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How To: Read HyRead Chinese eMagazines on Your Smart Phone/Tablet

Step 1

Depending on your mobile device, access Google Play store or the Apple App store and search for the 'HyRead 3' app. Proceed to install the app on your device.

HyRead 3 app

Step 2

Upon successful installation, you should be able to find the 'HyRead 3' icon on your device. Tap to launch.

HyRead 3 icon

Step 3

Tap on 'add library'. Under "Public Library", search for 'National Library Board Singapore'.

Tap the '+' button to add 'National Library Board Singapore'

Tap on Add Library

Tap on + for NLB

Step 4

At the 'National Library Board Singapore' landing page, tap on the small icon on the top left corner and login to the mobile app using your MyLibrary ID and password.

Tap on the small icon on the top left corner

Login using myLibary ID and password

Input myLibary ID and password

Step 5

Upon successful login, the small icon on the top left corner will turn green and you will be able to view the eMagazine titles that are available in NLB's HyRead eMagazine collection.

To search for a title, tap on the 'search' bar and type in your search term (e.g. "健康").

To view the details of the title, tap on the cover image.

The small icon on the top left corner will turn green

Step 6

Tap on 'borrow' to checkout the title for reading. Upon successful checkout, the following message will appear: 'Success. Please read the book(s) in "My Books". At 新加坡国家图书馆管理局, you have borrowed 0 book(s) and x magazine(s). The quota is 0 book(s) and 8 magazine(s).'.

The patron's loan quota shows on the message box.

Tap on Borrow

A message will appear

Step 7

To view the titles that you have checked out, go to 'My Book' on the top right corner. Tap on the cover image of the title that you wish to read to initiate the download process.

Cover images of titles that have not been downloaded for reading will appear with a 'Download' box.

Go to My Book on the top right corner

Download box

Step 8

Tap on the cover image of a title that you want to read.

Tap on the cover image

You may return the eMagazine before the expiry date.

Tap on Borrowed

To return the title, go to the 'Borrowed' page. Tap on the 3 dots under the cover image, then tap on the 'Return' button to return the borrowed magazine.

Tap on Return