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  1. A premier database for the study of modern Asia-Pacific, Asia-Studies online provides access to publications by the region's most prestigious research institutions, bringing together thousands of full-text reports covering business, government, economic and social issues. Country coverage includes all of Asia, Australia/New Zealand, the Americas, Pacific Rim countries, and the Pacific islands. Examples of specific subject coverage include finance, trade, environment, human resources development, best practices in government, fisheries, tourism, education and women's studies, to name a few. The database search engine offers advanced search features, as well as easy browsing by subject, study provider, alphabetical title as well as free text searching. Multi-country and Asia-wide comparisons are also available.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  2. This invaluable digital library for global popular music brings together leading scholarship and interactive tools to hit the right note for research and learning. It is an ideal resource for students, academics and the general public across disciplines including music, ethnomusicology, the performing arts, media and communication, cultural studies, anthropology and sociology.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  3. Books In Print® combines the most trusted and authoritative source for bibliographic information with powerful search, discovery and collection development tools designed specifically to streamline the book discovery and acquisition process

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  4. EBSCOhost Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text is the pinnacle resource for researchers of film and television, providing the most comprehensive, balanced collection of full-text and bibliographic coverage from scholarly and popular sources, and spanning the entire spectrum of film and television studies.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  5. Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection

    The Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection is a multi-disciplinary Collection that provides access to fresh perspectives in the arts, communication, education, history, linguistics, politics and more. This is an essential resource for students, teachers and researchers seeking a critical resource for comparative regional studies.

    We are sorry that this database is not available. If you need assistance, please send an email to our Customer Relations Officer at

  6. JSTOR provides online access to archived contents of important scholarly journals, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. Researchers are able to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of back issues of journals and pages as they were originally printed. Existing titles are updated and new titles are added on an ongoing basis.

    Limited to 15 concurrent access from home. Available at all libraries and from home.

  7. LawNet

    LawNet, a service provided by the Singapore Academy of Law, caters to the research and legal information needs of the global legal community. Since its inception in 1988 as a dial up network access provider, LawNet has grown in leaps and bounds, adding information, applications and databases to suit the evolving needs of legal practitioners, corporate counsel, paralegals, law academics and law students. Legal Research, a module within LawNet, is an integrated environment that allows you to search different types of legal content and multiple sources at a single go.

    Limited to 3 concurrent access only. Available at Lee Kong Chian Reference Library only.