEW MOO TAMPA AHOOS 400 Tow 6.3 M 26/02 25/03 03/04 06/04" 08/04 10/04 11/04 13/04 17/04 18/04 TALABOT AHOO6 400 Tow 6.3 M 11/03 10/04

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i pTP Port of Tanjung Pelepas JM MM *isj| jl $p| I

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I Maldives rangw NATIONAL UNE 11,1 iP IRAN AFGHANISTAN See Our Ad on Page 4 under Turn To Page -3 Seaward Shipping Cross Ports Agencies Pte Ltd. Intercontinental Pte Ltd COLUMBUS LINE Sin a P° re w Look Out For Our Providing You With More Schedule Every Tuesday Than 90

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1M RICKMERS-LINIE o Y—k^L. Agent: Hapag-Uoyd (S) Pie Lid •Breakbulk -Overate 200 Cantonment Road #08-02 Southpoint Project Cargo •Container Singapore XXXXX3 •Heavy-lift Services to: Regular Break-Bulk Project-Service US-Gulf East-Coast (Houston, New Orleans, Savannah, Camden. Baltimore) Europe Med (Alexandria, Savona, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, UK) Interasia (Haiphong, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dalian, Xingang)

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SHIPPING •WAREHOUSING ■On: Singapore Loadmg Daily Mon id Sal (BATAMINDOI/ni) Accepting HnX"iwiventic*ial/Project/Heas> Lift Cargo Reefer Container Itartaa: Singapore Ijoadmg Man. Wed A Fri (BATAMINDOII) Accepting KlXonvenoanal/Ptriject A Heavy Lift Carp) T#t 227 0322 F«x: 222 9330 I c Mppli 4 M 7* MpH Hi c—H»i urn mm

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3FSAMUDERA SHIPPING LINE LTD 72 tiwi toad, #04-01 to 03, Slafapor* XXXXX1 MAM UNE/OUTWAIO: 532 3488 INWARD (D»): 437 2368 IMPORT STATUS (MO): 437 237t INVENTOtT (MO): 437 2420 Vtoktht httpi//wrw*.ssme4#f«.cee CI NO. XXXXXXXXXX08 BOOKINGS UNI: 535 6266 (Cclia/Jessita/Mci Chan/Jeslynn/Dora/Honim) MSMBMEM 8 SIGS/WEEKLY MflßW.'.WWfllf 3 SIGS/WEEKLY IVPSa I VOT I

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SIN TO SRI LANKA, INDIA, CANADA, US/EC/GULF, MEXICO Ino I SW I J»T I SU> IWW I POC I CMI I »OW I HAI I Wl~n«">~7">*V I new I TAW 1 HOU j HOCCH Dim /0354 27 0? M 03 0/ 03 09/03 19/03 14/03 2t/03 29/03 2»/04 29/04 30

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FOOT TIMS/ WH« SAIUMOS: P. GUPANG/SINGAPOtE SOUTH IOUND yrssa VOT FGUMNG SW KUUSUKi 703 PS SAIIiD ?1.*07 iMo*l mxmt 2Q3IS ti/wtwwi 2/Kfflfl JfltflAMl BBS ZLTBITim ZM2IWB)I Bjjliay 7C33S 73/07 PttDj 74/0? (THU) BIMAMMH MMS ?4/T!7 (THU; 7S/0?(Hi) KUMASMH TOSS 2S/02 (F«) ?t'(B(W) NORTH ROUNP ttssa VOY SW F6UMW6 mm smi

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hjgn ING LIE SHIPPING CO PTE LTD I I M: $XXXXX5 IW) tax: SI3NM/SIMM I I T ataniimiim I VESSEL VOT SMETA SMETV DCTMIRM Smi Central 2/00 20/0? 21/02 Ouaa/P In/Nnag Ungui toyo 3/00 27/02 23/02 Oum UnonSioi 12 3/00 23/02 23/02 Surato* Unon S*» 22 2/00 24/02 24/02 IW

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I "vessel voy TIGER RHYTHM 775N 2223/02 28 OZD3 07 08/03 I TIGER BRIDGE 776N 25-26/02 02 05>«03 10-11/03 I TIGER METRO 777N 2&01/03 06-09/03 14 1&03 I TIGER ARROW 778N 03-04/03 09-12/03 17 18WJ3 I TIGER RHYTHM 779N 07 08AJ3 13-16/03 21 22/03 I TIGER BRIDGE 780N 10-11/03 16-19,03

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ypr ft* rrp mrrow hmvtutt tomu XXXXX IN n 77/07 MMSCOt/MKHUMMI 30MT AMfTMTST *2004 72/07 75/07 YAMOH/CMmtONC 30MI IM 74/07 71/07 MMA/VOTA KNUMU 30MI WMUU, lUNN, MMUI tNUMMnriUI. MNOWM. mrai, curmo, mwim. mum, mmi cm, mi tmompia. tana. mumm% mwi UM BIMO HO tIWHWO > TRAPINO CO PTE LTD TEL:

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f« boot'is enquiry call 437t ISO /TfY Q WakiHc: http://www.ood.caai \n/ WOtTW AMtttCA USA im oi mw im m 55 m» Im hou lb scT" OOQ (AUKHNIA XXXXX 73/07 10/03 IS/03 14/03 It/03 IS/03 OOQ N£* TOtt 07W505 01/07 07/0? OVO7 04/0? 01/0? 77/W ooQK«rono3(sof 01/03 1//03 nm 73/03 73/03

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Call your travel agent for more information. Fly Cathay Pacific. The Heart of Asia. tm Cathay Pacific Hrjrthrji: l«rrm C

BizIT for chip commerce [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46 for chip commerce Exclusive The US subsidiary of Singapore's SingaTrust Group has developed a unique e-commerce solution for the wafer fab and semiconductor industry. It already has some big names as its clients, reports tohhamshih TOH HAN SHIH THE world's wafer fab and semiconductor industry can soon do e-commerce

HP wins $500,000 deal for Sieve project [ARTICLE]

Page 46

HP wins $500,000 deal for Sieve project By I Raju Chellam THE Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has awarded Hewlett-Packard Singapore part of a bulk tender that seeks to supply, implement and operate what is called a Sieve (Secure Inter-networking Environment using a Virtual Private Network) for the Singapore

E-commerce under threat? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

E-commerce under threat? Twese^TT Will a haokiny epidemic rain Its chances of taking off? The answer may lie in making hanfcg mwipa n ni i raju chellam The writer is BizlT Editor THE recent rapid-fire clogging of top-brand Web sites like Yahoo!, eßay,, CNN and E*Trade has given the

Seoul firm may sue Microsoft over trademark [ARTICLE]

Page 47

Seoul firm may sue Microsoft over trademark Stationery company wins legal battle over Window label AP [SEOUL] A South Korean stationery company threatened on Saturday to block Microsoft from using its Windows operating system label in its software manuals in South Korea. Yangji Co a Seoul-based company that produces pocket

Environmental groups rap EPA's Web site closure [ARTICLE]

Page 47

Environmental groups rap EPA's Web site closure NYT [DAYTON, Ohio] The US Environmental Protection Agency's decision on Thursday to temporarily shut down its well-surfed Web site has drawn criticism from environmental groups and others. The site was shut down by EPA administrator Carol Browner following questions about its vulnerability to

35 S'pore firms off to CeBIT [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

35 S'pore firms off to CeBIT Local startups exhibiting at world's largest IT and telecoms trade fair has tripled to 11 this year By. Andrew Wee SINGAPORE companies are expected to do business worth at least $40 million from exhibiting at CeBIT 2000, reportedly the world's largest IT and telecoms



Page 48

New Sun MD for S'pore SUN Microsystems has appointed Wong Heng Chew as its managing director for Singapore. Prior to joining Sun, he was managing director of Compaq Computer in Singapore. "I am confident he will help Sun in Singapore to win more marketshare," said Lionel Lim, vice-president and managing

Red Hat via Ingram Micro [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Red Hat via Ingram Micro INGRAM Micro Asia Ltd, a wholesale provider of technology products and services, has tied up with Red Hat, to distribute the full line of Red Hat Linux products. The Red Hat Linux operating system offers easy installation and update, as well as improved system management

CommunicAsia sold out [ARTICLE]

Page 48

CommunicAsia sold out WITH about three and a half months to go before CommunicAsia starts, organiser Singapore Exhibition Services said the show is sold out. More than 1,000 participants will take over four halls or about 40,000 sq metres of the Singapore Expo for four days, from June 6. "The

Removable storage prospects [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Removable storage prospects THE worldwide optical/removable drive market, which grew 24 per cent in unit terms 1999 over 1998, will grow about 19 per cent this year, according to International Data Corp (IDC) estimates. Revenues, on the other hand, won't fare as well. Last year, revenues managed a 12 per

EMC revenues US$6.7b [ARTICLE]

Page 48

EMC revenues US$6.7b Compiled by Raju Chellam IN our report "Storage giant EMC spreads out" (BizlT, Feb 14) we reported that EMC's revenues last year was over US$B billion. EMC has clarified that it's revenues last year was US$6.7 billion, including the revenues of Data General.

Amadeus engine to surf for cheap air tickets [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Amadeus engine to surf for cheap air tickets Shares soar on the possibilities of the company's new product Reuters [MADRID] Computer reservations firm Amadeus said last week it had developed a new, easy-to-use search engine to find cheap airline tickets over the Internet, boosting its share price 10 per cent.

Law firms eye new telecom market [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 49

Law firms eye new telecom market exclusivel Alban Tay Mahtani de Silva and Freehills Hollingdale Page join hands amid Singapore's telecom deregulations Elizabeth Su SINGAPORE'S telecom liberalisation has spurred a local law firm to tie up with an Australian one to tackle the challenges of deregulation in this sector. Alban

US nuclear panel keeps mini-Y2K guard [ARTICLE]

Page 49

US nuclear panel keeps mini-Y2K guard Reuters [WASHINGTON] The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission said last week it will have a mini-Y2K monitoring team in place for leap year weekend Feb 28 to Mar 1, as a precaution against computer problems at nuclear plants. A small response team will work from

Clinton team claims victory over Y2K bug [ARTICLE]

Page 49

Clinton team claims victory over Y2K bug AP [WASHINGTON] The Clinton administration congratulated itself on Friday for killing the Y2K millennium computer bug, which drowned in a sea of US$lOO billion (Ssl7o billion) on repairs and preparations in the United States. "Mission accomplished," White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said.

How to stall hackers [ARTICLE]

Page 50

How to stall hackers E*WTT Be armed and be on guard; here are some usefal tips seamus phan The writer is chief information officer, McGallen Bolden group, a technology and management communications firm WHEN you think about the recent spate of hacking incidents on highly secured Web sites such as

Beware, your home PC is also open to hackers [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Beware, your home PC is also open to hackers Always (hi Internet liwki rnika thit possible but there are remedies as well LAT-WP REPORTS of hacker attacks on such high-profile sites as Yahoo,, and eßay were everywhere last week. But few stories noted that hackers might soon be coming


Canon's pro digital camcorder [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Canon's pro digital camcorder CANON Marketing Services has launched its XM-1 Professional Digital Camcorder, claiming it's the first in the world with a fluorite lens and optical 20x zoom video lens. "This will bridge the converging needs of the budding film-maker, home-user, and the professional," Canon said. It costs $7,650,

HP Digital Sender here [ARTICLE]

Page 52

HP Digital Sender here HEWLETT-Packard Singapore is ready with the HP 9100 C Digital Sender, a device that lets users integrate paper documents into the e-workplace, providing a "reliable and cost-effective alternative to typical paper distribution systems, such as fax and courier," HP said. It can be installed in five

AMD's 800 MHz processor [ARTICLE]

Page 52

AMD's 800 MHz processor ADVANCED Micro Devices (AMD) has unveiled an 850 MHz version of its Athlon processor. Systems running on the chip "will provide users exceptional performance for commercial and consumer applications, such as 3D modeling, image compression, CAD/CAM, voice recognition, near theatre quality visual images, rich audio and

Compuware's solution for e-attacks [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Compuware's solution for e-attacks COMPUWARE Asia-Pacific said it offers an early warning system for Web sites that may experience hostile activity. The company's QACenter and EcoSystems e-commerce products can help users take preventive measures before a crippling event overloads their Web site. The basic package for QALoad (one of the

Cads from Check Point [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Cads from Check Point Compiled by Raju Chellam CHECK Point Software Technologies has announced its Cyber Attack Defense System (Cads) to protect Web sites and corporate networks. Cads can identify, analyse and prevent cyber attacks, and send notifications to ISPs to cut off an attack. There are two components to

Asia's first e-skills exchange in place [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Asia's first e-skills exchange in place \-it exclusive Founded by six young men, the site has signed up 1,500 individuals and 250 companies already By Andrew Wee A GROUP of young technopreneurs will launch Asia's first online skills exchange targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), later this week. Homegrown

FBI mixes old with new to find hackers [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

FBI mixes old with new to find hackers Reuters [WASHINGTON] FBI cybersleuths, hunting those responsible for the attacks on some of the World Wide Web's most popular sites, said last week they have combined sophisticated computer tracing methods with old-fashioned police work in trying to catch computer hackers. FBI officials

Fast food a click away, from next week in S'pore [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Fast food a click away, from next week in S'pore l-ii exclusive The local venture may be among the world's first "fast-food portals" By. Andrew Wee HOMEGROWN FastFoods.Net Pte Ltd will soon let users order meals from a variety of food chains through the Net starting next week and via

Consumers at loss about Windows 2000 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Consumers at loss about Windows 2000 Reuters [SAN FRANCISCO] After launching two major upgrades of its Windows operating systems with extravaganzas and midnight madness in computer stores over the past few years, Microsoft Corp has trained consumers well. Now, with another big launch last week of Windows 2000, an operating

DOT com

The giants wake up [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

The giants wake up |:il exclusive China, India and Indonesia, three of the world's most populous nations, are just about getting ready to ride the e-commerce bandwagon, reports TOH BAN SfflH TOH HAN SHIH CHINA, India and Indonesia, which between them account for the bulk of the world's population, are

US ISP market may gross US$23b this year [ARTICLE]

Page 54

US ISP market may gross US$23b this year Consumer segment will have largest share of market's revenues until 2002, IDC says By Raju Chellam COMING off a spectacular 67 per cent increase last year, revenues in the US Internet services market will jump another 29 per cent this year to

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I INTERNETWORLD ASIA 11 nfosec u r i t yI OPQUnPIJ Oflfin I I @SINGAPORE2OOO I Asia I ijbtlill[Ln. Asia ZUUU I I """SSKi&SKST" I I F" All Your Fro«,Un. Station. I I Exhibition Highlights: M Mjj I r*?!™**''f" Securit V I Exhibition Highlights: I Showcasing over 100 key Internet

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Top stories Mr g QrHHI J^^krL J*jf f Asia's first e-skills exchange launched Pag«B Fast food is now just a click away Pag«9 The giants wake up to opportunities on the Net PaftlO US ISP market set to gross USs23b this year Nq« 10 BT Comment As we see IT:

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w jjj Ah Yesterday's jobs are disappearing Tomorrow will all be different Mr ■■■I for Businesses of Bwfc the new millennium SPn^;/ jHRU Implementation in under For more information, please contact 333 6646 ig. m rx Business Partner IBM is a registered Microsoft* *lttrs trademark of International Business Machines BackOffice*

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MKS JIT m m i K Sr S 2 X l^fen\ BJ \j Rffj vBSA

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*slK* ■P^^^K*^H W' i SaT I Id A, HI —_^j| iLfl 111 P^ p 4mgm» fc -Ir'- r *r For co/or image duplication that reproduces accurately, quickly and cost-efficiently, I discover the EPSON Color Copy Station 8200 combination the high quality GT-XXXXX image scanner combined with the EPL-CB2OO color laser

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g&. v %cj 4 M -Jm^iS of 'tN i s^fpkyi»/f^' W M ■/t K v 'z' '3^m^^\^ ,ji-i'^ f en innocentl tr te tJlß '-4. F f < > a^pililSiSlliilr :<p 1 W'ff f IW T-.■?:.-v^f^^;,.. a*»w JiSMnaliS .ri ■Y>. >. *?W v^/Aar I'MtSmßtßEssm* N.*V >4 •>'->■- ~A k K*

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windows 2000 r% -means Business lflK| CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION Cisc^rsTEMs V m m §m V B ISk ft i Aa M A W B W I A V 91 nit m m m :fs jPf ***B K V K S A ®^^B faP> 1 CITR!X I r Hr Now everything

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l l /A//VC^W\T/VyDESKTOP So light! So thin! So powerful' Weighing just I 55kg and only 2 2cm thick. //»is lntel'»>Pentiumfoill processor 400 MHZ powered notebook will amaze 'i IB r V g w jr""T"''' r" i ~H V BBS id POWERFUL SERVER I i the easy team working solution for

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Advertisement NEC Computers International Makes Aggressive Moves in Asia Pacific Singapore becomes launch set,ing up f a new regional office based in Sin e a P° re Mr Gicze naar expects new products to contribute in our industry We are announcing a number of oari fnr rnmniltpr niant NEC Computers

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Page 52

W r0 ec,or a cant u te NEC MultiSync LCD Projectors MT Series Ufr employs the most advanced technology for excellent ma 9' n 9 even n "*y brightly-lit areas. Multimedia jH presentations can be seen in better light with NEC's advanced Accußlend technology including 400% magnification and digital Keystone

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Page 53

■SB iR; HSgI|BBCS I [vy H W Customer Relationship Management (CRM) encapsulates the concept of maximising the llfet'liirje vahje I customers, where the service arena Is becoming a new battlefield In fhe Increasingly competitive global market. by Frost Sullivan, this address core business and technical issues impacting the process of

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Page 53

PROBLEMS? udflß a&Mk iHKbr, P *m St jI >ki» From Communications Security to Internet Security, DigiSAFE has the answers. The Internet-driven economy today is driven by the ability to share, process and assimilate information in the shortest time at the lowest cost. DigiSAFE Net Protect is the state-of-the-art security and

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*%'Sun microsystems We're the dot in .com We are the dot in .Co#* www.sun .com .sg

Asian Aerospace 2000

Engine of growth [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Engine of growth Long-term trends point to a healthy global industry, and Singapore must capitalise on its competitive location Demand for repair and overhaul sen/ices continues to sustain Singapore's $2.3b aerospace industry. Meanwhile, manufacturing is expanding and will outpace repair in the medium term THE global aerospace industry is expected

Industry report: aerospace [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Industry report: aerospace Source: EDB


Page 55

Lifting Off Eugene Low talks to EDB chief Philip Yeo about the future of aerospace in Singapore > aviation services will remain the core activity tor components, sub-assembly. manufacturing t i i 0 >nace sector, the Economic Development Board will increase our value-added Dr more a TMft manufacturing here, said

The makings of an OEM [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

The makings of an OEM Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing is aiming to upgrade from subcontractor to original equipment manufacturer as it expands in the commercial market. EUGENE LOW reports EUGENE LOW TO move from being a sub-contractor to a full-fledged original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing's (SAM)'s goal. SAM


Page 60

High flyers Text and captions by Eugene Low From elegant, gleaming business jets to sleek and deadly machines of war, Asian Aerospace 2000 has them all. With over 65 types of military and commercial aircraft in the static and flying, visitors will have the opportunity to see fighter aircraft such

Automation takes away the grind from honeycomb repair [ARTICLE]

Page 60

Automation takes away the grind from honeycomb repair AN automated system for honeycomb repair developed jointly by Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology (Gintic) and Pratt Whitney Component Overhaul Singapore (PWCOS) has yielded significant cost savings on honeycomb replacement. The system, involving three processes, benefited PWCOS in consistent quality, increased productivity


Page 61

Think global Homegrown aerospace repair and maintenance business TPA sets its sights high it's aiming for the global market as well as a slice of e-commerce EUGENE LOW reports EUGENE LOW HAVING a strong presence in Asia is not enough for home-grown aerospace repair and maintenance business TPA Pte Ltd.

Centrestage: ST Aerospace [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Centrestage: ST Aerospace SINGAPORE Technologies Aerospace (ST Aero) will take full advantage of Asian Aerospace 2000 to showcase its capabilities, says company president Wee Siew Kim. "We have looked at AA 2000 as a key event for us," says Mr Wee. He points out that the event the first major

Breaking Boeing's hold Fight the friendly skies [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Breaking Boeing's hold Fight the friendly skies Will Airbus claim a new corner? Will Boeing gain lost ground? Francis Kan finds out how the two titans will clash DOES size matter? Ask any Airbus executive and the answer w ill most resounding That's because the European plane maker, long the

A comeback via Asia [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

A comeback via Asia LOOK at any newspaper report on Boeing over the past few weeks and you could be excused for thinking the Seattle-based aerospace giant has seen better times. If striking engineers aren't enough to worry the company, then the inspection of certain models of its commercial jets


Page 64

Strong showing Asian Aerospace is now the world's second largest aerospace show, a status reflective of Singapore's fast-growing exhibition trade ASIAN Aerospace 2000 is one of the 21 leading events awarded the prestigious Approved International Fair (AIF) status this year by the Singapore Trade Development Board (TDB). Having identified and

High-wired flying [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

High-wired flying STEVEN J PILLAR outlines the role of information management in aviation electronics STEVEN J PILLAR The writer is vice-president and genermmrnager, air transport systems, Rock&m Collins THE entire world is plugging into the Internet and implementing new innovations, so it stands to reason that aviation one of our

Let the show begin [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Let the show begin FRANCIS KAN talks to the organisers of Asian Aerospace 2000 FRANCIS KAN ASIA'S premier air show is in town again, and this year's instalment promises to be better than ever. A cliche perhaps, but this is no idle boast as Asian Aerospace 2000 (AA 2000) will

SIA, Rolls-Royce venture targets 30% growth [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

SIA, Rolls-Royce venture targets 30% growth SINGAPORE-BASED International Engine Component Overhaul (IECO) is looking forward to a further 30 per cent growth for the business in the current year after an impressive performance in 1999. Sales for this joint-venture between RollsRoyce and SLA Engineering reached $8 million during the first

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I In* Airbus >40 c.m 11 non-stop for up to eighteen hours. Iheres no middle in our business c l.tss either. Vou sec-, we think p.issenjjers should be .ihle to A FUH I, STOP HAS enjo\ their in-flight movies. Without interruptions NKV E R BK I; N OLJ R

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Page 58

mvnuay, rcuiuaiy i, £uuu ADVERTISEMENT Special Supplement: FRENCH BUSINESS IN FOCUS Flying High The French Aerospace Industry TThe aerospace a »{t jjjy^'' veritable powerhouse for the French economy thanks to its technology, the jobs it provides, and its contribution to France's balance of trade. GIFAS, the French aerospace industry |Kl|

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Page 59

ADVERTISEMENT Special Supplement: FRENCH BUSINESS IN FOCUS tPA brought to you by E^rm MT It's all Happening on Broadband (A-The French E* Kiosk "Current traditional or 'classic' technology. It's really just like a The French E-Kiosk is not-for-nrofit It S become obvious that no business today can afford not to

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Page 62

111 l NKWKST XXXXX I MM K I 111 SUN. H 1/ I 7

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Page 64

As you can see, the Eurofighter Typhoon handles partners is its ability to open doors Namely, the door Via strategic industrial co-operation and access to t supeibly at all levels. Its to a stronger European defence pillar, thiough technology, so would national economies.Theres no multi-role capabilities are inter operability across

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Page 66

ROLLS M Rolls-Royce ROYCL] J II I ''i I S -i- v VW S i*--I*r--H»**sH»£s«-mS^Sil/ iw® 11 sMif > -> i r mKf wit Jllii 1 ~.W'-v jSIMj feu v *m 9H 1 aM 1 *s 1881 tg£* 'SPU AM ■lim ™wbp* 1 B JSWfI Jmm*M I lie name Rolls-Royce