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His accolades are almost too many to list, his international standing indisputable. At home, he is the only jazz musician to have been conferred the pivotal Cultural Medallion award for his contribution to Singapore music. Read about him on MusicSG.

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Ever heard the flute being played in a Jazz piece? Listen to this track and let your imagination be swept away by this intoxicating cup of 'Tequila'. Featuring the smooth sounds of the flute played by Wendy Low.

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A fascinating and exotic entertainer, Marina Xavier is arguably one of South East Asia's most talented vocalists. “Where Do You Start” the latest recordings of her favorite tunes and her originals in her same sultry convincing vocals.


  • Jacintha Abisheganaden

    She is an accomplished Singapore actress, entertainer and jazz singer who has gained international recognition for her unique interpretations of jazz standards. Listen to her music here.

  • Claressa Monteiro

    She is one of Singapore's most exciting jazz performers, owning the stage with her soaring voice and glamour. Take a listen to her jazzy tunes here on MusicSG.

  • Jeremy Monteiro: Home-coming (2006)

    Monteiro leads the way through a wonderfully rich and varied set. Take a listen to his sensitive, well-crafted tunes on this album.

  • Singapore Swing

    This album contains an eclectic mix of 12 familiar Singapore’s favourites in jazz style.