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How To: Read Chinese eBooks on Your Smart Phone/Tablet

Step 1

Go to your App store and Search for "Apabi" and install (key in your username and paassword to start downloading).

Go to App store and install Apabi

Step 2

The Apabi icon will appear on your screen and start downloading. Once downloaded, tap on "Apabi Reader".

Tap on Apabi Reader once it has installed

Step 3

At the Apabi virtual shelf, click on the icon below to do a search.

Tap on Apabi Reader once it has been installed

Step 4

Click on "China Digital Library".

Click China Digital Library button

Step 5

Type in the following:

Org: NLB
User: [Your NRIC]
Password: [Your date of birth in "MMYYYY" format]

Key-in Org, User and Password

Step 6

You will be at the Featured Page, where you can borrow books. Click on the magnifying glass to do a Search.

Featured Page

Step 7

Click on the "down arrow" for more search options.

Down arrow for more search options

Step 8

Select on the "search mode" preferred e.g. "Search All".

Display search mode list

Step 9

Type in your search e.g. "China" and click on the book to "Borrow".

Do search and click on the book to borrow

Step 10

Click on Download and it will start.

Click Download

Start downloading

Step 11

Once the download is complete, click on "Library".

Click Library icon

Step 12

It will appear on your shelf and you can click on the book to read.

Once book has been downloaded, it will appear on the shelf

Start to read the book